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November 2017

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In this incredible Ascension phase we are currently experiencing on Earth, we are asked to learn to understand there are multiple layers to our being and multiple planes of existence in our Universe, making us multidimensional beings residing in a multidimensional Universe. In this present moment, for us, ascending not only means to understand and integrate these concepts, but also to evolve towards fully embodying the multidimensionality of our being, that is to say to not only integrate the next layer of our being - the Soul - in this physical body, becoming "Soul Infused" beings, but also to develop an awareness of our other levels of being (our other bodies) and how they correlate with the different dimensions of our Universal Matrix (the structure of the Universe).


It has always been evident to me that we were spiritual beings above all else, and that this incarnation was "just" an experience and a learning process, a single step in the evolution of our Higher Self. Since I started investigating these topics more in depth, and gradually organising my life around them, I have understood that Spirituality is but the physics we have yet to understand. As multidimensional beings we were designed to wonder "what resides beyond?", since all this information is fully encoded within our being, within our DNA and cell structure. What this means is that more or less consciously we are all meant to question the current linear reality ruled by the first 5 senses solely, and therefore consider the very concept of the Soul and its realm: Spirituality.


Every human being is naturally connected to the Source (or God Source) also known as the Prime Consciousness - the first Consciousness that ever was or the first Intelligent Form that ever was - and the illusion of separation from this Source, that most of us feel or have felt has been largely exacerbated by a detrimental society, lead by a few with personal interests (as opposed to having interests for the Community, i.e. Humanity and the Earth) - but we will talk more on the exacerbated separation and the numerous manipulations of our History and our Education that brought it along in a future article.


Consciousness is a form of intelligence of its own, it is an energetic intelligence, and this Intelligent Energy has given rise to several other Intelligent forms until for instance manifesting into a human body like the one we have. It is in that sense that we all share the same Origin and are all still strongly tied to that place of Origin, the Source / Divine, since we are made up not only by but also of it.


A huge part of the Ascension process is about recovering a lost connection (or reviving a dimmed one) with the Origin, with the Divine, and from our current point of existence, our physical body, the first step towards this Divine connection is the connection to the Soul (or RE-connection more so) which is the first layer of our Higher Self, of our Higher Consciousness. Knowing that the Divine / Source is what provides us and everything that is alive in a way or another with the Vital Energy - the Vital Live Force also known as Prana - we can see why this connection to the Soul is so essential not only to our evolution but also to our well being and physical Health, for without this energy we would slowly wither. People and/or other beings and/or entities who have a poor connection with the Divine Source of Vital Life Force are constrained to find this energy elsewhere, oftentimes in others, literally feeding off of others, this is what we call Vampirism mechanism.


In the previous parts of the Body, Mind, Soul series we talked about how to prepare the physical Body so that it can welcome the Soul (Part I: The Body) and then how to quiet the Mind and the Ego so as to become able to hear the Soul again and let it drive our vehicle as the main authority (Part II: The Mind); in this last part we will not only try to better understand what the Soul is and what it correlates to in our external reality and its position within the Universe, but we will also learn that we all have a Soul purpose, how to find it and how to benefit from divine protection through Alignment and the understanding of Universal Mechanisms: the Universal Laws.


We will first dive a little further into the concepts of Ascension and Multidimensionality as their understanding is crucial in our current personal and collective evolution. Though, before doing so I would like to mention that part of what I will share on the topic is my own integration and understanding (therefore probably incomplete as it is an ongoing learning process, and somewhat subjective) of some of the information present within the Energetic Synthesis body of work, set by Lisa Renee, and that I fully resonate with the explanations of the Universal Mechanisms (as well as those of ours and those of the Earth) that she shares with us - and for which I am extremely grateful. Of course, there are many other ways to apprehend our Universe and in that sense, I would ask you to read through to the end and to only keep what truly resonates with you personally and discard the rest.

Body, DNA, Frequency Codes, Human, Ascension, Awakening


To understand how the Human Body truly works as well as what the Ascension process is, the first step is to understand the multidimensionality of our Universe and therefore of ourselves.


A dimension simply put is a perspective, a level of awareness, of understanding, of knowing. Being in a particular dimension equates to being in a specific reality with a certain knowledge and/or awareness of the external world, being in the dimension following ("higher" dimension) therefore implies to expand that knowledge and awareness further, and so on for the following dimensions. In that sense different dimensions truly are different perspectives or even different realities that all co-exist within the same Universe and that are simultaneous.

