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December 2021

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Disclosure Timelines and PreparationMelissa from Sovereign · Planet
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Dear community,


The higher energies of Ascension are now really pushing us beyond our own limitations, placing our entire beings under incredible amounts of pressure so as to shape our inner Diamond Hearts. The accretion (accumulation) of Light/Energy requires from us more advanced levels of Embodiment that will cause us to shed all that is no longer serving us, all that is no longer in energetic resonance with our highest expression. These various processes may cause all sorts of physical detoxification symptoms or Herxheimer crisis, but may also lead to profound changes in other aspects of our lives such as our relationships, jobs, housing/living situations and more.


These Ascending timelines and energies are also generating immense pressure and changes at a collective level, leading to intense reconfiguration of the (energetic) planetary architecture / planetary body, which can be felt within the collective as great pressure is added onto us beyond our individual lives. Society as a whole is being dismantled gradually so as to make space for new systems that are more aligned to our true Angelic Nature. This may manifest as more or less chaotic events worldwide while various systems of the controlling matrix begin to collapse one after the other (we can see for instance how right now, the western medical systems are becoming more and more irrelevant and unable to keep up with our continuously upgrading bodies and the ever-ascending nature of the earthly reality and the laws of Sacred Sciences she falls under).


Meanwhile, the opposing forces who are loosing ground on this planet they have unrightfully claimed theirs for thousands of years, are playing their last cards in attempting to thwart this Ascension and Liberation process. Like so, they tighten their enslaving and controlling systems with more and more ridiculous false flag events, distorted narratives and the ever increasing false "deaths counts", innumerable variants and boosters alike in the current plandemic scheme. These beings are of such level of evil, self-centredness and arrogance that they will never retreat, they would rather attempt to take down as many beings as possible with them in their fall, causing as much suffering as they possibly can.


It is thus becoming more and more evident that the external climate on planet Earth is intensifying on all fronts at the same time and as such, nothing external really is stable nor reliable anymore. This means we must turn inwards so as to find stability from within, from our direct alignment to the more grounded aspects of our Higher Selves. It is ever so crucial for us to learn to develop the necessary skills that will support us and allow us to navigate these conflicting energies as best as possible. Preparation on all levels of our being and life is going to be key so as to maintain Inner Peace regardless of the external chaos that may arise as we move forwards in this Ascension cycle (before it all begins to gradually stabilise again). 


There is already a wealth of brilliant information regarding preparation at a very basic, survivalist level that are set out by specialised and skilled beings sharing their knowledge online. So while I will share a few keys that have helped me personally on that front (and as a very basic starter prompts), I will leave it mostly to the experts and trust your own ability to do more extensive research on that part. What I would like to address in this article is mostly preparation on a body, mind, emotion and spirit front. While external/environmental preparation can be crucial, depending on how external events play out, it will only get us so far if we are not also able to maintain physical resilience in situations with lowered levels of external comfort; acute mental clarity / sharpness in making decisions that will serve us and our communities best; emotional neutrality and balance in potentially distressing situations, as we may witness the suffering and loss of people around us (loss not necessarily only in the sense of physical death, but also loss of jobs, of relationships, of comfort, of habitual activities and coping mechanisms...); and finally cultivating spiritual maturity in understanding the bigger picture of what is truly happening and remembering at all time that we are Eternal.


Nobody knows for sure what the future entails, nor in what details the current Ascension and Liberation processes on Earth will manifest, but some of us have studied our True History and the various modus operandi of the Controllers sufficiently to know that they have several other large scale false flag events at the ready and to know the general direction of where they wish to take Humanity - which is mainly towards a transhumanist artificial reality (think Metaverse on steroids or the Matrix movies).


Besides, when we have cultivated a deep enough connection to the God Source domain, it appears evident that we are strongly supported from the higher realms in this process. To my understanding, large scale catastrophic events that would cause immense suffering and fear on the unknowing and unprepared populations are very unlikely at this time (despite all attempts from the opposing forces). Mentions and rumours of such events as tsunamis or other intense "natural" disasters (which oftentimes are more engineered than they are natural), nuclear wars between China and/or the USA and/or Russia or whoever else, and other events alike, are more likely to be generated by the Controllers themselves so as to spread more fear and panic amongst the population without actually having to move forwards.


