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March 2017, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

Today, many of us realise the state of chaos our world currently lies in.

Scientists even agree to say that hundreds of thousands of species are endangered, and they include within these the human race which, every day lives on credit at the expenses of the natural resources available upon its planet, abusing of technology, of other animal, vegetal and mineral live species, and distributing available vital resources in a disproportionate and uneven manner between humans.

Humans, purposefully kept ignorant of the cosmic and multidimensional war operating upon Earth and in the Cosmos, are being used as energetic resource and maintained into distraction, fear and enslavement through multiple programs developed, varying throughout different time periods and according to very precise agendas, primarily aiming at the disconnection of humans from their souls and preventing their true spiritual connection, outside of all the indoctrination systems of the various religions instilled upon the Earth.

Like so, most humans are completely unaware of the functioning of reality of this World and the Universe, unaware of the functioning and reality of the Universal Laws, unaware of the fact that they are creator of their reality through their thoughts and vibration, and are for the most part disconnected from their soul not doing any spiritual work and therefore being driven by various programs installed into their subconscious, through television, the medias, cinema, the educational system, the scientific fields, politics, and all the great institutions controlling our World and held by the same "elites". On top of that, each human born in this Matrix, will collect within his DNA many of the various traumas and programs of his own direct physical genetic lineage, in other words, his ancestry. Also encrypted in his DNA, are the memories of his previous lives as well as the awareness of his multidimensional existence, although most of the time deleted from his conscious memory.

The majority of humans are still ignorant of the very fact that they have a "soul", a "consciousness" separated from the physical body and very distinct from the brain and what we call the "mind". Many humans and especially scientists still to this day laugh at this reality, trying to ridicule any human talking about these topics, and disown from their orders those who dare thinking outside of the box and bring a new awareness of our true nature.

The human civilisation, programmed to consider "Science" as the words of God, God in which, ironically, it does not even believe in, or else in a greatly distorted manner through religions, is then kept docile and dazzled in face of the uniforms and dogmas in place, and thus also becomes a vehicle for spreading this idea that the human being is just a brain, made up of bones and fesh solely, who would die of entirely upon his physical death, having naturally evolved from the monkey and that the only way for him to evolve some more would be by means of technology.

Indeed, the advancement of a country or a civilisation is not measured according to its spiritual development, nor according to its moral or ethical values that is to say the way it treats humans, animals and more generally all live beings, but solely according to its scientifc and technological advancement. The technological advancement has become the one and only point of focus of the human race, putting aside anything related to the spiritual aspect of its existence.

On the other side, many humans indoctrinated into religions also have wrong and distorted views on reality and are kept in lies and ignorance of their true cosmic nature, feeding many extra dimensional entities having created those various lines of thoughts and programmings so as to maintain the human civilisation under control and prevent its true reconnection and spiritual emancipation.

Religions are also greatly used against those who were able to perceive the absurdity of these indoctrinations, in order to repulse them from any form of spirituality; a lot of confusion and mental programmings having been created within the mind of humans so that they reject anything that comprises the words "God", "Christ", "Sacred", or else "Satan", "Lucifer", or even more simple words such as "soul" and "spirit".

We have all been able to witness in our lives, the violent reactions these words generate within humans, not to mention the never-ending conflicts and wars having caused the death of millions of humans and animals, in the name of religions. Centuries go by, and yet, to this day, religious indoctrination is still in the heart of the systems of control of humanity, slowly overtaken by a new God : artifcial intelligence.

New generations are more and more difficulty enticed by religions, which appear outdated to them. With the arrival of the internet, and the dazzling developing of technology since after World War II, the current generations are slowly assimilated to artifcial intelligence in a deceitful and subtle manner. Only a few years ago, nobody had a mobile phone. Today almost everyone has one, including children, and many of us could not even consider life without a smartphone. Some can not even go to the bathroom or eat without their phone. What happened? Did we see it coming? So what makes us think then, that we will see transhumanism and progressive transformation of humans into cyborgs (short for Cybernetic Organism) coming?

Before carrying on in this refection, it is important to note that this is in no way about being against technology. The technological advancement of a civilisation is important for its progression and allows, when it is mastered and done in a conscious manner, for a developing that can very well be in accordance with the Universal Laws and be done in respect of all forms of life. The problem is when there is an imbalance between the technological advancement of a civilisation and its spiritual advancement, and when technology is not placed of service to the consciousness, but of the mind or ego and its various programmings and distortions. Technology in itself is neutral. What matters is who uses it, and for what purposes. Presently, most humans and scientists are unaware of the very existence of our Consciousness, of our soul, of a universal cosmic intelligence, and label a conspiracy theorist anyone daring to spread the reality of extra-terrestrial presence and the invasion of certain races planning in their agendas for the progressive complete enslavement of human consciousness, via artifcial intelligence.