A quick example that might help is if we think of an ant. It is easy to see how the ant lives on a different scale than we do, she has a different awareness of what reality is than we do, yet we live simultaneously and on the same planet, i.e. within the same time-space. Much in the same way, we live in this Universe with only a "limited" awareness and knowledge of it, therefore we live in a specific and limited reality that could be expanded if we were to find out or discover more about the mechanisms of said Universe, in other words we would then experience a new level of understanding reality (with more information and more knowledge), which to say a new dimension.


Our Universe is comprised of several dimensions which are part of what we call the Universal Time Matrix. (The Universal Time Matrix is an agreement of Time Space for Consciousness to experiment, beyond which the notion of time fades away as does the idea of an individual experience but this is yet another topic). For the purpose of this article we will focus on the first 12 dimensions (there are 15 in total). All of these 12 Dimensions each have specific attributes and frequency waves, and our Human Body was designed to operate across all of these Dimensions and to be able to experience all of their attributes. Therefore we already have all the codes and tools to understand each one of these dimensions, fully encoded within our DNA and cell structure, these information are contained in what we call the 12 DNA strands - each strand tying to a dimension (see also Part I: The Body).

Each of these DNA strands' main attributes and frequency wave manifests in all of our bodies through each one of the 15 main chakras. The Chakras are energetic centres located on each one of our bodies (the physical body included) and which allow for the distribution and circulation of energies from one body onto the other and within a single body (see my graphic below for a summary of the 7 chakras said to be the "main" or "inferior" chakras and their location on our physical body - and you can see this Ascension Glossary page for the "higher" chakras). The 1st DNA strand thus ties to the 1st Dimension's main attributes and they both manifest in our being and our bodies through the 1st chakra (Root chakra). The 2nd DNA strand to the 2nd Dimension's attributes and through 2nd chakra (Sacral chakra), and so forth. In that sense we can see how the common understanding we might have of the Chakras will be useful to understand what each dimension's main features are.

Chakras, Dimensions, Inferior chakras, DNA strands, Spirituality

Graphic by Melissa - Base: coloured line body by GDJ

Most of these genetic codes are dormant within our current point of existence, our current body, so expanding our awareness of reality to the next level, i.e. the next dimension, is about re-awakening, re-activating these dormant codes already present within our cells, this is the very process of Ascension. Ascension is about gradually reactivating each one of this codes, one after another, and manifesting their corresponding reality within our current reality. This process is also called integration, integrating each level to our physical body and reality. In that sense, we understand Ascension is not about going anywhere, but rather about manifesting a new reality, a new dimension right here, right now in this time and space. 


On a collective level, these abilities will awaken quite naturally within each individual once a sufficient number of Humans - which we call the critical mass - has reached that level. Hence the importance for those of us who are already in the individual process of Ascension (as you most likely are if you are reading this) to understand what is happening and to embrace these changes and attunements to new frequency waves (those of the next dimension), as we bear the responsibility to support and sustain changes for the collective as well. This is not a punishment of any sort but rather an incredible opportunity for our individual evolution as well, and which it is important to remember we have chosen upon incarnation.


The Universal Time Matrix is divided into dimensions that are organised into Harmonic Universes. The first Harmonic Universe (HU1) comprises the dimensions 1, 2 and 3 (1D, 2D, 3D) and is referred to as the "Mind Matrix" (or "Personality Matrix") as it is the structure from which our Mind operates and from which Humanity has been operating so far since the Earth is currently residing in 3D (see Part II: The Mind). It is the matrix of the first 5 senses, of the ego, of the instinctual mind, and of the personality, and is also called the "Hall of Ignorance" due to this idea of separation and the ignorance of other levels existing - the idea of separation is indeed meant to be part of the first stages of experience to some extent, but was largely exacerbated on this planet, as mentioned earlier. Part of our current planetary Ascension is about moving out of this phase of ignorance and understanding there is more to the Universe than what our first 5 senses can perceive, in other words understanding the multidimensionality of the Universe and embodying a Multidimensional Consciousness.


The second Harmonic Universe (HU2) comprises the dimensions 4, 5 and 6 (4D, 5D, 6D) and is the one our planet Earth and Humanity are currently ascending into, or more so merging onto as once again, it is not about going anywhere but rather manifesting it right here. This Harmonic Universe is called the "Soul Matrix" it corresponds to the values and attributes of the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras, we can thus understand why it is commonly said that the Heart (the 4th chakra) is the door to the Soul, as in the Universe, the 4D is the first dimension of the Soul Matrix, it is through the 4D, the 4th chakra that we can enter the realm of the Soul and start integrating the Soul in our current body/reality. The Heart chakra (and its attributes and frequency) is our "first foot in" the Soul Matrix.


