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Making Priorities and Being Present

Updated: May 3, 2022

The current energies of this Spring 2022 (Northern hemisphere), along with the return of our beloved Mother God into the planetary grids and architecture, are inviting us to shift our presence in this body and incarnation towards more fluidity, presence and spontaneity.

This means learning to be more grounded into the present time and our intuitive self, being more in tune with our inner guidance. Letting go of past constructs in regards to time and time management, especially those of the Artificial Matrix.

In learning to be present and more in tune with our organic / natural energies, we soon realise it is no longer possible to multitask or be spread out over too many projects or points of focus. Like so, evaluating our true values and objectives, and making priorities will prove not only helpful but necessary for a lot of us.

In making priorities, we are able to carefully and consciously choose where we wish to place our energy in a more intentional way, choosing what we align ourselves with and thus what we choose to sustain and/or co-create. We are then also able to give our full attention and focus to those projects and thus become more efficient in a naturally and divinely orchestrated way, as opposed to a forceful and exhausting one.

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