That being said, there are several ways in which the current control matrix systems are no longer serving neither the positive timelines as they are not aligned to the higher moral values of God's Creation; nor the negative ones as they now allow to much room for Emancipation of the human Consciousness that is gradually (but surely) awakening. And so what is happening is that these systems are simultaneously collapsing because they are no longer in resonance with the higher energies of the New Earth, as well as being purposely dismantled by the Controllers themselves so as to trigger negative timelines of fear and suffering or serve various other agendas (such as replacing one control system with another system that allows even more control - oftentimes covertly). It may now be obvious to more of us that we truly are in the midst of a multidimensional war, a war on Consciousness.


Before we go further, if you find yourself being triggered by these kind of topics (which is absolutely understandable) it may be best to revisit at a later time when you are grounded and able to be present, so that you can move through your own triggers and eventually transcend and transmute them rather than avoiding or denying them altogether and falling into cognitive dissonance, making up your own narrative of why this may not be real.


I am sharing this reflection as a way to empower ourselves to be able to handle this uncertainty and instability of the external world as best we can, given our unique individual circumstances in this now moment. This aims at supporting us in finding some relief and peace of mind in knowing that we did what we could in being as prepared as possible without falling into extreme or obsessive approaches such as panic and hoarding impulses. We will never be able to control everything and we must surrender to God at least to some degree, but we may however take some measures to ease our experience, and this is the topic of this article.


Please use your own vibrational and intellectual discernment and evaluate for yourself whether this information resonates with and serves your inner truth and higher knowing, or if you choose to discard it. Thank you.



Timelines of Disclosure and false flag events.


It is important to understand that while the quality of our lives may have drastically lowered over the past two years and life as we knew it is now forever gone, there is nothing new to the worldwide agendas of assault and enslavement of the human people. The reason most of us were previously oblivious to the reality of this war on consciousness is because most were still under the spell of severe mind control and global hypnosis. 26 000 years ago, humanity fell into a dark age where Knowledge was suppressed from us or at best was heavily curtailed so as to fit the narratives of the Controllers - this was done mostly through religious programming then, but evolved along society over time and nowadays all poles are infiltrated from educational, medical, financial to sciences and academia or even the media and entertainment spheres. Our connection with and understanding of our Universe was completely occulted - purposely - and to this day most of humanity remains totally unaware of all the lies and distortions that reside in our current mainstream History and Science books. 


Humanity was maintained ignorant of its true power and birthrights within the Universe, ignorant of the various levels of this war it was under, ignorant of its own spirituality and direct connection to the God Source domain, and ignorant of the reality of life beyond this planet. All so that it remained a docile workforce for the Controllers to keep accumulating more power, energy and information, but also gain access to the multidimensional planetary resources - this goes beyond money, oil and water and as far as access to the planetary stargates and energetic grids that are equivalent to chakras, meridians and nadis on the planetary body and connect directly into the many layers (dimensions) of our Universe.


Thankfully, there are incredibly benevolent and dedicated races that are supporting Humanity and planet Earth as we now finally begin to break free from this long cycle of enslavement. This is where these conflicting energies come into play where these benevolent races do all in their power to assist us in moving onto the next Ascension cycle, while the Controllers or opposing forces do all they can to prevent such a transition form happening. We can thus clearly see how as we are gaining ground and the collective awakening has been gaining momentum (to an increasing extent from the year 2012 - the 12/12/12 portal that was spoken of and predicted by many for thousands of years, including the Mayan for instance), the opposing forces are now panicking and playing all of their last big cards which are a series of possible false flag events, and burning their wings in the process, so to speak, in their blind arrogance in believing we will not see them coming.


