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Intention Setting and the Power of Words

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Note: I have been sharing thoughts and reflections in video format on my Instagram account and figured I should share these on my website for those who do not use such platforms. Besides, my account is severely shadow banned despite watching what I share and removing certain content in regards to the 2020 ordeal for the last 2-3 weeks. I am not sure this ban will ever be lifted seeing the level of censorship these platforms have undertaken. Feel free to share on your own accounts if so guided, so as to help curb the ban.


Intention Setting and the Power of Words

Words carry the frequency of the intention we set out when expressing them. This is a potent realisation and teaches us how to direct our energy through words and expression, which can become a powerful tool for healing and clearing what no longer serves us or what is not fully aligned to our true being.

Intention setting, declarations of intention and prayers are all different ways to describe the same action of conscious intent behind our words and by extension our thoughts and actions as well.

When we practice directing our energy through intention setting, we learn to reclaim our power and master our energy, all the while learning to create, manifest, shape our reality and direct experience of it.

Mastering our own energy is a key part of reclaiming Sovereignty and no longer letting external entities/energies take over our being. With practice we reclaim our ability to create our reality in alignment to our true being and higher values. (If you want to read more on the topic of the power of the Mind, you may read my more in-depth article Body, Mind, Soul II: The Mind).

Deep Love to you all,

Thank you for being on this journey of reclaiming the self and reclaiming sovereignty

GSF, Melissa 🐋

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