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October 2017, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

In social psychology, cognitive dissonance is the internal tension within an individual's thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes (cognitions) when one or more of them are in contradiction with another. In other words, cognitive dissonance represents the incoherence between thoughts / words and actions. For instance, when a person says they want to loose weight but only eat very fat and very sweet foods; or, when a person smokes and replies to those telling them smoking kills that "we have got to die of something" so as to lower the mental dissonance between their actions and what they know to be true. How many people keep saying everyday that they can not stand their job, yet keep on working it for 10, 20 years; or how many of them refuse to face the truth in certain areas so as to avoid questioning the beliefs they have based their existence upon, thereby increasing their level of cognitive dissonance?

When our actions do not resonate with our thoughts or words, there is incoherence, and this incoherence causes damages on different levels upon our different bodies, and impairs us spiritually. When we refuse to see a fact for what it is - so as to convince ourselves by all means that our thoughts are aligned to our actions thus reducing the discomfort of cognitive dissonance - we then become capable of taking on the greatest incoherences in our lives so as to avoid questioning our ways of thinking and functioning, and the dreadful realisation that we might have been wrong.

Accepting to question, in an "grown up" way, the very foundations upon which we have built our lives and therefore arranged our internal and external narratives which "validate" those beliefs, requires a great level of maturity, of responsibility and of dismantling of our ego.

When exposed to a truth that challenges his previous beliefs, a spiritually mature being will adjust his behaviours according to this newfound truth. When facing a truth that challenges their core beliefs, the spiritually immature being (who is still ruled over by his ego), will rather deny that truth, reject its messenger and find all sorts of substitution mechanisms, by all means convincing themselves this truth is wrong. Like so, they remain able to perpetuate their old behaviours without having to change a thing. So as to reduce the cognitive dissonance that appears between what they now know and what they do, these individuals will rather choose to lie to themselves creating false narratives that will better suit their objectives, which is not having to change nor to evolve.

Humanity is now experiencing the greatest upheaval of its entire History: the discovery that it is not alone in the Universe and that many other races co-exist with and have influenced the human race. The process of cosmic disclosure is progressing very quickly and every day hundreds of humans experience having their own core beliefs being dismantled right before their eyes. Either the individual have reached a sufficient level of spiritual maturity and are then able to adjust their words, thoughts and actions according to the new datas they are presented with, or they behave childishly and choose to remain in their erroneous perception so as to, once again, avoid the discomfort of an untamed ego that is being challenged.

The full cosmic disclosure - as hoped by the advanced cosmic races - is not simply about telling humanity it is not alone in the Universe. The full cosmic disclosure implies revealing earthlings everything humanity was subjected to, its true galactic history, its true extra-terrestrial origins and its true multidimensional nature, but also the truth upon the various extra-terrestrial races (positive and negative) and their respective agendas, upon the various secret space programs, the human and animal trafficking, mind control, the forced reincarnation of humans and their erased memory, the transhumanism agenda, the hybridisation and genetic engineering programs upon and beyond the planet, the Earth's resources trafficking in intergalactic trades, as well as exposing the elites / the cabal / the illuminatis, allies of the negative ET races who have exerted power and dominion upon humanity through various secret and occult societies for thousands of years.

All these veils will have to be lifted one after another, and the many human beings who have based the perception of their values and of their very existence upon the filters of the illusion sold by the manipulations of the medias, of science and/or of religions, who identify with their beliefs and became the very defenders of the system, will experience unprecedented existential crisis.

Individuals who will refuse to cooperate with their own soul for their liberation, will see themselves going through such suffering and dissonance that sooner or later they will have no choice but acknowledge the evidence they had been denying so hard.

One of the greatest veil humanity will have to accept lifting is the reality of the existence of satanist / luciferian forces, or in other words anti-life forces, and of intergalactic conflicts that have been taking place for millions of years, aiming at annihilating Life, everything that is Organic, and worshipping destruction and the death culture. Some forces in the Universe are of service to themselves, and serve personal anti-life agendas (satanic/luciferian), and others are of service to the Universal Laws and the Creation (what we call the christ consciousness, far from any religious concept). The conficts between the reptilian-Draco-Annunaki races and the Christic races dates back to millions of years ago.

The human race is a christic race, meant to evolve towards the service to others, and is the result of a multitude of extra-terrestrial genetic contributions that lead to a prototype endowed with emotions, compassion and empathy, which humans would be if they were not so interfered with and manipulated.

The reptilian-draco-annunaki races are for the most part of satanic and/or luciferian orientation (both are very close), which is to say their culture is the culture of anti-life and their authority is the artifcial intelligence, for they possess technologies that exceed those of humanity by several billions of years. When we see the technological evolution of humanity over the last 20 years, we can move that hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of years further into the future just to begin to comprehend the extent of what our brain and our consciousness must  integrate today, once again in a mature way.

This is the only way we will be able to gradually move towards a cosmic citizenship, where everybody will move away from denial and carelessness, so as to understand what is truly at stake for humanity today, in this cycle of Ascension and Liberation through the disclosing of its true nature and its true state of cosmic enslavement.

