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January 2018

Planet Earth, Ascension and Manipulations, Awakening, Extra-terrestrial, Ascension
Planet Earth - Picture by Yuri_B.

Towards the end of December 2017, we have entered a new cycle, a new phase in this giant process of Collective and Individual Awakening Humanity and the Earth are going through. We have merged onto the next Ascension cycle.


Ascension is a perpetual process of evolution, of spiritual evolution. It is the mechanics that lead us to constantly progress towards the following (or higher - without judgement of value) frequency spectrums and dimensional planes of existence, in other words the following levels of Awareness and further states of Consciousness Expansion, of Integrated Knowledge. It is not just the Earth, nor Humanity that is subjected to these mechanisms, but rather the entire Universe. Indeed Science has found out the Universe is in constant expansion, it is ever increasing, learning from itself and growing, on all levels. Like so, the Ascension is but a natural, biological process all living beings go through, more or less knowingly.


Our planetary Ascension cycle is triggered by particular planetary alignment, also referred to as the precession of the equinoxes. A cycle is said to last approximately 26 566 years, and the December 2012 - December 2017 bracket marked the end of such a cycle, and the transition onto another one - what incredible times to be alive!


While this process is Universal and perpetual, this very Ascension cycle on Earth is somewhat different. Indeed, Humanity has been thrown into an artificial (unnatural) and forced cycle of globalised ignorance and enslavement through the control and curtailing of its Knowledge, of its Growth and even of its Incarnation process (as we will see further below); all of which make this particular cycle all about uncovering hidden Truth, hidden Knowledge and global manipulations, as well as emancipating from the controlling systems in place that were never intended for the well-being of Humans and where our core values were constantly inverted. Humanity will thus have to re-evaluate its entire society and lifestyle and re-Educate itself, shifting its perspective and learning about even its own True Nature.


This shift of perspective, of awareness is going to prove more difficult than a "normal" shift, as many humans are still deeply seated within their own erroneous beliefs systems and completely unaware of the enslavement they are being subjected to, and of the basic mechanisms of the Universe, such as the Ascension process for instance. Besides, since our Evolution was greatly hindered there has not been much improvement, other than some technological advancement, in the last 10 000 years or so (of course some improvements were made, but they are few compared to what we could have accomplished, had we been free to evolve naturally / organically - i.e. had we all been aligned to the Natural Evolutionary Laws of the Universe).


In this article on some concrete aspects of the Ascension within our Collective Reality, we will cover some of the extraordinary discoveries I made over the last few years, through various books and other websites I often refer to, but also through my own personal development, dismantling - of the negative ego and personality - and reactivations (all of which is of course still a work in progress, the perpetual work of a lifetime).


To understand the Ascension, we must open to the multidimensionality of our Universe and of our selves, which will inevitably lead us to a Cosmic Awakening, that is to say to acknowledge the reality of extra-terrestrial life on and off planet, for there is no true Spiritual Awakening without a Cosmic Awakening. While as we saw in the Body, Mind, Soul series, on an individual level the Ascension is mainly about "bringing down" higher levels of our Higher Consciousness and  Spirit right here in our physical body, biologically embodying our Higher Self (Divine Self) and beginning to acquire an awareness of our multidimensional self (our other levels of being - see my article The Soul); on a collective level, this Ascension is equivalent of Emancipation through Knowledge, gaining Freedom by discovering and disclosing of all the manipulations we were subjected to, understanding the conspiracy against humanity is also multidimensional - which means it takes place on more than one planes of existence and dates back to thousands and thousands of years ago - so that we can later learn to un-program and "unplug" ourselves from these globalised Mind Control techniques and this illusory "reality" of our 3D Earth.


As always, I will please ask you to read on through this article until the end without judgement, leaving your own programmings and/or projections aside, and then choose to keep what resonates with you and discard the rest. It is high time for us all to share our truth and thus empower others to do so. (This article is my attempt at doing so, as with the body of work that is Sovereign · Planet). 

Tesla, energy, frequency, vibrations, quote
Energy, Frequency and Vibration - edited by Melissa, background by Tommyvideo.


