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May 2017

Body Mind Soul, The Mind, Awakening, Negative Ego, Ascension

Picture by Activedia on Pixabay.

As mentioned in the first part of this series, Part I : The Body, we are encountering incredible times of changes for our humanity and our planet, that will imply substantial individual changes as well. We are experiencing a rise in our frequency and that of the Earth, and this increase in the vibrational rate (frequency) is causing our physical body and our DNA to gradually transform and evolve so as to match the new frequency of the Earth and its Environment. These evolutions of our DNA will also imply changes in our biochemistry, in the chemistry of our brain and therefore change the way we think and process emotions. These changes will likely be painful as we will be dropping old beliefs systems, old thinking habits, and old ways to simply approach and identify with Life and our Universe, knowing our mental state greatly influences the energies within our energetic field (the aura). So as to ease the suffering, we must once again embrace the changes and learn to release resistance, letting go of what is no longer needed and moving on towards more compassionate and understanding realms, in Non-judgement and Empathy.


In these times of Ascension - from the 3D (3rd Dimensional plane) onto 5D (5th Dimensional plane) - (to learn more about the Ascension process I suggest this article by Lisa Renee), we are offered the opportunity to grow and expand our Consciousness. The expansion of Consciousness is the expansion of our understanding of reality, which today will move from a linear onto a multidimensional comprehension. This means understanding that because we can not perceive something, or because it does not belong to our current reality, does not mean it does not exist. This is inherent to the concept of dimensions, a "higher" dimension will imply a greater Knowledge, a greater Awareness of the reality and of the Universe, in other words "seeing" more, perceiving more, understanding more, knowing more. For us in this present moment, it is also about understanding that we are not at the centre of the Universe floating alone on our beloved planet. It is understanding that not only do we exist beyond our physical body but also beyond our terrestrial identity, our beliefs and thinking patterns, and what we could summarise through the mind, the ego and the emotions. Expanding our Consciousness is essentially about training our mind to perceive things for what they are and not what we (somehow) wish them to be. The Consciousness is what resides beyond our 5 physical senses, therefore the more we expand our Consciousness, the larger the sensory/perceptions spectrum we are able to reach and to tune into.


Like so, as we evolve on this spiritual awakening path - of reconnection with the Soul, the Higher Self - and throughout the planetary Ascension process, we must acknowledge that what we have deemed reality so far, might no longer be. We must face facts and truths presented to us with a different perspective, a different and higher standing point of view, reframing our thinking. We are going to be lifting the veil upon the truths of the reality of the many manipulations, lies and deceptions that we have collectively been thrown into since the beginning of this civilisation.


After going through some of the important changes we must instil in our physical reality and environment, the realm of the body, so as to ease the suffering of these planetary transformations, we will cover some aspects of the realm of the mind, our thoughts and emotions, the way we comprehend our external reality, how it works and its importance within our entire being's energies; but also how it might be the most challenging area to work through as we have been more or less severely conditioned and influenced individually since our birth, but also collectively for thousands of years.

Most humans today would choose believe what knowingly corrupt (i.e. all having knowingly lied to us or hidden parts of their "knowledge" from us on more than one occasion) “official” establishments - who reside higher in the system's pyramid - tell them, rather than the testimonies of personal / independent experiences, personal / independent research and/or personal / independent discoveries of thousands of people across the globe just like them - who reside at the bottom of the pyramid. Why? When you think about it for a 

Helicopter Hieroglyphs, Ancient Aliens, Extra-terrestrial, Ascension, Disclosure

The infamous "Helicopter Hieroglyphs".

moment it seems incredibly improbable. This is, for the most part, because our minds have been influenced, conditioned, trained and programmed into thinking a certain way, believing and trusting these establishments since our birth and considering them as defining what reality is and what it is not, and from any direction we could have possibly been looking at. These are some of the reasons why often times when we start awakening to the true reality of the World, we might once again feel overwhelmed with the amount of work there is to do for us to deprogram ourselves from the beliefs systems that were enforced upon us all of our life, and oftentimes the reaction of the mind - the mental / ego - facing this task, is either denial or flight, as confronting everything we have known and assumed to be reality and seeing it gradually collapsing can be very challenging and disturbing, indeed we might feel like we are loosing all of our bearings.


