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The Authentic Self

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Intro: When embarking upon even the most basic and primary self-work, personal growth work or inner work, one must learn to unveil and attune to the Authentic Self. In the following blogpost, we will briefly cover what is the Authentic Self, why it is so important, and also how can we reveal and incarnate this more Authentic aspect of us in our everyday life.

. . . . .

The Authentic Self is that higher aspect of our Consciousness, it is who we truly are, beyond the limitations of our terrestrial matrix constructs, beyond the Ego/Mind and its personality. It is a purer version of ourself, for it is closer to our prime origin, and thus closer to the Divine Source - a higher state of Being.

In our current reality on Earth, the Authentic Self will allow us to grow closer to our Soul Identity, reaching for the Heart and Soul Matrix - starting from our 4th chakra, the Heart (you may read more about the Soul Matrix in my extended article Body, Mind, Soul III - The Soul).

We aim for the Authentic Self so as to expand our Consciousness beyond the Ego/Mind constructs, thus being able to have a much broader perspective on life and our current reality, seeing things from a more "macro" scale. This will in turn bring us clarity and better ability to detach ourselves from the chatter of our Minds, becoming more able to disengage ourselves from it, and have deeper insight as to why things are the way they are, or may appear to be. Reaching out for that higher state of being, also allows us to tap into Higher Knowledge and develop and listen to our intuition and inner knowing more freely.

Once we have better clarity in our lives - through this expansion of our horizon and being able to explain external events with Higher (broader) Knowledge - we are able to connect with our Higher Self and Power and by extension to the Creation, feeling supported and loved in our current human experience. This will bring deeper and more consistent sense of Inner Peace, knowing we are not alone.

The Authentic Self will lead us towards our personal Spiritual Path or Mission, or in other words to leading a purposeful life. Seeing it is the truer, purer, more genuine version of ourself and it will allow more Insight, Intuition and Light (as in Divine Energy or Divine Love) to flow through us, we will naturally walk and work towards what is right for us in the present moment, bringing feelings and sensations of Coherence and Alignment with the Universal Flow of Life, the Universal Flow of Evolution; again fulfilling our sense of Connection but also our sense of purpose, understanding our unique part to play in Co-creating reality. This is where we may understand better how any change starts within, including global changes many of us wish to see for our civilisation.

In order to unveil our Authentic Self, the first and foremost action we must take is to remove the Ego/Mind from the driver's seat of our being and of our life. We must understand and make the difference between Ego/Mind construct and Soul Identity. To do so we must accept to be vulnerable and drop the masks of the personality. This is to say we must learn to identify and then disengage from all the conditionings and programmings we may have been operating from so far, be it from our parents' education (no matter how well meaning our parents might have been, they all carry their own wounds and traumas which influenced them and may thus have influenced us too), our childhood, school and university, pop culture, or our current society in general. Really ask yourself: what might all these external influences have taught me in how to "protect" myself, leading me to wear layers upon layers of societal masks?

We must then define and/or find out what our Personal Values are, again, not the ones we were taught, but the ones which we feel resonate strongly and deeply within our Heart and Soul. What do we believe to be Love based as opposed to Fear based? What do webelieve to allow Compassion and Empathy as opposed to Judgement and Self-Righteousness? What will allow us to Grow and Expand both individually and collectively as opposed to what diminishes and restricts us in our (collective and individual) Spiritual Evolution? As we learn to develop a strong Personal Values system we must also develop Personal Integrity, that is to say stick by those values and strive for honesty and accountability in our actions and behaviours. This may be another form of coherence - personal coherence, as opposed to cognitive dissonance: our incoherences and the lies we tell ourselves to support and justify certain (potentially destructive) mechanical behaviours and/or thinking patterns. In order to avoid such mechanisms, or to learn to identify and then disengage ourselves from them, we must constantly question ourselves and challenge our reality, seeking change so as to grow and learn continually.

Like so, in order to unveil and incarnate the Authentic Self there are a few key observations and/or adjustments one can make in their own lives:

- Disconnect from the Pain Body - this layer of our Consciousness where traumas and wounds are stored - most of these masks we learnt to wear so as to "protect" ourselves from the external world (and this need for protection in the first place), we may have developed after the various traumas and pain - conscious, unconscious and subconscious alike - we may have experienced throughout our lives.

- Observe in the most neutral way possible - in non-judgement - our thoughts, behaviours, emotions and feelings, as well as the external events, all the while holding peace within ourselves. (This can practiced in meditation or various other mediative practices such as reading or writing for instance). It is important to remove ourselves from those and to accept them as past experiences without identifying with them, keeping only the lessons learnt.

- Develop non-attachment to external events and the dramas of our lives (again observing neutrally as much as is possible, always furthering this ability of neutrality).

- Sincerely engaging in inner self work - bringing awareness to subconscious trauma, pain, wounds, fear, avoidance/denial and learn to integrate and heal it so as to remove the blockages and barriers to reaching our most Authentic Self.

- Becoming more aware of what/who we engage with and making conscious decisions and/or adjustments according to our personal resonance - what feels right in our Heart the present moment.

- Developing patience which will allow for more forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves in our process of shedding those unwanted layers.

. . . . .

In a Controlling Matrix, where lies, deception, denial and perversion of all sorts are heavily promoted and encouraged, Authenticity is exactly what our world needs more of. As Divine beings, attuning to Higher Frequencies for our species and our planet in these times of Transition, times of Ascension, we must strive to emancipate ourselves from these lower frequency fences surrounding us.

Working towards unveiling and attuning to the Authentic Self is an essential part of our Spiritual Evolution. It will align us with Higher Divine Values of Truth, Transparency, Humility, Vulnerability and Purity, far from the Negative Ego/Mind constructs and the perversion of the society/matrix which helped shape it.

I send you Love and Courage in shedding those layers, for this process is never comfortable, but the most rewarding there is.

May the Force be with you and the Stars lead you,

Melissa 🐋

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