To understand the multidimensionality of our Universe, we must first understand that there is far more than what meets the eyes - or even any telescope for that matter - to our Universe. Our first five senses, which we are taught to believe are our only senses and define reality, can only perceive a tiny fraction of what we call the electromagnetic spectrum, which in turn is only a tiny fraction (visible light) of the estimated mass of the Universe: about 0.005%! This shows us how there is more than 99,995% of the Universe our first five senses can not perceive, but it does not mean this 99.995% of the Universe do not exist, does it? What humans have long called Spirit and spiritual, is what resides beyond those five senses, in that sense we can say that in many ways Spirit is one and the same with Physics or Science that we have yet to understand and/or perceive. 

Click image to enlarge - Electromagnetic spectrum →

In the Universe, we know everything is energy vibrating or resonating at various frequencies. The slower the vibrational rate the denser the "object" and the faster the rate the less dense, the less "solid" it appears, what we call "matter" - and makes up only about 4.5% of the Universe - is thus physically "manifested" energy vibrating at a very slow rate. Everything that vibrates faster than we do begins to leave our frequency spectrum and gradually becomes invisible to the naked eye. But this also goes beyond most technological devices we have so far developed to perceive higher frequencies. There are yet infinite realms to be discovered and understood by Humanity in higher frequency realities.

Much like a radio player, which can perceive certain radio stations when tuned to the right radio waves, the right frequencies, our bodies are able to tune to different realities within a certain frequency range, depending on

Electro-magnetic spectrum, frequency, visible light, quote, Nassim Haramein

our receivers. The receivers in our body have been heavily suppressed and maintained within the first five senses spectrum/reality, so that we do not attune to higher realms. This was done through both physical suppression (mainly via excessive medication, constant poisoning of our food, air, water and care products, and various harmful electromagnetic waves) as well as through global mind control techniques maintaining us within limitative belief systems which did not allow for our Consciousness Expansion. However, throughout History, many have transcended these suppressions and were able to reach higher frequencies, that is for instance what mediums or most of the prophets (in their original non-distorted versions) or spiritually enlightened teachers did when they channelled hyperdimensional beings, knowledge, guidance and/or realms. 


In this process of Ascension and of Awakening (which is the same thing) some of us have begun to develop Higher Sensory Perceptions, which means we have attuned their receivers to the next higher frequency range, or in other words the next dimensional plane of existence. These Higher Sensory Perceptions are what we commonly call psychic abilities, such as empathy, telepathy, interdimensional communications, psychic dreams, intuition, astral projection, etc. Yet we remain within this very reality, within the same physical body. This is precisely what it means to be a multidimensional being, we exist across several dimensions simultaneously, through different levels of Awareness and different layers of our Higher Consciousness or Spirit.


Understanding and accepting the multidimensionality of our Universe and of ourselves is fundamental in comprehending the true depth of the manipulations we are subjected to here on planet Earth, for the conspiracy against humanity goes far beyond this physical realm (the 3D), and actually goes far beyond the next realm we are merging with as well (see my article The Soul for more details on the concept of dimensions). This is why a Spiritual Awakening, that is to say discovering and understanding the spiritual aspect of our being and of the Universe, is one and the same with the current Ascension process. It is just as important to become spiritually aware and develop higher spiritual values, as it is to uncover and disclose the hidden agendas, hidden knowledge and global economic slavery Humanity was purposefully thrown into.

Once we begin to grasp not only the infinite aspect of our Universe, but on top of that its multidimensionality, it becomes near impossible to keep on believing we are alone in the Cosmos. We begin to understand those beings and/or entities Humanity have long called gods (different from God), angels, guides, ghosts, demons, etc. were no other than and extra-terrestrial beings living in other frequency range, in other dimensions reaching out to us for various benevolent and/or malevolent reasons. We begin to understand the Universe is indeed inhabited by thousands of civilisations and species, all living on different frequencies, different levels of existence, different dimensions, and yet all simultaneously, and some even within the same time-space as we do. This is where the Spiritual Awakening becomes a Cosmic Awakening

Shooting stars, Cosmic, Extra-terrestrial, ascension, awakening

Photographing the Stars - Picture by Comfreak.