To withdraw oneself from the amount of programming we were exposed to, requires a great amount of profound personal inner work, of profound spiritual work; and we all know too well most humans nowadays do not have time for such work, since when they are not being distracted by the overwhelming presence of the entertainment industries (movies, music, sports, gaming, celebrations, social medias...), or by external catastrophes (wars, climate, famine, etc.) they are constantly busy working hard trying to survive in this society / system, not getting a single chance to stop and wonder. To wonder about all the things that lie beyond what meets the eyes, and most importantly about "Who Are We?".


Throughout our life upon Earth, in this present system and society, we have built ourselves a "personality" identifying with our own personal experiences and traumas, our education, our cultural background, as well as that of our friends and relatives, and so forth... All these external factors have shaped who we are now, and what we strive for. No matter how much we are convinced these traits of character are ours, and define who we are, we must understand today they are likely to be erroneous. Indeed, our current society shapes a great part (if not all) of who we become and what we think, in an increasing manner through the education system, the different beliefs systems instilled by various religions, the tv/media industries, as well as the movie and music industries, and modern mainstream "science" which stopped questioning itself and was established as the new "religion" (dogma) defining what reality is or is not in an unchallenged and no longer factual way (we can note the lobbies influencing of so-called "researches" for instance), etc.

This personality is actually that of our negative ego, a part of our mental /ego we have learnt, or were taught to identify with and allow to drive the terrestrial vehicle of our Soul that is our physical body, even though it is often radically different from our Soul identity, our true personality. Our Soul identity is that which shines trough when we are in this natural state of inner peace, health and connection to the Living, it is a state of energetic balance between the Spiritual self and the Terrestrial self that is not dependent on any external outcomes but rather lies within.


To recover our Soul identity, there are a few concepts and mechanisms we need to educate ourselves on, understanding and acknowledging them so as to regain the control of our mind and thus give way for the Soul to drive us instead, learning to quiet the mind so that we can hear again the Universe talking to us - the well known "Listen More, Talk Less" concept - and start embodying higher moral values of Love, Kindness, and Unity.

We will cover some of these concepts today, bearing in mind they are only parts of a much bigger whole, and that I will not dive too much into the conspiracy against humanity (link towards an article I wrote on the subject) that is being operated upon the Earth and how it has also affected much of the way we think and behave today, just yet.

Earth, Electromagnetic Field, Ascension, Multidimensional, Cosmic

Earth Energetic Field - Picture by HypnoArt on Pixabay


It is crucial today to understand every single one of not only our actions, but also our thoughts and words has an impact upon the rest of the Universe by the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything we do, say or think emits a vibrational signal that is sent out to the Universe, and that signal will impact other vibrational signals elsewhere, and so forth. Much like the ripple effect of a stone thrown into the pond, or like how for instance eating something has an impact on various parts and organs of our body, thinking, saying or doing anything has an impact upon the entire Universe, this goes whether positive or negative. We can see on the topic the research of Japanese professor Dr. Masaru Emoto and how having loving thoughts will have a positive influence on the object of said thoughts, while having thoughts of hate will have a negative impact. Like so, we understand the importance of choosing said actions, words and thoughts carefully, so that our energy - through said thoughts, words and actions - feeds the energy current we truly decide to partake in and strive for, so that we help manifest this energy current we stand with mentally in the physical world, this is what we call the Co-Creation process. Our thoughts, words and actions co-create the reality of our Universe.


On top of that we must understand these thoughts and words will add up to the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is explicitly the aggregation of all the consciousnesses of a group, individuals will therefore be influenced by the energy current that represents the majority of the thoughts and words of said group. Like so, not only do our own thoughts and words influence that of others, but also we need to pay attention as to which of ones the thoughts we are having might indeed be influenced by those of the collective consciousness, once again positively as well as negatively. For instance most of our fears come from not knowing these principles and not understanding that we might be influenced by past traumas the collective consciousness has experienced - and has yet to heal - such as wars, famines, climate catastrophes, etc., but that we individually have actually never experienced ourselves. Also, here again we have an important space for co-creation, as clearing our own fears and healing our own wounds as well as freeing ourselves from old thinking patterns and beliefs systems, will help others do so, since the more individuals think, say or do something the more it becomes accessible within the collective consciousness of humanity for others to benefit, this is where the words "be the change you wish to see in the world" are fully realised.


