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Prayers and Crystals

Prayers and Crystals | Sovereign · Planet
Prayers and Crystals | Sovereign · Planet

As we embark on the Spiritual Awakening, we may soon feel drawn to using prayers as regular practice in our day to day life for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. Prayers here is to be taken away from any religious and pre-programmed context and seen as an umbrella term for any form of intention setting, declaration, distance sharing of healing energy, blessings, commands for setting the space or even guided clearing or healing meditation. Prayer is the conscious intent to direct one's Consciousness energy for healing, support, blessing or protection towards a desired recipient which can be another individual or live being, ourself, a group or collective of individuals, a collective consciousness field, a region, location or building, a specific species, or even a constellation, a planet or a galaxy, etc.

Prayer is a conscious intent of directing positive energy towards others and thus may be seen as a Service to Others practice which greatly supports Consciousness Expansion, spiritual protection and relationship to God. When we choose to amplify positive thoughts or intentions through the power of love in our heart with prayers, we amplify the positive polarity which has ripple effects of positive consequences on both the recipient and the giver of the prayer, and even creation at large. Prayer is thus a powerful practice to incorporate in our life for anyone on the spiritual path and for further affirming dedication to service to God. Besides, energy grows exponentially, so when individuals gather for group prayers, just as in group meditations, the energy is further amplified and this can become an extremely powerful tool for shifting specific situations, even globally.

Sleep State Programming

Sleep State Programming is the practice of setting specific intentions in concerted effort with our Consciousness (or Higher Self) for sleep state. This is a great opportunity to set the space for a peaceful and restorative sleep, protected from any negative interferences, energy siphoning or psychic attacks - such as those experienced during sleep paralysis for instance. For this specific purpose, we may find strengthening our 12D shield (our natural energetic field) to be very useful and impactful in commanding our space to be free of any and all interference.

For the more seasoned practitioner, we may be guided towards more complex sleep state programming such as more in-depth prayers, healing or clearing meditations, setting intentions for precise work on the various bodies, on specific timelines, or even service missions (dedicating your consciousness and being to be of service to whichever mission your Higher Self deems appropriate in the now moment).

Sleep State Programming may be done by stating a prayer or declaration of intention before bed such as stating authority over our Consciousness as is done in the 12D Shield practice by Lisa Renee with: "My declaration of intention is to serve my Source, I commit to serve my Highest Power, fully, completely and totally. I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free. And so it is."

Crystals as Prayers Amplifiers

Crystals are part of the mineral elementals of Earth, and Crystal Technology and Science are an inherent part of the Angelic Human blueprint and Knowledge. This Knowledge was stolen and occulted from us after the fall of Atlantis and the invasion of planet Earth some 26 000 years ago. Within the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria, humans had full knowledge and awareness of many more Sacred Sciences, including Crystal Technology and were using it for a wide variety of reasons at a much wider and deeper extent than some of us currently do - such as Healing Sciences, amplifying energetic fields, protection, Transmigration, Consciousness Communication (Telepathy / Telempathy), building architectures, powering up entire cities, etc. NB. It must be understood that this was done with crystals in much more significant sizes than those we commonly use nowadays, think the size of buildings.

Their distinct atomic structure allows them to operate, clear and/or redirect energy in powerful ways and some of them may be used in addition to prayers to serve as amplifiers of the energy directed through prayers, intention setting and declarations. For this work of amplification and support of intentions and prayers, clear quartz and amethysts are most appropriate, although many others may serve this purpose and we must follow our own inner guidance, as always. The choice of crystals for any work is entirely up to the individual as well as the crystals involved, it is often recommended to let the crystals tell us what project they want to participate in or even what position they want to hold in a crystal grid formation.

We may intend to program a crystal or a crystal grid formation with a specific intention as simple or as complex as we may feel guided in the moment, and the crystal or crystal grid will continue to amplify the work through time and space. Therefore, crystals can be extremely supportive in our individual and collective service missions, in amplifying our work and allowing us to conserve and save precious energy and time. To do so, we may hold the crystal of choice close to our heart and state our intention to program said crystal(s) with the following prayer/intention, and then state our prayers out loud or in our head as guided, although it must be added that the power of our voice command is substantial in further anchoring our intention in the fields.

Building a Crystal Grid

A Crystal Grid is a formation of several crystals arranged together in a way that will further amplify their unique work and operate, clear and/or redirect even more energy, just like energy grows exponentially, crystal work is also exponential when several crystals are combined to work together in a grid formation. The Crystal Grids may take any shape desired, and although they are commonly seen in mandala formations, this is not a requirement for efficacy. As mentioned above, it is best to let the crystals talk to us and show us how they would like to perform. That being said, we may also be guided at times to use a specific geometric shape or formation such as the Merkaba star for instance.

The size of the crystals and the grids is not necessarily a sign for their potency, a small crystal or grid may be more powerful than a larger one or vice versa, it really depends on each individual crystal or grid. We may choose a crystal we are used to working with and sit with it in meditation to ask them to show us a grid formation they wish to work with, or we may just build the grid more spontaneously and trust our intuition to place each crystal where it wishes to be. To confirm we may use yes/no questions with either a pendulum or muscle testing or any other technique we are comfortable with.

The choice of crystals will vary with the type of work we wish to do, or once again, depending on personal guidance in the now moment. It is important to note that it is part of the crystal's purpose to do this kind of work, and so you will notice they often get very happy when called upon for support in amplifying our prayers, intentions and work in general. It will be felt by the crystal like fulfilling one's mission and purpose.

To program the Crystal Grid, we may:

1. open a session and set our intention to do so,

2. read our prayers or intention (out loud if possible)

3. build our grid holding said intention

4. and ending with the prayers once again.

If so guided, we may want to state our prayer or intention out loud 3 times consecutively for further amplification of intent and more efficient direction of conscious focus.

5. Once the process is over, we may close our session.

This process may be done with more or less complex intentions and prayers settings depending on our unique needs with words that are resonant to us and/or we are familiar with.


Overall, prayers, intention settings, sleep state programming and the use of crystals to amplify them are a powerful way to deepen our spiritual endeavours whether for self work, for loved ones and relatives, for animals or for larger group consciousness or areas in a Service to Others perspective. Please, note that there is no judgement and no limit in what we choose to pray for so long our intentions are benevolent, praying for ourselves is just as important and necessary on our individual journey for the intent to serve others will naturally arise when we are ready.

I hope this was helpful and inspired you to incorporate prayers to your personal practices. I will share a short video I made last summer on the topic of Intention Setting and the Power of Words for further understanding and tips on how to set intentions and prayers.

Much Love,

GSF, Melissa 🐋

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