This understanding is going to be key in our own individual Ascension towards the values inherent to our own Soul and to the Harmonic Universe 2 (the Soul Matrix), and so as to follow through the planetary Ascension we must align to these values and truly manifest them in our lives. This will in turn be key to the collective Ascension since as mentioned above, both the collective and individual Ascension influence each other and the more people progress on their own path of Ascension, the more others can do too, and the more others join in the easier it gets for all of us since it starts to truly manifest in the direct collective reality, in our communities, societies, and every day life.


Following the Soul Matrix (HU2) are the Monad Matrix (HU3 - which is comprised of the dimensions 7D, 8D, 9D), the Avatar Matrix (HU4 - 10D, 11D, 12D), as well as the Universal Mind Matrix (HU5 - 13D, 14D and 15D). Once again, for the purpose of this article we will solely focus on the first two Harmonic Universes as they are what is most important for us to first understand and a full description of the Universal Time Matrix would require an entire file of articles of its own. This was just a brief introduction in order to make the connection between our chakras, our DNA and the several dimensions of our Universe, so that we can begin to understand the process of Ascension and that of the integration of the Soul.

Aurora, Soul, Chakras, Colours, Lotus, Awakening

Picture by Wallenstein.


As we saw in the chapter above, the Heart chakra and the Heart frequency are the key to begin merging into a "Soul Infused" body, that is to say to fully embody our Soul and all its values. Being in the Heart frequency is about embodying values of Love, Kindness, Empathy and Compassion, as well as moving onto more intuitive behaviours and processing mechanisms. When we start embodying and manifesting these values in our life through our every thought, word and action, we begin to embody our Soul Identity.


The Soul Identity is the True Self, the more Authentic Self, it is who we are once we drop old mechanisms and thinking patterns of the mental / ego. It is our True Nature, and most likely who we were as a child, before all the various programmings (by our relatives, by school and by society in general) started taking over and defining who we were to become. The Soul Identity will be more or less different from the personality we have built ourselves upon depending on the level of programming we were subjected to. To recover this truer Identity we must deeply wonder "Who Am I?" and try to look back at what drove us when we were a child, and what do we really thrive off when "nobody is looking" not even our own self, in all true and genuine Authenticity. When we are Authentic and move away from disguise, from lies, from manipulation (of ourselves and of others) and from denial, we begin to reveal the Inner Self hidden underneath the surface of our being, we begin to understand who it is, and from there we can start working on merging with it through incarnating this more Authentic part of ourself a little more every day. This is of course a gradual process and we must focus on instilling these changes in our daily life, each day a little more, a little deeper and with practice, focus and discipline, it will become more and more natural for us to always be in the frequency of our Heart, in the frequency of our Soul.


To integrate the Heart a little more each day, we must find ways to express and cultivate Love in our lives as well as moving away from Fear. As we saw in the previous part of this series, on the frequency spectrum Fear is at the opposite of Love, therefore if we want to be in the Heart frequency we must learn to face and transcend our fears. Fear almost always root down to a lack of Trust, a lack of Faith, therefore the best way to learn to transcend Fear is to develop and cultivate our connection with the Divine, to learn to communicate with and/or feel the Divine within our lives. This connection was long interfered with by the many veils of illusion, separating us from the Spirit and from the Divine Source, all of which was greatly enhanced by the various establishments of our society that encouraged secularity to the extreme, or on the contrary by the various religions and dogmas which most of them only provided a distorted version of this Knowledge, both greatly curtailing Human's ability to tune into and connect with both their own Inner Spirit and their own Divine Source (understand God within us as opposed to an external God).

Nature, Flower, Living, Divine, Cosmos

In our everyday life, the best way to connect with the Divine is with connect with Life, with the Living. Everything that surrounds us and is alive must be cherished and honoured, we can attune to the trees, the plants, the grass under our feet, or to the animals and insects around us, for the Life that runs through them is made of that same Divine Source we were separated from (or so we thought we were). By acknowledging the Living around us, respecting and nurturing it, we deepen our connection to the Divine Source. We must be sure to surround ourselves with the living and the organic in greater quantities than that which is inorganic. What is organic is natural and alive, while what it inorganic is artificial and dead.

