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March 2022

Artificial Matrix and the War on ConsciousnessMelissa from Sovereign · Planet
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Dear Community,


As we are collectively experiencing what some call the Great Awakening and more of the hidden agendas of the Controllers and invaders of our species and planet are being brought to the surface, gradually pulling on the threads of the many webs of lies that make up what we always thought of as our "society"; some of us are also learning and understanding the depth at which we may have unconsciously participated, embodied or consented to these distortions and reversals. Indeed, it is important to understand that this multidimensional matrix of Inverted Systems could only exist because we were mind controlled, programmed and coerced into manifesting it into reality, as well as sustaining it throughout time and incarnations.


So as to be able to create within the Omniverse, individual and collective consciousness must be directly connected to the God Source domain, as well as being aligned and in coherence and integrity within the Universal Laws, and particularly the Law of One principles. This is part of the natural creation processes of existence, the Sacred Sciences. However, in our Universe, there exists a collective of various races and hybrid lineages that chose to refuse and go against the authority of such Natural Laws and Founding principles, so as to pursue self-serving ambitions.


These races, whom the Controllers on planet Earth belong to and/or serve, have thus chosen to separate themselves from the God Source domains and their sister neighbouring races, and in doing so, lost their capacity for organic creation as well as organic sustenance. Thus in order to survive these beings became parasitic, meaning that they learnt to feed off  of other species, races and entire systems that were still in direct connection to the God Worlds. They went on to colonise and pillage other such planets and systems, establishing various control systems, developing highly advanced technologies, spreading like a virus within our Universal Time Matrix (our Galaxy), creating an entire "cloned" Artificial Matrix in parallel, from which they operated.


This is the root of the Anti-Life seeds that we have been subjected to here on planet Earth. They are the core of any and all wounds and trauma, inversions and imbalances that we may be able to witness within our collective field. The various control systems of the Artificial Matrix on Earth are a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic Artificial Matrix that resides in parallel to our Universe. All these systems connect and lead to a larger goal of energy and resources harvesting, consumptive behaviours and parasitic mechanisms so as sustain self-serving collective fields.


So as to maintain their Artificial Matrix on Earth, those negative alien species had to coerce the Angelic Human beings into sustaining it and making it manifest. It is Consciousness which creates reality, and as such Human beings collectively create the global reality they experience on this planet. This means that to a degree (as these Natural Laws and mechanisms have largely been corrupted), the reality we collectively experience here on planet Earth, exists because we embody it, we believe in it, we think it, we speak it, we create it collectively. Like so, when we consider the Artificial Matrix and all its inversions, it is important to understand that the reason it exists and continues to thrive is because we humans feed it. Of course, the vast majority of us is unaware of such mechanisms and it took the Controllers centuries of mind control, propaganda, manipulations and assault on our consciousness to coerce us into sustaining these Inverted Systems throughout time. The Negative Ego is their primary tool to perform such coercive behaviours upon us.


The Negative Ego is not inherent to Human Nature, it is the result of genetic hybridisation that occurred at the start of this planet's invasion. These parasitic races hybridised the Human DNA with their own DNA for various purposes, including the creation of the ego so that a part of us became an energetic match to their own frequencies of abuse, control and consumption. In this way, we may realise that the negative ego represent these negative forces' Artificial Matrix and consumptive behaviours inside of us, and thus understand the importance of working on the Self (Self Work / Shadow Work). Dismantling the ego is the most important way for us incarnated here to work towards dismantling the Artificial Control Matrix oppressing us and reclaiming Self-Sovereignty.




Levels of being and Multidimensionality.


Organically speaking, the Human blueprint is comprised of 4 main levels of being. These are multidimensional, meaning they exist beyond a single dimension and reside throughout the several levels/dimensions of our Universal Time Matrix. 


The Universal Time Matrix is the universe in which we currently reside, it is broken down from the God Source domains into 15 dimensions that are organised in Harmonic Universes (HU), and each Harmonic Universe contains 3 dimensions. The Human Consciousness is built to experience and travel through these various timelines and the key to such level of embodiment is our chakras system. Each of our 15 chakras correspond to each of the 15 dimensions of our Universal Time Matrix, it is each corresponding chakra that allow us to experience the frequency band (frequency range) of each of these dimensions. 


The first 12 dimensions (or first 4 HU) are those where time exists, we call them time fields and are similar to the concept of timelines. For the purpose of this article we will focus on those solely.


