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Compassion for the Masses

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Edit on June,30 of 2021: since I posted this blogpost a lot of the videos have been supressed/banned/censored from YouTube as well as many articles and other medias describing a reality that does not fit the mainstream media narrative. You may find the same videos on platforms such as Bitchute, Odyssee or other alternatives. This goes to show we have made progress in the disclosure process and the controllers are doing all they can to suppress the information. We will not be stopped!


Compassion for the masses

Note: This was inspired by the pattern I noticed in various online comments, as well as in myself in the past, when empathetic and sensitive people tend to engage in blaming and/or hating even on the masses for being asleep and unconsciously contributing to the chaos of our world (which I am not denying they might be to some extent, as we all have a

responsibility in how we act in this world, be it consciously or unconsciously).

When we embark upon a more spiritual path - incorporating the spiritual to our everyday reality - we often hear a lot about developing Compassion, becoming a more Compassionate human being. And so, we try our best to develop further such an important part of Humanity's True Values, ones that were not distorted and compromised by an inorganic - unnatural, artificial - matrix system of perverted values that were enforced upon us as "the norm".

When we first think of Compassion, we might think of the children of the World not having access to even the most basic safety needs; or we might think of the poor conditions in which most animals are treated upon this planet and feel for their pain and suffering. And all these are very noble thoughts to be had, of course.

But often times, as we develop said compassion, along with empathy, for the forgotten of our Society's Controlling Matrix, we may start - and I speak from experience here, far from any judgement - to experience some form of anger and/or resent towards what we, sometimes self-righteously, call "the masses", those still deep asleep whose actions and habits seem to be worsening the state of injustice we began to notice; oftentimes even resulting in blaming them altogether.

When we are "sensitive" - more than the average population lets say - we may either (or both) feel powerless in face of the Injustice so spread out across the planet, or feel angry and blame those who appear to be less sensitive than us for their ignorance and carelessness. I know I have. At some point I was so angry at the world for not reacting, not feeling outraged at all this injustice that I felt disgraced to belong to the same race, the human race. I know many other "sensitive" souls have too, how could we not when all this injustice and suffering is/has become so blatant to us that we may feel it as our own?

It is important though, as with everything when doing spiritual self-work, to take a step back and reflect upon such a mechanism. Is it really constructive? Is it really objective? Do I really have all the keys to come to such conclusions [i.e. is it really human's carelessness alone that is responsible for all the injustice of the world]? Am I being biased or influenced by an external current of thoughts? The answer to the latter is: yes, quite possibly.

Of course, if every Human Being on this planet was spiritually aware, we would do far better together as a specie than we currently are. But once we have gotten down the rabbit hole of searching fringe topics, and questioning the Controlling Powers in place, we may rapidly learn how and what Humanity as a whole has been subjected to: a true war on consciousness. A war that has been going on for thousands and thousands of years and that is taking place on so many different, yet intertwined levels we were likely not even aware existed in the Universe (hence we may call this war and its resulting matrix: multidimensional or even hyperdimensional), that it seems unfair to blame said "masses" for their ignorance, for there is so much to re-learn.

Indeed, Humans were made to forget so many aspects of themselves and of reality that it is nowadays as though we were newborns playing in the dark completely unaware of what surrounds us, even more so unaware of some of the hyperdimensional forces whom are taking advantage of our blindness (our ignorance) to manipulate and control us all as a civilisation. This is the result of centuries and centuries of gradual infiltration of our society through all its different poles (educational, medical, entertainment/media, military/industrial, etc. - you can read my article "Collective Ascension and Global Manipulation" for more on that specific topic) so as to occult Knowledge and reserve it all for a self-proclaimed elite (often referred to as the Power Elite, or the Controllers).

As we learn more about the True History of our civilisation and its ancient infiltration as well as the various agendas pushed upon us, we may realise that even though each and every one of us has a responsibility in the choices we make, we must acknowledge that it is not human beings' ignorance and/or carelessness alone which is responsible for the Injustice of this world. Humanity was and is undeniably manipulated and enslaved. That being said, it does not take away any of our responsibility in "doing our part" and trying as best we can not to align with said agendas.

