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March 2022

These races, whom the Controllers on planet Earth belong to and/or serve, have thus chosen to separate themselves from the God Source domains and their sister neighbouring races, and in doing so, lost their capacity for organic creation as well as organic sustenance. Thus in order to survive these beings became parasitic, meaning that they learnt to feed off of other species, races and entire systems that were still in direct connection to the God Worlds. They went on to colonise and pillage other such planets and systems, establishing various control systems, developing highly advanced technologies, spreading like a virus within our Universal Time Matrix (our Universe), creating an entire "cloned" Artificial Matrix in parallel, from which they operated.

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December 2021

The higher energies of Ascension are now really pushing us beyond our own limitations, placing our entire beings under incredible amounts of pressure so as to shape our inner Diamond Hearts. The accretion (accumulation) of Light/Energy requires from us more advanced levels of Embodiment that will cause us to shed all that is no longer serving us, all that is no longer in energetic resonance with our highest expression. These various processes may cause all sorts of physical detoxification symptoms or Herxheimer crisis, but it may also lead to profound changes in other aspects of our lives such as our relationships, jobs, housing/living situations and more.


October 2021


The current push for this artificial injection and all the control systems that come along with it is becoming more and more defined, and each one of us is faced with an assortment of decisions and choices to make that will either weigh in one of the bifurcating timelines or the other. And so, we must ask ourselves what does it truly mean to us to be a human being. What makes us who we are? And how much are we ready and willing to let go of and possibly sacrifice even so as to maintain the integrity of what makes us who we are, not just individually, but collectively.

January 2018


Understanding the multidimensionality of our Universe is fundamental in comprehending the true depth of the manipulations we are subjected to here on planet Earth, for the conspiracy against humanity goes far beyond this physical realm (the 3D). This is why a Spiritual Awakening, that is to say discovering and understanding the spiritual aspect of our being and of the Universe, is one and the same with the current Ascension process. It is just as important to become spiritually aware and develop higher spiritual values, as it is to uncover and disclose the hidden agendas, hidden knowledge and the global economic slavery Humanity was purposefully thrown into...

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November 2017


"We are asked to learn to understand there are multiple layers to our being and multiple planes of existence in our Universe, making us multidimensional beings residing in a multidimensional Universe. In this present moment, for us, ascending not only means to understand and integrate these concepts, but also to evolve towards fully embodying the multidimensionality of our being, that is to say to not only integrate the next layer of our being - the Soul - in this physical body, becoming "Soul Infused" beings, but also to..."

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These evolutions of our DNA will also imply changes in our biochemistry, in the chemistry of our brain and therefore change the way we think and process emotions. These changes will likely be painful as we will be dropping old beliefs systems, old thinking habits, and old ways to simply approach and identify with Life and our Universe...

May 2017

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These naturally occurring events allowed for a new cycle to begin around the end of 2012 [...]. These changes are substantial, and will likely disturb our most mundane routines, let alone our beliefs systems, our relationships, our emotional patterns and behaviours, as well as our very physiological needs and functioning.

April 2017

What is Spirituality?


Over the course of Human history the word Spirituality has been distorted in many ways, mainly through religions and other dogmas, but also in modern days, by New Age teachings for instance. It is therefore important to detach ourselves from those teachings and try to look at it with a new eye.

November 2016

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