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Embodying Beauty and Exposing Darkness

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Note: I have been sharing thoughts and reflections in video format on my Instagram account and figured I should share these on my website for those who do not use such platforms. Besides, my account is severely shadow banned despite watching what I share and removing certain content in regards to the 2020 ordeal for the last 2-3 weeks. I am not sure this ban will ever be lifted seeing the level of censorship these platforms have undertaken. Feel free to share on your own accounts if so guided, so as to help curb the ban.


The video got cut towards the end as I ran out of memory space. I was just closing up anyways.

I understand this is a triggering topic - maybe controversial even - but I insist on the fact that there is no judgement of value. Being more evolved spiritually does not equal to being « better » per se. I repeat the same image of a 9 year-old being more advanced than a 3 year-old does not make that child « better » than his younger peer.

The biggest take away from this video is to really encourage us all to embody our own truth and journey without comparing ourselves; and to respect those whose path is different from ours. (To learn more about finding your own path, you may read my more in-depth article Body, Mind, Soul III: The Soul).

Visualise for a moment each of our body’s cells, they all carry a specific code that will allow them to perform their tasks within the body. Imagine if a kidney cell started comparing itself to a brain cell. That would not make much sense, would it?

Well, just like those cells, we are all active members of the collective human consciousness and each have our own part to play and are all necessary in this moment.

I hope this all made sense, let me know what’s your take on this topic.

These are intense times and I salute us all for our strength and resilience.

Deep Love and Gratitude,

GSF, Melissa 🐋

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