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Full and Partial Disclosure.

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Cosmic Awakening

In the wake of Humanity understanding its true multidimensional nature and the way it was kept in ignorance for thousands of years, Humans will also awaken to the reality of Extra-terrestrial (ET) Life, and how other ET civilisations have long been in contact with them, both positive and negative ones.

Today, we must leave this word "extra-terrestrial" far from any prejudices and preconceived ideas we might have been programmed into and approach it with a new eye and simply for what it is and what it means: other civilisations and/ or life forms than that of our Humanity, and not originating from the Earth. Much like on Earth alone there is a myriad of species and of types of life-form, the Universe works in the same way: there are several other types of Life form and they also reside on different planes, different levels of awareness.

Humanity has long been stuck into a single linear type of awareness, ruled by our first 5 senses and our ego. As we are collectively awakening to this idea of other planes of existence, of subtle realms, also called dimensions (hence the multidimensional aspect of our existence and of our Consciousness) that are closer to with our psychic senses, our Soul identity (as opposed to the Ego identity, the "personality"), we will not only understand there is more to Life in the Universe than what meets the eyes but also that we have been tricked and manipulated into thinking "we were alone" when there are in fact thousands of evidences throughout our True History and the planetary monuments and remnants that show just the opposite.

A single simple example are those infamous "Helicopter hieroglyphs" (see picture on the right), but a quick search on the internet will lead to plenty more such examples such as ancient civilisations remnants (full of mysteries as to how they were built considering what we thought the level of evolution of these civilisation was - see the work of Guillaume Delaage, his work is in French, or of Michael Tellinger for instance), the great many crops circles (some of which are indeed man-made so as to instil more confusion, but most of them remain "unexplained", at least officially), ancient tribes and/or civilisations that were never in physical contacts and yet show incredible similarities in their architecture, myths, and other cultural aspects (as seen in this short video by Gaia tv), etc.

The process of Humanity awakening to the reality of extra-terrestrial Life is commonly called the "Cosmic Disclosure". While humans and ET races who are said to be of Service to Others - i.e. of service to Life, benevolent for Humanity and wishing for the emancipation and expansion of Human's Collective Awareness - are striving for what we call the "Full Cosmic Disclosure"; other humans (mostly made up of the so-called "elites" and governments, banking and corporate systems) and ET races said to be of Service to Self (to themselves) - i.e. malevolent for Humanity, and with personal egoistic interests and agendas - strive for what we call the "Partial Disclosure".

A Full Disclosure would imply for Humanity to fully awaken to its Cosmic dimension and to other civilisations inhabiting the Galaxy, the Universe and the Multiverse, as well as all the manipulations it was subjected to so as not to discover these realities and its true nature sooner.

A Partial Disclosure would imply for the relevant authorities (the governments / Establishment and/or the military-industrial complex) to reveal only part of the Cosmic reality so as to maintain power over Humanity, through either manipulating, controlling and curtailing their evolution, and/or disclosing fake events (false flags) of extra-terrestrial invasion and placing themselves as heroes protecting the masses (this type of tactics called "false flag" events are commonly used nowadays with the most obvious example being the creation of so-called "terrorists militias" and the governments placing themselves as defenders of the people from said militias, even though they have created most of them, and use them to interfere with our freedom a little more with each "terrorist" event/attack, all of which with the majority of the people's full consent).

As with all such type of events of disclosing new evidences, new informations and of great collective evolutionary leaps, there is a huge amount of confusion and disinformation regarding the cosmic disclosure agendas. Indeed, the fake news agenda for instance - just like the term "conspiracy theory" alone - is just one more way to instil further confusion amongst Humans who are trying to understand and discern Truth from Lies, Emancipation from Manipulation agendas and attempting to reclaim their long lost Sovereignty. This war between Truth and Lies, Manipulation and Emancipation, between a Controlled and Enslaved (mostly mentally, but not only) People and a Liberated and Sovereign one is what we call the War on Consciousness. Humans are constantly pushed by various agendas instilled within all poles of our society, to lower and restrain their level of awareness so they become better pawn for the system, for the matrix.

This topic of the cosmic disclosure is a complex one and I will further develop it in a future in-depth article (edit: I have written the article, it is called Collective Ascension and Global Manipulation).

For now, it is important to bear in mind there are hidden agendas behind everything we see in the "news". In this interview of Stephen Hawking (from 2015) for instance, we can see the underlying attempt at instilling fear amongst readers and programming them into thinking "an Alien invasion is to be feared" (and we should avoid trying to contact them), as in the famous tv series "X-Files" which only ever gave the option for ET civilisations to be "negative" (of negative intentions towards humanity). There are many other such warnings that come out every now and then in the mainstream news. But there are also other type of revelations that are made by renowned people such as the few interviews of Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defence minister, available across the web (such as his interview with RT and this public statement) that do not make it to mainstream medias for too long, if they ever make it on there. (see here also Iraqi Transport Minister Kazem Finjan making similar disclosure)

There will be more and more attempts at confusing us with partial disclosures of all sorts, that is to say revealing some form of truth but only partially and/or in a distorted manner so as to maintain power over humans. These techniques are not new, the various religions of the world all contain deep truth on humans' nature and evolution, on other realms and other beings, but have been largely distorted and manipulated so as to maintain Humanity in some form of powerlessness regarding its destiny, while in fact we are the creators of our reality.

Besides educating ourselves on these various agendas of manipulation and on the true nature of Humans (cosmic nature) and the Universe (multidimensional), we must try to develop our discerning on a vibrational level too, as our mind (the ego, the personality) has been continuously programmed into thinking a certain way and accepting only specific parts of reality (see my article on the topic: Body, Mind, Soul: The Mind). This can be done through the dismantling of our ego as well as through unprogramming ourselves from the matrix.

Humanity is facing unprecedented times of incredible discoveries and giant leaps forwards in its evolution. We must embrace these changes and accept to deconstruct everything we have built ourselves upon so as to start anew and welcome these newfound Truths in a more serene way, thus becoming the truly Sovereign beings we were always meant to be.

With love,

Melissa 🐋


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