Each Harmonic Universe (HU) is equivalent to a level of being of the Human blueprint, in which:

- HU 1 is the Personality or Mind Matrix (chakras 1, 2, 3)

- HU 2 is the Soul Matrix (chakras 4, 5, 6)

- HU 3 is the Monad Matrix (chakras 7, 8, 9)

- HU 4 is the Avatar Matrix (chakras 10, 11, 12).


NB. It is important to understand the word "matrix" here in its original meaning which is equivalent to a structure, a field, a domain or an architecture.


This level of information is useful in understanding what different levels of embodiment mean. As we progress through time and the cycles of Ascension, we become able or learn to embody higher aspects of the Self in a manifested body or form, through the utilisation of chakras or gene functions. Each of those chakras correspond to DNA strands and genetic functions of our multidimensional bodies. The DNA is the instruction set for Consciousness, it holds the information for Consciousness to take form, from the highest parts all the way down to our physical body in HU 1. 


In modifying our DNA (via hybridisation), the negatives races were able to turn off higher gene functions of the Human Consciousness and maintain us within the first HU frequency band, the Mind Matrix (or chakras 1 to 3), making it difficult, or sometimes impossible even, to reach higher states of Consciousness or higher levels of being like we normally would through the process of Ascension or Spiritual Awakening. Through the use of advanced technologies and assorted assaults of the human bodies, the negative races successfully managed to maintain these gene functions off (or dormant) throughout time by broadcasting frequencies on the planet that were a match to these lower states of being only. This created a reality in which it was near impossible to reach most frequencies above the Mind Matrix and thus to experience an organic Spiritual Awakening. NB. It is important to note here that there were indeed few individuals who managed to embody these higher levels of being in this realm throughout History, but those beings were likely to have specifically come from higher dimensions and/or Harmonic Universes so as to support and anchor those frequencies into the planetary field.


Ego Dismantling and Reclaiming our own Thoughts.


Once we understand the inorganic aspect of the negative ego, in that it is not a natural part of the Human blueprint but rather yet another complex tool for control, manipulation and deception; we may find it is of our highest Inner Spirit's service to work towards clearing its negative traits and reclaiming full mastery over our Consciousness - which is Self-Sovereignty. This process is challenging and requires constant efforts of recalibrating and un-programming the Mind through observation, self awareness, refocus as well as discipline. The negative aspects of the Mind such as drama, division, comparison or rage all serve to feed the Artificial Matrix of the Controllers, they are an energetic match to the lower frequencies of the negative polarity those beings chose to serve. When we embody these attributes, whether consciously or unconsciously, we participate, consent and sustain those systems.


If we wish Peace to be restored in the world, we must embody Peace in all levels of our existence. The same goes for every positive virtues we wish to see in the world and align ourselves with.


Everything in the Artificial Matrix is made so that we are constantly triggered or encouraged to experience those negative traits, feelings and emotions, in a perpetual cycle of drama, trauma and/or complacency or self-indulgence. These negative traits are called the Houses of Ego, they are the Houses in which the Ego resides and must be kept in order at all times so as to prevent them for overtaking the Consciousness. In ancient religious text these Houses of Ego were called the 7 Deadly Sins, and while we understand religions were a way of hijacking Consciousness and are heavily infiltrated by the Negative Forces, there are still some original organic truths and teachings in them. Today we may approach these with caution and understand the energetic principles described in them aside from any religious context and/or programming. As a reminder then, the Houses of Ego are: Addiction/Lust, Wrath/Rage/Vengeance, Greed/Avarice, Envy/Jealousy, Gluttony/Waste, Laziness/Discouragement, Pride/Self-Importance/or lack thereof.


These negative traits of the Negative Ego are constantly promoted, encouraged or even glamourised within society and that is on purpose. For instance, Gluttony and Waste are constantly fed by consumerism, as well as Addiction and Lust; Envy and Jealousy may be triggered by social medias and the constant comparison to others and a highly competitive society in general; Wrath and Vengeance are fed by many Divide and Conquer agendas of wars globally, but also by ongoing frustrations and unhealed wounds and traumas; Laziness and Discouragement are highly sustained within a more and more assisted civilisation, that is purposeless and spends all its "free" time watching tv and series, scrolling endlessly on social medias or playing video games (which actually, are all purposely created and curated so as to feed Addiction, Laziness, Envy, Lust and more); etc. But these are not just modern day society issues, they are as old as our civilisation, Human beings were constantly insidiously aligned to values that are at the opposite of their true vibration, coerced into perverting themselves and their own values, which drove them further and further apart from their true purpose.


