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October 2021

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Angelic Human and the Law of OneMelissa from Sovereign · Planet
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As the push for all that is artificial, or synthetic increases on the planetary outer-scape, I thought it appropriate to go back to the roots and lay some important reflections on what it means to be human.


What is it that makes us Human? 

What is our purpose and why are we here?


These are big questions I am aware, but I feel, now more than ever, these are crucial questions we must ask ourselves as it has become evident that we are on the cusp of some dramatic shift for the entirety of our species. We find ourselves at a crossroads where we are asked to make choices that will have consequential ripple effects on the future of humanity at large. 


Indeed, the current push for this artificial injection and all the control systems that come along with it is becoming more and more defined, and each one of us is faced with an assortment of decisions and choices to make that will either weigh in one of the bifurcating timelines or the other. Each choice we make, each step we take is either supporting the artificial timelines of the fear propaganda and all its nefarious genocidal agendas, or it supports the organic timelines of liberation of the human people and planet Earth. And so, we must ask ourselves what does it truly mean to us to be a human being. What makes us who we are? And how much are we ready and willing to let go of and possibly sacrifice even so as to maintain the integrity of what makes us who we are, not just individually, but collectively.




Multidimensionality and Embodiment.


First of all, it is important to bring back a multidimensional perspective in our existence. The matrix control systems in which we have been operating for centuries now, have made us forget and disconnected us from our own multidimensionality. As Human beings we operate on more than one plane at a time, we may currently be incarnated in a physical body, that is not the entirety, nor even the largest part of who we are.


The Human DNA is the instruction set from the Consciousness, and it is that which allows us to operate from multiple planes of existence at once. Each of our chakras relates to a different dimensional plane of our Universe and allows us to connect and attune to it. Every single dimensional plane of our Universe is encoded within our DNA and manifested on our various bodies in the form of chakras (we have the same set of chakras on each of our bodies, not just the physical, and it is actually how each of our bodies communicate with each other). What this means is that Human beings have the ability to operate and exist in some shape or form within each one of these dimensions, and that is simultaneously. We have aspects of our beings that exist and function within each of these dimensions, even if we may not currently be consciously aware of it. (Think for instance how when we are asleep, our physical body may be sleeping, but our Consciousness continues to exist and have experiences on other planes).


Our physical body is the host for our Consciousness to be able to incarnate on this physical plane (which we call the 3D), and for thousands of years we were taught and coerced into believing that this was all there was to our being, while in fact this is just a small fraction of our true nature. Human beings are spiritual beings above all else, and the human Consciousness is able to operate at various levels of existence, having a wide variety of experiences and opportunities for Expansion, Growth and Evolution.


In this current incarnation and through this current Ascension cycle, we are given an opportunity to embody in this physical body more of our Consciousness, more of these higher, more elevated aspects of our entire being. This process is called Embodiment, (or Consciousness Integration) it is the process of embodying and integrating more and more of our Higher Self in this very physical body, in this incarnated form here on planet Earth.


In doing so, we become more attuned to and able to connect with our Higher Sensory Perceptions, meaning our higher senses, beyond the first 5 senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing), tuning into our Intuition, our Spiritual Guidance, our Higher/Direct Knowing, Telepathy/Empathy, etc. These senses are crucial in our natural, organic development, our true multidimensional biological evolution. They will allow us to better navigate increasingly difficult times here on Earth with more perspective on what is truly going on (the collective ascension process and this phase of transition and bifurcation of the timelines), having a wider lens to observe reality from and understanding the multidimensional aspects of both the Ascension process as well as all the negative agendas attempting to thwart this process.


That being said, the physical aspects and body are not to be disregarded nor neglected. On the contrary, so as to allow this embodiment process in the smoothest way possible, we must make every effort to clean and clear the physical vessel for it is the temple in which our Soul and other higher aspects will be residing and making home. As we ascend as individuals, we accumulate increasing amounts of Light (Energy) in our body and so we must clear and make space for these energies to be able to settle in and anchor, clearing all physical toxicity but also all mental and emotional miasma - that is all the pain, fears, dissonant energies and distortions that are the results of accumulated traumas and wounds over the incarnations. 


As multidimensional beings, the work on the Self and the journey towards Ascension, the Spiritual Path, is multi-layered and needs to take place on all levels and aspects of our being, meaning that in order to Grow and Ascend, one must face, heal, clear and integrate all aspects of their being in a synchronised manner for they are all intricately connected and related. In order to thrive, human beings must address all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their existence. If one aspect is neglected, it will throw the entire being out of balance and will have repercussions on all other aspects. 


