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Understanding what our planet is currently going through - this incredible phase of Ascension - and shifting our Consciousness from a linear onto a Multidimensional awareness, is going to be key for us to successfully maintain inner peace and growth and turn these new energies to our individual and collective spiritual advantage.


Collectively, we are gradually uncovering the depth of the manipulation Humanity has been subjected to for thousands of years upon the Earth. These veils being lifted one after the other can spark profound inner inquiry both on a collective and an individual level.


My goal with this website is to start a conversation, to inspire and empower others to understand we can incarnate the change if we set our minds to it and if we are willing to face ourselves. And so, by infusing Consciousness and Spirituality into our approach of the Environment, into our Personal Quest and into our understanding of Sciences and the Universe, as well as aligning ourselves with the Universal Laws, we will begin to individually align with a more Harmonious and Peaceful reality for the Earth thus manifesting it collectively.


It is of course an ongoing learning process, and by no mean do I want to pretend to detain the Truth. But I believe it is critical for us to share our own personal stories and discoveries, our personal researches and insights, leading by example when possible, so as to pave the way for others to do so, and so on.


I am open to discussion and always will be, so feel free to express yourself (respectfully that is) and share your own insight! Conversation is what this space is about ·


With All my Love, Melissa 🐋

· THE · LAW · OF · ONE ·

The Law of One is one of the Universal Laws ruling our Universe, they are universal mechanisms of Sacred Sciences and Physics. The Law of One comprises 7 practices, or guidelines, that will guide us towards better alignment with the cosmic energetic forces and currents, enabling complete Sovereignty and Freedom, far from vampiric mechanisms - such as guru/disciple or victim/perpetrator for instance - that are widespread upon the Earth.


It is also called the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

The Law of One, The Cosmc Sovereign Law of One, Universal Laws, Cosmic Laws, Cosmic Principle
Melissa at Sovereign Planet, Multidimensinal Cosciousness
· The · Author ·

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a keen connection with our beloved planet Earth and all its living beings. As a child I understood very well that Humans, Animals, Plants and even Minerals each have their own type of Consciousness and are all intricately related; and I was convinced the way Humans lived was not the way they were meant to, and that a better way - that suited the entire People - was possible.


As I grew up though, like most of us, I let myself get caught in the meanders of the matrix of our society, and put aside my childhood dreams of a Harmonious and Sovereign planet.


I lead a somewhat nomadic lifestyle made up of travels, incredible encounters and, well, quite some party if I'm honest.

While this lifestyle procured me temporary and superficial feelings of Freedom and Happiness, I was soon brought back to reality when in 2012, due to a few misunderstandings, I was deported from New Zealand in a pretty sudden and unexpected manner. I believe today this fairly odd experience was the first sign of my Spiritual Support Teams trying to get my attention - I had gone too far out of alignment.

And even if this episode was the spark of my Awakening, after which I did start implementing a few changes in the way I approached life and the environmental impact I had for instance, trying to bring more Consciousness and Responsibility into my behaviours and actions; I still left my own spiritual growth fairly superficial.


In 2015, after finding myself ridden with crippling anxiety that I had left unchecked all these years and grew out of control as well as eventually leading me to a near death experience, I was forced to sit down with myself and start facing my darkest shadows. I eventually turned back to the child I once was so as to try to understand who I was, why I was here, and what was my purpose.

While I still do not have the full answers to these questions, I did reconnect to our nature of origin, and have started in-depth inner work towards always becoming a higher expression of my Self.

Along this inner journey, I have discovered many hidden history, knowledge and agendas that had taken or are taking place upon the Earth. Though it may seem paradoxical most of you will understand, these discoveries procured me a huge sense of relief - I was not crazy for thinking we were constantly being taken advantage of and there were a true conspiracy against humanity taking place upon the Earth, and has so for eons.

Today, I feel like I must share and spread these discoveries so as to try and procure that same sense of relief to others that might be experiencing the same feelings of powerlessness I once did.

I hope to provide some form of Support while being on this journey to Self Awareness and towards reclaiming our

Self Sovereignty.


✧ May the Force be with you and the Stars lead you ✧



In deep Love and Gratitude,

Melissa 🐋

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