The 2020 plandemic narrative was their first big card since the 9/11 false flag trigger event of the war and terror timelines, and set off the beginning of this final battle we find ourselves in. While this may not seem obvious when we are in the midst of it here on the 3D Earth, we are absolutely winning this battle and thus this war. Many of the stargates and grids aforementioned have been reclaimed and the awakening of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is undeniable as we are now millions across the globe who are seeing through the lies of this plandemic to varying degrees and will thus be able to see through many others of their upcoming agendas. Additionally, more and more of us are now able to reclaim direct contact and consciousness communication with Guardian races and our Galactic Families, which provides us with invaluable insights on what our unique individual role is in this transition phase - thus allowing more and more of us to support this Liberation process and exponentially add to the Collective Ascension momentum.


There is a variety of ways in which the pinnacle of this final battle could play out, and as mentioned earlier on, it is practically impossible to know in advance which direction exactly this will take in the near future. That being said, there are many whistleblowers, insiders, activists and lightworkers who have come forwards and shared their own intel and understanding in their respective field of expertise. Like so, there are some specific agendas that are more likely, or rather have been commonly talked about and mentioned as potential trigger events. These are commonly agreed upon within the Truth seeking movements and communities, though it does not mean that any of them may even happen at all. However, this information has now been made easily accessible to us now (thanks to the expansion of the internet and the many communication outlets than ensued), and we know that the current systems must collapse at some point so as to make space for the new, more aligned ones. It thus is advised to get familiar with this level of information so as to understand the bigger picture of what is truly going on on planet Earth and the extent at which we should probably prepare ourselves - as the saying goes: better safe than sorry.



Potential trigger events.


Some possible trigger events are either false flags or purposely induced by the Controllers, while some may be in line with the Full Disclosure Organic Timelines. No matter which "side's" agendas manifest first, they will spark the breakdown of society as we know it. 


Possible Controllers false flag or purposely triggered events may include:


· a financial or economic collapse that could be wrongly associated with the plandemic, as a long term collateral damage, or caused by an estate or stock market crash of some sort. Many economists have spoken of an impending financial collapse for many years now, and I invite you to research the topic more extensively, if so guided. Whichever the alleged cause, we would end up with either no or less access to even our own money (the 2008 Greek crisis is a great example of how this could play out at an individual level) and this will be the beginning of their Great Reset agendas attempts: "you will own nothing and you will be happy"


· A foods and goods supply shortage could either follow a financial collapse as mentioned above, or simply be triggered by interferences on the transport/delivery pathways (by sea and/or air), or also be blamed on the plandemic long term "side effects".


· Interruption in other energies' supplies (gas, electricity and/or fuel) once again could lead to a financial collapse as all these systems are intricately connected.


. A collapse of the medical system, mostly the hospitals which have already been struggling greatly even before the plandemic. This is 100% induced, the hospital systems in most of the Western world have been slowly driven to a collapse, especially in Europe and the UK where they are mostly free services that have never really benefitted from the governments' financial support (i.e. the taxpayers' financial support) like they were meant to, or said they were. This is also closely connected to the corruption of the medical system and its ties with big corporations such as big pharma that benefit far more from keeping patients unhealthy, and thus indefinitely add to the strain on the hospitals systems.


· A global engineered climate crisis that would give the Controllers another excuse to implement ludicrous lockdowns and/or restrictions, this time including restrictions in our consuming habits (the way we spend our money) - if our expenses affect the false environmental concerns. See my blogpost Weather Engineering for more details on this topic specifically.


· On a whole other level, and this could play out in both positive or negative timelines, is the long awaited Cosmic Disclosure which entails the disclosure of not only the existence of extra-terrestrial life, but its involvement with our worldwide governments and their on and off planet activities. I go into this in more details in my blogpost Full and Partial Disclosure, but in short, this could manifest in the form of a false flag alien invasion, where the Controllers would appear as saviours of Humanity against alleged negative alien species (which is actually who the Controllers are), this is a partial disclosure event. 