Therefore, we understand how important it is to learn to identify our thoughts and their origin. Everything we do, think or say can either be fear-based or love-based, even if there are nuances and a plethora of different emotions in between, they all fall down into either one of these two main energy currents, feeding respectively energies of fear or energies of love. Fear closes the door of the Divine Source of Energy, while Love opens it. This gives our mind a great power upon the Soul that must be mastered if we wish to use it consciously and direct it towards what shares our own personal values, and no longer let it happen unconsciously, that is to say in spite of us.


We must find in us a centred neutral loving place and remain within that centre. This process is about learning to consciously choose where we place our attention, our focus and therefore our personal energy, in other words what we decide to make an energetic and spiritual priority. Through meditation for instance, we will learn to improve the amount of time we can consciously focus on our chosen point of attention, thus becoming clearer on which aspect, which "side" of the collective consciousness we wish to align with and therefore help manifest.

Negative Ego, Negative Thoughts, Mind Control, Possession, Ascension

Negative Ego - Picture by Geralt on Pixabay.


   ✦ Negative Ego.

The negative ego is a by-product of the influences of our current external reality, our society's matrix that is constantly seeding and exacerbating negative traits of our characters and personalities. It is very important today in these planetary Ascension times, to understand this negative ego is not an organic (natural) part of human beings, it does not embody the true divine values humans carry within their core selves, such as Love, Empathy and Compassion. We have learnt in this society to establish our negative ego as our prime personality and to identify with it, often forgetting even the very existence of our Soul identity. It is time for us to learn to make the difference between our Soul Identity and our Ego personality, that is to say what comes from our Heart / Soul, that which is organic and Love-based, and that which comes from the Negative Ego, that which is inorganic and Fear-based.


The negative ego is that part of our mind that will be looking for self justification, we must therefore learn that we do not have any control over what others might think about us, and thus develop abilities of self approval and self love. It is also that part which refuses (denial) to see beyond the 5 senses perceptions, in other words the material world, which it has identified with solely. It represents these looping, negative and obsessive thoughts that will refrain us from making clear decisions and behaving subsequently, and comprises three layers:

   · the unconscious - all cellular memories from past, present and future lifetimes.

   · the instinctual - our instinctual drives and the root of addictions.

   · the conscious - what we have learnt to call our self, our personality.


For more details on the three layers of Ego see this article of the Ascension Glossary.


Following these principles we will learn how the negative ego expresses itself, how it functions and what aspects of us it might be responsible for exacerbating or creating, so as to be able to free ourselves from it and dis-identify with said different aspects understanding they do not define who we are.

   ✦ Thoughts Identification.

Identifying our thoughts based on the knowledge of the existence and the influence of our negative ego is essential so as to emancipate ourselves from these negative and inorganic (not natural) traits parasitising our being. To be able to identify our thoughts as coming from our Soul / Heart, or coming from our Mental /Ego, we must find within us a neutral point of observation so as to confront our current beliefs, and ask ourselves:


      🌀Are these thoughts, words (and actions) fear-based or love-based? As Fear is a product of the Mental

    Ego while Love is one of the Soul.

      🌀How do they impact how we feel? Positively or negatively.

      🌀How do our instinctual (as opposed to spiritual) desire might be driving our actions? Who drives us, the

    Soul or the Mental / Ego?

      🌀 How do our hidden beliefs and habit patterns affect our day to day well-being and happiness? Are we

    stuck into certain ways and/or patterns of thinking such as victimising or denial for instance?

      🌀 What thought is limiting, restrictive or creating pain?

      🌀 Are our reactions healthy? natural? factual?

      🌀 Who are we once we drop that thought?


Once we learn to identify these external thoughts of the negative ego we must replace them with empowering and loving ones, for ourselves as well as for others, moving our attention onto the desired / correct thought pattern therefore aligning our thoughts, words, and emotions to our Inner Truth (that of the Soul).