This applies to everything in our environment:

 from the actual matter around us: are there any plants or animals in our daily life, or solely computers and machines? [Note: the humans that surround us are indeed alive too but most of them bear their own programmings and interferences so while it might be good to surround ourselves with other humans, in the beginning in order to re-Source ourselves it is oftentimes better to

choose more neutral forms of life such as animals and plants which are less likely to be interfered with];

 to our various habits: do we cherish ourselves with natural foods and products and loving thoughts and words, or do we sustain self-destructive behaviours such as negative emotions (anger, hate, envy...) or bad habits of drinking, smoking or eating too much?

 or even in our relationships: are the emotional links we maintain with people healthy and alive or are they destructive, vampiric and/or "dead"? Are we actively listening and accepting of the other person, or are we expecting and judging?

We need to observe the things we indulge in and/or surround ourselves with and wonder if they support and honour Life. In that sense we can say that Fear and (self-)destructive behaviours are Anti-Life, and therefore at the opposite of the Heart and Soul frequency of Love.


Entering the Soul Matrix will enable us to learn to further develop certain abilities tied to the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras (linked to the dimensions 4, 5 and 6) such as:


Empathy of the 4th chakra, called the Heart chakra, which is the ability to extend our field of understanding and compassion to all other live beings, becoming able to feel what they feel and thus having a better sense of the impact and consequences of our own energies (through our thoughts, words and actions) upon others around us. This is also called emotional intelligence, the Heart being an intelligence of its own.


Manifestation and Creative Power through the 5th chakra called the Throat chakra and the command of our voice and expression (manifesting through vocal expression). This is also about learning to speak our truth and align our actions to our words, as well as learning better communication skills, letting the Heart also express itself through the 5th chakra, literally "speaking from the Heart" (here again is the idea of Authenticity).


Intuition and Inner Knowing through the 6th chakra called the Third Eye, learning to develop Intuitional Intelligence and ways of processing information through their actual vibration and not how they appear to be in our mind. This is part of developing our vibrational discerning, learning to "judge"/assess things, beings and situations from their actual vibrational frequency and not how they choose to present themselves (illusion), nor how our mental / ego chooses to interpret them (projections).


All in all, the Soul Matrix is a broader perspective than the Mind Matrix, and implies a greater understanding of our surroundings and of others as well as broader sensory abilities (beyond the first 5 senses). Cultivating Love and a deeper connection with Life will imply to adopt stronger moral values and stronger ethics, choosing what sustains Life and what Creates over what is already dead or what destroys.

Path, Alignment, Soul Purpose, Soul Mission, Walk


Each Soul incarnating on this Earth plane, has a unique frequency vibration and subsequently a unique part to play in this incredible this cycle of Ascension. Each one of us has a unique feature to bring forward to the Earth and Humanity, a unique wave code that will bring unique qualities and/or teachings and/or support system to the Collective AND to the Planetary body. Considering we did not incarnate in this specific phase by chance but rather chose to, the core purpose of any one of us is going to be about assisting and/or participating in the Ascension of Humanity and the Earth onto the next Harmonic Universe through embodying higher divine values, getting closer to the Divine. In that sense, practicing Compassion and Empathy along with in-depth inner work is already being in action for the Collective. We are all asked to reactivate these unique codes we brought along with us so as to engage and support the collective Ascension process.


While there might be several reasons for a single Soul's incarnation and some of them will be of individual evolutionary purposes, it is very important to understand we all share that common core purpose, so that we can take our responsibilities and start aligning our energies (through thoughts, words and actions) with these higher moral values. Our core mission is therefore to express, communicate, cultivate and manifest in our every day lives virtues of Love, Compassion, Kindness and Unity above all.

But each one of us will also have more specific missions to fulfil throughout their incarnation that will be our own, and it is up to each one of us to find what these missions are and to consciously choose to begin accomplishing them and organising our lives around them. In order to find our own Soul's purpose we must learn to listen to the Soul's desires and to, once again, follow the Heart, finding our own Heart path, this can be done through finding Joy and listening to child we once were, the inner child still in us. Joy being the expression of the Soul, it is an indicator, a message from the Soul to our body, to let us know what is right, or more so what this is right for us. 

Child, Laughing, Happiness, Joy, Heart Path, Soul Mission

Indeed, although we might consider there is only one universal Heart frequency, the way we comprehend the sentence "to be in the Heart frequency" and the way we manifest it in our individual realities will vary from a being to another. And even if that one vibration of the Heart is unique, and there are main lines of conduct within that frequency as mentioned above, the ways to reach it, as well as the ways to express and physically manifest it are plentiful and only "right" for those who resonate with them at that specific time (and this might also change and evolve for one single individual throughout time).