For instance, if one is solely focused on strengthening the physical body through healthy foods and exercise (which is a good thing to focus on of course), but emotional matters are left behind, then unresolved emotions from unprocessed trauma will keep resurfacing in form of mental and/or emotional imbalances or even physical dis-ease until addressed. This is why it is important to face and sit with our emotions and avoid coping mechanisms or numbing, which is often done through addictions in general like drugs, alcohol, porn, "casual" sex (unconscious), social media, tv, video games, junk food etc. - any activity, no matter how seemingly healthy it is, that is done obsessively and compulsively as a way to escape our reality can become detrimental, for instance while junk food is an obvious unhealthy choice, being obsessed and overtly focused on dietary habits can also become a detrimental addiction. 


Conversely, if all aspects are taken care of and addressed, meaning if there is a constant effort to heal the being multidimensionally (on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels) through trauma healing, counselling maybe, inner child work, anger and stress management, healthy lifestyle and diet, ego dismantling and deprograming the mind and thought patterns, etc., a general state of balance and harmony will then be experienced, allowing the being to reach higher states of consciousness, which are higher states of awareness, of understanding of reality, able to move on to the next stages of their personal evolution.



Heart-Based Values and the Angelic Human.

As human beings what makes us who we are is our Heart based operating systems. We are an Angelic - also called Christic/Krystic - species by nature (and once again these are terms that need to be re-contextualise and taken away from any religious background), that is we are in direct connection with God Source which is the absolute, unconditional Love frequency. Therefore, we are naturally driven by Love based, or Heart based values.


What this means is as Angelic/Christic Humans we are naturally / genetically encoded to be in energetic resonance (aligned) with values of Kindness, Empathy, Harmlessness, Compassion, Unity and Benevolence as well as being naturally inclined to evolve towards being of Service to Others (STO) - which is directing personal endeavours towards the greater good of creation over personal materialistic interests. If disproportionate trauma was not a thing, and we were able to operate and evolve in natural conditions, meaning without any excessive interference from ill-intentioned, consumptive beings or energies, we would naturally revolve around, evolve towards or be energetically drawn to Love based, or benevolent values systems.


When observing the current planetary outer-scape, this may be hard to believe for the predominant energies seem to be more fear based and thus aligned to war, bloodshed, division, rage, etc. While there is a natural part of evolution where the individual is naturally more of service to self (STS) in its beginning stages, meaning serving self interests above all else; once growth and evolution naturally take place the individual is able to expand their Consciousness to a point where they begin to understand the interconnectedness of things, that is this idea that everything in the Universe is connected and related and that what we do unto others is reflected unto us, and vice versa. At that stage we begin to understand the energetic consequences and ripple effects of our thoughts, words and actions, and thus learn that in fact, we benefit more from being of service to others as opposed to being of service to the self.


However, the reality on planet Earth is so that a group of beings which we commonly refer to as the Controllers on this website, or the self-proclaimed Power Elite has chosen to remain of service to self and place their own personal interests in the centre of their undertakings and in doing so has coerced humanity into complying to their agendas. This is why up until now, the main energy current on Earth has been one that is STS as well as fear based. This is not the natural state of the Angelic Human race.


When Humans are not in constant trauma response - one that is purposely induced and sustained by the Power Elite for control purposes - and are able to evolve and grow from their own experiences naturally, they are more likely to develop and cultivate a set of higher moral values. This is encoded in our DNA, it is our DNA (or Consciousness) which makes us able to experience Empathy, Compassion and Benevolence, and that allows us to determine what is ethical, just and aligned, and what is not. Many of these fallen races, those beings at the top of the current matrix' systems, do not have such DNA coding and are not (or no longer) encoded to experience such emotions and their corresponding frequencies. This is how they are able to commit the crimes and horrors they do, they are psychopaths, meaning they are devoid of the ability to experience Empathy in any shape or form. They however are masters at pretending they do, which is where it gets tricky for some of us to see them for what they truly are. Contrarily to us, they are not able to sincerely understand and connect to the pain nor the joy of other living beings around them.



Ego Personality and Beliefs Systems.


Most of what we have been taught about ourselves, be it from a Darwinist or a Biblical perspective was done so through the lens of these Controllers' self interests. There has been an ongoing set of agendas aiming at maintaining us disconnected from our True Values and Nature so as to render us fearful and thus more easily manipulated.