A Cosmic Awakening on a larger scale, on a collective level will truly be the game changer for the Emancipation of Humanity and its Ascension. Once people awaken to the reality of extra-terrestrial life, its presence on and off planet, its involvement with our True History and Evolution, once we understand we are a part of a much larger community within the Galaxy, and we attune to the Knowledge and Wisdom of some of our neighbours, only then will we become able to fully grasp the enslavement of our planet - a planet dubbed the "Prison Planet" amongst the Galaxy, hence the name of my website Sovereign · Planet - as well as the multidimensionality of the conspiracy, thus becoming able to begin to work towards reclaiming our Sovereignty and Freedom in full Knowledge and Awareness of our TRUE Environment.

Once awakened to extra-terrestrial life as being a part of our entire History, humans will be more inclined to consider all the lies and manipulations of "the few"

(whom we also call "the royal/banking elite" amongst other names). This is why so many in the community of the spiritual whistle blowers and other Lightworkers, or whatever other name, are so focused on the Cosmic Disclosure as it will be the starting block for all other disclosures to fully spread out and for the New Humanity to emerge.


We will become able to make truly Informed and Conscious decision as to wether keep the old system (and its illusory "comfort" or even the "comfort" of not having to change) or Expand our Collective Consciousness and reach out to these other civilisations in the Cosmos and begin to interact with them and learn from the experience, knowledge and wisdom of the more Spiritually advanced ones.


The true Spiritual Awakening of Humanity will be no other than a Cosmic Awakening.

Astonaut, Earth, Awakening, Cosmic, Extra-terrestrial

Astronaut and the Earth - Picture by Comfreak.


Even though they are under close stewardship of benevolent races and civilisations said to be of Service to Others, for thousands of years, Humanity and the Earth have been colonised, controlled and all-round enslaved by various groups of entities said to be of Service to Self, that have infiltrated all poles of the human society so as to gain control over it and manipulate it, as well as gaining access to Earth's natural resources; having us forget this divine connection with other Spiritually Advanced races (of Service to Others). It is now high time for us to uncover these manipulations and reclaim our connection and Divine right that is this benevolent Stewardship. Today the information on the matter of the manipulations as well as Divine and Service to Others encounters is plentiful, many archeologists, former military experts, former intelligence agencies and other governmental poles' members, scientists of all fields (medicine, physics, biology, etc.), as well as countless "ordinary" individuals have come out on their own "extraordinary", out-of-this-world discoveries and/or experiences.


The list of the lies and manipulations that lead us to this state of profound ignorance and complete amnesia of our True Nature and Origins is endless. Following is a summary of these manipulations, gathered under four main categories, but it is not exhaustive and is only meant as an overview to gain perspective on the depth of the illusion. More details, concrete examples and datas will be provided for each of these different themes in my upcoming articles and according to my own integration and understanding of said themes, some of which I briefly cover already with some examples throughout the blog section of Sovereign · Planet.

1 - ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE AND TRUE HISTORY (our evolutionary and galactic background)

There are countless books and documentaries reporting of the numerous and worldwide findings of Ancient sites and civilisations that have nothing to do with those whom we were taught about in school books. These various artefacts and ancient texts are well documented, but the scientists and archeologists that choose to study them are often ridiculed and/or persecuted. A great part of our True History is told in the myths, legends and religious books, but was heavily distorted throughout the centuries and boxed under names such as "folklore" or "spiritism" so as to add discredit. These researches and discoveries

Earth’s knowledge, Book, Knowledge, Ancient, Awakening

Earth's Resources and Knowledge.

are progressively being disclosed to growing numbers of Humans looking to quench their thirst for Truth and Knowledge.

Following are some examples of what we can expect to be disclosed and gradually accepted by the public in the coming years in the lines of our True Evolutionary History:


 Other Human civilisations, far more advanced than ours, roaming the Earth before we did as well as in our early days, such as the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria.


Ancient Aliens also roaming the Earth and interacting with those previous civilisations, as well as our own. Some benevolent and here to support and guide Humanity in its Evolutionary process - of Service to Others - and some malevolent here to harvest Humans' energies and Earth's resources - of Service to Self. Note: I will focus more on the latter in this article and will develop more on the Service to Others civilisations in the next one.

