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· Multidimensional Consciousness and Cosmic Awakening ·

Sovereign · Planet (CC BY-SA 4.0

 · 2016 - 2019 · Built by Melissa 🐋


· Reclaim your planet · Multidimensional Consciousness and Cosmic Awakening ·

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Sovereign · Planet is about reclaiming our right to enjoy our planet Earth in Peace and Harmony for ALL, through Knowledge and Information, through Spiritual Awakening as well as a new Multidimensional Understanding of our Environment, of our Selves and of the Universe.


Sovereign · Planet is not involved in any way with any religion, nor sect; and aims at sharing keys for individuals to recover their own Sovereignty and Freedom, who may integrate this Information at their own pace and in their own understanding - using their own vibrational and intellectual discernment, keeping what resonates with their inner truth and higher knowing and discarding the rest.

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