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Indigo and Starseed Families

Indigo and Starseed Families
Indigo and Starseed Families

When the wars within the galaxy and our universe intensified, and planet Earth fell to the hands of some highly technologically advanced races that chose to be self-serving (of service to self, or STS), the planet was placed under quarantine by the higher councils of the universe so as to prevent the spread of the invasions and reversions Earth was subjected to. This meant no other Soul than those already present could really come through naturally. Further than this organic quarantine, was an electromagnetic fence called NET, built by the invading races so as to prevent Souls from leaving the Earth plane, maintaining them in a perpetual forced reincarnation cycle.

Seeing the damages that were perpetrated here on the planet, and the impact they had on the entire structure of our Universe, Guardian races decided to deploy representatives on planet Earth so as to prevent further descent and potential annihilation of the planet. Throughout times, since the beginnings of our civilisation, and even the preceding ones, were Guardian representatives incarnating here on this planet in a bid to restore the Christos Missions and Law of One principles and in an attempt to gradually evict the invaders and their inverted systems - Yeshua for instance, was a highly advanced and well known Guardian representative (this is to be understood aside of any and all religious context). These were the first re-seedings of a higher level of Consciousness to be reclaimed within the Collective Human Consciousness.

In more recent history, and in the light of the atomic technologies (atomic bomb) gaining momentum - which had ripple effect of negative consequences in the universal architecture way beyond our planet - a new wave of volunteers was sent through. This was in preparation for the breaching of the quarantines aforementioned (both organic and inorganic) that were later made possible during the 12.12.12 portal (12th December 2012). These volunteers are whom we call the Indigo and Starseed Families. Indigos and Starseeds are a variety of beings coming from either other planets or even other universes, or are future representations of the organic Human blueprint. They are also commonly referred to as Light Workers or Light Warriors and all came with this common goal of restoration of the planetary timelines. Only this time, not only were we more prepared as many had witnessed and/or experienced previous holocausts, genocides and various other crimes against humanity that were perpetrated on this planet throughout history and incarnations; but we were also able to benefit from the previous foundation work that was established by these Guardian representatives in past timelines.

The breaching of the NET electromagnetic field around the planet and the Guardian races reclaiming stewardship over the Earth, brought along a new level of organic high frequencies throughout the planetary systems. This again, was part of the restoration of the Law of One and Christos Missions on planet, it was the beginning of a long process of reverting all artificially inverted planetary architecture systems from anti-life parasitic frequencies, back to organic Krystic (Life serving) ones. The Indigo and Starseed families were able to incarnate with more DNA strands activated than the current Humans have (due to hybridisation and genetic engineering of the invading races). What this means is that they have direct access to and are able to embody higher frequencies as well as higher aspects of their own Consciousness here on the 3D Earth, in the physical body.

Planetary Ley Lines
Planetary Ley Lines

The Ley Lines are energetic current lines that make up the planetary grids through which energy circulates across the planetary body and between the various planetary stargates, these can be compared to meridians and axiatonal lines on the human body, and similarly the stargates to our chakras. These grid networks are what the invaders used and reverted so as to spread inorganic frequencies of mind control, bloodshed, violence, sexual misery and much more, throughout the planetary field and within the Human Collective Consciousness. The Indigo and Starseed families hold specific genetic codes (DNA strands) for (re)activating these planetary Ley Lines and restoring them back to their original respective functions - which are to support and sustain life on Earth and the health of the planetary body, but also its ability to move through the Ascension cycles organically. This is the process of gridwork, it is not necessarily done at a conscious level but may be performed in sleep state or even through everyday energy exchanging (communicating, loving, caring, sharing time and/or experiences...); though if one becomes aware of such level of exchanges it is possible to ask our personal support teams to be shown how to perform this work at a conscious level. These DNA codes may also serve to activate fellow Indigos and Starseeds on their journey, as well as many other human beings - this is a process of triggering gene functions to turn on and a process of remembrance of past timelines and reasons for incarnation.

This current Ascension cycle is a cycle of Liberation of the planet and of Humanity from a very long cycle of enslavement, assault and reversions; as well as one of Disclosure of all past trauma, hidden agendas and hidden knowledge. This had to be a gradual process so as not to shock the unsuspecting masses into states of fragmentation - which is the process of extreme trauma fragmenting the consciousness into different stranded parts. It is also a part of the Indigos and Starseeds missions to anchor higher frequencies within the Human Collective Consciousness as well as on the planetary body, acting as acupuncture point so as to restore the correct, natural flow of energy and allow the organic mechanisms of Ascension to be restored.

Overtime, with the reclamation of higher frequencies upon the planet (Guardian stewardship) and the (re)awakening of these new waves of Indigos and Starseeds that happened in a domino effect manner, a new level of Consciousness is now being birthed on planet Earth. Many Indigos and Starseeds have begun deploying their Life Mission and have started the building of the foundations of the New Earth (the Ascended and Sovereign Planet) in building new conscious communities aligned to Nature and harmlessness principles, in creating cosmic hubs for restoring communication with our Galactic Families and Guardian races, in bringing a new level of Consciousness and new energies, new ways of healing, creating, building, communicating, etc.

This is a collaborative ongoing work from races across the Universes, aiming at freeing planet Earth and the universal time matrix from the invaders and their artificial matrix systems. Thank you God! hank you Guardian races serving the One! And thank you to all of you in the Indigo and Starseed Families, as well as our Earth Seeds brothers and sisters working tirelessly in restoring Truth.

In deep Gratitude and Reverence,

Thank you for being a Truth Seeker!

Much Love,

GSF, Melissa 🐋


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