While many of us share that common mission of assisting the Ascension (through our own inner work and dismantling of our ego) some of us will have more Humanitarian missions and will choose to fully place themselves of Service to Others, that is to say that their core mission is going to be dedicating their own lives to the Greater Good, to the Community, to the advent of Consciousness upon the planet, to the manifestation of the organic timelines of Ascension and the Liberation of Humanity and the Planet. These missions are very specific and those who chose them are comprised in the Lightworkers, the Starseeds and/or the Indigo Children (even though most of them are now adults) each having specific attributes and specific "contracts".


Whichever our mission it is crucial for us to understand what is Alignment and to remain within it. When we speak of Alignment we generally mean alignment with either the Soul, or with God (the Divine Source) or with what we call the Universal Laws - of course being aligned to any of them will result in being more aligned with the others. Being aligned with the Soul as we saw is about following the Heart path and the Soul's desires. Being aligned with God Source is about embodying and aligning with higher divine values more generally. Both of these are expressed within what we call The Universal Laws which are the core mechanisms of our Universe.


The Universal Laws each describe specific mechanisms of alignment and resonance that apply to everything that exists within our Universe, and all follow actual physics and Sacred Science principles. It is very important to also begin studying these principles as they will help us find Alignment and move through our Collective and Individual paths with more ease, as well as providing us with divine protection (divine alignment).


Note: While I will not develop much more on the Universal Laws yet as it would be too long and I am still in the process of learning them better myself, I can recommend these definitions provided in the Ascension Glossary along with other links at the end of this article.


For now, it is important to understand how the way we direct our energies will affect us and others around us (by the Law of Consent, the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Resonance). Placing or directing our energies simply means placing or directing our focus of attention and our behaviours; our energies physically manifest through our thoughts, our words and our actions, with every single one of them we take a stance as to which energy current we choose to sustain and partake in. Now most humans are not aware of these mechanisms and therefore spend their entire life consenting to things they are not even aware of and enduring the following consequences without understanding why. When we decide to choose to embody the Soul and follow our purpose we must understand how everything we do has an impact and an energetic value. Therefore when we choose to align with our Soul's desires and with higher divine values, it is important we do so in absolutely everything we do, think or say in an informed and conscious manner, understanding the principles of causality.


The Law of One comprises 7 practices and is probably the most important one to start with when embarking upon the path of the Soul and the path of the Divine Source, also called the path One (the All One being another way to describe this Divine Source as all-encompassing and Unifying). The Law of One practices will give us important guidelines as to how to manifest our core Soul's purpose in our everyday life and how to begin to align more and more with higher values of Love, Compassion and Unity. These practices are:

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - understanding we are one with all and one with God Source.

 LOVING YOURSELF - extending the practice of Unity by showing love, respecting and honouring ourselves and the precious Life Force than runs through us.

 LOVING OTHERS - as we love ourselves, we extend that love to all, respecting and honouring the Life that runs through them also.

 LOVING EARTH AND NATURE - showing reverence and respect for God's Creation through all of the Earth's creations and the precious Life that runs through them, for every Animal, Plant and Mineral also holds an Intelligent form of Consciousness.

 SERVICE TO OTHERS - finding ways to be of service without entitlement, expectation nor attachment.

 CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION - developing inner clarity and spiritual identity by learning the manipulations Humanity was subjected to and educating ourselves on the Universal Mechanisms and the Sciences of Ascension that were hidden from us, free of any fear or dogma.

 RESPONSIBLE CO-CREATION - understanding we are co-creators with God through learning and fulfilling our Purpose. (I spoke briefly about the co-creation principle in my article "The Mind").

The Law of One, Universal Laws, Service to Others, Ascension, Awakening

Picture by Melissa - Background by Acekreations.



Most of these principles have already been disclosed within most of the main religions and while I understand that most people who follow religions have the best of intentions, as we embark on the path of Ascension it is important to understand that religions have been heavily distorted throughout History and have been used as tools of manipulation for hundreds of years. And it is equally important for those who do not follow them to withdraw from any prejudices they might have against words/concepts such as God, Divine, Christ and so on, and to apprehend them with a new eye far from previous influences of these various religions. One of the main goal of this Ascension cycle is for Humanity to regain Sovereignty in all aspects of its existence, including its Spirituality and connection to the Divine.

Heart Path, Soul Purpose, Soul Mission, Alignment, Awakening

Picture by Geralt.