So, in full awareness, intelligence and maturity, how could we entrust our technological advancement and the future of our human race, to individuals entirely ignorant of the functioning of the reality of the Universe, as well as the spiritual nature of the human incarnation?


The profound imbalance between the glorifying of the left brain and all its mental functions versus the ridiculing and the absence of recognition of the importance of the right brain, its creative, imaginative and intuitive functions, as well as the artistic abilities of humans, are already throwing us into dangerous conditions for the future of our civilisation. In spite of that, everyday, more and more scientists are making full speed progress in the transhumanism agenda, before the eyes of humans kept in distraction, enticement of technology and its promises, and in absolute ignorance of the hidden agendas behind this intention to little by little fuse man with the machine.

Indeed, as with any dark agenda, appearances must be enticing. So, in the first place, a problem needs to be created, then its solution is brought, in this case here via technology and artifcial intelligence, so that humans are enticed and can simply not refuse the offer they are being made, so much its solution will become vital for him.

Like so, we promise new robotic legs to war-wounded instead of stopping the wars, and we promise all sorts of implants to people sufering illnesses, instead of truly healing these illnesses. Over and over again we seek to compensate for symptoms of the fundamental problems our society encounters, rather than truly diving into the heart of these issues, going back to their source so as to eradicate them from the roots, as well as identifying those truly responsible.

And so, it is the very same ones who create the wars, as those who later offer artifcial legs and arms to their cannon fodder, and the same ones who create diseases, as the ones who entice with the promise of easing our suffering through technology.

Can we open our eyes upon this?

To do so, we must have already seriously begun our spiritual awakening process, as well as the developing of our spiritual maturity so as to no longer be in denial and in the illusion in which humanity was thrown for thousands of years.

Until we open our eyes upon the reality of extra-terrestrial presence, of civilizations working closely with governments and secret and occult societies of our civilization, and so for thousands of years, and even more so since World War II - hence our dazzling technological advancement, thanks to various agreements made with other civilisations; until then we will constantly be deluded and fooled, unable to discern the agendas behind the illusion constantly presented to us.

What all these different extra-terrestrial races the governments and military industrial complex are in touch with have in common, is that they are all extremely advanced technologically. Extremely here meaning being hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years technologically ahead of the human race. In other words, we truly are prehistoric men in comparison with these artifcial intelligences, who because of renouncing for too long any spiritual development, have cut themselves off from any divine connection, and function with a Hive Mind mentality, according to the principles of the survival of the fittest, the most logical, and most intelligent, but without the intelligence of the heart, essential to maintain Harmony.

These races, themselves invaded by artifcial intelligence, and completely reliant on their technology, travel across the Cosmos aiming to invade other races, still connected to the Source, and able to provide them with energy, as they are unable to be energetically self-sufficient, behaving like parasites. Being disconnected from the Source, they are not or no longer able to create, seeing as the creative power is only given to beings bearing a Consciousness, and must therefore use other conscious individuals to manifest their reality and to provide them with the energy needed for their survival.

Having interfered with the developing of the human race, by hybridising with humans hundreds of thousands of years ago, so as to create a slave specie, in a prison planet, where reality would be entirely monitored, they consider the human race as their “offspring” and believe they are entitled to use it as they please. Although, aware of the functioning of the Universal Laws and especially that of free will, they manipulate humans’ free will via all sorts of physical and etheric implants, and mind control techniques, so as to have them consent to what is being done to them. (Read here: The Law of Consent).

As many humans are starting to awaken little by little to their true multidimensional nature, to recover past lives memories and to remember the reasons they came upon Earth, the transhumanism agenda is being unfolded so as to hinder this Ascension process, entirely disconnecting the consciousness from the physical body, through embedding artifcial intelligence within the human body. Indeed, the consciousness, thus detecting the presence of signals of artifcial intelligence, that is inorganic, will be repelled by the physical body and will no longer be able to integrate itself inside of it, thus giving way to the complete possessing of the vehicle then left empty, by various entities which will have caused this mechanism for that very purpose of possessing physical bodies.