The more we were manipulated into perverting and betraying ourselves, the easier we were to control, for it is our alignment to higher moral values and higher frequencies that provides us with the protection of the higher worlds, not in a rewarding vs. punishing system as promoted by religions, but because these frequencies either attract or repel each other. When we embody higher moral values of higher energetic frequencies, we attract similar frequencies and repel opposing ones, and vice versa.


We thus understand that in order to free ourselves from this perverted Artificial Matrix, we must learn to cultivate and embody the opposing values, such as Love, Compassion, Harmony, Empathy, Benevolence, Generosity, Kindness, etc. This is called reprogramming the Mind, we dismantle the negative Houses of Ego and reprogram the Mind with thoughts, words and actions that are aligned to the True Values of the Angelic Human that we wish to see in the world.



4 Steps to reprogram looping thoughts patterns of the Negative Ego:


1. The first crucial step in this process is to learn to Observe ourselves and understand when we are being triggered or getting caught up in any of these Houses of Ego. It is important to remain as neutral as possible in doing so and not fall into judgemental thoughts, for judgement also belongs to these Houses of Ego. In this first step, we simply learn to see ourselves neutrally without bypassing, cognitive dissonance nor judgement. We observe the way certain situations, people or words make us feel without trying to control these feelings. This is pure and simple Neutral Observation.


2. As we practice Observation we will begin to learn about ourself  and may even start to notice certain patterns that seem to keep repeating over and over when encountering more or less similar situations. This is Self-Awareness, it is learning to know ourself, learning our triggers and automated responses or reactions, once again, without judgement, yet not being complacent either. In doing so, we may begin to identify certain wounds or trauma that need to be healed and use meditation or any other healing modality we are accustomed to or feel resonant with (this can be trauma work, psychotherapy or psycho-spiritual therapy, hypnosis, EFT, or any other modality for self reflection and healing).


3. In the meantime, since healing may take time, and as part of the healing work, we may learn to practice Mindfulness. This is the practice of developing the pause moment that there is between when the trigger is received (the situation, person, etc.), and when we choose to respond/react. This pause moment is a very important part of the process, it is where most of our power resides and is the time for us to move away from the Negative Ego and get in touch with higher aspects of our being (such as the Soul). It is in this pause that we will be able to make a conscious choice of responding rather than reacting, which is a much more balanced, grounded and mature way of interacting with situations or other beings. Mindfulness is learning to be in the present moment, learning to be fully aware and conscious of every decision we make in any moment, including how we choose to respond to triggering situations / beings.


4. When we have cultivated that pause moment and have learnt to be Mindful of all of our thoughts, words and actions, we now become able to proceed to the Recalibration / Refocus processes. This is our ability to intercept negative thoughts and traits of the Negative Ego and make a conscious effort and choice to shift our perspective and experience by Recalibrating / Refocusing said thoughts to more positive or constructive ones. This is not about bypassing and shrugging negative emotions and feelings, it is about understanding when these thoughts no longer serve us and just keep looping in the same patterns over and over again without any constructive purpose, replaying past programmings endlessly. When we have identified these negative thoughts and/or traits resurfacing within us after being triggered, we use the pause moment previously described so as to make a conscious effort of Refocusing onto a more productive way to respond.



We must learn to work with the Negative Ego and to dis-identify from it, understanding this is not our true nature and not who we truly are, for we are the Eternal Consciousness. This process can be long and difficult and requires dedication and discipline, for it is a constant work of observing and correcting these programs that were installed in our Consciousness by the Negative Forces through various Mind Control techniques. It will require us to continuously push past our own self limitations which are part of the Houses of Ego, learning to expand our boundaries which will in turn allow us to Expand our Consciousness to higher levels of being and of experiencing reality.

Fear is the core of these negative limiting traits of the Negative Ego and so overcoming it is going to be crucial for us to free ourselves from its conditioning. Fear will be the leading cause for most of the Houses of Ego, fear of lacking, fear of not being enough, fear of not being worthy, fear of death, fear of being taken advantage of, etc. The opposite of Fear is Love, if we wish to move away from Fear we must learn to embody Love in all of our being. Love is the God Source frequency, when we embody Love, we carry the Armour of God that is the ultimate protection against all evil in the world. The more Love we are able to hold, the less Fear we experience as these oppose and thus also repel each other.

