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A call for Compassion in Polarising Times

We are living through unprecedented times, and most human beings on planet Earth right now do not realise to which extent.

When we are able to see through the veils of illusion of this distorted Artificial Matrix and make a conscious choice and effort to realign our entire being to the natrual Organic Matrix and Laws of Creation, Compassion really should be a value we strive to infuse our every thought, word and action with.

We have long been told that if we were able to see through the lies, distortions and manipulations early in the collective ascension stages, it had to do with us having to act as anchors and beacons of light for the masses when this collective awakening would gain momentum.

Well, it seems that time is now.

Since the 2020 ordeal (which I’ll remind you was coinciding with crucial planetary alignments as well as great energetic shifts at a galactic level), we have been able to witness the rise of millions of human beings, seeing through the lies and incoherences of the mainstream narrative.

This is a time for us to strive to Unite and hold deep Compassion in our Hearts for awakening humans going through intense phases of Dark Night of the Soul, where their entire reality is crumbling before their eyes at a collective level.

Many will experience fear, many will choose denial, but many will also be looking for answers.

Let us keep an open Heart all the while cultivating masterful boundaries in these great times of Collective Ascension; facing the reality of what is to come without engaging in consumptive mind controlled attacks, yet holding space, Love and Compassion for others, regardeless of their own choices.

This is a tricky balance to find and maintain, but these are the times we were build for.

In deep Love and Gratitude,

I commend and thank you for being a Truth Seeker.

GSF, Melissa 🐋

My videos are also published on Odysee should they be removed from YouTube:


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