We have begun to enter an unprecedented phase in the whole History of Humanity and the Earth, bringing along incredible opportunities of growth and expansion in all aspects of our existence. The Ascension can be a somewhat difficult process to go through, since as with any major changes it will imply to deconstruct the most of what we have built ourselves upon so as to be able to lay new solid foundations for our future evolution, both individually and collectively.


The Soul is the first layer of the Higher Self, of the Spirit, it is our first step into the Spiritual realm. Integrating the Soul and begin its embodiment, is essentially about remembering our connection to the Divine and to the whole of Creation. We are Spiritual beings that have long been interfered with and manipulated into thinking and believing that we were a mere product of biological evolution and statistics that happened by chance. We are indeed the product of a long biological evolutionary process but quite radically different from the one we were taught in school. This cycle of Ascension is enabling us to remember this long forgotten Knowledge and to free ourselves from the various Mind Control techniques that were enforced upon our Planet for thousands of years.


We are to reconsider our very functioning starting with our physical Body and how it is continuously poisoned and attacked by various chemicals and negative frequency waves. Much in the same way, we will find out how our Mind was programmed and conditioned so as to have us become perfect pawns for the society's matrix that gradually took over most of our Freedom, separating us from our Inner Spirit and from our Divine Power. Once a deep inner work has been done on the way we treat our Body and the position and importance we give to our mind and ego, we can begin to let the Soul in. The Soul must become our main place of operation, of processing informations, of communicating and interacting with others and our environment, understanding this all goes way beyond morals but rather is about physics and Sacred Sciences, and our very physiology and spiritual anatomy.


There is actually no right or wrong way to do these things, to evolve, to better ourselves and/or aspire to become more empowered everyday and to reach a higher expression of ourselves as long as we do so in respect of others and of Life, and we follow the main guidelines of Compassion, Love and Unity which our Soul will guide us towards if learn to listen. Comparing ourselves and our respective evolutions can be healthy to some extent, if we remain in the broad lines of each one's evolution. But as soon as we get into the details of each one of us' individual purposes and aspects, it is easy to get lost and confused as to whether we are doing "the right thing" or not. Again, understand there is no right or wrong, and there is no one way to follow the path of One, it is between you and God. It would be probably more beneficial, for the Self as well as for the Collective, to understand it as a whole, as a puzzle of which each one of us is a different piece, or as different cells making up the same Body, the Whole.


Our Soul is indeed the first layer of the Higher Self and the first layer only, in that sense there is in fact much more to learn and discover beyond, and we will also begin to attune to these abilities in this life and this cycle of Ascension. These are exciting times for anyone who enjoys to Learn and thrives to Understand and recover ancient Knowledge of our Origins and of our Future, learning the Sacred Sciences and physics behind all the Spiritual teachings that were previously brought to the Earth, only to be distorted and tarnished by a few.


Time for Humanity to take its responsibilities and begin to embody its True Nature, one human at a time, becoming a Sovereign and Free civilisation, showing example for others to come.



It is in deep love and gratitude that I thank you for being a Truth Seeker,

May the Force be with you and the Stars lead you,

Melissa 🐋


Here is a suggestion of a declaration of intention so as to begin aligning with our Soul Identity and True Nature. Setting out intentions regularly, out loud if possible so as to use the creating and manifesting power of the command of our voice, the 5th chakra (the Throat) enables us to better establish where we choose to stand and place our energies and thus practice conscious energetic alignment. You can modify this declaration at your convenience, or choose words and expressions that resonate with you deeper, this is only intended as an example.

"Today, I make the conscious and informed choice of caring for myself on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


I knowingly decide to make myself a priority thus honouring the Gift of Life I was offered.


I choose to honour Life through my physical vehicle: my Body, by nourishing and feeding it the best I can have access to.


I choose to honour Life all around me by being aware at all time of where and how I direct my energies through my every thought, word and action by practicing and developing inner and mental clarity and discipline.


I choose to honour Life and the Creation by aligning with my Heart and Soul desires, cultivating Love, Compassion and Unity in everything I do, think or say.


I honour the Divine Being that I AM by choosing Life always and forever and reclaiming my own Sovereignty NOW.


I am Free.

I am One."


Please note that because I share a piece or excerpt of someone's work does not mean I endorse their entire work, nor everything they may represent and/or believe in. I will ask that, as with everything, you use your own vibrational and intellectual discernment and evaluate for yourself whether this resonates with your inner truth and higher knowing or if you choose to discard it, thank you.


To go further:


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