· On the other hand, a Full Cosmic Disclosure event, which is in line with the Guardians and Law of One Missions, would reveal the full extent of the invasion and enslavement of Humanity and planet Earth and their connections to other highly advanced benevolent species. The organic Timelines of Disclosure could also play out before any of these false flags events and trigger series of revelations regarding the depth of the global manipulations and deceit that has taken place in these past 26 000 years and beyond. 


· Disclosure of the worldwide networks of child and human trafficking, sacrifices and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) practices. This is definitely a topic that most of humanity has not been prepared to hear and learn about, but eventually will have to be exposed and revealed to the public so that appropriate trials and prosecutions may finally ensue. And this will happen, it is only a matter of time now as many beautiful and heroic group of individuals work relentlessly to bring justice to these horrendous crimes against humanity.


All these revelations may be quite shocking to the unknowing and unprepared general population, and this is why the disclosure process had to be gradual and begin within small communities of dedicated Truth Seekers (such as the Indigo and Starseeds families for instance) so that this knowledge could be slowly seeded into the Collective Consciousness before being revealed at a larger scale. But it is important to know that this is now inevitable, the Truth will be out no matter what. There is no organic Ascension possible without a full disclosure, any other way would be against the Law of Consent and other Universal Laws, but also against most basic Human Rights, such as the right to Informed Consent.


By definition the future is unpredictable, and there are many other possible timelines I have not mentioned so as to keep this article somewhat digestible. The most important takeaway from this is to understand that we truly are in the midst of a battle which is both psychological and spiritual. And so if we wish to prepare ourselves and make sure we are equipped to handle the intensity of this transition phase and as we reach the pinnacle of this war, we must absolutely focus on both of these aspects at an individual, personal level as well.


Now is also a good time to (re)visit my article Collective Ascension and Global Manipulations to get a better understanding of the conspiracy against humanity and the hidden agendas that will be disclosed over the next few years/decades, so that we may at least prevent some of the surprise and shock factor.



The biggest trick that the devil or the antichrist has played upon humanity, and in our community that we assign to the Negative Alien Agenda [or "the Controllers" here on Sovereign · Planet], is tricking us into thinking that they do not exist when

they most certainly do - Lisa Renee.



Dark Night of the Soul.


Now we have a better idea of the extent of the pressure we are all under, we can better understand what qualities and values we must develop and/or cultivate not only so that we can better navigate these changes ourselves, but also so that we may be of better support for our direct communities and/or families. Others around us may not be as aware and as prepared for these potential futures nor for the intensity of the energies of Ascension. Having this awareness and being informed is already a huge part of the preparation, it gives us a higher vantage point and so a broader perspective on what is unfolding at the 3D level. This is the core of my work here on Sovereign · Planet, to provide awakening individuals with a wider and more accurate context on the reality of what is and has been happening here on planet Earth as well as beyond.


To some degree, change is a form of death, the old needs to die in order to make space for the new. As the Disclosure Timelines progress, Humanity will collectively experience a lot of grief, grieving their previous ways, their previous lives, their previous comfort and their previous dreams as all their illusions are shattered by this new level of Information, which is a new level of Consciousness being birthed entirely. We call this phase of loss and apparent chaos the Dark Night of the Soul. It usually marks the beginning of a new Spiritual Awakening, an awakening to a new dimension of reality. Everything we knew is challenged to some extent, we start questioning our every habit, our every relationship, we question our jobs and the way we interact within society, we even begin to challenge our beliefs systems and our perception of reality around us. 


What we are currently experiencing on planet Earth is a collective Dark Night of the Soul, reality on the planet is evolving and some form of chaos may be necessary as a transition phase, so that we may rebuild a New Earth on much stronger and healthier foundations, based on Truth and not lies, having truly learnt from our previous experiences instead of letting History repeat itself indefinitely like we have in the past 26 000 years. This transition phase will feel like a form death, death of the ego at an individual level, and death of society as we have known it at a collective level. We may thus observe the five stages of grief play out in the collective outer scape as described in this entry of the Ascension Gloassary:


"True power is inherent to the death of the former Ego/Personality self, thus the first stages of spiritual awakening and spiritual crisis correspond well to the Kübler-Ross stages of the grieving process:


· Denial: "This can't be happening!" 

