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Entertainment, Mind Control and Transhumanism

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Naturally, I would love to believe that Art is always "just Art", a powerful way to express Beauty, to spark Inspiration, or even to raise Awareness and trigger profound inner changes and questionings. And in an ideal world, it is precisely what Art is meant to be, inspire and/or trigger us into creating ourselves, for we truly are a species of Creators - Creators of ourselves and of our own reality. But unfortunately, the current reality on Earth - even though improving - is not ideal.

Indeed, Humanity has been enslaved a long while ago and is mostly not even aware of it; the core values of our species have been distorted and reversed and evil is often glamourised (or made "cool") while good is ridiculed (and associated with being weak). We are constantly subjected to numerous attempts at manipulating and controlling our Consciousness, our Knowledge and our Growth and Expansion, and we have been so for thousands of years.

It is in that sense that we must not be naive and seek to understand the various hidden agendas infiltrated within all poles of our society. And Art is no exception.

For the last few decades, with the expansion of Hollywood, movies have taken an important position within humans' homes and lives (mostly Western but not only) with single movies reaching out to millions of people. Knowing that we live in a world where any opportunity is taken to manipulate, condition and mind control us; when any media is able to reach out to such great numbers of people so quickly - and with so little effort on many levels - we must always question the intentions behind said media.

Hollywood-type movies have long been used as tools for what we call "consciousness seeding", that is to say to plant seeds in viewers' consciousnesses and insidiously lead them to more or less consciously accept certain things or ideas, or on the contrary to reject others.

There are many ways such high-ranking and far-reaching movies (as well as most other news and entertainment medias) are currently being used without the viewers' awareness of it, the main ones being:

- Revealing future agendas and/or current hidden realities under the pretext of science fiction or imagination and creativity, so as to obtain humans' consent for said agendas and thus avoid most karmic consequences. It is as if we are no longer able to say we did not know since it was all laid out in various movies we collectively (in huge numbers) watched without any form of protest - of course, because we were fooled into thinking they were "just movies", "just a form of art".

- Conditioning the masses (i.e. the viewers) into globally accepting certain "standards" or "truths" by heavy repetition, and hammering even (a well-known technique of mental programming and brainwashing), of certain archetypes and/or rules of thumb presented over and over again in numerous movies. A very cliché and yet very common example would be the demonizing of the Russians as an evil threat to the glorious USA by portraying them repeatedly as the "bad guys" movies after movies (this also goes for the Germans actually and in more recent years with so-called Arab terrorists). This might seem obvious to some of us, unfortunately a large portion of the mass does not think further when watching movies (and most other "entertainment" medias) and sub- or un-consciously does get conditioned in this way.

- Ridiculing conspiracy theories, mostly those gaining interest amongst the public, by turning them into jokes and desensitizing the viewers' to the often serious and grave issues of said conspiracy. This programs viewers into dismissing and/or mocking certain realities and truths that would probably raise much consciousness within humanity if revealed. The most recent (and blatant!) example of this is the latest Taco Bell commercial portraying the main features of the Illuminati secret society and turning them into a joke - I will insist here that what these people are dismissing and passing as a "joke" is the reality of occult and satanic societies that indulge in the sacrificing and sexual torturing of children, nothing to joke about in my opinion. More on decoding and understanding the symbolism in the ad, as well as the high-ranking position of Taco Bell executives in this article by Vigilant Citizen here.

- Maintaining climates of war and terror through normalising violence and bloodshed, having us all question our neighbours and gradually see all our brothers and sisters as potential rapists, murderers and/or threats. This particular aspect greatly pushes us into relying on governments to "protect" us and thus into giving up our power. This is seen in these very popular tv series such as Games of Thrones, The Walking Dead, the movies Hunger Games and the list could be very long as violence is inherent to the majority of the entertainment industry. This war and terror agenda is also heavily supported by most "news medias" which hardly ever report anything positive or optimistic, nor ever offer alternatives and/or solutions.

- The somewhat cathartic experience viewers get when watching the horrors and dramas of others (it goes wether real or fictional), and begin to subconsciously feel better about their own life, feeling safe and complacent and thus less likely to question the establishment.

These various techniques of hammering, of subliminal messages, and of desensitizing enables the "elite" control the masses and what they think: they decide what is acceptable and what is not.

If we focus on the first point for instance, which is disclosing future agendas, I will take the example of Steven Spielberg's movie "A.I. - Artificial Intelligence". As the title suggests this movie released in 2001 (based on a short story from 1969 by Brian Aldiss) deals with the idea of Artificial Intelligence and is set in a somewhat distant future where humanity co-exists with very advanced human-looking robots that are supposedly here to serve humans in various ways. It is the story of a young child-like robot, the main character, a prototype for the newest generation of droids supposedly able to develop "feelings" and the family who gets to live with him/it.

Artificial Intelligence is often portrayed as dangerous for the well-being of Humanity and its prosperity, it is quite easy to see how such "intelligent" robots could pose a few threats upon Humans, mainly by their absence of empathy, feelings and/or moral values. In this movie, this child-like robot is shown to us as innocent as we would assume any child to be. This entire movie and this robot's adventures push us to develop strong empathy towards him/it, by portraying it as any other child. We are triggered into developing compassion - a natural emotion inherent to all Human beings in their original state - for what is in fact just a machine, a complex one maybe, but a machine nonetheless. (See also the movie Wall-E or the now "famous" Star Wars robots R2D2 and C-3PO).

