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December 2016 Newsletter, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

During the last few decades, many spiritual teachers have passed on this crucial information that our thoughts all come from 2 main categories: either Love or Fear. This understanding is one of the most important integration a consciousness could have along its journey of spiritual awakening.

In deed, the first step in our spiritual growth is to integrate the fact that we create our direct external reality, based upon our internal reality: that is to say upon our thoughts, and their vibrational quality. Knowing that we produce on average 60 000 thoughts per day, it is important to ask ourselves how do we use these thoughts, what are they directed towards to, and what do they feed at every moment: fear or love? (with their sub-categories, which we will see further below). Are they for the majority positive, or negative? Unfortunately, most humans collectively still have thoughts that are for the most part more "negative" than "positive", even though this tendency is gradually changing thanks to the growing emergence of access to alternative informations of these past few years, which have enabled humans to understand the connection between quantum physics and spirituality, as well as the role of consciousness in the manifestation of reality.

What we, to this day, still call "magic" is nothing but science or technology yet to be understood....

Fields that were considered "eccentric" for a long time, such as the esoteric, the "paranormal"or the energetic are gradually becoming the "norm" for those who are already well into their spiritual awakening process in this phase of planetary Ascension (often also having gone through a Dark Night of the Soul), of Soul integration, of developing of their spiritual maturity, of spiritual emancipation, as well as into their spiritual healing process. Humanity is progressively awakening to new ways of perceiving reality, to new healing techniques (including sound), and is progressively discovering its true hidden History, allowing it to understand little by little its cosmic dimension and its interconnection to the great All, the Universe and, we could say, the multiverse.

Humanity will gradually reconnect itself to the Universal Lawswhich are very far from the different laws some have established upon Earth, be it through the creation of religions or dogmas, or through the diferent institutions that have preceded one another across History, in order to maintain humans slaves of the powers in place, and slaves of their beliefs. Most humans being disconnected from these cosmic laws (because they were purposefully never taught about them, or else in a falsifed manner as within religions or sects for instance), are thus permanently in a position of "cosmic violation" and never cease to individually and collectively pay for the consequences of this ignorance and this irresponsibility at a Universal level (under diverse energetic consequences, the best known being what we commonly call "karma", or more accurately : the Law of Cause and Effect, which we will see further below).

Humanity tough is not entirely responsible for its situation. Indeed, its natural evolution was greatly interfered by some other civilisations (technologically advanced but not spiritually) inhabiting our Universe and other dimensions, and so since its beginning; who consider humanity to be "cattle", and a slave specie "stupid and ignorant". This is the reason why many consciousnesses chose to incarnate in these times of cosmic opening (= of Ascensionin order to disclose the truth upon the enslaved condition of humanity from its inception and upon its true History, as well as to allow humans to free themselves on their own, through access to this information, and through their own personal and spiritual work. It is indeed important to move away from the victim/saviour patterns, having caused already too much damage through the different religions established upon Earth. It is up to each human to free themselves, through their own personal work of understanding of what is going on - with maturity and absence of denial - through their own personal work of reconnection with their higher self - going through a dismantling of the different masks of the mental / ego worn so far) - and finally, through their spiritual healing work. This work will without fail have to go through a discovering of, or a reconnection to the diverse Cosmic Laws ruling the Universe. As all live organism is under the ruling of these laws, whether we understand it, whether we know it, or whether we accept it or not (which is the case for instance of some races who have chosen to subvert and violate these universal laws).

In the same way that there are some physical laws determining our reality in matter (dimension 1 to 3) and that we can not ignore even if "we do not believe in them", such as the law of gravity for instance (universal law of gravitation), there also are energetic laws ruling the entirety of the "invisible" dimensions and which, since everything is energy and vibration and all the dimensions are intertwinedhas a direct impact upon our "physical" reality. However, once again, most humans are not aware of these Laws, not being taught at school, neither by their parents, who are themselves not spiritually mature nor aware of the creation of reality mechanisms, of their energetic responsibility nor of the different forces inhabiting our Universe. Besides, most humans have been programmed by constant mind control into rejecting these matters through great confusion purposefully instilled in their minds via diverse means (medias, movies, documentaries meant to discredit those topics, libel of some spiritual teachers, exaggerated association of all those topics to the words "guru" or "sect" in order to keep as many people as possible away from this information). Most humans are not able of vibrational discerning and of perceiving truth from lie, good from bad, positive forces from negative forces, and are thus consistently being used and manipulated in order to manifest the desires of diverse entities, individuals and organisations who have agendas of control, of domination, and of destruction. As long as humans remain ignorant of their creative power, they will be kept docile and enslaved, and will keep on believing that life is only a matter of luck, bad luck, and chance, and that we have absolutely no power in changing reality. Which is what the powers in place of course wish to sustain for as long as possible in the minds of those they wish to keep under control - for knowledge is liberating.