[There can't be such a global conspiracy against the entire population]


· Anger: "Why me, why do I have to do all the work?

[This is unfair! They must pay for their crimes!]


· Bargaining: "Just let me keep my pointless job, my car and a beer or two."

[Let's get back to normal, even if it was far from prefect, let's get back to how things were before]


· Depression: "It’s hopeless, why bother with anything?"

[We do not stand a chance in front of these opposing forces oppressing us]


· Acceptance: "I know that I will be in a better place.

[I know that we will eventually emancipate ourselves from these control systems, in divine right order and timing]"


- Excerpt from the Ego Death entry in the Ascension Glossary (in black and [...] is my own commentary).


This phase of Dark Night of the Soul can be extremely challenging as it is ripe with death and loss at many levels and the only thing we can now truly rely on is our direct connection to God Source and learning to trust that we are fully supported, fully protected and fully loved in God's Eternal Light. This is a time for us to turn inwards and learn to be our own pillar in life, to learn to find and cultivate Inner Peace regardless of the external chaos, to learn to truly to connect to our Higher Self and step fully into our Mission, the true reason for our incarnation. This is the true purpose of Human beings, to align themselves to this Higher Consciousness of the God Source domain. And so with all these small deaths happening within and around us (as once again, this is both an individual and a collective process) we will experience a lot of grief and will need to develop strong Emotional Intelligence to navigate such feelings. That is to say we will need to be as Emotionally stable and mature as possible so as not to break under the collective pain. Healing and processing our own wounds is crucial at this time, for any unhealed or unprocessed trauma will be resurfacing during this time. The pain of others around us will act as a mirror that will trigger our own suppressed suffering to resurface. 


Besides, being serene and at peace when the external is relatively quiet is one thing, but maintaining said peace when others around us are throwing tantrums and have their negative egos raging as their needs are no longer met, or as they fall into panic and/or intense fear in the face of a new level of reality expanding (such as a cosmic disclosure for instance), will require a lot of Compassion and Maturity from us. It is thus important to keep all these aspects of ourselves in mind in our daily practices. Trauma healing is so important for a healthy evolution of the self of course, but it is even more so important when the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is about to experience such intense disclosure events as mentioned earlier. Many individuals around us will not be able to handle the levels of corruption, violence, bloodshed and torture that were perpetrated in their name on this planet, and for so long. Those of us who have had access to this level of information earlier on will act as pillars and beacons of light to hold space and guidance for the awakening masses. And this is what we need to prepare for: 


How strong are we in this now moment at all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels? How much suffering and fear can we witness around us without loosing our ground and our direct connection to God Source?


Preparing the Self. 


A strong body and a strong mind are going to be key in maintaining resilience and endurance when this transition phase may last a little while (at least at our earthly scale) - as we have already been able to witness with the current events where the mandates and regulations that were initially said to last 2 weeks, are still lingering nearly two years later, and it seems aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Physical and mental strength are highly connected and so having some kind of physical training will be of great support for the mind too. Besides, if the external systems collapse a strong body will allow us to handle potentially severely reduced levels of comfort that may happen for certain amount of times (such as temperatures changes due to lack of power for heating, food/dietary changes, medical supplies shortages, etc.). Some good practices to increase resilience and endurance may be cardio or strength training, cold therapy (from cold showers to ice baths - use your own resonance to build your tolerance), yin yoga or any activity that allows us to push past our own limitations and gradually increase the amount of discomfort we can remain comfortable in.