This movie made me feel really uncomfortable (even though I only watched it a few months ago and I have now learnt to read in between the lines and see many hidden and subliminal messages). Throughout the whole movie it seemed obvious the writers and/or directors used a child to play with our most compassionate side, who would want a child to be hurt or "dismantled"? To the point we almost end up forgetting there is a radical difference between a child and a child-like robot.

Now this movie, might have appeared to many as "just another Sci-Fi movie", but here we are now in 2018 just 6-7 years after the release of the movie (and almost 50 years after the release of the short story), and a few month ago, in October 2017, an A.I. human-looking robot named Sophia (which means wisdom, and it surely is not random), was not only making headlines globally and being invited on various tv shows to show off her learning skills in understanding and supposedly becoming more "like us", but was also granted a citizenship!

This time they did not go as far as using a child to have us empathise, but a "female". The robot is constantly called "she" over "it" by all these "elite" pawns of the various shows she appeared on and is praised by most medias, although I was quite glad to see many did not seem so pleased - but that should not fool us into thinking these A.I. and Transhumanism agenda is not going to be pushed on us further.

Transhumanism is the fusion of Human with Technology. This agenda is heavily pushed on the masses through various means - which I will cover in another article - and the acceptance of A.I. as a positive thing for the evolution of mankind is part of the scheme, and it is heavily bombarded everywhere we look at (see Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, Jason Silva and many other so-called influencial people's speeches praising A.I. and/or Transhumanism i.e. the "augmented human" as the next step forwards for Humanity - both are intricately related) and most especially in the recent movies and/or music videos - see for some recent examples Justin Timberlake's latest music video, or another recent one by Taylor Swift's here.

Robots might be able to learn what feelings are through complex algorithms, but they will never have a Soul, a Heart, and thus true Empathy and Compassion. It is very important to understand the difference. A vehicle without a Soul is just that. What makes us Humans, what makes us able to Empathise, and have Compassion and develop Unconditional Love is our Soul, our Higher Consciousness, our Spirit and all above levels; it is our connection with the Divine. And this goes for all Live Beings. But most importantly, what this Transhumanism agenda also greatly inhibits and purposefully leaves out of the equation is Human's ability to evolve and develop Higher Sensory Perceptions and Greater Abilities through Expanding their Consciousness and (re-)Activating dormant DNA strands (see my article Body and the whole Body Mind Soul series on the matter) which is what we are encouraged to work towards in this particular phase of Ascension, of entering a new cycle.

The reason I wanted to make this parallel between Sophia the Robot and A.I. the movie is to raise awareness as to what might be disclosed to us in these high-ranking Hollywood-type movies, and this also goes for tv series, advertising and most medias. Besides, "A.I." was originally developed by Stanley Kubrick in the mid 90's, the man whose most famous movie pictures occult societies partaking in bizarre satanic (or alike) rituals and behaviours: Eyes Wide Shut, coincidence? Kubrick actually also portrayed specific mind control techniques (the MK-ULTRA programs which are amongst the most popular so-called "conspiracy theories" even though it is no theory at all) in his adaptation of "Clockwork Orange".

In the most recent tv/series programs, we saw the launch of this new Netflix miniseries "Wormwood", actually based on a true story, talking about Mind Control programming used by the C.I.A. (project MK-ULTRA), as well as the series "Altered Carbon" on cloning, transhumanism and technologies supposedly able to transfer Consciousness from a body onto another in an artificial way, and its bizarre and creepy marketing stunt of an "art exhibition". These are just two recent examples of hidden agendas and/or conspiracies being disclosed under the cover of Entertainment and a perverted version of "Art", but throughout the last few decades there were several other movies disclosing various elements of our current society ("Matrix" being the most famous for instance) as well as some disclosing the reality of our Universe (such as "Star Wars" and the energy currents of the Force with its two polarities the "Dark Side" and the "Bright Side" and how it all connects to our thoughts and Mind, also providing an exopolitic context which is to say that beyond the earthly politics are galactic politics involving various civilisations and species...), and the list goes on. See here a list of some of the movies on AI of the past decades.

Once again, what will free us as a Sovereign Specie is Knowledge. It is the understanding and disclosing of all the manipulations we have been subjected to for thousands of years. Only then will we become able to make informed and conscious decisions for our Collective Evolution. Technology is not evil, it is neutral. It is the way we use it, and whose hands are on it that will either make it beneficial or detrimental to the Growth of a civilisation or a specie. Humans are yet too ignorant of the realities of this world and of our Universe to be able to handle such advanced technologies as A.I., Cloning and Genetic Engineering (all acquired in dubious ways and contracts with more advanced yet malevolent civilisations). We must remain vigilant of the progress of such agendas, and make our own research, once again, out of the mainstreaming current of thinking, learning to discern truth from lies through the actual vibration of things and not solely through what is most commonly accepted, also making sure we do not partake, sustain nor comply with them as much as is possible.

"Science without Conscience is but the ruin of the Soul" - Rabelais.

We are now in the midst of this disclosing phase where Humanity is gradually awakening to the many lies and distortions, please stay grounded and work deeply on your own abilities of discerning and growing as a Sovereign being, a Sovereign Cosmic Citizen.

I thank you all for being truth seekers,

May the Force be with you and the Stars lead you

Melissa 🐋

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