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April 2017

Cosmic Collage, Body Mind Soul, Body, Awakening, Ascension, Spirituality

The Earth is currently going through an important phase of change we call the Planetary Ascension, which is expressed by a shift of Awareness and an expansion of Consciousness, on a collective but also on an individual level, and where the Earth (together with all its live beings) is moving from a 3 dimensional plane (1-2-3 D) onto 4th and 5th (and even 6th) dimensional planes - it is important today to acknowledge the multidimensional reality of our Universe and to reconsider our collective and individual reality based upon this knowledge. This Ascension process is a combination of a series of rare occurring and natural events taking place within the same time frame, such as the increase of the Earth's vibrational rate (The Schumann Resonances also referred to as the Earth's heartbeat rhythm), the precession of the equinoxes, as well as the position the Earth (and more generally the entire Solar System) is now taking up within the galaxy (aligned to its core), etc.


These naturally occurring events allowed for a new cycle (cycles last approx. 26 566 years) to begin around the end of 2012 - as announced by the Mayas, amongst others - and have thereby brought along the opportunity for Humanity to expand its Consciousness.


In that sense, the Earth is changing its entire reality, its perspective and degree of Consciousness and Awareness, and we as a Humanity, are compelled to follow up on these changes : we are uncovering hidden truths, discovering unknown worlds and civilisations, as well as reactivating previously dormant abilities within our entire beings.

Milky Way, Wisnanu Boonrawd, Cosmic, Universe, Ascension, Awakening

These changes are substantial, and will likely disturb our most mundane routines, let alone our beliefs systems, our relationships, our emotional patterns and behaviours, as well as our very physiological needs and functioning. To ease up the pain and the uncomfortable feeling of uneasiness we might experience as we go through the Ascension phase, we must fully embrace these changes, whichever they may be, and release resistance (letting go) as much as possible. Our entire collective reality is evolving and the amount of changes to be instilled on an individual level, in our daily lives, so as to embrace this global shift in the best possible way and avoid too much suffering in the process, can soon feel overwhelming.

Where do I start? - we may be wondering. Well, we can find a lot advice and suggestions here and there, but the bottom line is almost always a Body, Mind, Soul approach - NoteSometimes Soul is said Spirit, though the Soul and Spirit are not exactly the same thing and there are various interpretations of which one is more encompassing than the other; for the purpose of this article, I will use the word Soul as in our Higher Self, our Consciousness, our Eternal / Cosmic essence and identity as opposed to our temporal terrestrial physical Self and identity.

Picture by Wisanu Boonrawd - Milky way and the Maroon Bells, Colorado.


Indeed, "Body, Mind, Soul" is probably the most logical way to approach things since we are spiritual beings having an experience - a human experience - here on this planet Earth in matter and in the physical reality of our body, we must take into account these three main (but not unique) parts of our entire being, the Body being our most physical part, the Soul our most spiritual, and the Mind - again, for the purpose of this series I will encompass the Emotional and Mental bodies together though they actually are distinct - in between (etheric / auric). When we talk about Body, Mind and Soul we mean more than just the body, the mind / mental and the soul. It is about everything in our reality than is connected to either:

  · the realm of the body, the most physical, material aspects of our life and everything that is physical around us, which is often described as the 5 (first) senses reality-perception.

  · the realm of the mind, the feelings and emotions, the way we process, comprehend and interact with that material reality and those who are a part of it.

  · the realm of the soul our relationship with all things spiritual, with the divine, with our own subtle nature, our Higher Self, and with everything else that lies beyond what meets the eyes.

Obviously, these are not actually separated but on the contrary intricately related and it is the combination of all, that makes us who we are in this present moment, incarnated upon Earth. While "cleansing" the body is the essential first step it is not sufficient, the mind will need to be deprogrammed from all the conditioning and habit patterns we have picked on throughout life so as to later be rewired. Only then will the Spirit be able to attempt to fully express itself, more clearly, and will we be able to start embodying our spiritual / cosmic identity in a deeper and more constant way. Each of these elements of our being serve their own purpose and it is important not to denigrate any of them over another. We are by definition - at this present moment on Earth - a combination of these different realities and levels of existence, and our common purpose in this life is to aim at bringing them all in one, right here in our physical body - our House - as we go through the Ascension process the Earth urges us to go through collectively as a Humanity.


