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Predictive Programming and Manifesting Timelines.

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Note: I have been sharing in video format on my Instagram account and figured I should share these on my website for those who do not use such platforms. Besides, my account is severely shadow banned despite watching what I share and removing certain content in regards to the 2020 ordeal for the last 2-3 weeks. I am not sure this ban will ever be lifted seeing the level of censorship these platforms have undertaken. Feel free to share on your own accounts if so guided, so as to help curb the ban.


Predictive Programming and Manifesting Timelines

Below is a quick and spontaneous reflection on the purposes of predictive programming and the mechanisms of timelines manifestation. (Please have patience and understanding for my sleepy voice and bed hair I had just woken up, I will get better at this).

Understanding the power of our thoughts in creating the reality we experience both on an individual and a collective level is crucial in our emancipation from the mind control programmings of the enslaving matrix.

When we embark on the ascension journey of awakening and of exiting the matrix, we must gradually move towards disengaging from said matrix on every level possible.

On my personal journey, as soon as I learnt about mind control I immediately strived to disengage and unplug myself from everything pop-culture related. It took me years before I could listen to music again and to this day I avoid watching mainstream movies, series etc. as much as possible.

If we still want to engage in some way with this type of content for research purposes for instance, we may want to set clear intentions and define boundaries through prayers before doing so.

When we understand mind control is the main tool of enslavement upon planet Earth, we begin to understand the importance of mastering one’s own mind (thoughts, words and actions).

Sending Love and Blessings

GSF, Melissa.

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