Once they were disconnected from their Angelic Nature, either by being disconnected from any divinity whatsoever and being told they were but a mere feat of random biological evolution that happened by chance as the Darwin perspective claims, or by being disconnected from the Loving nature of their true spiritual self through a threatening, tyrannical False Father figure that is the god of most religions; Human beings were left like young children in the dark, traumatised from this illusion of separation (separation from their God Source and Galactic Families). The illusion of separation is the core wound of any Human incarnated on planet Earth, where we are rendered amnesiac and made to forget our direct connection to God Source, our True Parents and Family of Origin. This resulted in an entire species of individuals completely disconnected from their essence, and operating in a heavily distorted reality, acting from triggers, traumas and wounds, not even being aware of said traumas and wounds, some sort of a collective unconscious PTSD.


It is then on these unhealthy, distorted and mis-aligned foundations that most of our modern society was built, we can then clearly understand why the world is the way it is (i.e. not Harmonious, nor Peaceful, nor Just and severely lacking Emotional and Spiritual Maturity). It is also from those distorted foundations that most of us have established (or one could argue we have been conditioned to establish) our entire beliefs systems. It is this imbalanced negative ego that has been ruling our lives and from which we have been making most of our decisions, instead of making them from a place of Inner Peace, Balance, Harmony and Maturity (both Emotional and Spiritual) which naturally comes from Alignment (energetic resonance) with our True Self, our Higher Self and so by extension with God Source and its Love based values systems.


The negative ego is of service to self by nature, it will choose to serve its own interests over those of the Higher Self and the entire Consciousness as a defence mechanism. It has a skewed perception of reality through the lens of trauma and the illusion of separation, and since it is almost entirely fear based, lacking a wider, more long term perspective it will try to make us take decisions that it deems safe and comfortable in the moment, rather than decisions that will serve the greater good and may feel uncomfortable in the moment but will have exponentially beneficial consequences for our Consciousness Expansion in the long run.


Understanding these principles is crucial for us to comprehend not only the true nature of reality on planet Earth and the extent at which we have been controlled and enslaved, but most importantly, to truly understand our True Nature, to understand WHO we are as species. We are not the negative ego and its beliefs systems that were enforced upon us by the Controllers, we are an Angelic/Christic species (once again far from religious concepts) that is naturally encoded to be in energetic resonance with higher moral values





When the individual begins to develop an awareness of the interconnectedness of all that there is, and aligning themselves to be of Service to Others, a stronger sense of Purpose will then arise. As Human beings our lives are not meaningless, as we may be lead to believe in the artificial matrix that pushes us to focus on the more trivial aspects of this reality such as work, money, sex without conscience, debauchery and even a more and more suppressed and distorted idea of family; without ever encouraging us to ask the big questions: why are we here? what is life's purpose? what are the reasons behind our incarnation? Of course many philosophers and other thinkers have asked these questions throughout history, but in modern society, these are not at the forefront of our education and society and are more akin to some distant intellectual reflections by a small class beings just for the sake of working the brain and not actually to be used to truly transform the being and society for the greater good.


While there is a plethora of personal ancestral, genetic and karmic reasons for one's incarnation, there is also a collective sense of Purpose for the entirety of the Human race, and probably one for the existence of Creation (Universe/Multiverse) as a whole.


From a universal and multidimensional perspective, the core purpose for creation and for the Universe to individualise in various forms, planes and frequency bands is to learn about itself from these various experiences. Growth is at the core of the existence, and everything that exists organically has the potential for more growth, for expansion and for learning. Do you remember being taught as a child that the Universe is not only infinite, but also in constant expansion? Meaning it is constantly growing, for every single experience that is made more is added to the universal library and landscape.


We are no exception to that reality. The core of our existence and the reason we were seeded as species and given Free Will - which is our ability to choose what we wish to experience at any given time - is so that we may draw the lessons from these experiences, expand our consciousness (expand our awareness and understanding of reality), and grow as a result of it. The Universe being infinite there will always be more for us to learn, but likewise, as more experiences take place and more scenarios or timelines are created, it gives even more opportunities for others to choose from, in an Eternal Organic Cycle of Creation.


Human beings have the ability to create the reality they wish to experience by embodying it, this is also called manifestation (though I generally avoid using that term for there is a lot confusion and distortions around it). We are a creator species that is able to create and sustain entire timelines through its sole will. We often hear that we can shape the reality we experience with the thoughts we choose to have and that is because the thoughts we have carry an energetic frequency that is the energy which we embody in the moment when we are having that thought. For instance, if I have mainly loving thoughts then Love is the main vibration I embody in the moment, or if I have predominantly angry thoughts then the main vibration I embody in the moment is anger. The main vibration I embody in the moment (or the one to which I choose to give the most importance) is my current reality, everything around me is experienced and felt through the lens of that vibration. Like so, by shifting our mindset, our attitude, we can radically shift the outcome our day - or at the very least the perception we have of it. 