To do so, the transhumanism agenda and that of the satanic culture will have to be truly understood, so that when presented to us, we are able to identify these agendas as they unfold before our eyes in an increasingly open and violent way.

Humanity has begun to experience an unprecedented exposure of the dark behaviours of some of the "elite", along with the disclosure of the reality of paedophilia, of sexual slavery and of sexual abuses within some of the largest organisations influencing the human race. These massively uncovered abuses are but the tip of the iceberg, even if already difficult to accept for the majority of humans; and the reality of what is happening hidden behind the scenes of all of the largest organisations currently ruling our world, collaborating with races whose culture is satanism / anti-life, goes far beyond what the majority of humans are able to imagine today.

Humans' cognitive dissonance is such that today many remain unable, even when provided with evidences, to make the connection between Halloween and satanism. Seeing costumes of dead people, ghosts, murderers and witches, and giving poisoned sweets to our children bathing amongst those monsters, is not obvious enough for people to see the extent of the cognitive dissonance they sustain and see the human psyche's ability to convince itself of remaining blind in face of the obvious so as to protect its illusions.

Since our birth, society has valued and encouraged everything that promotes the anti-life and the illusion, and has ridiculed the truth. Like so, humans have ended up violently rejecting the truth and wanting with their heart and soul to buy the lies so as to protect their illusion.

Many testimonies are available today of victims of satanic ritual abuses, and the most common way for humans to reduce their level of cognitive dissonance (that is to say to convince themselves their actions are not all that much contradictory with their words), will be to tell themselves these are singled out events.

Thinking these are singled out events - so as to protect their own beliefs and keep going with their lives without any moral issue and in denial - is the greatest mistake human beings could make today. Satanism is a plague that affects ALL of humans' society: politics, the medias, the fashion, music and movies industries, the "Health" departments, the armament industry, etc.

Today more than ever, our consent is the target in this war for the manifestation of future timelines for humanity, through violent confrontations of various agendas. He who will choose to remain in denial of these facts will take on the risk of being taken onto a timeline that will be detrimental for his consciousness and evolution. In fact this is a reality we may already witness: sharing a 3D reality with a multitude of individuals on different timelines. Our station of identity is no longer in the same place in time-space. We are not moving towards the same destinies.

With each one of our thought, choice and action, we modify our destiny and that of humanity. Each consciousness reactivated to its true nature through the heart vibration and the will to move out of denial, is one more "point" scored for the manifestation of the optimum timeline for humanity, which is no other than that of the organic Ascension and the positive 5D.

Each individual who chooses to persist in avoiding to take on his responsibilities and in keeping his illusion bubble, is a "point" scored for the manifestation of enslavement timelines even more damaging for the human consciousness (with the complete fusion with artificial intelligence - the transhumanism agenda being a satanist agenda since anti-life).

It is up to each individual to deeply strive to understand, to face the truth and to do their own work, honouring the many whistle-blowers who give their lives so that others can understand and free themselves before it is too late. It is only when we collectively move away from this immaturity that we will truly be able to shift towards a cosmic civilisation, that will truly be able to modify the reality.


(Initially created for Halloween, but it may be used at any time).

Here is a suggestion of intention prayer that can be used to express our Non-consent to the Anti-Life culture, as well as our will to restore Harmony, the respect of the Universal Laws and spiritual maturity amongst the individuals, so as to shift towards a cosmic citizenship in the most serene way possible.

"Dear Mother Earth,

Hear my wish for the culture of LIFE to outweigh the culture of ANTI-LIFE, here, NOW and for eternity,

Hear my wish to never again choose to deny your suffering nor that of my brothers and sisters, so as to maintain the illusion of my personal interests for fear of having to become the cosmic citizen that I am,

Hear my will to be of Service to my Consciousness before anything else, and to move out of any form of denial,

denial which kills and permits the abuse of millions of humans and animals across the globe and beyond,

Hear my prayer that all the children and beings that will be sacrificed on this Halloween night receive the divine grace for their suffering to be relieved and their soul freed,

I set my intention to remember What I Am and Why I Am Here NOW,

Hear my will to reorganise my life so it is in coherence with what I now know, despite the efforts required, the friends I may loose, as well as the material comfort I was indulging in,

May my will to be liberated be heard NOW,

May my wish to NO LONGER CONSENT to any program of mind control, of enslavement nor of manipulation of my consciousness and my being, resonate from across the entire Universe, NOW,

May the advanced cosmic races, aligned with the Universal Laws and striving for the organic Ascension of planet Earth and of Humanity, hear our wish to save ourselves, NOW,

May the advanced cosmic races, aligned with the Universal Laws and striving for the organic Ascension of planet Earth and of Humanity, hear our wish to shift towards a cosmic citizenship, NOW,

I withdraw myself from any and all enslaving programmings of my Consciousness, here, Now, and for eternity, and I demand that the Universal Laws be respected in all of my interactions, NOW and for eternity,

I ask that the ORGANIC replaces the INORGANIC here and NOW,


I am the Cosmic Intelligence made manifest,

I am Sovereign,

I am FREE."

Laura Marie – Otober 2017 Newsletter – Cognitive Dissonance - HarmonicUniverse.Academy


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