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Weather Engineering

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

There is an ongoing agenda of fear-mongering and mind control on planet Earth. This takes many shapes on the surface level of the controlling matrix, one of which is an emphasis on a so-called "Climate Crisis".

The entities behind this climate crisis agenda would like the human population to believe that man-made pollution has caused immense imbalances in the planetary climate and natural elements,also feeding a constant scarcity mindset regarding natural resources.

Weather Engineering

While there is definitely something to be said about man-made pollution and consumerism, there are a few things that are often obliterated from this conversation, one of which being that the burden is almost always - unfairly - put on the shoulders of single individual consumers rather than on the large corporations and mega-corporations alike that are undeniably the bigger polluter along all of the matrix' entities (military industrial complexes (MICs), governments and governments' agencies and their representatives, etc.); of course this does not take away our own responsibility as individuals in making more conscious and informed choices when consuming products in general. That being said, this type of man-made pollution is not the main cause for the changes we have been observing in the planetary climate - if at all - unlike the mainstream narrative likes to tell us.

We have all been able to witness more or less drastic changes in the climate throughout the planet over the last few decades. The mainstream narrative puts an emphasis on the rise of extreme temperatures (both higher highs and lower lows), excess precipitations, increase in hurricanes and their strength, rise of sea levels due to ice caps in the northernmost and southernmost poles of the planet melting, out of range seasonal temperatures (hotter winter days, colder summer days) etc. Some even argue whether these are true changes or whether it is solely a matter of hyper-focusing as well as manipulating numbers.

In most recent history, there have been a number of whistleblowers that attempted to disclose the use of advanced technologies, including weather engineering, also called geoengineering. Commonly known as chemtrails, geoengineering is a technology that aims at controlling the weather through the higher levels of the planet's atmosphere (ionosphere) so as to serve personal interests of the controllers (the self proclaimed elite that runs above all governments, MICs, banking and financial systems, etc.) on several levels that may include geo-politics, exopolitics (at a galactic level), mind control and engineering of the population, and more.

On a surface level we can better understand the existence of such level of technology by observing how the internet for instance was a military grade technology for decades before being shared with the public. In much the same way, governments and MICs have had access to highly advanced technologies, most of which were obtained through exchanges and agreements that were made with highly advanced species (advanced technologically speaking I should say, for it is different from spiritual advancement) right around the era of WWI and WWII. Geoengineering technologies were amongst these exchanges.

In summary, geoengineering technologies load the atmosphere with all sorts of chemical agents including large quantities of heavy metals that create imbalances and interferences in the planetary electromagnetic field, thus dis-regulating natural weather. If this seems hard to believe, weather modification technologies have been revealed to a certain degree to the public, notably with the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as well as the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) being a well-known research program which involves DARPA (the Defence Advanced Research Program Agency) in the US (amongst other such entities), that is not hidden from the public, though its true purpose remains blurry and incomplete at the public level.

HAARP is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories [see my blogpost for more on the bias that this specific term holds].Various individuals have speculated about hidden motivations and capabilities of the project. For example, Rosalie Bertell warned in 1996 about the deployment of HAARP as a military weapon. Michael Chossudovsky stated in a book published by the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform that "recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the capability of triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes". Overtime, HAARP has been blamed for generating such catastrophes as well as thunderstorms in Iran, Pakistan, Haiti, Turkey, Greece and the Philippines, and even major power outages, the downing of TWA Flight 800, Gulf War syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Weather modification is used to serve agendas of the controllers, by creating extreme weather conditions they are able to destabilise entire populations in a specific area of their choice, this is similar to the war and terror agendas, except instead of creating a false enemy (such the countless engineered militias) and false flag events (such as 9/11) they drastically disrupt the weather and cause "natural" catastrophes such as floods, hurricanes, droughts, etc. Like so, they may for instance establish position in said area under the cover of humanitarian relief operations; a classic example of Hegelian Dialectics of problem-reaction-solution - a manufactured problem triggers a targeted public reaction to which governments and/or MICs offer what seems to appear as a "solution", which was in fact the initial goal all along.