At its roots, perfectionism isn't really about a deep love of being meticulous. It's about fear.

Fear of making a mistake. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of failure. Fear of success.

- Michael Law 

The Negative Forces have subjected us to centuries of suffering and trauma, and now use these wounds by constantly triggering them over and over again through repeated wars and genocides, doom and gloom media and entertainment broadcasting, violent religions and beliefs systems, etc., so as to maintain us in perpetual states of fear and terror which are so normalised that they have become mostly unconscious. This is the root cause to many dis-eases not just mental and emotional, but also physical and spiritual, for we are constantly triggered into embodying and/or experiencing unbalanced negative emotions, feelings and experiences. This is also one way in which they coerce us into sustaining this Artificial Matrix of lower frequencies.




The War on Consciousness.


In order to enhance their control over us, the Negative Forces use a combination of highly advanced technologies, hybridisation programs and various other 3D agendas of constant assault of our bodies and Consciousness, as well as many different forms of Mind Control - this is what we call the War on Consciousness. The main goal was to create a local version of their Artificial Matrix here on planet Earth, where they used all organic planetary resources, including us Human beings and our Consciousness (which is equivalent to our DNA), and reverted their energies into anti-life currents that would feed them and their many off planet systems. Planet Earth was a specific target because of its many stargates which are access points into the many levels/dimensions of the Universal Time Matrix  , and in using these reversal mechanisms they were able to gain access to said dimensions without having to ascribe to the organic processes of Ascension which require full dedication to the God Source domains and the many Universal Laws - which really are energetic principles or Sacred Sciences of the Mechanics of Creation.


These entities needed us to remain within a certain perimeter of the Time Matrix, for the higher levels of embodiment we would reach, the harder we would become to control, deceive or manipulate as they have less and less power in those higher dimensions which they are only able to access from an advanced intellectual standpoint and not from an organic embodiment of their respective higher frequencies. For this reason, they created an assortment of elaborate agendas and mechanisms that would maintain us within the first level of embodiment, the Mind Matrix or Harmonic Universe 1, which are the first 3 chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus. All the while preventing us or making it very difficult for us to reach the next level of Soul Embodiment - which begins at the Heart chakra, hence we understand deeper the importance of opening the Heart centre and moving to the higher moral values it represents such as Empathy and Compassion. 


Following are some of the ways in which they maintained us within these lower vibrational states of consciousness over the centuries, since the beginnings of our civilisation:


1. Through various hybridisation programs, they successfully managed to modify the organic (original) Human DNA blueprint by introducing some of their own genetics (which is mainly Reptoid) into our own. This resulted in the creation and exacerbation of the Negative Ego and its lower vibrations. It is important to note that this is not endemic to the Mind Matrix, which should only experience a certain degree of resistance for the purposes of growth, but not the level of perversion and corruption we have been experiencing here within their Artificial Matrix. These genetic modifications shut off higher gene functions of Human beings and further prevented us from reaching those higher levels of embodiment, maintaining us within the Mind Matrix for longer than necessary through our evolution cycle. All dormant DNA strands can be reactivated through constant efforts of clearing the Negative Ego, as well as full and conscious dedication to the path of Spiritual Awakening and Consciousness Expansion which are the processes of moving through the ladder of Ascension and evolving towards higher levels of Embodiment of our Higher Consciousness. Embodying higher moral values and leading a life of purpose and service allows us to connect with these higher states of consciousness. Overtime, we begin to open and embody each of our chakras, which is the same process as reactivating the corresponding dormant gene functions, until their respective frequencies become part of our experienced reality.



2. The Reptilian races are highly advanced technologically and are millenniums ahead of our current civilisation's mainstream technology as we were was kept in the dark for centuries. With such level of advanced exotic technology they created a frequency fence around the planet, further maintaining it within a certain frequency band, confined to a sophisticated energetic prison. This frequency fence, also called NET (Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction Field) is a network of frequencies being broadcasted onto the planetary grids from the artificial satellite that is the Earth's Moon (acting similarly to satellite dish). This maintained Earth separated from the God Forces and positive races for many centuries, unable to communicate with them nor get any form of contact, but also maintained human beings in a perpetual cycle of forced reincarnation and mind wiping (also called blank-slating) which is the process of removing any and all conscious memories from past incarnations. Humans were no longer able to go through the organic processes of reincarnation and thus could not learn from past lives, repeating the same patterns of suffering over and over again, in complete amnesia of any life or existence beyond the physical Earth. Collectively, the continual mind wiping of Human beings meant Humanity was also repeating the same warring patterns, and this is why we can clearly observe that History kept repeating itself, even from the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations and their respective Holocausts. 