Same and others Ancient Aliens having interfered with our Evolution and Incarnation process - mainly through genetic engineering and advanced technologies placing the Earth under an electrostatic field called the N.E.T. for thousands of years preventing humans to go through an organic or divine process of incarnation, but instead a forced and artificial cycle, thus preventing them from truly evolving and learning from an incarnation onto another. This NET began to crack at the end of 2012 and thus allowed for the Stewardship to get "closer" and more involved with our Ascension again - this is one of the reasons why we have seen such a surge Consciousness Expansions and Spiritual Awakenings in the past few years and that the end of 2012 was a pivotal time for a lot of us in our private lives as well.


Sacred Science. Mainstream science, mainstream spirituality (also known as the New Age) and all religions, all have truths in them, only to be better distorted and curbed to confuse humans even more. Modern mainstream science has been confined into this linear thinking and materialistic approach. On the other hand, Quantum physicists for instance are growing in numbers and understanding the Sciences behind some of the oldest Spiritual teachings, linking the two and making extraordinary discoveries, approaching our Consciousness and the Universe from an energetic stand point with a "new" eye.


Also related to Science are all ancient remedies and medicine, either having a more holistic approach (taking into account the whole body-mind-soul connection) or being more focused on the preventive aspects of having and maintaining a balanced physical and energetic body, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine for instance which has proven very efficient, and has existed for over 2000 years, but is mostly dismissed or denigrated by "modern" conventional medicine (this disconnection of modern Medicine has greatly increased over the last few decades).


The Universal Laws principles: the accurate functioning of our Universe (and thus of our very beings), that are just as much of Spiritual than of Scientific nature. As well as the multidimensionality of our Universe.


What we call the Power Elite or the Controllers are those at the head of our Governments, Intelligence Agencies and other such groups, but also the Military Industrial Complex, the Academics (Scientist, Researchers, Teachers, Doctors, etc.), the Financial/Banking system, the Religious authorities as well as the Media/Entertainment poles. By infiltrating every single one of these poles of our society gradually over the centuries, what used to be the Royals and some Secret Societies have taken over the planet and are now able to control the better part of the Information and how it circulates, all the while having Humanity believe it is still free. This self-proclaimed Elite is comprised of:


our Governments and/or all various Intelligence Agencies, they are accomplice, or pawns more so, for the Banking and Financial elite as well as the Royals and implement their orders through the various laws and amendments they impose us, serving their agendas.

those we call the Royals are very ancient bloodlines that consider themselves superior and/or "chosen" in some ways and have maintained their lineage "pure" and gradually infiltrated all poles of our current society in numerous countries worldwide, with the common population not being aware how many of them are actually of the same descent. Some of them also gather under various Secret Societies such as the Freemasons and the Illuminatis (which are one and the same nowadays) for instance.

the Banking and Financial elite is in control of the monetary system, which is the number one tool for enslavement of Humanity and was always intended as such. They have more power than any government do and they do not have to answer to any authority (one of their most current agenda for instance is that of a "cashless" society for even more control).

the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), is in charge for the technological advancement of our civilisation, or of their own. Most, if not all, technologies we commonly use today

Control system, mass surveillance, gobal control, planet control, enslavement

Global Control - Picture by Timisu.

(such as the internet for instance) have primarily been developed for military purposes. Today the MIC is far more advanced in its research on artificial intelligence, genetic engineering (cloning, hybridisation...) or geo-emgineering (control and modification of climate) for instance than us "ordinary" civilians could possibly imagine.

 the Academics were key in constraining which knowledge was passed on through the Education systems and which was kept hidden. Over the centuries academics were all trained and brainwashed (unknowingly more often than not) and/or enticed (through powerful lobbies recently, or through threat, persecution and even assassination) to accept and/or refuse certain "truths", conclusions and ancient knowledge, becoming more and more closed off to groundbreaking new discoveries and new ways of approaching Sciences or of thinking. And those who dared to do so were persecuted and/or ridiculed (through these very common "character assassination" techniques). Some of them of older times, even had their discoveries distorted and/or manipulated with time after their passing.

the Media and Entertainment spheres (which are mostly tools and pawns rather than actual parts of the elite) have become the latest and most efficient way to control the Information and Mind Control the population into remaining docile and accepting all these various agendas by insidiously imposing what is acceptable and what is not (see my blogpost "Entertainment, Mind Control and Transhumanism" for some quick examples).