The Ascension process is essentially the process of bringing the Consciousness (higher self, divine essence, cosmic identity) right here fully incarnated within our physical vehicle, our body. And in order to be able to optimise the handling of that infinite Consciousness within our finite physical body, we must strive to make our body our temple, that is to say to strive to make our body as "clean" and pure and prepared as possible so that it can welcome our essence without - too much - trouble. It is also important to understand this process is about reclaiming what is

DNA strands, Multidimensional, DNA Activation, Ascension, Awakening

already ours and what is already within us. We are to unveil, reveal, re-learn and remember mostly, rather than learn and discover, as all this Knowledge and abilities are embedded within our very DNA, it is about unlocking those notorious strands mainstream science used to call "junk" ("junk DNA" - 98% of our DNA that is, according to "official" mainstream science).

Together with the Mind, the Body composes our physical temporal terrestrial self: this incarnation, this life, in this time-space. It is the vehicle that supports and houses both our personality (mental / ego) and our universal or cosmic identity (soul), we rely upon the body greatly and therefore it is important to be consciously connected to it, and to make every effort possible to care, cherish, nurture, respect and love it, as only a healthy body will be able to host a healthy mind as well as a "healthy" soul (or more so a healthy incarnation of the soul). A healthy - in a true physiological, mindful and spiritual sense, and not most of the distorted definitions of "health" we can see in the advertising, fashion or movie industries, the extremely competition orientated sports industry, or other areas of our society - and happy body is an essential first step if we wish to thrive and strive to be of service to our Soul's knowings and desires. ♥︎


On top of being almost entirely disconnected from Mother Earth and her offerings, in our modern societies, our bodies are put under great amount stress and are constantly attacked and poisoned by external factors (food, water, medication, personal care products, etc.), oftentimes out of our control; but there are ways we can improve these conditions and reduce, or even annihilate, the impact of these external factors by modifying or at least re-adjusting our lifestyles and habits, on several different levels.


With this shift of dimension (of perspective), a new, more expanded Consciousness will arise within Humanity and all live beings inhabiting the planet, and we will aspire to embody higher divine values such as Compassion, Empathy and Harmony; it will thus be essential to also reassess the way we approach and interact with our external physical / material reality - everything that surrounds us - and all the other live beings (animals, plants, and minerals) as well as our shared habitat - with more Respect, Mindfulness, Conservation and Consciousness.


We will cover some of these readjustments for our bodies and our external physical / material reality (in matter), that will help us move through this Ascension process with more ease, embracing the flow of new energies reaching our planet, and surrendering to these changes with grace and in harmony with Mother Earth.

Transcension, Cameron Gray, Universe, Multidimensional, Ascension, Awakening


Shifting into new dimensions (4-5-6D) signifies moving into higher vibrational frequency realms with lighter density, our etheric bodies (layers of the aura) are thus progressively adjusting to these frequencies and becoming less and less dense too. Our physical body is the direct external manifestation of these etheric bodies in matter, they are all intricately intertwined and constantly influence each other. Like so, what is happening is that our physical body is trying to catch up on the changes our etheric bodies are going through. This means an acceleration in the vibrational rate (higher frequency) and so in the way our very cells move and evolve. We could then say our cells are progressively changing or transforming, or even mutating.


This increase in the rate our body functions will lead to fluctuations between overloads and drops of energy, we might feel exhausted and then suddenly overtly charged with nerves and muscle tensions. It is thus important to learn to listen to our bodies and cultivate intentional and mindful eating, sleeping and exercising habits. We must reconnect with our body and learn to pay attention to its needs and requests, as they are but signals of the soul communicating with us through the physical body.

   ✦ Water and Food.

We must aim at purifying our diets as much as possible towards higher frequency balanced diets, that is to say to avoid industrial processed food (with too many additives and other chemicals), foods with too much pesticides or heavy metals, or even genetically modified foods, all the while favouring foods that are in season and local, produced in healthy ways, respecting Nature and the natural cycles of the Earth and its inhabitants. Accompanying our body's transition towards new frequencies with foods that have similar or higher vibrations to the Earth's new frequency we are collectively moving into.


As the Earth moves into the 5D, there will be greater amount of Light Energy (also known as prana) all around us. And Water is not only a key element in the physiological composition of our body and therefore a key to support any evolution, but it is also responsible for carrying the Light Energy throughout the entire body. The more high quality water (pure and of high frequency as well - such as spring water for instance) we drink and is thus available for our cells, the easier it gets for the energy

Homegrown Tomatoes, Natural, Organic, Living, High Vibration, Healthy

to move through and expand within the body and with more fluidity.

   ✦ Exercising and Resting.

While it is crucial to rest when we feel a need for it - as much as possible - so that we can integrate the changes, when our body asks for it exercising is just as important.