For these reasons, and when the timing was right (the end of the preceding Ascension cycle and start of this new one), Starseeds and Indigos were sent on planet Earth with more DNA strands sort of pre-activated. This was mostly (but not exclusively) the 6th chakra and its intuitive abilities which was programmed to be reactivated at a certain time of the Starseed/Indigo's life and would allow for communications with the higher realms to be maintained to a certain degree. The Indigo and Starseed Families would serve as ground crew for the Guardian races to understand better what was going on from inside the Artificial Matrix and thus elaborate a "rescue" mission plan with the God Forces. Along with the 12.12.12 portal which marked the pinnacle of the transition from a cycle onto the next (which occurred through the 2000-2017 time period), these communication links between the Indigos/Starseeds and Guardian races begun to poke holes onto the NET fence and gradually allowed higher frequencies to reach the planet, as well as many trapped souls to escape the forced reincarnation cycles. NB. It is important to note that as of now, thanks to collective Guardians' work, no soul will remain stuck in these artificial cycles anymore and all will either ascend with this organic Ascension cycle or be rehabilitated in dedicated off-planet platforms.



3. At the 3D level, meaning in our physical reality, there is a level of assault on our Consciousness that most human beings are still oblivious to. Bio-engineering is the modification and/or control of gene expression and is done through various levels of intentional, repeated toxicity through geo-engineering technologies, GMO foods, poisoning of the water supplies, food additives and preservatives, fake foods (highly processed), pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccination campaigns, recreational drugs, EMFs and ELF (all "smart" devices/networks, bluetooth, wifi, 4G, 5G...), and the likes (see my article Body, Mind, Soul I: the Body). It is important to understand these various levels of toxicity in our modern society are not unfortunate mistakes or accidents, nor the result of ignorance, and it also goes far beyond money and power. These all serve a common agenda of inhibiting Consciousness Expansion, that is to say they all participate in suppressing gene function and preventing us from reaching higher levels of being but also higher levels of intelligence and of understanding reality. This is part of the global Mind Control agendas aiming at maintaining us within a certain perimeter of reality and of understanding, rendering us more malleable and more prone to believe the lies and propaganda of their distorted Artificial Matrix, less likely to question the official narratives and think critically. Disengaging from such toxicity as much as feasible without falling into obsession or paranoia, as well as working to clear and detoxify the body, potentially on a regular basis if residing in a more toxic environment such as big cities or certain areas of the world, is a crucial key to Spiritual Awakening and Consciousness Sovereignty. Removing these various pathogens and sources of toxicity in our direct environment, combined with regular detoxification processes, will allow us to move further away from Mind Control and propaganda and thus increase our Self-Sovereignty, Critical Thinking and Objective Assessment of reality.



4. Throughout time, cult-ure was always a means for control of the Negative Forces and through the introduction and/or promotion of certain values and school of thoughts, they were able to cultivate what we call the mainstream narrative which is their current authorised and approved way of understanding reality. By means of culture, religion, academia, education or the medias, the Controllers were able to program and condition Human beings into accepting a distorted version of reality as truth, never to be questioned. And even though this mainstream narrative may seem to have evolved overtime (from the creationist perspective of religions to the evolutionary theories of Darwin), the Truth is still not promoted, it is in fact viciously attacked and suppressed, or at best ridiculed or distorted. The Controllers were able to follow along Humanity's heavily slowed down evolution and adjust their narratives accordingly yet maintaining their core values of inversion of the truth, creating an upside down world where Truth is lie and Lie is truth in an assortment of Inverted Systems. In more recent history, from the 50's, there were increased attempts to "dumb down" the population through gradual lowering of school and university standards, as well as general pop-culture (media-entertainment sphere), but also via pharmaceuticals and the various toxicity levels aforementioned. This resulted in our modern day Human population struggling to focus on growth and higher moral values, lacking discipline and dedication when the opposite is constantly praised, glamourised and delivered to the masses through mind-numbing tv programs, violent and/or hypnotic video games, toxic fast foods, low levels of education, constant promotion and normalisation of violence, promiscuity and division on all medias (including the "news"), glorification and incitement of victimisation instead of responsibilisation, etc. This is the Mainstreaming of Satanism, where all natural and higher values of Human beings are inverted into values  of desecration, perversion and corruption.This furthers shows the importance of working our way out of these mainstream narratives and understanding the true intent of deception and manipulation that resides behind most, if not all, of the Artificial Matrix poles and entities. Cultivating Discipline and being very mindful of what content or media we choose to consume is a critical step in reclaiming free-thoughts and beginning to process and understand reality from a truly neutral point of observation, free of Cognitive Dissonance and Mind Control influences.



