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Energies of Ascension and the Physical Body

Note: I have been sharing thoughts and reflections in video format on my Instagram account and figured I should share these on my website for those who do not use such platforms. Besides, my account is severely shadow banned despite watching what I share and removing certain content in regards to the 2020 ordeal for the last 2-3 weeks. I am not sure this ban will ever be lifted seeing the level of censorship these platforms have undertaken. Feel free to share on your own accounts if so guided, so as to help curb the ban.


The Ascension or Spiritual Awakening is a process of Embodiment.

What that means is that it is a process of anchoring in the physical body more and more of the higher aspects of our being, which is the eternal Consciousness.

In doing so, the physical body learns to adjust to these new energies, these new frequencies; shedding layers upon layers of density, becoming lighter and lighter.

The only way out (of the old cycle) is through (the physical body).

We are not "going” anywhere external, but on the contrary grounding our essence further and further into this physical body of ours. This is a journey inwards, into the depth of our being. (You may dive further in my more in-depth article Body, Mind, Soul I: The Body).

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