MK Ultra, Monarch, Mind Control, Negative Ego, Awakening

Mind Kontrol Monarch imagery - Animated gif by Therapy Gif.


   ✦ Mind Control.

When we talk about mind control we include a huge range of different techniques and agendas enforced upon humanity through various means, such as instilling more or less hidden programmings (conditioning) via means of propaganda (advertising, medias, television, movies, music and music videos), but also through global and individual psychological manipulations via repeated traumatic events, the use of triggers (so as to surface old collective traumas and fears), and maintaining global programs (also called archetypes - see further below) and establishing them as the norm within society, its different organisations - what we call the matrix - and the way their hierarchy is arranged.

We have been exposed to these programs for all of our life, and they will have affected us more or less in certain areas of our life or others. It is crucial that we research and learn about these programmings as we evolve on our Ascension path, so as to free ourselves from this mental slavery.

In order to free ourselves from these programs, we must not only learn what they are and how they work, but also learn to identify when we are subjected to them as well as when we enforce them upon others, so as to remove ourselves from these unhealthy, inorganic (not natural) and detrimental mechanisms.


Some examples of mind control programmings we might be subjected to collectively are:


   · Believing that our physical world, and by extension our mental / ego, is at the centre of the Universe, and

   that everything else revolves around it. - We can witness this program very clearly with the strong

   ridiculing of Extra-terrestrial presence in the Universe or upon the Earth and of anyone daring to talk

   about it, and the strong reactions this topic will induce in some individuals when mentioned. All the while

   many individuals on a somewhat spiritual path already are willing to believe in the existence of angels,

   spirits, guides, ghosts or even demons, sometimes even communicating with their passed loved ones (a

   grand mother, a parent etc.) but will be viscerally against the idea that there are other civilisations

   inhabiting our Universe.


   · Refusing to believe the obvious (regarding subtle realms - what lies beyond what meets the eye - for

   instance) - denial. There are countless documentaries available around the world and on the internet

   relating, collecting, showing, describing and presenting huge amounts of datas, artefacts and ancient

   writings describing and revealing all sorts of Truths on ancient medicines, ancient technologies, ancient

   knowledge and ancient civilisations, etc., that we deem "fake" or "unreal" or "impossible" without having

   done a single research ourselves on the matters, simpy because we were taught so.


   · Fear-based media and movies propaganda, having us believe in the worst case scenario as the only

   outcome possible, and thus giving up our power to the according authorities. Supporting and feeding the

   organisations (governments, corporations or others) setting up false flag events, and false enemies, or false

   disease "outbreaks" etc., so as to serve their own agendas and maintain us in vibrations of fear, thus

   preventing our spiritual growth; the most obvious example of our modern days being the creation of many

   "terrorist" militias.


Note: These are only some of the many examples which I highly encourage you to research so as to free yourself from these invisible chains holding us back from manifesting this peaceful world ☮ we all dream of, as many have written extensively on the topic. I dive a little deeper into these topics in my article "Collective Ascension and Global Manipulations" along with many references - please remember to only retain what you feel comfortable with, and to leave the rest aside so as to eventually come back to it later.


Most of these programs will aim at controlling us and our energies, so as to redirect them and have them serve their own agendas. Who controls the Mind, controls the Body, and therefore is able to reclaim its energies thus controlling the Soul. For every single one of our thoughts, words or actions we must ask ourselves : who does it serve? Does it serve my Soul and therefore my highest moral values, or does it serve Mind, my mental /ego and therefore all the entities/organisations that have continuously been programming it since I was born?


Mind control is also present on a more individual level seen through the different archetypes (models, patterns, prototypes and/or roles) - that we also call programs - present within and sustained by our society's matrix, for instance the archetype of the "mother", or of the "corporate executive", the "city boy/girl", the "hippie", the "activist", the "martyr" etc. It is crucial to observe ourself, to observe our own thoughts, our own words, our own actions, our own beliefs systems and thinking patterns, in order to identify and acknowledge which archetype we might be identifying with (or more so over-identifying for a start), so as to be able to once again disengage and dis-identify with them, giving way to our Inner Truth, our Inner Self, our Soul to regain control.