5. The controlled narratives spread by mainstream science, education and academia enabled the Controllers to also curtail and distort History. They were successful in hiding many crucial parts of our True History, such as their invasion of planet Earth, the various galactic wars that lead them to said invasion, the very existence of our past civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis, or even many recent and less recent time periods where civilisations had access to more advanced technologies in comparison to the official modern day technological advancement (even beyond current military levels). Civilisations such as the Egyptians or the Mayans were far more advanced than what mainstream history books recall, and many of these civilisations embodied higher levels of Consciousness, giving them access to Higher Sensory Perceptions, Sacred Sciences and Organic or Divine Technologies. Many advanced teachings, sciences and tools such as Astrology Sciences, the Universal Laws, the Law of One principles, the human spiritual anatomy (or the true Tree of Life - with 12 spheres), the planetary Ley Lines and Stargates, the multidimensionality of our Universe, the processes of Consciousness Expansion, and even the Reptilian invasion of planet Earth, all managed to survive time through folklore myths and legends, ancient spiritual or religious text books, or even many archeological sites' remnants, and are a testament of our True Hidden History. Hiding crucial parts of our True History meant that we were not able to consider such levels of advancement and progress to even be possible, impounding them to science fictions books, further maintaining us within a confined and controlled level of Consciousness. This also resulted in separating us from the rest of the cosmos and other civilisations around us in this Universe and beyond, depriving us of our ability to develop and access Cosmic Citizenship - this is being a part of larger councils of various multidimensional species and understanding our role and responsibilities amongst them. The reclamation of these hidden and forgotten timelines is a prime component of the Full Disclosure Timelines and the current Ascension cycle. Truth is our birthright, and in reclaiming our True History we are able to Compassionately Witness our collective past trauma, wounds and suffering, in a bid to restore Wholeness, Unity, Harmony and Balance to our species' collective experience.



6. In more recent time and in further attempts to thwart the current organic cycle of Ascension that quickly became inevitable, the Negative Forces behind planet Earth's invasion developed a complex web of False Ascension, False White Light and even False Christ Consciousness esoteric teachings and practices aiming at diverting awakening souls into various Consciousness Traps. This is part of the Luciferian agendas of great spiritual teachings mixed in with many lies and distortions in order to deceive those who begun to see beyond the Artificial Matrix and chose to embark on the spiritual path. These False Light webs of lies are but another leg of the Artificial Matrix residing mostly within the Astral or 4D where pockets of consciousness traps give the trapped beings the illusion of having ascended or of spiritual expansion, while in fact they remain in yet another consciousness prison. Such teachings and teachers are part of the New Age and is something to be very weary of when first embarking on a spiritual journey, these are highly sophisticated tricks and illusions and can orchestrate various false synchronicities, a sense of bliss (astral bliss), false guidance from false ascended masters, contacts with extra-terrestrial beings not of service to the Law of One, even false Guardian races and councils such as the Galactic Federation (also known as the Intergalactic Confederation). All these traps and illusions support the same agendas of assault and enslavement of the Human Consciousness aiming at maintaining Human beings within a controlled prison system. So as to avoid Luciferian New Age traps and teachings, it is crucial to develop strong vibrational discernment and work to clear the Negative Ego on a constant, regular basis for it is all the uncleared mind control and unhealed wounds, traumas and triggers that will render us more susceptible to fall for such deception. Spiritual bypassing is the act of ignoring personal blindspots, weaknesses or distortions under the guise of false spiritual concepts - one prime example being this erroneous idea that talking about or exposing darkness feeds darkness and that it is best to ignore it and move away from it, rather than working through it and healing, transmuting and/or integrating it (which is actually the optimum organic way of dealing with levels of darkness).




