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Glamorisation of Satanism

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Yes, again...

And it appears that we may have plenty more to say for a long while still, as things are not getting better on that field.

These agendas are and will be pushed further and further upon the population, and mostly upon the youth.

I'll warn you I felt sick myself reading this piece by Vigilant Citizen, even though I am not new to the topic.

Here, VC points out few key themes of the remake of the Sabrina series - yes, the teenage witch, and it has taken a far different, darker route.

He had already published an article following or just preceding the release of the series (read here). But this is a more in depth analysis of the series itself - which he since viewed entirely for his research.

As I and many others have mentioned before, this goes far beyond just "acting" or "art" or "entertainment". These symbolisms and subliminal messages revolve around current "hot" topics of our society, all mixed in with intense Satanic symbolism and imagery. These "entertainment" medias serve very specific purposes of brainwashing, conditioning, programming and possibly traumatising entire generations to come.

These agendas are the real plague to Humanity for how insidious and widespread they are. It really is high time to bring some awareness, and really ask ourselves how is this actually entertaining? Do we really have no better way to provide "fun time" for our future generations? Are these messages really as harmless as some would like us to believe? Have you never been impacted by a movie or a show you watched as a kid or as a teen? How is this different? What kind of values are portrayed and glamorised in these shows? Can we not do better? Are these really just marketing stunts? Or are there darker hidden agendas to them?

This is not about Manichean views on good vs bad, nor the religious distortions of Evil and Good or Hell and Heaven. This goes far beyond any of that. This is about our TRUE Core Values as Human beings. Are we of Service to Life or do we choose to support - even unconsciously - what is "anti-life" what defiles, desecrates and destroys all the Living?

I'll let you ponder these questions. Please give the article below a full read before making your mind up.

In Knowledge and Awareness lies our Power to become Free again.

To Sovereignty and Freedom my friends,

Be well 🐋

Related: you can also read my previous blogpost "Mainstreaming of Satanism" here.


The Sick, Twisted Messages in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

December 12, 2018.

With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix, entertainment is increasingly consumed in the form of multi-episode series. Spanning for dozens of hours, these series do not simply tell a story, they create immersive worlds in which viewers become greatly invested. Indeed, series are not strictly about a narrative – they’re long-winded experiences that become a part of the lives of those who watch, rewatch and binge-watch them.

The first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a series aimed at teenagers, contains ten one-hour episodes. In these ten hours of content, lots of words get said, lots of messages are implied, and lots symbolism gets burned in the minds of the viewers. And, as someone who sat through this first season (twice), I can confirm that there is a lot to unpack in there.


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