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It is thus becoming more and more evident that the external climate on planet Earth is intensifying on all fronts at the same time and as such, nothing external really is stable nor reliable anymore. This means we must turn inwards so as to find stability from within, from our direct alignment to the more grounded aspects of our Higher Selves. It is ever so crucial for us to learn to develop the necessary skills that will support us and allow us to navigate these conflicting energies as best as possible. Preparation on all levels of our being and life is going to be key so as to maintain Inner Peace regardless of the external chaos that may arise as we move forwards in this Ascension cycle (before it all begins to gradually stabilise again). 

· How strong are we in this now moment at all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels?

· How much suffering and fear can we witness around us without loosing our ground and our direct connection to God Source?


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Sovereign · Planet is about reclaiming our right to enjoy our planet Earth in Peace and Harmony for ALL, through Knowledge and Information, through Spiritual Awakening as well as a new Multidimensional Understanding of our Environment, of our Selves and of the Universe.


Sovereign · Planet is not involved in any way with any religion, nor sect; and aims at sharing keys for individuals to recover their own Sovereignty and Freedom, who may integrate this Information at their own pace and in their own understanding - using their own vibrational and intellectual discernment, keeping what resonates with their inner truth and higher knowing and discarding the rest.