The New World Order is an agenda of these elites aiming at a single worldwide government to gain better control and apply the same level and degree of enslavement to the entire population. Entities such as NATO or even the European Union are all part of this scheme, and the Bielderberg meetings would be where all the mains courses of actions are decided nowadays.


There are many Agendas of Mind Control being forced upon Humanity at the same time and globally. And although they might seem unrelated, are all intended with this same core purpose of Enslavement and of harvesting of energies. We must remain vigilant as to when and how they might be enforced upon us personally, or we might unknowingly be participating in their fulfilment. Learning to decode these programs will enhance our individual Sovereignty recovery.


Following are some of the main ones:

timeline, global control, global enslavement

Global Manipulations -Picture by Comfreak.

Divide and Rule or Divide and Conquer: spreading and maintaining climates of fear and of war, through "war and terror" agendas and various false flag events (9/11 being the most blatant one for our generation) and various terrorist militias created by the Government spheres and/or the MIC, all of which supported and sustained by the Media/Entertainment spheres and the way we are taught "History" (on top of it being distorted). But also various other means of maintaining Humanity divided - and thus more easily controlled since when humans are too busy fighting each others they do not have time to question the Establishment - such as continuously turning men against women, black people against white people, homosexuals against religious, Americans against Middle Easterns, and the list goes on (all of these example work both ways of course).

Victim/Victimizer (actually part of Divide and Rule process) is the principle of maintaining this common rule across the globe, pushing humans to be constant victims of some and victimizers of others. This program is heavily portrayed throughout all levels of society, from an overtly armed police officer facing a teenager delinquent, to a parent shouting his/her very own "disobedient" child, the child might in turn bully his schoolmates and the teenager become aggressive with his own parents. This is an endless cycle of perpetrating some form of violence at some level in our lives, that is the mirror for the global scale of the crimes against humanity some humans become able to commit or participate in. Nowadays, these particular archetypes are not only heavily portrayed, but also glamourised in the Media/Entertainment spheres (extreme violence is now common place in movies, series, music videos, video games, news reports, etc.); and in the past have been supported and carried through by violent and barbaric religious wars, beliefs and practices.

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misery is the distortion of the Sacred Union through sexual intercourse and the sacred spiritual aspect of sex. In our modern days, this is most obviously perpetrated through the Entertainment/Media spheres with the constant praise of debauchery and sexual promiscuity, but in the past was suppressed and shamed by the religious authorities, creating profound frustrations as well. This is part of and has aggravated the distortion of the Sacred Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles; and together with the Victim/Victimizer and Misogyny/Patriarchal programmings, lead to unhealthy, unbalanced and violent relationships between men and women. Sexual intercourse is a sacred act that is able to provide strong energy exchanges and can be a way to Enlightenment, hence why it became yet another tool for the curtailing of Human's Spiritual Evolution.

Child Abuse and Child Sacrifices is one of the more complex agendas to approach as a lot of it happens well hidden from the public (even more so than most other agendas). Child Abuse, Child Trafficking, Child Sacrifices and Paedophile Networks are more often than not closely linked to Satanic practices worldwide, and together are the darkest and deepest secret Humanity will have no choice but to eventually face. More and more journalists and whistle blowers risk their own lives (and that of their families) to begin to uncover and disclose the humongous networks of horrors that are rampant worldwide. Once again, all poles of our society have been infiltrated, to the point where the Justice system, the schools and even Social Services have also been infested with accomplices of these horrible crimes. The goal of such networks, on top of maintaining climates of fear and despair amongst humans, is also about the harvesting of energies, knowing that children's energies are purer in their innocence. This topic is of course more complicated and happens on different levels of being, but it is also a consequence of the Victim/Victimiser programs that turns a lot (but of course not all!) the "former victims" into "future predators".