These (mainly) Reptilian Negative Forces are very advanced intellectually (yet, not spiritually) and it is important to understand their levels of Machiavellianism is a match to this high intelligence quotient. They have long chosen to be of service to themselves and Earth was always their unrightful prize possession. In order to keep their control of Earth and still be able to use and abuse of its resources they had to develop extensive systems of control of the Human population and the Human Consciousness without completely eradicating it. All these various techniques and agendas of Mind Control, propaganda, inversion and deception served to inhibit the human Consciousness for an extended period of time called the Dark Age. It is now time for us to move out of this Dark Age and to support the Disclosure Timelines in seeking and facing the Truth from Neutral Observation an d with great Discernment.




Possession Mechanisms and reclaiming Sovereignty.


As we learn the various parasitic mechanisms, or consumptive behaviours, of the Controllers and the Negative Forces, we understand the importance of Consciousness in their methods and agendas. The war on Consciousness taking place on planet Earth is a war on harvesting DNA, resources and taking over Human Consciousness so as to manipulate it into achieving all sorts of nefarious agendas. This allows those Reptilian Negative Forces (and their associates such as the Greys or Insectoids - Mantis) to perpetrate all sorts of crimes in this reality and beyond without suffering their energetic consequences ("karma" or miasma) - at least this was mostly the case up until now, but as the Universal Laws are being restored on the planet this is becoming increasingly difficult for them to avoid.


Another prime way in which they coerce Humans to indulge in the negative Houses of Ego is through possession mechanisms. Possession is common on planet Earth as most are unaware or misinformed on the spiritual realms and anything beyond the physical. Humans have never been taught to protect their energetic (electromagnetic) field, nor to claim or re-claim their own body and consciousness, or even that there may be such a need to do so. Most of the behaviours and assaulting methods aforementioned in this article such as hypnotic states (tv, music or video games), Mind Control (on all levels), drama and trauma, exacerbated negative emotions (even mis-aligned "feel good" ones such as astral bliss of the New Age for instance), unconscious sexual intercourse, mass gatherings with intensified trance-like states (such as concerts or even demonstrations), etc., are all ways which open the Human Consciousness to varying degree of possession by entities that reside on other planes/dimensions - most come from the astral (or 4D) but it is important to note the Negative Races can operate up until the 11D of our Universal Time Matrix. Now, this is not about fear-mongering, again, Knowledge is Power. We can not protect ourselves from that which we are not aware of, it is in understanding these principles and mechanisms that we become empowered to work with or against them and come up with practical practices and solutions to avoid falling prey to possession.


These extreme negative emotions such as fear, panic or rage, are what those entities feed on, so they will take possession of unknowing human beings' bodies through the Negative Ego - which remember, is an energetic match to their own DNA and frequency and so allows them to be in resonance with our own energetic field - so as to push us into these scenarios that will trigger exacerbated emotional states, thus creating more of that energy they feed on which is called loosh. Loosh is the energetic equivalent of adrenaline, it is an energetic substance we produce when in extreme states of negative emotions or trauma. The entire Artificial Matrix is based on harvesting this loosh energy in mass scale and harnessing it through the various inverted Ley Lines and inverted Stargates of planet Earth so as to feed their inverted architectures.


In order to avoid falling prey to these harvesting, siphoning and possession mechanisms, we must of course work on dismantling the Negative Ego as we saw earlier, so as to no longer be a match to these beings and lessen their influence over us, but also, we must learn to define, reclaim and strengthen our personal energetic field:


· Defining our personal field is the process of developing awareness of our energies and when it is being siphoned or hijacked/interfered with. It is through awareness that we become able to bring our attention to certain part of ourselves, and bring in more energies to the chosen area through the power of conscious intent. Becoming aware of our energies and how we direct them through thoughts, words and actions. Reclaiming our thoughts is crucial here as possession will implant inorganic thoughts into our Minds and thoughts are the source for words and actions. We must learn to make the difference between implanted thoughts and Negative Ego thoughts vs. organic thoughts which come from our Soul (Heart) and other Higher aspects of our Consciousness. 


· Reclaiming our personal field is reclaiming self-sovereignty. We make a conscious effort and declaration to reclaim our energies and not (no longer) allow any other being, energy or entity take over our consciousness. These entities play on our ignorance of Universal Laws such as the Law of Consent, and use our absence of declaration of non-consent as a form of distorted consent to their own endeavours and personal interests (this is also being corrected with the current Ascension cycle, as this is not an organic or divine way of obtaining a being's consent). We do so through daily declarations of who has authority over our being and energies - which is God Source through our God Self (Higher Self) over the Negative Ego and Mind - and declaring or setting intentions over what we do or do not consent to. In the 12D Shield practice by Lisa Renee from Energetic Synthesis, this is done through the declaration: 


"My declaration of intention is to serve my Source, I commit to serve my Highest Power fully, completely and totally. I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free."


