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Character Assassination and Conspiracy Theory

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Character assassination: labelling as "crazy / unstable / unreliable / untrustworthy / psychotic / mentally ill" etc. - mostly through mass medias - any individual who may show signs of wanting to break out from and/or possibly speak out against any of the oppressive systems of control in place.

Like so, when the individual does choose to speak out, the mass population has already been pre-programmed not to believe / trust them without even having to listen to what they actually have to say.

This is a classic tactic of the controllers (the self-proclaimed power elite) and is a very important one to understand so that we may disengage ourselves from that type of mass programming. 

The term "conspiracy theory" or "conspiracy theorist" works in much the same way. Any theory regarding a possible conspiracy against a group of individuals or a population is immediately disregarded by the masses before even being looked into and/or studied because of how strongly that term was given a negative connotation in the collective unconscious. 

In this time of great censorship as well as great revelations, discernment is going to be key in our individual and collective evolutions. We must be aware of these mass programming techniques and understand who and how they may serve. 

· When mass media is telling us to be wary of a certain individual or group of individuals, are they really trying to protect us or protect the controlling systems they belong to?

· Why would we need protection from mass medias? Aren't we sovereign and intelligent beings enough to choose the information that WE deem reliable for ourself?

· The same goes for governments, aren't we capable of choosing for ourselves what is right and what is wrong?

This new era we are entering - the age of the Aquarius (which will begin on the 21st of December 2020, but has been in the works for many years now and will take many more before we are fully transitioned) leaving the age of the Pisces - will require us to move out of the parent/child dynamic (Piscean dynamic) where we used to rely on external entities to guide and lead us; onto a more collective, community oriented dynamic (Aquarian dynamic - think teamwork). 

This will translate in no longer relying in such large-scale government entities and moving towards smaller communities where everyone plays its part in organising and sustaining the group; but also, amongst other things, to individually seek out information for ourselves as opposed to relying on the work of larger entities such as the current mainstream media corporate industry which are highly corruptible. 

Let's reclaim our power, our ability to learn for ourselves, to seek out information out of the mainstream currents, to seek the Truth. Let's develop vibrational discernment (energetic resonance), higher Intuition and Inner Knowing. These are innate abilities of the Human Consciousness that we will learn to remember and/or develop more and more as we evolve as species through this new Ascension cycle.

We are God. 

We are Sovereign. 

We are Free.

Melissa 🐋


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