Throughout our physical body, and so via our etheric bodies (aura), run several energetic channels (Traditional Chinese Medicine's meridians) and energy centres (chakras). These energetic channels and centres are responsible for how the energy flows from our etheric bodies onto our physical body's different systems and organs. Practicing mindful exercising (as opposed to overtly competitive sports and practices) will help improve and sustain a great circulation of the energy via those channels and centres, it will keep it flowing throughout the different systems and organs more fluidly and thus there will constantly be enough energy available for each parts of the body.

   ✦ Immune System.

Our immune system protects us from external factors that would otherwise attempt to enter the body's systems. We are most familiar with the idea of these external factors being viruses and bacterias, but it is also important to acknowledge and/or research other forms of intrusions also present in our current external reality, such as heavy metals (in water, certain medication and personal care products), pesticides (foods and plants), nanotechnology (chemtrails, industrial processed foods, personal care products, certain medication), but also negative energies and/or entities that may attach themselves to our energetic field (the sum of all of our bodies, physical and auric) and work like parasites, sucking our energy and even able to influence our mind and emotions.


Strengthening our immune system through a diet rich in diverse natural nutrients, as we saw above, but also with a regular spiritual protection practice such as prayer and/or meditation (see here Lisa Renee's 12D Shield technique) will therefore help us avoid as much intrusion as possible, so as to keep a body as pure as possible.

Healing Therapies, Crystals, Ascension, Awakening, Spiritual

   ✦ Medication and Healing.

This section is not about demonising conventional medicine nor rejecting "science", but more so about acknowledging the existence and efficiency of what we call traditional and/or alternative healing therapies, so as to join the two and make the most of both. Every ailment takes root in some form of disharmony present within the soul-body relationship, the more we let disharmony settle within our being the deeper and more serious the ailments will physically manifest. Alternative healing therapies can accompany the conventional ones, as well as being used in a preventive manner.


Most alternative healing therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medecine, kinesiology, hypnosis and other energetic and/or holistic therapies, massages and bodyworks, will also enable us to develop a better relationship with our body, trying to understand how it works in harmony with the soul, and learning to pay

attention to its signals, thus also enabling us to develop a more spiritual approach to it and to the external world.

   ✦ Self Love.

The best way to support our body - and therefore our Soul and Higher Self - is to show respect and gratitude for it, to acknowledge all it accomplishes for us and enables us to do. A healthy body is the very first requirement to be alive in this present life and dimension, so showing it love, care and respect beyond its apparent imperfections, by nurturing it, but also by thinking of it positively and kindly, is really a great way to start embodying this new paradigm of Consciousness, Kindness and Empathy. There is no better way to love others unconditionally than to start loving ourselves unconditionally.

New Dawn, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, Awakening, Rise

New Dawn over Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia.

(personal picture)


As we experience all these changes, both internal and external, individual as well as collective, we might realise that others around us might not evolve at the same pace as we do, or even seem to not evolve at all, whether consciously or not, in denial or avoidance, or simply by ignorance. While it is important not to judge others for their own personal choices and habits, it is crucial we do not allow the opposite either, and that we do not get discouraged nor distracted by others' opinions, judgements and/or projections.


As we change our frequency, and because everything in the Universe is a matter of frequency and resonance, we will naturally feel drawn or repelled by other frequencies incarnated by either other individuals or places. This is a natural process that we should avoid resisting or fighting against as much as is possible. Hanging out in places and with people (or even animals, plants and minerals) we feel naturally drawn to - and avoiding those we naturally feel repelled by - will also help us embody the new frequencies and paradigm with more ease.

Rainbow Falls, New Zealand, Nature, Connection, Ascension

Nature - Rainbow Falls, New Zealand.

(owned picture)


As we progress through the Ascension process, towards the 5D and the new paradigm of Consciousness, Humanity will collectively unveil a great amount of hidden truths and manipulative agendas that have been operated upon the Earth for thousands of years, and those will prove disturbing for most of us and/or those around us. It will therefore be crucial to stay focused on this New Earth we wish to see emerge, and the end goal of these difficult changes, that is the advent of a Conscious civilisation on the planet, in Peace and Harmony. The best way to stay focused is to practice grounding, anchoring our being and our energetic imprint within the Earth's energetic fields and reality, by reconnecting to Mother Earth and Nature and then cultivating this newfound or deepened connection.

   ✦ Grounding.

