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The Pinnacle of Human Evolution?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

There is something to be said about the transhumanist agenda that it will not be fully understood until we restore a higher, spiritual, wholistic perspective to reality - a multidimensional perspective.

To understand this sinister agenda that goes far beyond technological advancement and a so-called “augmented” human, we must understand that humans are not just physical but spiritual beings. When we understand the multidimensionality of the human consciousness (i.e. its ability to exist and experience several dimensions/realities simultaneously) we can then begin to understand that we are far from being at the pinnacle of our evolution.

There is far more for us to awaken to, reactivate and expand organically. The human body holds keys to accessing higher organic technology of the creation (unbridled biology) as well as keys for consciousness to be able to manifest and create in the physical realm. The natural evolution process of mankind is to gradually and naturally allow that higher consciousness to be more and more embodied, grounded here in the physical vessel, thus tuning in to the organic technology of the true human blueprint. This is the ascension process.

On the other hand, fusing with the machine is an artificial (as opposed to natural - as Nature/God intended) process that will in fact lead us further and further away from that organic ascension. Indeed, if the consciousness is organic and natural it is repelled by everything that is inorganic and artificial - like opposing magnetic polarities. Fusing the human body with artificial technology will drive the consciousness away from the body to a point of no return. This in fact is not a coincidental collateral damage, but rather the very purpose of AI.

So as to sustain itself the artificial / inorganic consciousness which is by definition not connected to Nature/God (the organic) must create parasitic mechanisms so that it may live off of other being’s energy. And that is the transhumanist agenda. Fusing the organic human body with inorganic technology so as to gradually drive the consciousness away from the body and then use said body for « incarnating » in the physical matter thus becoming able to « create », exist and experience this realm, without the need to go through the natural processes of incarnation (which imply abiding to the Universal Laws).

This may sound like rewriting the Matrix movies, but reality is often far stranger than fiction; or you may say those who write fiction often have access to hidden knowledge, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

In order to protect ourselves and protect our species, we must make a conscious effort to connect and attune to all that is organic as much as is possible. This means connecting to the natural worlds and to other living beings of this realm, such as animals, plants and minerals; but also to bring awareness as to where in our lives we may be running artificial energy currents in thoughts, words and behaviours, tuning to our heart and god-self guidance.

This is a coming back to our true nature, a coming back to the home frequency.

Deep Love,

Melissa 🐋

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