Besides knowledge (of the different techniques, programs and agendas so as to identify them), the most efficient way to avoid behaving under mind control is to cultivate living in the present moment and be self aware, in other words being aware of everything that goes through our mind at this very moment, identifying, acknowledging and eventually disengaging with future and past worries and/or traumas that could trigger unconscious behaviours and reactions.

Liberation, Wild Flowers, Freedom, Ascension, Awakening, Path

We will then be able to make clear and informed decisions, knowing which energy current we are consciously choosing to feed (love or fear) with every single one of our thoughts, words and actions.

   ✦ Individual Sovereignty.

So as to free ourselves from these mind control programmings, we must first acknowledge and study their existence, and then learn the language of the Higher Self, so as to let it reclaim the control of our entire being, becoming again sovereign individuals.


Reclaiming our individual Sovereignty is about becoming our inner truth (regardless of other's opinions, external norms and belief systems of society and/or of others), recovering our personal power (thus allowing others to do so), letting the Soul / Heart express itself freely without judgement, without fear and without expectation. Aiming at finding again this natural state of humans beings, which is one of love, joy, gratitude and acceptance. Aligning with and embodying every single one of our thoughts, words and actions, in a conscious and informed manner, in knowledge and the comprehension of the mechanisms of the Universe and how everything is connected, wilfully choosing to serve either one of the two main energy currents mentioned above, that are Love or Fear.


A sovereign individual knows to consciously choose what he allows as his or her ultimate authority, what governs him and drives his physical vehicle (body). What do we choose? Do we allow negative thoughts, the negative ego, the mind control programmings, or an external God to dictate our very thoughts, words and actions? OR Do we consciously choose to let our Higher Self, our Inner and True Self, our Heart and Soul, as well as God within us to express their Truth and shine their Light through us? All the while taking our responsibilities, and removing ourselves from blaming of others or denial coping mechanisms of the mental /ego, thus accepting we have agreed to everything that is happening to us, and we have the power and right to choose what we are a vehicle for. Taking full responsibility for our thoughts will enhance the process of recovering self sovereignty.




   ✦ Neutrality.

To avoid reacting to external triggers in excessive manners that would be detrimental to ourselves and others around us, we must practice neutrality, that is to say finding a neutral point of observation of our thoughts, words and actions, but also of our external triggers, through always retuning to our Heart centre, this neutral place in our being that is not influenced by external conditioning (mind control). Identifying and acknowledging triggers for what they are (external, negative ego) and understanding they do not define who we are. We must pay attention to strong opinions and judgements when communicating or expressing ourselves, and avoid automatic response induced by unbalanced emotional states. Cultivating emotional neutrality will enable us to maintain inner peace and develop appropriate reactions to the external chaos caused by this phase of Ascension of the Earth, through constantly and purposefully redirecting our attention and our personal energies towards a more grounded perspective, having a more loving and more caring approach to others and the external world, but also to ourselves.


Finding neutrality is an ongoing and constant work, continuously identifying and observing our thoughts, discerning whether they come from our Soul or from our mental /ego, so as to appropriately redirect and correct them so they become aligned with our Inner Truth and Self. This internal balance is the key to move through the external chaos with ease, understanding that outer circumstances are irrelevant to inner peace, but it is rather how we choose to interpret life that will determine our happiness and well-being.

   ✦ Acceptance and Gratitude.

Once we learn to observe and identify external thoughts of the negative ego and mind control we must learn to accept their presence and accept them for what they are, releasing resistance to controlling the external reality, so as to preserve our energy and focus it solely on what we consciously choose to make our priority, what we deem our inner truth and own values. We must learn to accept these external thoughts and then return into our Heart centre. Accepting where we are in this present moment and releasing the need to be right or the need to be hurt (martyr and victimising programs / archetypes) will help us gradually move away from the negative ego's influences and reclaim our individual sovereignty.


