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Age of Aquarius

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Age of Aquarius - Aquarius Constellation
Age of Aquarius - Aquarius Constellation

As we move through time and the disclosure timelines seem to be just a short while ahead, it is important to understand the larger energetic shifts at play currently. As many of you know, we are moving from one Ascension cycle onto the next. This brings about profound changes on all levels of our existence and the current reality we are incarnated in, from Spiritual Awakenings and Dark Nights of the Soul, to literal biological mutation of our cells and changes in the laws of physics.

Ascension means Spiritual Awakening, it is the natural, organic evolutionary process of Consciousness in incarnated form, or beings, in which we travel through the various layers or dimensions of our Universal Time Matrix (our Universe) and gain a wider perspective and greater understanding of the Laws of Creation. In other words, we awaken to different parts of reality, to different levels of existence, to different levels Being (or different levels of Consciousness).

This particular cycle we find ourselves in, is slightly different in that we are also emancipating from eons of enslavement and control over our species and planet. This means not only are we moving from one state of being to another, but we are also reclaiming all the hidden knowledge of these Sacred Ascension Sciences. At a more practical level, this means we are awakening to the fact that everything we thought we knew (including most of modern science) was in reality based on many lies, distortions and inversions.

These shocking revelations are now having palpable ripple effects into every single corner of our individual lives and all the various systems we have been operating in collectively. The various ways in which we have been living, communicating, creating, exchanging, experiencing time, loving even, are all rapidly changing and we must now learn to let go of our old habits and patterns to move towards new ways of existing altogether.

This means the very way in which we exist within the Universe is evolving, we are changing paradigm and the way we apprehend reality is also evolving, we are being pushed towards learning new ways of operating and directing our energies out into the world.

The recent shift from the Age of Pisces onto the Age of Aquarius is a great reflection of such changes. Commonly, we refer to Pisces as a parent-child dynamic while Aquarius is more of a teamwork dynamic, in which each individual is their own authority and participates in the sourcing of Knowledge and Information. This is very clearly showing up in the current planetary outer-scape where for instance information is now increasingly sourced from many individuals' own experiences and expertise, rather than that of designated "official" entities (such as the medias or the governments for instance).

At an individual level, this is about reclaiming our power and authority over the way in which we choose to participate with Creation - Responsible Co-Creatorship. This is how we direct our energies through thoughts, words and actions in every moment. It is how we consciously decide (choose) to use our being and Consciousness to serve either self interests or collective interests, what we choose to serve, support, nourish and sustain with our own Being. As we ascend, or evolve, we begin to understand the interconnectedness of all things and thus naturally become more inclined towards serving others and Creation at large, for we understand it is us, it is the Universal Body to which we all are unique cells.

In this particular cycle, this is clearly about emancipating ourselves from the enslaving artificial matrix systems and reclaiming natural organic ways:

- to feed and support ourselves via new ways of working in small groups/communities or independently, over "earning" salaries from large corporations driven by unreasonable profit goals and who severely lack any ethics or moral values.

- to heal ourselves through natural remedies and/or new technologies that are serving the One rather than relying on corrupted mega corporations such as Big Pharma

- to build and participate in communities that are smaller and more local, over unreasonable standardised and globalised government entities such as the current education, law, academia, defence military...

- to source Information and Knowledge from our direct connection to the Godhead (God Source) rather than external corporate media or education entities.

And so forth.

Like so, it may be supportive to ask ourselves: where are we stuck in old thinking/being patterns that no longer serve us? In which way may these Aquarius dynamics be translated into our own lives? How can we embody the teamwork dynamic more and move away from the parent-child one?

These will be supportive in moving through these turbulent Ascension energies and as the war on Consciousness also intensifies.

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