This process works similarly on a larger scale, what the majority of Humanity chooses (whether consciously or unconsciously) to experience and embody will become the collective experience for all. This is actually the main reason for the Controllers' invasion and enslavement of our species, so that in mind controlling us and conditioning us to believe a specific version of reality they were able to have us collectively embody and thus manifest that reality into existence, for their own benefits.


So on a larger, Service to Others perspective, this process is very important to understand and assimilate. If we attune to Unity Consciousness - this idea that everything is connected, that everything originates from the same prime Consciousness of the One - and choose to be of service to the Creation and others, because we understand we are others and others are us; it becomes crucial for us to consciously choose our every thought, word and action to be in energetic resonance with the timelines we wish to see being manifested, created for Humanity, planet Earth and even the Galaxy and the Universe at large. As co-creators of the Universe, it is our responsibility to make a conscious effort to direct our energies (through thoughts, words and actions) in a way that aligned to the Greater Good, in a STO effort


The virtue gained from dedicated alignment to serve our highest expression in God is to receive the blessings from the Spirit of Peace - Lisa Renee

The Law of One.


The Law of One is the universal law by which everything is connected the One Source God and that the only Truth in this Creation is Love. It is an energetic principle of Sacred Sciences which describes the interconnectedness of all things and how every action we take or every choice we make has consequences onto the rest of Creation. When we choose to harm others (whether consciously or unconsciously, there is always a choice being made) we choose to harm ourselves, and conversely when we choose to harm ourselves, we also harm others.


What makes us Angelic or Christic Humans is that we are directly connected to the One Source God, and so the Law of One offers us some important guidelines as to how to align ourselves in the best possible way to our true origin and essence. This alignment will in turn bring us in energetic resonance with higher frequencies of Inner Peace, as well as Spiritual Protection for the more we are resonant with higher spiritual frequencies, the less we are in resonance with harmful lower frequencies and we gradually no longer experience the reality they embody, we no longer operate within the same energetic fields as those frequencies.


The Law of One allows us to align ourselves to Unity Consciousness, a higher consciousness which embodies Wisdom, Love, Compassion, Benevolence, Beauty and Harmony. It is comprised of 7 practices that allow us to strengthen and maintain this organic alignment to the Natural Laws of Creation (the Universal Laws) and bring more Balance, Inner Peace, Focus and Purpose to our lives.


These practices are:


1. Unity Consciousness: the understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Fundamentally, everything that exists comes from the same God Source. Everything that is alive in the natural and organic sense, which is all that naturally comes from this Source, is a form of intelligence or energy - energy or light is but information. Every Human being, but also every animal, plant or mineral is a form of intelligent energy and has a form of consciousness.


2. Loving Yourself: when we understand the principles of Unity Consciousness, we understand that loving and respecting ourselves is a crucial part in honouring and expressing our reverence and gratitude for this God Source which we belong to. It is also understanding that we are God Source before any individualised personality we may embody.


3. Loving Others: others are a reflection of the self and vice versa, much like loving ourselves is crucial, loving others is the next natural step and allows us to extend our gratitude and reverence for Life and the Intelligent Energy that animates all things.


4. Loving the Earth and Nature: respecting and honouring all parts of Creation around us and all forms of Life no matter how different or similar to us. The Earth and Nature are also Intelligent Life form of the God Source and they sustain us and provide us shelter, a place for us to live our experiences within a specific frequency band (a dimension or even a set of dimensions).


5. Service to Others: striving to serve others in whichever way is accessible to us and in a selfless manner, but also supporting others around us on their own spiritual journey.


6. Consciousness Expansion: seeking to grow and learn from every experiences and encounters, seeking to constantly better ourselves and our impact on the creation from all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It is also about reaching higher parts of our Consciousness and to anchor them in our current incarnated form, developing spiritual values and being dedicated to the spiritual path, as well as transcending the mind and the ego personalities.