Forgiveness (of others as well as of ourselves) along with gratitude will allow us to release judgements (negative ego mechanism) and resistance, freeing us from attachments to past experiences and traumas, thus providing a clear sheet for new thinking habits in more responsible and compassionate perspectives, enabling us to see an entire different world, becoming aware of our true inner power of manifestation of this new world of Love, Peace and Unity. Practicing gratitude, by acknowledging Beauty in the world will set our minds on a different interpretation scheme of the external reality, bringing a profound sense of happiness to our Hearts. ♥︎

Dandelion, Awakening, Ascension, Liberation, Sovereignty, Freedom

Dandelion - Picture by RandallDSLR on Pixabay

   ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

As humanity progresses in this phase of Ascension, of reconnection to the Higher Self and Soul, we will find out how this natural process was interfered with, and how there is presently on Earth a true war against consciousness taking place from which was set this conspiracy against humanity I was talking about further above in this article.


Mental and emotional addictive, obsessive and compulsive behaviours and patterns are extremely negative and detrimental to our individual well-being and by extension that of the entire Universe, as we are all connected, and are at the opposite of this new Consciousness arising upon the Earth. With the Ascension these negative traits will become exacerbated if they are not healed, as we will find ourselves in permanent conflict between external energies urging us to ascend and these internal sufferings maintaining us on lower frequencies, although it is important to understand these new energies available will also make it more accessible for us to heal if we consciously decide to.


It may seem we might not have much power over the current external chaos of the planet but we can have control over ourselves, becoming responsible, every day and at every moment, learning to discipline our mind and to remain focused on the higher divine values we consciously choose to be of service to. We must develop a practice of training the mind through stress management techniques such as meditation, yoga, sports or alternative therapies (such as reiki or hypnosis for instance), as well positive thinking practices so as to help us cultivate inner peace and learn to master and control our thoughts, so as to direct them towards which energy current we wish to strive for, Love or Fear. Fighting, so to speak, will cause severe energy loss while reconnecting to our Higher Self and Soul on the contrary will allow us to carefully and mindfully choose where we place ourself, our energies (through our intentions) and our body, thus finding the strength and inspiration to act.


As we expand our Consciousness, we expand our energetic field therefore expanding how far we reach out to others, and how we might inspire them to do so themselves. We must seek to remove the negative ego and its mind control programmings from the prime position of our being, giving way to the Soul and its higher moral values instead, thus regaining the control of our entire being and its energies.


Seeking to expand our Consciousness and improve ourselves is really the most efficient way to help humanity and the Earth as we progress towards higher frequency dimensions of Love, Compassion, Empathy and Unity - values inherent to our specie and our planet that have largely been interfered with - learning to cultivate a deeper connection with all the Living and becoming a sovereign specie again, leading and inspiring through example.


In the next part of this series, Part III: the Soul, we will attempt to define what is and how to become a sovereign being reconnected to its Soul, its Higher Self, embodying higher values and navigating through the Ascension with as much ease as is possible. In the meantime I wish you to learn to identify and make peace with any conflicts you might have with your negative ego, gradually giving way for your Soul to guide you through this amazing experience that is Life.


With all my Love and Support,

Melissa 🐋.



Bob Marley, Redemption Song lyrics:


Old pirates, yes, they rob I;
Sold I to the merchant ships,
Minutes after they took I
From the bottomless pit.
But my hand was made strong
By the 'and of the Almighty.
We forward in this generation

Won't you help to sing
These songs of freedom?
'Cause all I ever have:
Redemption songs;
Redemption songs.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Have no fear for atomic energy,
'Cause none of them can stop the time.
How long shall they kill our prophets,
While we stand aside and look? Ooh!
Some say it's just a part of it:
We've got to fulfill the book.

Won't you help to sing
These songs of freedom?
'Cause all I ever have:
Redemption songs;
Redemption songs;
Redemption songs.

[Guitar break]

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our mind.
Wo! Have no fear for atomic energy,
'Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time.
How long shall they kill our prophets,
While we stand aside and look?
Yes, some say it's just a part of it:
We've got to fulfill the book.

Won't you help to sing
These songs of freedom?
'Cause all I ever had:
Redemption songs
All I ever had:
Redemption songs:
These songs of freedom,

Songs of freedom.



Please note that because I share a piece or excerpt of someone's work does not mean I endorse their entire work, nor everything they may represent and/or believe in. I will ask that, as with everything, you use your own vibrational and intellectual discernment and evaluate for yourself whether this resonates with your inner truth and higher knowing or if you choose to discard it, thank you.

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