NB. "I am God" can be triggering for many in the beginning as it may be misunderstood for some sense of superiority of the ego, when in reality "I am God" signifies that we are all of God, we all come from the God Source Domain and are all unique expression and individuation of the God Source Consciousness. If this is still too triggering you may replace with words of your own resonance such as "I am Divine" for instance, in the beginning stages of your practice.


· Finally, strengthening our field is done through daily entrainment of the field, learning to visualise it and intend on building it consciously over and over again. The more attention or focus we bring on anything, the more energy we build. This is the practice of the 12D Shield by Lisa Renee, it allows us to strengthen our field through intention and daily practice, the more we practice it the stronger is our intention and so the stronger our field gets.

12D Shield Building Technique by Lisa Renee

It is very important to understand that it is our birthright to be Sovereign and Free and that the reason most Human beings are not is simply because they are not aware of these principles. As we embark on the spiritual path, we must learn to reclaim those rights and affirm them out loud regularly so as to re-program our Mind and bring back our Consciousness as the main operating system of our incarnated self. This is all about setting intention and declaring over and over again what kind of energy and consciousness we choose to serve, align and work with. This practice is especially important before bed time as night time is a prime time for possession and even abduction (which again is done through distortion and abuse of the Law of Consent) since our conscious awareness is asleep. Setting the space before bed and commanding our space with the 12D Shield practice (or other declaration of intention) is highly recommended at this time of intensified spiritual warfare. (I wrote a blogpost on prayers, intention, sleep state programming and the use of crystals to support them, you may read it here).


Other ways in which we can generally help strengthen our field are any practices that raise our vibration, anything that speaks to our Heart and connects us to higher emotional states of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Beauty, Harmony and Inner Peace such as nature walks, animals, loved ones, music, art, creative hobbies, deep breathing, visualisations practices and meditation (envisioning a more elevated self, Earth or future), gratitude practice, journalling or writing, etc. The more we experience and embody these higher frequencies and make them a part of our every day life, the less we are susceptible to these possession mechanisms. Finding and cultivating a neutral place of observation and remaining centred in this Neutral Observer mode is a crucial skill to develop, for there is not true harm that can take place when we are in the Zero Point, this compassionate place of neutral observation.


These are all practices, meaning they are ongoing and that the more we practice them the more effective they become. It is recommended to practice a few of them daily, especially in the beginning stages when we are creating new habits - habits generally take 21 to 90 days to be fully integrated, but even then, with the level of warfare we are experiencing at this time, it is best to keep them up as much as possible.






The War on Consciousness within the Galaxy has been going on for many, many eons. Planet Earth was always a prime target for her diversity in different DNAs, or Consciousness forms. What we are currently experiencing is intensified levels of warfare as we are gradually rehabilitating the Earth's organic architecture and reclaiming our species Sovereignty and Freedom, which are our God given rights. This means that all levels of energies are intensifying, both the negative agendas assaulting our Consciousness, as well as the collective Spiritual Healing of the collective trauma, reversals and distortions we endured since the beginning of our civilisation.


So while this may all sound intensely dark and negative, the outcome and end goal of the current battle are extremely positive and the level of Balance and Harmony we are restoring has never before been seen nor experienced at a collective level on this planet. We currently are in the transition phase which means the old and the new, the Artificial Matrix and the Organic Timelines of Disclosure and Ascension are coexisting, and both polarities are exacerbated. Know that this is temporary, and that Neutrality can be found within, amongst the apparent chaos. We must learn to cultivate this Inner Peace at all cost, right now.


We are reclaiming our planet and our position as Cosmic Citizens, as members of this Universal Time Matrix, co-existing and co-creating with God and with many other species and beings of incredible benevolence and spiritual advancement. Our neighbours, brothers and sisters are assisting us in this transition in many ways and it is a great opportunity for us to connect with our ancestors and Galactic Families (maintaining sharp discernment of course, as we've often discussed here on Sovereign · Planet).


Thank you all for being Truth Seekers, thank you for being here for this incredibly intense, yet profoundly transformative cycle. Take excellent care of yourselves.


Sending you all much Love,

GSF, Melissa 🐋

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