In order to handle those profound changes around we will have to learn to be adaptable and flexible so that we may adjust to these ever changing energies, as well as the new surroundings, new systems and a whole new level of Consciousness that are being birthed. These qualities are found in our ability to trust the process and trust the overall positive aspect of all these changes. The sooner we are able to let go of the past and our erroneous perception of reality, the easier this transition will be. Flexibility and adaptability can also be practiced and cultivated through the physical body and the body-mind connection - yoga, stretching, foam rolling are all great example practices. Having a flexible body sets pathways for the mind to also become more flexible (the opposite is also true, a flexible mind will allow for a more flexible body). 


All of our basics, our foundations must be in check and are going to prove more supportive than we could have imagined in this times. That is a high quality balanced diet that suit us individually (whether it is plant based or omnivorous it must be organic and/or pasture raised, listening to our body individually beyond the dogmas and diet cultures), proper sleeping pattern, proper hydration (with high quality water, avoiding tap water), frequent nature and sun exposure, etc. We may also want to focus on supporting detoxification pathways and processes as we will have to expel all these distortions, lies and density from and through the physical body. Learning to self-regulate the Nervous System is also going to be key as it is a crucial part of our entire anatomy (including our spiritual anatomy), and when it is unbalanced it can cause havoc on the entire physical body and Light Body (the aura), it is especially important in times of high and/or chronic stress. Some ways to regulate are: breathwork, stimulating the vagus nerve (by singing/humming or specific breathing techniques for instance), getting proper sleeping patterns, lowering screen time, lowering constant stimulations (phone notifications), removing/reducing LED lighting (these are fast flashing lights), lowering EMFs around the house (wifi, bluetooth, "smart" devices), etc. (I will dedicate an entire upcoming blogpost to the Nervous System specifically as it is such an important part for us in these disruptive times).


Contrary to popular belief, strengthening our physical body's systems, including the immune system, is also a spiritual process. Having a strong connection and relationship with God, understanding the spiritual nature of the Universe and thus of ourselves, allows us to have a more encompassing and wholesome approach to our well-being, along with reclaiming our own energies which in turn ensures better health and stronger systems. If we are aligned to God Source, we are aligned to our True Nature which creates harmony and balance within our being. Disease and physical weaknesses are caused by disharmony and imbalances of the inner energies of our bodies. Like so, a strong spiritual practice is going to help us reclaim our health and strengthen all our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) as well as helping us learn to maintain deeper state of Inner Peace and Balance.


Besides, a strong spiritual connection will allow us to gain greater perspective and insights on our current situations, as well as on the direction which serves us best in this moment. When we are truly aligned to our Higher Self, our Higher Consciousness, we may reach a higher level of information and a deeper understanding of the situations we may experience, both individual and collective. Like so, we become able to make better informed decisions and choices for ourselves, but also for our direct community and even Humanity at large. Indeed, when we are connected to these higher aspects of ourselves, and get closer to our Guardian teams plan of actions, we begin to feel a push towards our own individual mission. That is our unique role in these times, our unique role within our communities in how we can better assist and participate in this transition phase, in this process of Liberation of planet Earth and the Human people. Those of us who have pierced through these veils of illusions in the earlier stages of the Human Consciousness' Collective Awakening, will be the guiding beacons of Light for others to follow through and eventually learn to become leaders themselves, and so forth.


To go into more details of each part of the Self, you may read my Body, Mind, Soul series in which I talk about the correlations between all these parts of the Human being and how to support them so as to maintain a certain level of homeostasis during these intense energetic shifts.



Preparing at an external / environmental level.


Preparation of the Self is the most important aspect to focus on, since it is the reason for our incarnation in this particular phase, as well as it being in line with our natural evolution pathways. However, it may be helpful at this time - if only for some peace of mind - to do some external / environmental preparation. This is more about stocking up on foods and goods and being prepared in the event of shortages in the supply chains and/or a financial crash of some sort. I am aware that because of past collective trauma around food scarcity (all the wars and famines of our collective past experience and history) that is still very present in the collective mind of Humanity and our collective memory (because unhealed and unprocessed), this can be a highly triggering topic. Some of us may find ourselves getting anxious or stressed when such topic arise even if we have never experienced scarcity in this lifetime, and that is perfectly normal. It is because of these recent (and less recent) collective traumas that we still carry in our DNA and Consciousness. If this is your case, the best way to approach it, from own my experience with such feelings, is to make sure we are grounded and present and to then face it, to get informed and educated on the matter. As we get more accustomed to these issues we will gradually feel more comfortable until finally being able to come up with a plan of action for ourselves and our family or community.


