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November 2016

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For this first post, I thought it would be in order to start with the beginning and maybe give you my own take on what I think spirituality is and how I apply it in my everyday life but also in my Universal perspective.

Over the course of Human history the word Spirituality has been distorted in many ways, mainly through religions and other dogmas, but also in modern days, by New Age teachings for instance. It is therefore important to detach ourselves from those teachings and try to look at it with a new eye.

From a terrestrial point of view being Spiritual is not a simple a belief, but more of an understanding that there is more to us than our physical bodies, and by extension than our physical reality and environment. It is an understanding that we have a Consciousness and that it is not a mere product of our human brains, it resides beyond.

We can view this idea as there being one prime Consciousness from which all other Consciousnesses were created. This prime Consciousness is often referred to as the Source, but can also be called God, or the Prime Creator, or even the Big Bang for some. For me these are all different terms that will resonate with some more than others depending on their previous beliefs, education and cultural preferences but all say the same thing. I personally tend to refer to it as the Source or the Divine, since for me it refers to the source (the origin) of all consciousness.

This gives us a certain understanding of the Universe, where there is more to it than what our first 5 senses can perceive, we’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives. What lies beyond those 5 senses is what we often call our intuition, our 6th sense, the gut feeling, premonitions or even psychic dreams, we consider these our extrasensory abilities when they are in fact only ‘extra’ to our physical bodies, but indeed inherent to our Spirit. Lets see it as our physical bodies being the materialised extension of our spirit, here in this 3 dimensional plane, our current reality.

To that I need to add some common understanding on some basic principles of the Universe, or at least what I understand of them so far.

Everything in the Universe has the same core origin, it is the Source. Therefore we can understand how everything in the Universe is a certain form of Consciousness, everything. Quantum Physics explain that everything in this Universe is energy, and that energy (much like sound if you were to visualise it) vibrates, meaning that everything vibrates. Now, we do see a difference between a cow and a table for instance, and that’s because everything vibrates at a different frequency, thus creating a different vibrational identity to each and everything in the Universe.

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Things that vibrate at a similar frequency, a similar rate, will lie within the same reality. Now what that means is, we are only able to perceive what vibrates at a frequency close enough to ours. Our spirits for instance vibrate at much higher rate than our physical bodies and that is why we can not see, hear or touch them with our first 5 senses. [Note: For those of you with a better understanding of Physics and Mathematics than I do, this will sound like, and is, a quick over-simplification of the mechanics, I am well aware. But I think it is good enough of a rough introduction for my topic, and there are many more places on the inter-web to dive deeper into the subject, there are many people who approach the matters of Spirituality with a scientific approach for Science and Spirituality are two side of the same coin].

In many ways Spirituality in its core meaning is much more like a physical principle than a belief, and there are many writings on the topic which I invite you to research on your own terms. It is a fascinating subject that of the Universe and its mechanics but I am far from having enough knowledge to dive deeper into it with you yet.

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What is important here, is to understand how this affects us here in our everyday life. Having a spiritual approach to the Universe and life on Earth gives us a higher perspective of what surrounds us: other human beings and all other forms of life, be it animals, plants, or minerals, and much more. We understand how everything is closely related, and how there is no hierarchy between things and beings, just a different vibrational frequency. Leading a spiritual life is essentially "seeing the Universe through the eyes of the Consciousness" ~ Laura Marie, through the eyes of our Spirit, through the eyes of our Higher Self. Our Higher Self, also called the Soul or the Inner Self is nothing but our True Self, who we truly ARE on higher dimension, a higher scale, beyond the programmings and beliefs of the matrix, of society. It is our inner connection to the Source. Seeing through the eyes of the Higher Self is by extension seeing through the eyes of the Source.


Now I am sure you can understand how that would be a more compassionate, loving and

understanding approach to life and All.


Seeing through the eyes of the Consciousness is seeing through an all-encompassing, unconditional kind of Love. Spirituality is an understanding that this kind of Love is the very essence of our being. It is having empathy towards everyone and everything, respecting and cherishing all forms of Life and Consciousness on this beautiful planet Earth, as well as understanding our responsibility to do so.

Now I understand that this is all very theoretical, and putting it into action in our daily life requires a lot practice, and is definitely an ongoing work. We must practice at every moment, bringing that higher point of view that is our Consciousness right here with us in our physical body, our physical terrestrial reality. We must infuse everything we do, think or say with that core intention of unconditional Love and Non-Judgement. But this doesn’t mean we should accept everything or become naive, nor ignore the oftentimes harsh reality of this world. It is all about finding the right balance, the right approach.


Matauri Bay, New Zealand, Nature, Earth, Ascension

Matauri Bay, New Zealand.

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To help us find out about that right place of understanding, we can ask ourselves "Would the divine being that I AM accept / do / say / think that?". Always trying to take a higher standing point, to have a broader perspective on things. Being spiritual is about getting in touch with our Spirit, our Higher Self, as often as possible and to call upon it every time we make a choice or take an action. The more we do so, the more natural it will feel, until we won’t even have to think about it anymore.

Spirituality is not a dogma, nor a set of rules to live by in order not to get punished. It isn’t being euphoric and ignoring and/or escaping all the things uncomfortable or needing change or readjustment either. Spirituality is Consciousness, Awareness, Responsibility, Harmony, Love and Empathy. Personally, being spiritual is understanding the importance of loving, and respecting not only my close relatives, but all other humans as if they were my own family. Understanding the importance of loving and respecting all animals, plants, and even minerals as if they were my own brothers and sisters. It is about loving and caring for the environment and this planet Earth as if it were my own mother. It is about being aware that our every action, word or thought has an impact upon everything that surrounds us for we are all connected.


My hopes with this website - Sovereign · Planet - is to inspire others to have a more spiritual approach to their every action, thus creating a more harmonious relationship with not only our Self, but with our Environment as well as with all other living beings on this planet Earth.



In loving kindness,

Melissa 🐋

Please note that because I share a piece or excerpt of someone's work does not mean I endorse their entire work, nor everything they may represent and/or believe in. I will ask that, as with everything, you use your own vibrational and intellectual discernment and evaluate for yourself whether this resonates with your inner truth and higher knowing or if you choose to discard it, thank you.

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