Misogyny and the Patriarchal Oligarchy closely tie in to the Sexual Misery and Victim/Victimiser programs, turning women into perpetual victims of society and men, and men into dominating and violent predators. While the Feminine oppression and suppression has been brought to light in the last decades, the Masculine Wound still remains mostly unheard of. Both are two sides of the same coin and it is important to approach the topic as such so as to avoid more division amongst Humanity (see my blogpost Sexual Scams and Hidden Agendas).

Transhumanism, artificial intelligence, matrix, control matrix

Transhumanism - picture by Comfreak.

Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) have begun to be heavily pressed upon society in the last few years, and we can see it most blatantly in the Entertainment/Media spheres. The goal of this agenda might be a far stretch for a lot of us, but, amongst many things, it aims at connecting Humans to a single global A.I. "mind" - once again easier to control - also dubbed "The Cloud" by Ray Kurzweil (from Google) and others, by fusing technology within the Human body to later "plug" it onto this A.I. global mind. This agenda plays on the belief most humans have that their physical body is at its finest and highest evolution possible, completely occulting the possibility for further natural and organic evolution, enticing them with this idea of the "augmented human" that is to say a human fused with the machine, supposedly to

enhance its abilities. It is important to understand that on a spiritual level, the fusion of technology with the physical body will cause for the Soul to gradually leave this vehicle she will no longer recognise, for the Soul thrives off everything that is organic and is repelled by that which is inorganic. More on the Transhumanism Agenda here.


Once again, this theme will be a far stretch for a lot of us, but it is time to stop the lies and to spread these informations regardless of the response we are faced with, so that progressively the Collective Consciousness becomes more familiar with it all. So please, again, keep what feels resonant and discard the rest. 💕

As seen in the Ancient History theme, Humanity has long been in contact with extra-terrestrial civilisations and species. Over time these contacts were reduced and reserved to a small part of the population,

Extra-terrestrial, abduction, UFO, ascension and manipulations

Ufo and Children - picture by Comfreak.

which became the Power Elite of our modern days (this process happened through the Elite's manipulations mostly, but we will develop further in future articles). Our Governments and Military Industrial Complexes (MIC) are today in regular contacts with some of these more advanced civilisations, although not all of them are of benevolent nature - far from it. After World War II (most notably), the MIC have made several agreements with some of them, and in exchange for highly advanced technologies have allowed for the trafficking of human and children on and off planet, for various reasons. These programs are part of the Secret Space Programs. Today, the MIC is in possession of numerous highly advanced technologies such as age regression, more advanced space travels, free energy, advanced Genetic Engineering techniques (cloning, hybridisation), life-like holographic technologies or geo-engineering methods. Many insiders have come forward and recall the projects they have worked on or even helped develop.

Flower, field, awakening, ascension, aurora, wild

Flowers and Aurora Colours - Picture by Vargazs.

These are some of the main lines for these Global Mind Control systems. One of the reason Earth was targetted like so, on top of its natural resources, is because it was created to be some sort of a giant library for genetics. What this means is that the Earth is host of a wide range of various genetics, various live beings with very specific DNA codes, that are found throughout the entire Universe in more or less similar manifestations, and it seems it is quite uncommon to find such diversity of genetics naturally on a single planet, which makes Earth rather rich and "interesting". Besides, as mentioned in my article The Soul, DNA codes are necessary to access different planes of existence. For instance, we saw the 12 strands of the Human DNA each tie in to each of the first 12 dimensions of our Universe; each strand, or each equivalent chakra being a key to access its corresponding dimension. This principle also works for the Earth's chakras (all living beings have DNA coding of some sort, and planets are living entities), also called vortices or Stargates. These 12 planetary stargates serve as portals, or entry points towards other dimensions, and the Earth thus also allows access for all 12 dimensions of our Universal Matrix to those who possess the necessary Technology and Spiritual Advancement, as these should always go hand in hand.


