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Building a Practice and a Strong Set of Habits

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Habits are a powerful way for us to give conscious intent and direction to our life. They become the building blocks of our spiritual house.

When we learn to create a spiritual practice we may want to include a strong set of daily habits that will allow us to strengthen and cultivate discipline, consistency and resilience. Recalibrating over and over again on these habits so they become pillars for our practice and act as bearings for the times we may steer away from alignment.

These habits should be tailored to our own unique current experience and evolve with us over time. It is important to make sure they are adapted to our current given circumstances and current level of self-awareness so as to make sure we do not get discouraged, bored or overwhelmed.

There is a myriad of such habits we can include to our practices and establish as anchors for our highest timelines and expression. Seeking inspiration in others’ practices may be helpful, so long as we are able to recognise what will work for us and what won’t, in humility and self-compassion. We may then adjust and tweak them to fit our current goals and aspirations.

Here are some examples/suggestions:

◆ Grounding in Nature / Swimming 12D Shielding Technique / other Energy Strengthening practice ◆ Yoga Practice ◆ Meditation / Guided or not ◆ Walking / Hiking - even better with a dog! =P ◆ Intermittent / Fasting ◆ Gardening / Plant Care ◆ Arts / Painting, Dancing, Music... ◆ Journaling / Writing / Reading ◆ Exercise / Sports ◆ Star gazing ◆ Phone curfew ◆ 24h Weekly Digital Detox / Screen Free ◆ Gratitude / Visualisation ◆ Mindfulness (Intentional Focus while doing any activity as trivial as the dishes) ◆ Detoxes / Cleanses ◆ Healthy / Nourishing Diet (staple foods) ◆ Breathwork ◆ Prayers / Intention Setting ◆ Self Work Practices


Let us know in the comment what are some other potent foundational practices you have incorporated over the years!

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