Knowing so, it may become easier for us to refrain from hating and blaming the "masses" as, on top of being incomplete and unfair, such mechanisms, far from empowering, actually tend to align us with specific energy currents. Currents of thoughts, also called egregores, are the aggregation (accumulation) of several similar thoughts creating a formation of some sort, similar to a cloud lets say, which may have an energetic impact in a reality or another - for a thought is not just a thought but an actual energetic substance that exists somewhere in a different realm but yet has an influence over our own reality - since all these different realms and realities are intricately connected with each other. (When artificially created - and oftentimes to serve negative agendas of the Controllers - we may also call these egregores programmings or softwares.)

The main agenda of said Power Elite (the Controllers, or those currently governing us) is what we call the Divide and Rule (also Divide and Conquer) principle which explicitly aims at dividing the people of the Earth - no matter how or regarding which topic, be it politics, gender, nation, religion, etc. - so as to have us fight each other, being focused on orchestrated and purposefully exacerbated minor "issues" so that we do not see the bigger picture and attempt to unite against our true oppressors (the Controllers).

The egregores I mentioned above may serve this specific task, they may align us with divisive energy currents that are so spread out upon the Earth it is extremely easy to get caught up in them without even realising it, hence the importance of checking ourselves regularly (if not constantly). The best way for us to do so is to be as aware (and/or mindful) as possible of where we consciously or unconsciously place our personal energy, which is done through our every thought, word and action. For every single thought, word and/or action we align ourselves with a specific energy current, that which may be of positive or of negative influence over us and over others.

When we engage in blaming others, blaming the so-called "masses" and their ignorance and/or denial for the state of the world, we consequently align ourselves with divisive energy currents that are far from the Compassion and Empathy we were trying to embody on our spiritual journey, but on the contrary feed the very systems we strove to disengage from and/or expose.

If on the other hand, we engage in feelings of powerlessness, we may then align ourselves with another very prominent agenda of the Power Elite, which is to have us believe we are powerless and insignificant beings. This is another programming that was heavily instilled in Humans' Collective Consciousness - much like the egregore process, it is the aggregation of Human's individual consciousnesses onto a larger collective one, the Consciousness of Humanity as a single entity. Once again, it aims at having us believe we do not have the power nor the tools required to unite and overthrow the Controllers. This programming ties in closely with the feelings of guilt we may experience when we feel we are not able to act, or we are not doing enough, which again takes our personal power away. (Ironically, both of these currents were prominently pushed upon the civilisation through not only religions separating us from the Divine - an external God as opposed to God within us - but also through Science also separating us from God, but in denying its existence altogether).

The main lesson we may take from these various elements, is that so as to Grow as the True Spiritual Being that we ARE, we must strive to embody and serve the True Values of Humanity in every single one of our thought, word and action. Constantly checking ourselves, taking a step back and observing whether or not we may be engaging in divisive or disempowering artificial energy currents that are so prominent upon our Planet.

While it easy to put the blame and direct our resent and hate towards the sleeping masses in regards to the injustice and outrage we may experience regarding the state of the world, it is important to understand that, more often than not, it serves the very problem we wish to eradicate.

Developing Compassion, while it is a first and foremost step in this process of Awakening, of Ascension, may not be so easy as it seems. While we may not accept injustice, oppression, nor denial or ignorance, we must be compassionate towards those who are not yet on, or have not chosen the same path as we did. We must cultivate this value that has gradually been suppressed within Humans, beginning with ourselves of course, forgiving where we may have gone out of alignment (of Divine alignment that is), but also cultivating it towards the large majority of Humans who remain ignorant of the basic Energetic Mechanisms that rule our Universe.

To do so we ought to keep in mind at all time, that Humanity has had its memory erased throughout the centuries and Humans have forgotten who they were.

In their true essence - that is when not influenced by artificial negative softwares - all Humans are good, kind, empathetic, benevolent and compassionate.

Let us remember so, and embody the True Human Blueprint through practicing these Divine Values in our every thought, word and action.

May we lead by example.

With Love,

Melissa 🐋

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