As mentioned before, this is not my area of expertise and so I will only share some prompts so as that you can proceed to do your own research on the matter. Generally speaking, it is advised to prepare for at least two weeks up to two months, longer would be for more catastrophic events such as very large scale natural disasters, but as we saw earlier these are unlikely at this point in time. It is important that each one of us tests their own individual resonance and asks for guidance from their own Higher Selves and Personal Support Teams in alignment to the Sovereign Law of One and to their own Highest Expression and Highest Timelines.


A few example questions to ask may be along the lines of:

· Would relocating at this time serve my highest expression? (moving out of big cities for instance)

· How can I be of Service in the best possible way, and in alignment to my highest expression?

· Should I stock up on foods and goods in this now moment? For what amount? (how long)

· Could I be more prepared than I already am in this now moment? Which area should I focus on more/less? 


You may test for "yes" or "no" answers in meditation, test for a few possible answers that come to mind, or trust your first answer to be the right one for you in this now moment. It is suggested to activate our 12D shield before meditation so as to avoid any possible interference of the negative ego or any negative energy/entity/being, and make sure we get answers that are accurate and aligned to our highest expression and divine purpose in the now moment.


Following are some key points I have come across in my own research that I feel will be a good base to get started (always think about 2 weeks to 2 months worth): 


· Stocking up on foods and goods that we feel are essential and/or would allow for basic comfort. This can include: dried foods like beans, rice, pasta or flours; canned tuna, sardines, ready made meals or nut butters; some basic spices (which may also be used medicinally like turmeric, pepper, ginger and salt); personal hygiene goods like soaps, toothpaste, deodorant and/or shampoo; cleaning and disinfecting supplies like bleach, white vinegar or bicarbonate sodium. 


· If this is available, the best really is going to be to start growing our own food (do not forget medicinal herbs and flowers). And for those who may not have a garden, we may try to find local community gardens, or even start such a project ourself with our local community.


· Medication and supplements. If you take any form of treatment try to have at least one month in advance of said medication in case of delays in the supply chain. Same for supplements, it may be useful to have some basics on hand such as Vitamin C, D3/K2, E, zinc, magnesium, NAC, colloidal silver, clay, essential oils, etc. Having some kind of emergency kit is also common sense.


· Some kind of water filtration system that is not connected to the home water supplies, like those stand alone, gravity induced filtration (like the Berkey's for instance - do your research and find one that suits your needs and your budget the most). This is a good investment regardless of what plays out in the collective since tap water is now so toxic in most places and bottle water is not ideal either (because of the BPAs amongst other things).


· If you have children, elders, disabled or challenged individuals in your care think about their special needs like special foods, goods and/or medication and supplements. As well as entertainment maybe for the younger ones.


· If you have pets or farm animals under your care also account for them. If you use special treatments (like ticks, fleas or parasites) have some on hand (I have a month worth of pet food in advance at all times for instance and rotate the stocks as the months go by).


· If you can afford it, it is good idea to invest in some energy supply devices like a solar generator for electricity, or a portable wood stove for heat. We can also think of having a couple of gas bottles in advance too. These are for more extreme cases, so once again, follow guidance and account for your own budget. 


· If you drive a car, it can be a good habit to always refill your gas tank when you reach half, so that you always have at least half a tank full should the supply be interrupted.


· If you feel so guided, you may want to account for close neighbours in your stocks, especially elders and/or isolated individuals. Of course not everybody can afford to do so, so do what you can with what you have and trust that it is always enough.


· Many people recommend saving small change like small notes (5 or 10 €/$/£) and coins. In case of a collapse of the banks, small change will prove useful for small trades like at the food market for instance. Cash in general may be useful and is highly recommended.