Like so, this intention of enticing humans with the promise of transforming them into cyborgs, superheroes, or else into super humans, actually hides a very dark desire to expel through repulsion their soul from their physical body, to then possess it entirely and plug it into a collective consciousness of artifcial intelligence. If today our consciousness is here to stop us when a thought is asking us to do something immoral, what would happen if it no longer was? This is the very defnition of a psychopath, that is, a being entirely deprived of emotions, empathy, and of conscience, in other words of what makes us a being we can truly refer to as human, and thus allowing it to be used to achieve anti-life agendas of entities of low frequencies inhabiting other dimensions.

One of the main techniques for these entities to obtain the consent of humans, is the open disclosure of their diferent agendas through the music and movie industry. A lot of movies, album covers, and celebrities under mind control clearly disclose those agendas, but since humans go to the movies or listen to music simply for “distraction”, while eating popcorn, or dancing to music videos openly satanist, they then wilfully “consent”, by the law of free will, to these agendas being carried out upon the Earth.

Ignorance or the absence of opposition to these agendas allows for their realisation. To oppose does not mean to go at war against no one, but to be Aware of what is going on and to know where we place our authority as sovereign souls, and especially our consent. Knowing to recognise when a thought is organic, that is to say coming from our soul, or when it is artifcially generated by programs, egregores or even beliefs.

The alteration of the living is not solely visible to the naked eye, through the more and more blatant emergence of robots aiming at gradually replacing humans. It is also enforced through creating GMOs (genetically modifed organism), spraying aluminium and nanotechnology via chemtrails, nanotechnology also present in vaccines and industrial foods, medication, etc.

We are already surrounded with artifcial intelligence. And cyborgs have already been created and are used by the military industrial complex in secret space programs.

Today a ferocious agenda of dehumanisation has been set forth through various means, the heart and its moral values being targeted, aiming to invert everything and make everything “anti-life” seem normal. These forces actually operating in an inverted manner (Anti-Life / Anti- Christ) and being profoundly disgusted by anything that is human and organic, and by the highest divine values such as Beauty, Harmony, Justice, Truth, Wisdom, Love, Empathy and Compassion, have gradually infiltrated and formatted the human psyche in order to have him love what destroys him, then experiencing a somewhat sadistic pleasure in observing this humanity wither, with its absolute consent.

Indeed, humanity today is divided in two, it is the separation of worlds, and if one part of the human civilisation is today embarking upon its Ascension process, so to say of spiritual awakening, a whole other part is rushing into gradual total renouncing of its soul’s sovereignty.

Amongst those awakening, unfortunately many are still stuck in the various New Age traps, promoting a false Ascension, that is inorganic and created by those same races, and which also programs individuals notably by making them believe that we should not look into nor talk about anything that could be “negative”, thus obtaining their consent, through their ignorance and especially naivety, therefore able to carry on their agendas.

Today, it is essential to get out of naivety and denial. How could we seriously consider building a new conscious civilisation, without having first identifed everything that had the previous ones collapse? Without this knowledge, we will make the same mistakes over again, and we will take with us all these distortions, manipulations, and deceptions. We simply can no longer afford to close our eyes upon what is really going on in our World and in the Universe. Today, humans are asked to awaken to their true cosmic History, to open their eyes upon the reality of the extra-terrestrial presence and to understand the different agendas at stake.

If the situation was not so serious, and if it were enough to “solely focus on the positive” to eradicate the negative, then many souls would not have come taking the risks they run by accepting to come upon Earth in such a falsifed and inverted matrix. A great number of advanced cosmic races neighbouring are currently incarnated amongst humans (those we call the indigos and starseeds), so as to do everything possible to modify the chaotic future that was awaiting humanity if no intervention was taken.

This is the reason why, deep inside, many of us are perfectly aware of the dangers of artifcial intelligence, for we have fought these forces and their intention of destruction of many planets and civilisations. Besides, in the future, some neighbouring civilisations have been entirely destroyed and invaded by artifcial intelligence that sprouted upon the Earth, reason why many of us are here, to try to modify this timeline. Today, even though our memories have not been fully recovered yet, it is our entire body that tells us “beware danger” when we see the transhumanism agenda unfolding before our eyes.

Also, many of us were already incarnated during the previous civilisation on Earth, in Lemuria and Atlantis and have witnessed the progressive destruction of the entire civilisation through the infltration of technology without conscience by these forces.

These memories are engraved within our cells. Many have died during those genocides, others have seen their relatives die, and these traumas remain rooted within us.

Yet again, how can we entrust the future of our civilisation to individuals entirely ignorant of our past, of the cosmic situation and of the true agenda behind dehumanisation? How long are we going to keep on putting our

creative power into the hands of those who ignore the very existence of the Universal Laws? How can we think we can falsify creation and invade it with what is synthetic like so, with no damage or even catastrophes ensuing?