The Universal Laws.

The Law of One.

  • The Law of One is practiced by advanced cosmic races advocating individual responsibility through the understanding of the interconnected nature of all forms of life. (Recommended source: The Law of One). Some emissaries and representatives for these advanced races looking into humanity's situation in order to help it move forward in this phase, have incarnated and are currently incarnated on Earth so as to teach this Universal Law - as well as the Ascension sciences which are directly connected to it.


Note: The principles of the Law of One will be seen in future articles and teachings as it is also part of my own mission to teach about it (as I go along my own integration and reconnection which requires a lot of personal work and integration work through multiple necessary experiences).

The principles of the Law of One:

  1. Unity Consciousness.

  2. To love oneself.

  3. To love others.

  4. To love Earth and Nature.

  5. Service to Others.

  6. Consciousness Expansion.

  7. Responsible Co-creation.

Note: Every spiritual / sacred teachings has undergone distortions and infiltrations upon Earth, to prevent humans from accessing what could free them (the same applies to all the various sacred sites). Therefore I state that the Law of One I am talking about and I am in alignment with is the one described here: The Law of One

The Law of Attraction or Law of Resonance.

The best known universal law amongst those who have already embarked upon a spiritual path, also often seen in an incomplete manner, is the Law of Attraction, or Law of Resonance. Indeed, when looking at the law of attraction more through its vibrational resonance side rather than solely based upon our simple "thoughts", we understand better how we manifest our reality at every moment. We do not create our reality depending on what we think only, but rather depending on the vibrational frequency we broadcast at every moment. The whole of individual manifested realities, will determine the collective reality humanity will then experience. Once again, this is the reason why many souls have incarnated in this end cycle and times of Ascension, in order to enable humanity to manifest collectively its own emancipation through the Awareness of the Universal Laws. It is indeed impossible to become spiritually mature, to ascend vibrationally and to be in self-control without being in harmony with the Cosmic Laws.

The Law of Causality (Cause and Effect).

The Law of Cause and Effect is also very important to understand, and ignored by many individuals thinking they can do to others or to the Earth whatever they pleasewithout having to face the consequences at some pointKarma, very much misunderstood within religious and spiritual communities, is not a "punishment" inflicted by an external God who would be "judging" our actions between 2 categories of "Good" or "Evil", who would then determine if we were to go to hell or to heaven, or else, if we were to embark on a new incarnation with as a punishment, having to endure what we did to others in the past. This is a very "schematic" and way too "simplistic" and falsifed vision of the reality of the functioning of these universal laws of Cause and Effect.

Causality is the link between a cause and its consequence, that is to say its effect in the Universe. This Universal Law means that every effect has a cause and every cause has an energetic consequence. In that respect, humans are pretty far from taking this energetic responsibility and tend to blame others for the circumstances they have co-created themselves.

If there is co-creation, who do we create with?

The universe is composed of diverse forces. Two main forces co-exist, since, according to the Law of Free Will and of Consent, every being has a choice to opt for what we commonly call "the forces of Good" or "the forces of Evil". This analogy is perfectly pictured in the Star Wars movies and exactly represents the reality of the Universe, just as well in terms of cosmic wars as in the 2 sides of the "force", that we can choose in every moment.

These 2 forces are but precisely these 2 foremost categories seen at the beginning of this article :

  • Fear : resonating with the frequencies of the ego, leading up to chaos, disharmony and anti-Life, and including fury, hate, and frustration.

  • Love : resonating with the frequencies of Life forces, Harmony, Gratitude and of Kindness.

At every moment, and with each of our thoughts, actions and words, we cast a conscious or unconscious choice for the frequency we will operate from, and consequently, according to the Law of Resonance, for the side of the force that will manifest through the Law of Cause and Efect, an energetic and then physical consequence in our own reality as well as in the collective reality. Therefore :

  • If we carry out positively intentioned actions, we will garner positive consequences, and our pure intentions, according to the laws of intention, of Free Will and of Consent, will forge an alliance with the positive forces and entities inhabiting the various dimensions.

  • If we carry out negatively intentioned actions, we will garner negative consequences and our negative intentions, according to the laws of intention, of Free Will and of Consent, will generate an alliance with the negative forces and entities inhabiting the various dimensions.

