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Inverted Systems

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Everything in our reality has been turned upside down. Our entire societies were built upon values that are at the opposite of our natural balanced state. It is no wonder we are in constant fight or flight (or freeze) mode.

It is time we understand that this was not a mere coincidence, nor an unfortunate turn of events.

We must dig deeper and begin to unveil the depth of the manipulations we have been subjected to, not just over the last few weeks, nor the last few decades, but for centuries upon centuries, from the very beginnings of our civilisation.

It is a lot to take on. I understand.

But questioning the official narrative of our current situation (the CV and lockdown / house arrest) only begins to scratch the surface of reality on Earth.

Everything modern society deems “normal” is based upon values that support division, manipulation, lie and eventually death. The death culture is not just anther “conspiracy theory” by lunatics is tinfoil hats.

Watch the news: death tolls and death threats on the regular instilling fear, paralysis and division. Watch the new trendy series, tv shows and movies: all about glamorising promiscuity (sex without conscience), manipulating others to serve personal interests, competition, death, satanism even. On the “art” scene recently a famous artist has been playing the victim because she supposedly does not see why playing with blood and other bodily fluids, as well as pretending to eat other human beings (amongst many other odd behaviours) would be akin to satanism. “It is just art” they say.

Children are separated from their mothers so these mothers can work as hard as men for the matrix; but it is for their “emancipation”, for “women’s right”, right? White people must belittle themselves and are no longer allowed to complain because they are “privileged”, but it’s ok because it is so as to defend the rights of black and/or native populations. How controversial are just those few ideas? Understand, it is the very people who oppressed women and black and/or native people who are now telling us how to behave, perpetuating division under the guise of false social progress. They are the same social elite who have been dividing us for eons and keep on doing so.

Inversion is the core of satanism.

Taking natural principles and inverting them. Love becomes Fear, Union becomes Division, Life becomes Anti-life.

The power elite have become masters at pretending this is normal, but it is not.

Human beings are naturally endowed with Compassion, Kindness, Love and Unity. Only these values are ridiculed in our societies. Were you never made fun of for being too sensitive? For crying? As children we quickly learn how we must shut down these natural values and close our Hearts, so as to survive in the matrix, “Be tough” they say.

Now is the time to re-open this Heart Centre, to learn to trust and truly Love again, to embody and own our true nature, our authentic self, free from the pain, the judgements, the fear we might have experienced in the past.

Vibrationally / energetically, what the majority embodies upon the Earth is what the reality becomes, this is the principle of manifestation within the Collective Consciousness of humans.

If we want to revert our systems back to their natural states, we must embody those higher values in our personal, daily lives. Does it sound to simple to be the key to solving all our problems? Try it for yourself and see the difference it makes in your life and that of those around you.

Before the New Earth, must come the renewed Humans.

The Rebirth so many talk about, the Great Awakening, the Ascension, ours first, humans. Only then will we become able to make, to create, to build new systems for the New Earth.

With Love,

Melissa 🐋

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