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March 2022

These races, whom the Controllers on planet Earth belong to and/or serve, have thus chosen to separate themselves from the God Source domains and their sister neighbouring races, and in doing so, lost their capacity for organic creation as well as organic sustenance. Thus in order to survive these beings became parasitic, meaning that they learnt to feed off of other species, races and entire systems that were still in direct connection to the God Worlds. They went on to colonise and pillage other such planets and systems, establishing various control systems, developing highly advanced technologies, spreading like a virus within our Universal Time Matrix (our Universe), creating an entire "cloned" Artificial Matrix in parallel, from which they operated.

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Sovereign · Planet is about reclaiming our right to enjoy our planet Earth in Peace and Harmony for ALL, through Knowledge and Information, through Spiritual Awakening as well as a new Multidimensional Understanding of our Environment, of our Selves and of the Universe.


Sovereign · Planet is not involved in any way with any religion, nor sect; and aims at sharing keys for individuals to recover their own DivinitySovereignty and Freedom, who may integrate this Information at their own pace and in their own understanding - using their own vibrational and intellectual discernment, keeping what resonates with their inner truth and higher knowing and discarding the rest.

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