7. Responsible Co-creatorship: understanding our role in the creation process and our responsibility in what we choose to co-create for all to experience. It is about understanding the extent of each one of our thought, word and action and the impact they have on the entirety of the Creation as per the Law of Cause and Effect. Besides, it is about understanding that we are extensions of the God Source whom continues to create through us. When we are connected to this reality, we can allow this Source to guide us fully in all of our actions so as to be perfectly aligned to this divine process of creation.


Over the last few thousands of years, the self-proclaimed Power Elite have programmed us into building and sustaining an entire matrix of systems based on Service to Self values that are at the opposite of our very Nature. Anti-life values were always at the forefront of this controlling matrix where fear, unhealthy competition, judgement, division, gaslighting, lies and deception became the norm; while Heart-based values such as Love, Kindness, Vulnerability, Unity and Compassion were ridiculed, shunned or even considered weaknesses. 


Like so, for centuries, Human beings have perverted and betrayed themselves oftentimes without even realising it, leading to overall states of uneasiness, anxiety and unhappiness which also became normalised in our modern society where experiencing chronic stress and/or anxiety is the reality of nearly every other individual, adults, teenagers and children alike.


And so, while the phase we are in right now may feel like the world is falling apart before our eyes, we must restore a multidimensional, universal perspective, understanding that what we have assimilated as being normal for so long (all the wars, genocides, injustice, poverty, famines....), is in fact at the opposite of who we are and why we are here. We find ourselves in an awkward and difficult transition phase where the new, expansive organic timelines, ones that are in much higher resonance with our True Nature and our Heart-based values are finally bifurcating from the old, destructive artificial timelines (we call this process the Bifurcation of Timelines).


We are in the middle of a spiritual battle in which on one side all the distortions, lies, manipulations and consumptive mechanisms are brought to light, the entire collective Shadow is gradually being exposed; and on the other side a large portion of humanity goes into full blown cognitive dissonance and completely shuts off in face of the tsunami that are the disclosure timelines, where they choose to remain asleep and keep drinking the lies of the Controllers despite all evidences being brought up.


As the technocratic agendas of enslavement and control of Humanity increase in intensity, each one of us is now faced with more and more decisions to make in our own personal lives that will have significant rippling consequences on the future of our entire species. This is a time for us to revise our priorities and ask ourselves what our core purpose is? Do we care for our own individual lives more than we care for the future our children, their children and our species at large?


The Controllers are not willing to leave this planet. They will put up a fight. Until the end. And so they will keep on amping up their control systems and genocidal agendas. This is where each and every one of us is asked to make a choice: remain silent and comply, or defend our rights and freedoms by refusing their anti-life controlling systems. The latter seems the obvious choice for most of us now, but how much are we ready, and willing to let go of in order to support that choice?


As they move forwards with their controlling systems we may find ourselves being gradually pushed out of the systems we have been operating in up until now. This may include no longer having access to parts of the current medical, educational and financial systems or maybe even to some parts of the food supply chains for instance. And while this sounds like, and in fact may be, a difficult experience, it may also be the last push we needed in order to (re)build, (re)organise and create a society made of systems that support all the higher moral values aforementioned. We must prepare ourselves for it on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels (and this will be the topic of upcoming blogposts and articles - preparation on all level for the times ahead); as well as act from a centred neutral place, knowing that nothing can take our connection to God Source away from us, and that it will lead us exactly where we need to be in each moment, providing us with the right tools and the right guidance, leading us to the right people and communities. There is no place for fear when we learn to embody the pure Love that is our own God Source frequency.


When we learn to tune to the true nature of our species, one that is Angelic / Christic and in direct connection to God Source, we then understand that this transition process, no matter how hard and scary it may be for some of us right now (and in the coming years), is actually bringing us closer than ever to what we truly are, to experience what we were always meant to experience. It is re-aligning us to the Natural Divine processes of Creation and our innate birthright to Peace and Harmony for ALL.


So when the time comes to make choices in our individual lives, let us put things back into a much bigger perspective than our individual realities, and ask ourselves the right questions:


· What do we truly stand for in this world? 


· What do we wish to create for this world? 


· Is today's comfort worth tomorrow's Freedom and Sovereignty?


The answers may not be comfortable for the ego, but they will feel like an evidence for the Soul and Consciousness.


From the bottom of Heart, I thank you for being a Truth Seeker, 

The world needs you now more than ever, take good care of yourselves on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Rest when you need it, support the body, and take action only when you feel aligned and guided to. Things should open up a little more in Spring, Winter is time for preparation and energy conservation.


Do not underestimate your potential as a unique individual strand of the God Source, we were made for times like this.


In deep Love and Gratitude,

GSF, Melissa 🐋


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