This briefly explains the quest for genetic codes of some of the more technologically advanced civilisations of Service to Self, as well as their desire to colonise and control the Earth. Indeed, we must also acknowledge that more advanced Technologically does not necessarily mean advanced Spiritually even though it should be a priority for a civilisation to maintain balance between these two. The Universe is thus filled with various civilisations each having their own Agendas, some benevolent and Spiritually Mature - of Service to Others - and some less - of Service to Self. Those of Service to Self might still benefit from advanced artificial Technologies but will need to hack and/or steal the natural resources needed for their Technology to function properly such as DNA codes and Vital Life Force - the Divine/Sacred Energy which is only gained through a clear connection with the Divine (hence the Energy harvesting methods mentioned above).


The Collective Ascension will manifest through the unveiling and disclosing of all these manipulations one after another to the public. More and more people are already on this path of Truth seeking, of learning and finding the Information out of the mainstream, out of their own and the collective's old belief and thinking patterns, projections and denial, with a new eye and an open mind. So I will insist here, that I am sharing my own learnings at this time of writing but they may evolve with time as I do so myself, thus I highly encourage you to do your own research and see for yourself.


Martin Luther King Jr.

These deep realisations can be shocking and lead to feelings of despair and being overwhelmed with the amount of delusion we were thrown into, resulting in a form of chaos where the population looses hope and trust in its Environment and Species; or of denial, where it will become the greatest accomplice of said Controllers. This is the Collective Dark Night of the Soul. It is a global crisis, which we are in the midst of, where the division between two Humanities, one who begins to see behind the Veils of Illusion, and the one who will choose to keep its comfort and remain in the Illusion becomes more and more palpable. This is where those of us already on the Ascension path will play a crucial role in guiding and reassuring humans awakening in waves of greater and greater numbers, and where our ability to develop Self Mastery - the ability to maintain balanced emotional and mental states regardless of external conditions - a proper knowledge for our evolutionary context and an awareness of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial agendas will prove crucial.


Empowering ourselves through Knowledge enables us to empower others.


Earth and Humanity's current Ascension is not only about uncovering the manipulations and the illusions, as well as understanding that it we are not alone in the Universe, but also, and most especially I would say, that we were colonised and made to forget a very long while ago. The only way to overcome and overthrow these manipulations and the horrors they entail is to face and expose them, shedding a Light on them so as to eradicate the Shadows.


Thankfully, there are other positive races in the Cosmos and in our Galaxy and Solar System, working hard alongside Humanity for its Emancipation and Natural Evolution. These benevolent beings said to be of Service to Others are always there by our sides and work with each and all of us. This connection, be it collective or individual, can be greatly deepened once we consciously choose to align ourselves with the Universal Laws.


In my next article I will approach the Ascension on a more individual level, and we will see how to develop stronger relationships and communication links with our own personal spiritual support teams, as well as more benevolent civilisations, through understanding and aligning with the Universal Laws.


TIME TO STOP THE LIES: is precisely what this Ascension cycle is about for Humanity collectively and individually! Moving out of our own programmings and out of denial and fear, and aligning ourselves with our long forgotten Divine Values, those of the Heart and Soul.



· It is our Divine Right to reclaim these long lost Sovereignty and Freedom! ·

In deep Love and Gratitude,

Melissa 🐋

“Not until the creation and maintenance of decent conditions of life for all people are recognized and accepted as a common obligation of all people and all countries - not until then shall we, with a certain degree of justification, be able to speak of humankind as civilized.”


- Albert Einstein, The World As I See It.

Please note that because I share a piece or excerpt of someone's work does not mean I endorse their entire work, nor everything they may represent and/or believe in. I will ask that, as with everything, you use your own vibrational and intellectual discernment and evaluate for yourself whether this resonates with your inner truth and higher knowing or if you choose to discard it, thank you.

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- Missing Children and People in numbers - datas and number from Fact Retriever.

- Human Trafficking in numbers - datas and number from Fact Retriever.

- Military Insider Emery Smith interviewed by David Wilcock talks about the MIC involvement with unidentified mummified beings, tissues and DNA, Transhumanism Agenda, Genetic Engineering, and more.

- If you still think you are free: article by Humans are Free website.

- International Declaration of Human Rights: Article 28.

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