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Winter Solstice 2020

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Personal photo, text by Lisa Renee
Personal photo, text by Lisa Renee

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since my last Newsletter... I hope you are all well despite the current external climate upon planet Earth.

Most of you I am sure have noticed the intensification of the energies throughout the year, beginning at the end of 2019 actually. We are in the midst of incredible Times of Transition that will change the face of the Earth and all its inhabitants in unprecedented ways, and so, for the better.

As I have often mentioned on Sovereign · Planet, we are experiencing quite a unique shift of realities upon Earth, we are entering a new cycle of Ascension. These cycles last approximately 26 000 years, so they are quite the shift and do not happen so often (at least in our current understanding of time). These cycles are triggered by a series of planetary alignments (the precession of the equinoxes) which act as opening gates for new (higher) frequencies to enter our reality, they mark a complete cycle of all astrological signs cycles (each of a little over 2000 years) and so we are also moving from the Age of Pisces (parent/child dynamics) onto the Age of Aquarius (teamwork, collective dynamics).

As you can imagine, the transition from such a long cycle to another does not happen overnight, and energy is gradually built in the new reality or timeline over the course of several decades, centuries even. This accretion of light (energy) can thus be felt by several generations until the new cycle, the new frequency is stabilised in the physical reality. And this is exactly what we have been experiencing increasingly, most prominently since the 2012 portal (on the 12/12) and up until now.

Meme by Laura Matsue
Meme by Laura Matsue

The Winter Solstice of 2020, on the 21st of December, marks the shift onto this new Ascension cycle, as planets align, and so we may better understand the building up of tensions globally throughout the year. For, as opposed to what many believe, the Ascension, or Spiritual Awakening is not all bliss and ecstasy. The Spiritual Awakening is about transmuting the Shadow into Light, what that means is that what used to lie in darkness, occulted, denied or suppressed is exposed, brought up to the surface for Consciousness to witness, acknowledge, heal and grow from. This is what we are all undergoing, knowingly or not, both collectively and individually.

Collectively on planet Earth, where distortions, manipulations and the enslavement of the human race have taken place for eons (see my article Collective Ascension and Global Manipulations) this equals times of Great Disclosure on all fronts. All occult practices, hidden Knowledge and Sciences, hidden and distorted History, global enslavement practices, human trafficking (on and off planet) and much more are gradually being disclosed to the population. This has shown up this year with child trafficking networks being exposed, as well as the satanic and paedophile practices that are rampant in Hollywood, political corruption globally and more, being disclosed in more mainstream ways - and we can expect much more and in greater depth in the coming year.

Like so, the global awakening of the human race is and will continue to be (at least for a while longer) somewhat chaotic on the external front, as the people awakens to the reality of the enslaving matrix they have unknowingly sustained for centuries.

But it is important to understand what is going on beyond what meets the eyes, beyond the current physical Earth plane, and know that this is a necessary process of purging so that we may make space for those higher frequencies and higher organic timelines.

On an individual level, this will very similarly be about awakening to our own shadows, dismantling our ego, exiting the matrix and gradually building a higher reality for ourselves, more and more aligned to our True Nature, our Authentic Self and our Heart Path. Shedding layers upon layers of karmic contracts, looping patterns and consumptive behaviours, learning to self-source, to connect to our inner truth, our inner god-self and letting go of what no longer serves us. On a more physical front, we may experience all sorts of symptoms that are caused by the increased amount of Light our bodies have to anchor - I for instance have been experiencing respiratory issues and so as not to fall into fear, I have tried to remain centred in the Truth that I am fully protected, fully supported and fully Loved in God's Eternal Light.

Tweet by Ali Zeck
Tweet by Ali Zeck

So as this wild and intense year of 2020 comes to an end, and so does a 26 000 years long cycle, we may find ourselves hoping for a better future. First of all, I would like to say that a better future for Humanity and planet Earth is absolutely on the horizon, and we can rejoice in this truth! Secondly, instead of hoping, it is in fact more efficient to embody and believe this to be true no matter how chaotic it all seems. The self-proclaimed power elite will not let go without a fight and the years to come will keep on intensifying before we can stabilise a more peaceful collective reality. Our lesson, and I would even say our mission resides in mastering Inner Peace, stillness within - also called the zero point - no matter the external, apparent chaos and tumult, so that we may act as anchors, or antennas for those higher frequencies in the physical reality on planet Earth, as well as beacons of Light for the awakening masses that will come in waves.

I wish you all a beautiful Winter Solstice, try to find a quiet moment to welcome this new era and feel all the support that will come with it, for as we welcome higher frequencies onto our reality, we also welcome more and more support from other realms. Tune in with your Higher Self, with your Teams and with God, and feel the outpour of Love and Gratitude for this difficult yet beautiful mission you chose as you incarnated upon Earth at this moment of time.

No matter how seemingly difficult it may all be, it is an incredible, unprecedented time for the Liberation of Humanity, the Liberation of planet Earth and all its inhabitants. We are making huge progress and must stay centred in this truth no matter what. We are reclaiming our planet, we are reclaiming our Freedom, we are reclaiming our Sovereignty!

What a time to be alive!

Love and blessings to you all,

I thank you for being a truth seeker,

May Peace be upon you and your Loved ones,

Talk to you soon,

GSF, Melissa 🐋

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