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Welcome to Sovereign · Planet, and thank you for being here, 


My name is Melissa and Sovereign · Planet is my body of work, which may be perceived as a full extension of my Consciousness.


I have been guided to leading and guiding individuals - in collective group containers - on their own Spiritual Awakening / through their own Ascension Process by sharing and expanding on a broader and deeper context as well as the appropriate language for not only the current collective Ascension process, but also for our own Spiritual Anatomy and the Multidimensionality of our Universal Time Matrix - the Universe in which we operate.


Collectively, we are gradually bringing to light and uncovering the extent the war on consciousness has taken on our earthly reality. These veils of illusion being lifted one after the other are triggering profound inner inquiry in most us, leading to higher states of awareness and Spiritual Awakenings.


My role in these times, through this website, is to empower individuals to fully reclaim their own Sovereignty, Freedom and Divinity. We are multidimensional beings and without proper context on what this entails we are susceptible to fall into the many traps of Consciousness laid in the way of our true organic path of Ascension.


Fully understanding what our Planet and Group Consciousness are undergoing is going to be key for us to successfully maintain and cultivate Inner Peace, Mental Clarity, Emotional Neutrality and Spiritual Maturity in this intense phase of the the Collective Ascension.


Sovereign · Planet is fully aligned to the Timelines of Full Disclosure, and to the Purposes of One. It is my intention to align myself, and thus this work, to the Law of One and Guardian Missions fully, completely and totally. 


In Divine Right Order and Harmony,


We are God,

We are Sovereign

And we are Free.


And so it is.

"As the Light of God that I am, I speak on behalf of those who can not, and declare that:


We do NOT consent to Artificial Intelligence, nor any other Negative Agendas of enslavement and assault of the Human People.


We CHOOSE the Organic Timelines of Ascension for Humanity, planet Earth and all its living beings,


In Divine Right Order and Harmony and in perfect Alignment with the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One of which we serve. 


We are God,

We are Sovereign,

We are Free.


And so it is."


· THE · LAW · OF · ONE ·

The Law of One is one of the Universal Laws ruling our Universe, they are universal mechanisms of Sacred Sciences and Physics. The Law of One comprises 7 practices, or guidelines, that will guide us towards better alignment with the cosmic energetic forces and currents, enabling complete Sovereignty and Freedom, far from vampiric mechanisms - such as guru/disciple or victim/perpetrator for instance - that are widespread upon the Earth.


It is also called the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

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· The · Author ·

Sovereign · Planet is my life’s work and mission, from the earliest stages of my own reactivation and clearing process I had a clear vision of where this was going to lead me and how I was to bring this to life, I always knew this was going to be my one and only focus and I know exactly where it is leading me still. I am not psychic in anyway, but this was a definite deep inner knowing from the get go.

A few years ago, I resolved that I wanted to clear all that was not serving me by my 30th birthday, which lead me to a near death experience just 2 months before my birthday. It shattered me to my core and I was left to rebuild everything.


Today, I understand this was an incredible opportunity to begin a new life (quite literally) on stronger foundations and closer to my true nature and purpose.

This world is heavily distorted and the clearing processes seem never ending,

but I want to share that from the bottom of my Heart and Soul I know how incredible this experience also is.

I know how important this transition phase we are undergoing is.

And I know how Beautiful the future of Humanity and planet Earth is.

My intention is to serve God Source fully,

To seek Truth always

And to strive to participate in the Liberation of Humanity and planet Earth,

In Divine Right Order and Harmony,

And perfect Alignment to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One of which I serve.

May the Truth set us Free!

Thank you God. And thank you All.

Much Love,
GSF, Melissa

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