The different races and entities inhabiting the non-physical dimensions (from the 4th dimension and above)are not able to manifest directly in matter. To do so, they need physical vehicles in the 3D, to manifest in matter the consequences of a will. This is the reason why many disembodied entities (commonly called "ghosts" or "spirits") keep lurking around other humans still incarnated in matter, hoping to experience through them, certain feelings they can no longer experience. If those individuals have passed without having done spiritual work, they are for the most part under the yoke of their negative ego (physical death in itself does not discharge us from the spiritual work we ought to achieve and we do not become "enlightened" as we we die). These souls then might still be controlled by various addictions they will try to keep on satisfying through other physical vehicles (addictions to sex, luxury, gluttony, alcohol, drugs, violence, etc.). These disembodied entities, formerly humans, are further added in other dimensions to all sorts of interdimensional, extra-dimensional and extra-terrestrial races, whom them too will be attracted to us accordingly to the law of attraction / the law of Resonance. These entities and consciousnesses have, as we do, under the law of free will, the choice to strive for Life or Anti-Life - for Harmony or for chaos. Those 2 main forces' currents are also called "christic" forces, and "luciferian" and "satanic" forces. All religions have taken up these concepts, in their own terms, but today it is time for humanity to reconnect to the true meaning of these terms and especially, to the reality of the existence of those different forces, letting go of any form of denial. Some Extra-terrestrial races in alliance with governments and military-industrial complexes, have agreed, through their free will and law of consent, to serve luciferian and satanic forces, meaning the absence of divine connection and so of empathy and of a heart connection. Many humans can not comprehend nor conceive how such atrocities can be perpetuated upon Earth (wars, rapes, murders, satanic sacrifices, sexual slavery, paedophilia...), but it simply is for this reason : when we are not connected to our superior chakras or when we do not have them any longer due to our genetic regression (consequences of our life choices and intentions over thousands or even millions of years)as is the case for some races (that we will name the Archons to group them, but mainly including the reptilian and Draco races from the Orion constellation), then, we are disconnected from any form of empathy and solely operate from the base our ego and thirst for power - disconnected from all other forms of life and being solely concerned about the service to self.

These forces can not directly create their will into matter, and therefore program humans through mind control (medias, religions, education, scientifc fields, ritualistic abuses, etc.) in order to manipulate their subconscious, and so that humans create themselves, in an unconscious manner and by ignorance, an agenda established by others and not by their own soul and consciousness.

In this way, various events are orchestrated and maintained upon Earth (mainly wars, terrorism, catastrophes, precariousness, insecurity), in order to perpetuate an atmosphere of terror, essential to maintaining humans docile, then driven by fear, and so unable to connect to the superior vibrational frequencies that are the frequencies of Love.

As a reminder, here is a scale of emotions (see picture below) classifed by level of vibrational frequency - with at the very top in position 1: Love, and at the very bottom in position 22: Fear. The opposite of Love then, is not anger, but indeed Fear (closely related to powerlessness). Like so, we can say that all emotions enclosed between 1 to 7 included, depicting the ascending spiral, compare to the positive emotions and vibrations (of high frequency), while all the emotions of the descending spiral, corresponding to the emotions 8 to 22 included, compare to the negative emotions and vibrations (low frequencies), where unfortunately many humans are still stranded, due to a lack of knowledge, fatality, manipulation, lack of will or lack of personal and spiritual work.

Law of Attraction, Emotional Guidance Scale, Emotions, Frequency, Vibration, Manifestation

This way, it is important to ask ourselves, throughout the day, at how much % am I in positive emotions, versus negative?

If I am in majority in high vibrational frequencies, then I contribute to creating a reality for the most part positive for myself and for the World. I am a co- creator using the laws of free will and of consent in a way that allows me to be in harmony with the world around me and the universal laws. If I am in majority in low vibrational frequencies, then I contribute to creating a reality for the most part negative, for myself and for the World. I am a co-creator consciously or unconsciously creating a reality that does not abide by universal laws and which will cause, according to the law of Causality, energetic consequences within myself and in the UniverseAccording to the law of Equilibrium, I should then balance out the energetic fragments I have caused and make up for the consequences of my actions (be it in this incarnation or in the next ones).

Up until now, since the reality on Earth was in majority governed by darkness and unconsciousness, the "norm" was then the non-compliance with the Universal laws. Thus, we could not really perceive the direct consequences of irresponsible actions and in absolute violation of the universal laws, as the matrix was (and still very much is) making successful all the people precisely provoking the violation of these laws at the highest degree (big corporations of destruction of the planet, celebrities promoting unconsciousness, violence and debauchery, governments orchestrating wars and terrorism, the food and fashion industry provoking the slaughter of billions of animals each year...)Those behaviours are not, or very rarely, punished by terrestrial laws, therefore humans have not considered they could be consequences to the violation of universal laws, which are much more important than "human" laws. These humans have enjoyed their temporary success, wealth and fame thanks to the ignorance of other humans, but since the end of 2012 and since the opening of the interdimensional portals that have finally enabled the access to superior frequencies for the Earth, as well as the release of the planet from its energetic and cosmic quarantine, the cosmic laws are slowly taking over again and we can all see how much we now endure the direct consequences of everything we think, say or do in a much stronger way (in the negative just as much as in the positive).

