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Human Nature

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Humans have long been told/taught it is in their nature to war and fight, and everything in our current society/matrix would point to that same conclusion.

What most do not realise is that we are NOT in our natural, balanced state. We are collectively in perpetual trauma response, a collective PTSD, and have been for eons.

Everything around us is so that our nervous systems are in constant fight or flight (or freeze) mode and as a result, our entire bodies and beings are NOT regulated. Hence disproportionate reactions of warring with each others on so many levels.

In their natural state, once the nervous system is regulated, human beings are able to operate from their Heart centre - as opposed to reacting from the mind and unintegrated ego.

From there, values of Love, Empathy, Compassion, Benevolence and Harmony become their NATURAL state, their prime model of operation, of apprehending and experiencing their reality.

Let’s not let the media, the establishment, the controlling powers (power elites) tell us what we and/or our brothers and sisters are/are worthy of.

Lately, with all the narratives and agendas around global warming and pollution, “natural” catastrophes such as the fires, hurricanes and tsunamis (there is actually nothing natural about them, many have already spoken extensively on the subject - see above hyperlink) and most recently a so-called “pandemic” (once again, this topic has been largely exposed over the last few weeks), we’ve see a lot going on around about how “we do not deserve the Earth”. This is a FALSE narrative meant to disempower us and disconnect us from our essence and true nature.

Mother Earth is NOT kicking us out nor giving us revenge!

We are being attacked and oppressed by forces far more advanced than they let us believe, who are centuries ahead of humans in this war on consciousness.

WE ARE THE GUARDIAN RACE FOR THE EARTH. We must reclaim that position, reclaim OUR planet and our Sovereignty and Freedom.

To do so, we must first uncover the extent of the conspiracy against humanity and disclose it to our brothers and sisters.

We are God.

We are Sovereign.

We are Free.

And so it is.

With Love,

Melissa 🐋

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