The most efficient way to ground ourselves is to go out in Nature, to see, to smell, to hear and to touch it, (as well as taste it through its fruits) so as to feel and connect with the energies of the Earth, embedding them within ours. We are the people of the Earth and we belong to its Consciousness and reality, this is why getting to know its energies will help us know our own energies better.


We can also practice grounding through meditation and any other means for learning to be in the present moment, for when we are in the present moment there is no longer any disturbing future and/or past to disperse nor scatter our focus and intentions of bringing our Consciousness down here on Earth. Cultivating living in the present and taking the time to ground ourselves in this reality, will also help us better integrate all this newfound knowledge and consciousness.

   ✦ Environment and Conservation.

Caring for our bodies by eating natural foods (the way Nature intended) is essentially caring, honouring and showing gratitude to the Earth and what it has to offer us. And so it goes the other way round, caring for the Environment and its Conservation - by extension for the planet as a whole - is caring for ourselves, and our bodies, as we would not be able to sustain ourselves if it was not for what the Earth's environment provides us with (food, drink, habitat, oxygen, energy, etc.).


As the Earth (and the entire Solar System) benefits from this Ascension opportunity, we as a civilisation will not be able to consume the way we did so far, it is crucial that we learn to respect and preserve our resources. This needs to start with the very way we lead our lives and drastic changes in our consumption habits will need to be instilled, through reassessing the types of products we have and use on a daily basis in our homes (foods, personal care and general maintenance products, clothing, housing, transportation, energy, etc.) as for every single one of these products we buy (or use), we cast a vote for the kind of society we wish to partake in whether consciously or not.

   ✦ Compassion, Kindness and Empathy for ALL the Living.

The advent of a new civilisation, more Conscious and Caring, will lead to an expansion of our Compassion, Kindness and Empathy towards ALL LIVE BEINGS that live on the planet. It is important to acknowledge that we, together as a civilisation, are constantly dropping bombs on our brothers and sisters, as well as slaughtering 60 billions of terrestrial animals and 100 billions of marine animals each year. We must face this is a current reality and it is no longer possible to sustain nor partake in it. It is crucial we grow away from denial, for no compassionate human can agree to these slaughters and murders being perpetrated. We can and we must change our own habits so as to

Ocean Ramsey, Shark, Conservation, Environment, Connection

inspire others around us to do so, caring and protecting the Living is our duty as Guardians of the Earth, and if we want to evolve through the Ascension process with more ease, we need to embrace the more compassionate side of us and start respecting Life and Creation in all its forms. ♥︎

   ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Breaking Free, Ascension, Awakening, Spiritual Being, Liberation, Self Work

The Body is the external manifestation of our Soul, of the more spiritual, loving and compassionate aspect of us. It is our vehicle as we navigate through the Ascension and advent of the new civilisation on this planet we lovingly call Mother Earth. It will function as a vibrational sensor, and allow us to judge and evaluate potential dangers or deceptions as we progress towards new realms where the eyes are not sufficient to discern "good" from "bad". It is therefore important to make sure this vehicle functions to its fullest potential by taking care for, nourishing, nurturing and respecting it, but also by respecting and honouring the very environment it will evolve in - the Earth. We must reclaim and reconnect with our bodies in a more mindful and conscious way so as to also reclaim and reconnect with the Earth, all the while embodying higher divine values of Love, Compassion, Kindness and Empathy towards ourselves and all other live beings, for we are all connected.


While it may seem overwhelming or even discouraging to consider all that is wrong within our society, and on an individual level within our lives, today we can no longer ignore these realities and must acknowledge and face them, one after the other. Taking our responsibility is crucial so as to ignite individual as well as collective changes, but feelings of guilt will be of great disservice to our cause. We must be gentle and understanding with ourselves as well as with others, all the while implementing these changes, gradually, one step at a time, thus inspiring others around us to do so.


In the second part of this series, we will talk about the Mind and the various ways it was or still is manipulated and programmed so that we do not awaken to these changes of frequencies and the multidimensional reality of our Universe, nor truly understand and recognise our power to instil those changes resides within each one of us. In the meantime, I wish you a great integration of these new frequencies now available to us, and a smooth transition towards the Ascension, becoming the best version of ourselves as a civilisation, in Love, Grace and Peace ☮ .




With all my Love and Support,

Melissa 🐋

Please note that because I share a piece or excerpt of someone's work does not mean I endorse their entire work, nor everything they may represent and/or believe in. I will ask that, as with everything, you use your own vibrational and intellectual discernment and evaluate for yourself whether this resonates with your inner truth and higher knowing or if you choose to discard it, thank you.

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