More globally, there has been an attempt at engineering a so-called climate crisis worldwide by dis-regulating the planetary weather in its entirety. This is what is referred to in the mainstream narrative as "global warming" or "climate change". To understand the end goal of such a crisis we may recall the 9/11 so-called terrorist attacks and the "security crisis" that entailed which led worldwide governments to establish what were meant to be temporary emergency security measures that eventually became laws never to be removed - some examples of this in our direct experience could be various airport security systems or CCTV and video-surveillance throughout major cities. More recently, and still very topical is the whole 2020 plandemic ordeal (CV) and this time a "sanitary crisis" was set up to further impose more regulations of the population. Well, much similarly, the "climate crisis" may lead to further regulations and measures, initially sold to the masses as "temporary", never to be removed in reality.

The common theme in all three crisis, "security, sanitary, climate/environmental", is further control of populations in their movement, consumption, socialisation, health and hygiene habits; preventing and lowering free-thinking, free choice, sovereignty and self responsibility of the human people, coerced through well-meaning intentions and/or fear and/or ignorance to surrender more of their freedoms with each crisis.

It is crucial to understand these mechanisms of controls so that we may learn to identify them and not fall for the fear-mongering mainstream narrative, whichever it may be.

The climate crisis is engineered, purposefully, so as to sustain various agendas of control and division, disconnecting human beings further away from their natural resources and inner compass (inner knowing of what serves them and what does not).

Some of these agendas are:

1/ The water scarcity narrative, aims at disconnecting Humans from a crucial element for their spiritual and physical well-being and expansion, claiming it to be a finite (fossil) resource on the planet when many whistleblowers claim it to be self renewable. The human body is made of around 60% of water which is a crucial element not just for hydration (which actually many naturopaths and other alternative doctors/dieticians claim that hydration should come mainly from fruits rather than drinking water), but also to use as a conduit for recalibrating and recharging all the complex electrical circuits on the physical and etheric bodies. (There are also economic and financial reasons for the control of the water resources, making it scarce, and thus more expensive, controlling the re-distribution of it - but they are not the main goal, in fact contrary to popular belief, money never is the main factor in these agendas but a secondary collateral "benefit").

2/ Global warming (rise of overall temperatures) and blocking the Sun as a counteraction. Similarly to the chakras on our bodies, the Sun is the entry point (stargate) for the energy of higher Source domain to be distributed throughout the solar system's circuits. It is through the Sun that Source energy comes from higher realms onto our Solar system so as to sustain and feed Life on the planets. It is a crucial element for Life to thrive organically, including Humans. Dimming the Sun rays - as Bill Gates famously claimed he was working on - could be extremely detrimental to all Life on planet Earth, and would considerably weaken humans thus, once again, render them more easily manipulated and controlled - however, know that it is highly unlikely they will ever be able to do so, the Guardians and Higher Councils will not allow such drastic, large scale technologies for they can have destabilising ripple effect throughout the galactic fields (the same goes for nuclear weapon for instance).

3/ Destabilising specific geographical areas to have access to organic technology of planet Earth that was hidden from the human population for eons in strategic, key areas. Earth is covered with several Stargates which can be compared to chakras on our human bodies. These are entry points for the energies of higher realms and allow for navigating throughout timelines - in my article The Soul, part III of the Body, Mind, Soul series, I explain in detail the concept of stargates/chakras/DNA/dimensions and how they all correlate throughout the Universe; everything on the physical human body is a reflection of the Universal mechanisms, it is the microcosmic to macrocosmic reflection.

4/ Disconnecting humans further apart from their natural connection to Mother Earth by having them believe they are but an invasive species. Human beings are not a plague to planet Earth. It is something that is often said, comparing humans to a virus in the planetary ecosystems. This could not be further from the truth. Human beings are part of the Earth, we are cells that make up the planetary body. Earth is us and we are Earth. She feeds us and gives us shelter, and we protect and nurture her. In its original state (before any invasion and distortion) Humanity is the guardian race for planet Earth, this is a galactic agreement and mission of stewardship.

5/ There are several other smaller 3D Matrix level economic and financial goals to the whole "climate crisis" campaigns such as various "green" taxes or the rise of gas prices for instance. Also, many so-called "greener" alternatives are often more harmful to the human bodies (again, weakening for control) like for instance LED light bulbs which are constantly flashing at a speed not always caught by the naked eye, but still very detrimental to the Central Nervous System (CNS); or electrical cars which are a way to complicate basic car mechanics so that we are forced to operate on their chosen systems run by a type of AI Cloud, again allowing for more population control (see "Minority Report" movie for a great example of the smart cities they are working on in the name of environmentally friendly progress); or even dietary movements such as veganism and vegetarianism (as in their ideology or virtue-signalling dogma rather than truly aligned food choices) and the emergence of alternative "mock" meats, which are in fact far more detrimental to the human and planetary bodies (think synthetic/artificial as opposed to organic/natural).