If previously we were able to have negative intentions and negative actions without bearing the direct negative consequences (at least not for a while), today, it is no longer possible. This is the reason why many humans will experience today the consequences for all their previous behaviours, at once, and also reason why many will go through existential crises, health crises, and emotional crises in this intense phase of vibrational ascensionwhere everything that is not based upon Love and related emotions will not be able to persist and will have to be dismantledThose who will chose stay in low and negative frequencies, will directly experience the consequences for their actions and will move towards the descending slope of involution, instead of Ascension, with direct consequences in their future incarnations.

On the contrary, those who will chose to go for a profound purifcation of their being, for their spiritual emancipation, by working on their spiritual maturity, and through their spiritual healing, will experience the Ascension symptoms and will perceive states never before known. The states mentioned here are those times of intense connection with our higher self, with our cosmic family, as well as with other souls we came to incarnate with, in particular all those of you who came on Earth with a mission to assist in this phase, and the re-discovery of what it truly is to lead a life based upon authenticity, Love, truth and wisdom - all of which in full agreement with the universal and cosmic laws. This state of profound internal realisation could not be reached in any way in this illusory matrix we are slowly leaving behind, where superficiality and lies will no longer be tolerated.

The Law of Free Will (Law of non-interference / non- intervention).

This law states that every being is free and sovereign, to make the choices he wishes to. Theoretically he has the "right" to violate universal laws if he wishes so but, as seen above, will have to face energetic consequences. This law also includes the fact that we do not have a right to interfere with the life of others. Like so, to kill someone or an animal, and thus stopping its incarnation process, is a signifcant interference that will spawn energetic consequences to be balanced out. Planet Earth was a free will planet, a "giant live library" harbouring all sorts of species so that they could experience a physical life and expand on all levels. But some races have interfered with this natural evolution (thus violating once again the universal laws) and have caused on numerous occasions entire civilisations' genocides (Atlantean and Lemurian civilisations for instance)they have genetically modifed numerous species hybridising them with others and bringing about serious damages, as well as infiltrating Anti- Life values and unconscious technology (artifcial intelligence) within creation, thus forging the different layers of ego and its distortions of perception, caused by the different traumas enforced upon the human race.

Free will on Earth is not honoured, as humans themselves are not aware of their true cosmic nature, of their enslavement, neither of their true History, as we have all had our memory erased by the very action of entering this matrix, this system established by negative E.T. factions. Like so, forces having reigned over the human civilisation since its beginning have manipulated the law of free will through making humans endure the karmic consequences of entirely unconscious choices, forcing them to reincarnate from a life to another in order to balance out their behaviours which were antagonistic to the cosmic laws, without even knowing of those Laws, or else in a distorted manner.


This list of universal laws is not exhaustive (see here The Universal Laws), but it gathers the most important ones to assimilate and understand for the time being, for every individual wishing to move forward on their spiritual path and of reconnection to their true cosmic identity.

It is only when humanity will have collectively reconnected to the different natural and universal Laws dictating our tangible and intangible reality, that it will be able to learn again how to live accordingly to the principles of RespectUnityHarmony and Wisdom that define a conscious and spiritually advanced civilisation.

Many of us have for mission to teach and especially to implement these laws down here. This will happen through establishing new alternative teaching platforms and alternative schools, to, little by little, break off the previous brainwashing of the educational system that would rather teach the dates of wars and the names of their various perpetrators and their false Gods to its children, rather than the actual ways of behaving properly as a human being / in cosmic citizen, as well as the actual ways to succeed in life, in alignment with our soul and with our spiritual mission.


We all have the power to establish this new World, this New Earth who will become again what she was, before her invasion. Where beings will be able to live in peace and in harmony with each other and with other realms (animal, vegetal, mineral) all the while continuing to expand themselves towards even more advancement and consciousness, in abundance and with no lack of resources, as there are enough resources for all, if we learn again sharing and equity. The sole purpose of a soul is to grow eternally, as everything that comprises the Universe, itself in constant expansion.

Let us be the symbols for this expansion and let us embody the allegiance to these Universal Laws, fundamental to the emancipation of the human race towards its reclaimed sovereignty.

Translated from French by Melissa Deer of Sovereign · Planet.


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