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Mainstreaming of Satanism.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Mainstreaming of Satanism.

This London Fashion Week was host of - at least - one very disturbing event as depicted and decoded in the following article (below the French part) by Vigilant Citizen. As is shown in the article a certain fashion designer chose to honour and display strong Satanic and Masonic symbolism throughout their show's visuals and performances.

While a lot of us are going to be willing to believe this is just "art", this is just pretending for art, or this is a simple "meaningless" performance with no hidden agenda behind it, it is important today to understand that in the Universe there is no such thing as pretending when it comes to vibrations and frequencies. Whatever we choose to embody - in whatever means of expression - be it for fun, be it in all seriousness or by default - e.i. in spite of us - we embody the energy current related to that point of focus of our expression.

There are many various energy currents but the two main ones are Love and Fear. Love and Fear are at the two ends of one of the polarity spectrum of frequencies we can experience in our Universe, and every single other type of energy / emotions that we may experience and/or embody falls into either one of these categories.

Satanism, violence, bloodshed, sacrifices, evil, darkness and other such polarities are obviously falling into the fear based category of energy currents. It is important to understand that when we portray these attributes, when we choose to embody them in a way or another, regardless of whether for us it is just pretending, or a "simple" performance (or even a choice we believe to be conscious); if we are not aware these energy currents are real and what specific vibration frequencies each of them corresponds to, we will not be aware that we are then unconsciously (or somewhat consciously) placing our personal energies into that specific current, thus feeding it and allowing it to manifest itself and exist through our own physical vehicle within our current reality.

In other words, if I decide to dress up as a satanic or demonic persona or character or entity, I embody the current of energy it represents, that is to say, I allow that energy current to manifest and express itself through my physical vehicle, i.e. my body and its energies. And there is no such thing as pretending or masquerading frequencies. These energies are being embodied, felt and fed regardless of whether we are "pretending" or not, or of whether we believe in them or not for that matter. If we are not aware of these things, our consent is given in spite of us, so we can either consciously choose to embody that frequency, or we can choose to believe we do not embody any frequency and this frequencies will then be embodied anyway and will be so in spite of us.

These are part of universal mechanisms, we are frequency, we plug ourselves onto other frequencies, we feed other frequencies, we enter in resonance with other frequencies and we connect with other frequencies constantly. So if we are not aware of these mechanisms our energies can easily be (re)directed by others who do know of said mechanisms better than we do, and then placed upon whatever frequency or energy current that is serving the interests of the person/being/group manipulating us.

Like so, mainstreaming of Satanism in the consciousness of people that are not aware of these mechanisms is a way to have these unconscious, unaware and/or uneducated people embody, feed and plug themselves onto satanist frequencies unconsciously and in spite of them.

It is crucial to learn these mechanisms and to become aware of where we choose to place our personal energies and thus what current we feed at every instant. These are basic physical principles of our Universal reality, also called the Universal Laws. If we ignore them, we become available for others who understand them better than us, to manipulate us into feeding a specific energy current that will be of service to their own personal agendas. And we specifically do not want these agendas to be of service to satanist groups, for obvious reasons (violence, bloodshed, torture, disrespect, destruction and defiling of Life and the Living, etc. all are satanist values).

It is crucial that we become aware of these universal mechanisms of resonance and frequencies, and educate ourselves on the fact that we at all time are feeding a current or another. In understanding them we can make informed decisions as to where we choose to place our attention and focus, as well as our personal energies, and we can consciously choose which current we wish to feed and align with - through our physical vehicle - learning to act and behave in an informed, conscious and aware manner thus manifesting a reality that is aligned with our highest expression. Taking our responsibilities as to which reality we consciously choose to co-create for our own personal well being as well as the well being of the entire community, Humanity and the Universe, because everything is connected and we are all One.

I hope this helps us become aware of which agenda we might unconsciously be participating in through misplacing our own point of focus and personal energies.

Let us become Informed, Conscious and Responsible vehicles of energies of Love, Harmony, Empathy, Compassion, Kindness and all that is of service to Life and the Creation.

May peace be with us,


Melissa 🐋.


London Fashion Week by Vigilant Citizen.

Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu’s presented her Spring/Summer 2018 collection at London Fashion Week and it was nothing less than a satanic Black Mass. Indeed, the event took place at the altar of St Andrew Church in London and incorporated heavy occult and satanic symbolism. In short, the event summed up everything the fashion world is truly about.... Read More

Source: TheVigilant Citizen - full article:

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