6/ Finally, while the main focus of this blogpost is weather engineering, know they also use geoengineering technologies so as to target the physical human body and its sensory perception systems, dulling neurotransmitters and blurring electromagnetic signals at the cellular level (you may read more in my article on the Body, Mind, Soul I: the Body) with highly toxic quantities of heavy metals and other chemical agents being loaded onto the planet's atmosphere. Weakening the human body allows for more easily manipulated and mind controlled beings, but also for considerably hindering the natural processes of spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion of Humanity, since all these toxic loads greatly calcify and blur glands and receptors for higher frequencies on and in the Human Body, and thus interfere with higher sensory perceptions. Like so, human beings remain unable to reach higher state of consciousness and reclaim their Sovereignty.


NB. It must be said that there is also a natural phenomenon of Earth's climate harmonising itself throughout the entire globe. As the Earth evolves and moves on in her own Ascension process, the climate and nature will harmonise and balance out, which will manifest in a more moderate climate across the entire planet, with less variations between seasons and geographical locations. But this is not the sole cause for these weather disruptions we may currently experience - unlike some of the New Age movement claims - it will probably take at least several more decades for that to fully happen.


Planet Earth's resources are far more abundant than what the mainstream narrative suggests. Water and land are not scarce and we are far from overpopulating the Earth, this narrative is extremely dangerous and stems from eugenics philosophies, which is genocide. The weather on the other hand is not changing because of man-made pollution but rather due to the use (and abuse) of geoengineering technologies that go against Natural Laws, furthermore these technologies actually disrupt the natural weather in the long run and may cause severe damage and imbalances to the planetary body.

These technologies do not respect the natural cycles of the planet and of Life on this planet, they go against the Universal Laws of Creation as well as the Free Will of the Human race. Currently, there are immense actions being taken against these interferences and parasitic races at a galactic level, and those who have abused of these technologies (and still do) to serve their personal interests (of Service to Self) will inevitably undergo the energetic and karmic consequences of their actions - and they know it, they are currently playing their last cards.

It is in educating ourselves and our communities on the crimes against humanity that have been and are perpetrated in the Universal Matrix, that we move away from these abusive methods and systems.

Knowledge is Power.

As the divine Krystic (of Service to Others) beings that we are and were always meant to be, the Human people is God, Sovereign and Free.

We are reclaiming our Sovereignty.

We are reclaiming our planet.

I thank you for being a Truth Seeker and salute you for your resilience, these are trying times for the Sovereign individual and the Spirit of Truth,

In Deep Love and Gratitude,

GSF, Melissa 🐋


Below, you will find a compilation of videos I recorded on my phone on two separate days of rainbow-like rays in the sky. These are manifestations of the HAARP technologies and I share them so that you may be able to recognise them if/when you see them for yourself.

This video is also available on Odysee here.


Edit on the 19th of September 2021: I came across this video by the lovely "WhatsHerFace" and thought it was very fitting to go further on what I have already shared in this blogposts. She shares many resources and instances of weather control being part of many worldwide governments in the last century. (I highly recommend her content in general, she is very clever and funny in exposing the hidden agendas of the controllers, mostly at a 3D Matrix level - you can also find her on instagram here).

She also has an Odysee channel should this video be removed from Youtube:


💎 To go further:

- Dane Wigington - or on youtube here.

- Kriten Mehgan - former military whistleblower, conference excerpt.

- My YouTube playlist on the topic:

- Further agendas behind HAARP technologies (disclaimer: content may be disturbing if not already accustomed with topics of nanotech, nanobots, mind control and general bioweapons - check personal inner guidance before viewing and shield/ground): video by Dana Ashlie + interview of Terral BlackStar

💎 Sources:

- CNBC on Bill Gates and the Sun:

- WhatsHerFace 's video on climate change and weather engineering: .

💎 Recommended readings on Sovereign · Planet:

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