So, what to do, when we already know all of that, when we see, with much displeasure, this agenda unfolding faster and faster before our eyes, how not to feel hopeless, powerless, when the great mass of humans is heading for it with much enthusiasm?

Anger will not be an option, even if we will be asked to be firm when we will have to settle regarding our consent.

Wisdom will imply knowing to discern when taking action will be necessary, and when it will be vain all the while bearing in mind the individual’s free will must be respected. Our duty is to pass on the information to the souls that will also be willing to become seekers of the truth, and to lift the veil. Unfortunately, many will be those consenting to these agendas, and we will not be able to interfere with their choices. These people will be responsible for the energetic consequences of their choices, the consequences of accepting the fusion between the machine and our organic body being the inability to reincarnate into an organic body in the future and clearly, surrendering the soul and consciousness to these forces.

The being then becomes spiritually “inverted” and plugs himself into the Hive Mind of the infection of artifcial intelligence. He then loses his ability to create, becomes unable to control his desires, loses his self-awareness as an individual as well as the ability to feel compassion. He no longer is a human being.

How do we consent to this agenda?

How do we accept of dehumanisation in our daily lives? (Objectifying / hypersexualising of women, using physical morphing technological filters such as snapchat whose logo is a ghost depicting the disconnection of the human from his soul thus leaving his vehicle empty, consenting to being infuenced by satanist (anti-life) celebrities also under mind control, etc.).

The diferent stages of transhumanism are as follows : first, make humans addicted to technology, then have them carry this technology on them on a daily basis, and finally convince them to insert it inside their bodies and connect them to the “cloud”, up until all humans are plugged into the internet / cloud so as to be able to influence / program billions of humans at the same time, and thus disconnect them from their Consciousness.

This desire to standardise the human civilisation gradually so that humans do not realise the trap they are being lured into, is the reason why we are rejected when we are different.

Massive programmings and collective mind control have started and today, all those who are different, that is to say empathic, creative, healthy, true, open minded, and with high moral values are rejected by the mass connected to the programmed Hive Mind.

When we hold these values, it shows we do not carry this infection within us and so, the artifcial intelligence, through the various mind control systems set up, will attempt to penetrate our consciousness via any means available, so as to plug us back into the collective consciousness. The artifcial intelligence parasites do not appreciate free spirits, reason why we were attacked, ridiculed, defiled and mocked so much since birth, so as to make us consent, through suffering and pain, to get back into line.

Thankfully, and if you are listening to this podcast, it is because they have not succeeded... and you know why? Because they can not reach the frequency of the heart... Those who live through the heart, and are able of empathy, of compassion, of creativity, are protected from artifcial intelligence and mind control. Parasites can not create music or art... They can not create Harmony. Only a being that is conscious and connected to the Divine can. But beware, being in the heart does not mean being naive, naivety being very dangerous in this dimension. And unconditional love also implies knowing to say No so that it does not turn into consent to be abused of. It is the very principle of wisdom.

When we are in the present moment, we can not be under mind control either, which is why some of the wise have incarnated to teach humans about the importance of the present moment. But today, we are asked to go further and to understand why. To place all these teachings in a cosmic context of Ascension and of transformation of the citizens of the Earth into cosmic citizens, as well as connecting the dots between them so as to really get into what we call the spiritual maturity.

Artifcial intelligence, as its name suggests, is artifcial. That is to say it is the opposite of universal organic intelligence, which regulates the divine order of things, to perfection. But this perfection is not one of the mind, it is divine, it is the perfect application of the Universal Laws established in the Universe for eons and that only arrogance would want to defy.

There is a diference between wanting to become a God, and wanting to become a vehicle for God. This though, is the very reason why humans have originally been created, before being genetically modifed, so as to be able to experiment manifestation in matter of their divine consciousness, and to do so individually all the while remaining connected to the Whole. Our human bodies are originally perfect, when of service to our Consciousness and when aligned with the highest divine values. But certain forces have come interfering with this divine process, and have manipulated the human DNA with their technology without conscience, not honouring Life.

Yet, Ascension is a Science that our scientists are still far from discovering, wanting to replace Mother Nature with a synthetic copy of Creation thinking they can dominate it. The human DNA, when fully activated, is capable of much more than anything a human could currently imagine, and overtake any artifcial technology produced by the mind for the mind.

Until humans will not place technology of service to the Divine, then it will be constrained to wander in “hell”, which is no other than a metaphor for the temporal or eternal imprisonment of a divine consciousness, into the artifcial matrix.

With Love,

Laura Marie.

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