· If there are tools, protocols, meditations or a certain type of information that you source online and use on a regular basis, it may be a good idea to slowly start printing or at least to download and save them digitally. This may prove useful in case of an internet or power breakout, and can also be a base for teaching and education in our communities for those of us who feel guided to do so.


· Finally, one of the most important is to build a community around us. In such intense and unstable times it is going to be crucial to be able to rely on the support of others around us, at least to some degree. This may be friends, family or neighbours or simply meeting up with new people who share the same values as we do. This is a complex task for a lot of us because the awakening process can be very isolating and some may even experience hermit phases (something I definitely experienced personally for instance). So again we must follow our guidance and trust that we will be lead to the right community in divine right timing. However, some of us may on the contrary feel strongly guided to gathering others and instigate the building of a community and this will prove very helpful in the coming years, especially if we are evicted from society as we are already seeing happening with all the current mandates and restriction where the un-jabbed are no longer allowed to take part in certain activities.


This is list not exhaustive of course, but I feel these are the basics and a great place to start. Once again, it is important not to fall under low frequencies like fear, panic or anxiety and rush this preparation phase. It is best to start small, as our budget allows and gradually add in items here and there when we are able to. With calm and serenity. Now is a good time to begin.






The Bifurcation of Timelines that begun in 2012 has triggered the gradual awakening of our Collective Consciousness, at an increased pace. This movement has since kept on gaining momentum and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of last year (2020) kickstarted another increased cycle, bringing about a general theme of death and rebirth in the collective. This phenomenon is now transpiring in the gradual collapse of society's main pillars. The educational, medical, financial, scientific, academic, entertainment and media poles now all need to be realigned to the Ascending Timelines and their respective values, and since the level of distortions and inversions of all of these poles runs so deep, most will need a complete collapse. The corruption and nefarious crimes against humanity are slowly being brought to light so that Justice and Peace for ALL can finally be reclaimed on this planet.


And while it is important to acknowledge and understand this conspiracy against humanity, it is even more important to reclaim our power in understanding it is OUR responsibility to free ourselves and move away from these systems. Despite having immense support throughout the Galaxy, nobody can save us, not Jesus, nor the aliens, nor Donald Trump or any other political or religious figure. 


It us individuals that need to take back what is ours, break free from the chains of all the programmings that were seeded in our Consciousness, reclaim our True History in doing our own research and slowly rebuild communities and systems that are Just and Aligned with our True Nature and Values.


At an individual level, we may experience similar phases of small death or collapse so that we may also clear our own distortions and inversions (these were inevitable as we incarnated through this reality). And while this experience is rather intense and may come with a fair deal of pain and/or suffering depending on each unique individual, it is important to remember at all time why this is happening. All these trigger events may appear as negative (and understand me well, most are) but they are also a testament to the progress we are making, to the reality that things are in fact finally changing on planet Earth. We are moving out of a very long cycle of ignorance, war and enslavement and are slowly reclaiming Heaven on Earth. We are reclaiming what was always meant to be our experience. But first, all the darkness must come to the surface, to be exposed to the Light, for all to see and witness, so that we can begin to heal and transmute it collectively. We can not heal that which we are not aware of. All that was once hidden in the Dark now needs to be illuminated by the Light.


It is important now more than ever to cultivate our own direct connection to God Source so as to find the strength within and the guidance to move through these intense phases of profound societal and collective transformations that may appear as some form of chaos. 


There is no fear to be had when we are deeply connected and grounded in the Truth that we are Eternal Spiritual beings.


The only thing finite in this experience is the artificial matrix we are now collectively dismantling. Hold the line beloveds. We are winning this battle.


Stay grounded in the Truth of you ARE, the Truth of your own Heart, you Diamond Heart, and of your own Divinity.

We are God. We are Sovereign. And we are Free.


And so it is.


Sending you all my Love and Support,

Until next time,

GSF, Melissa 🐋

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