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May 2017, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

Exopolitics are defined as a discipline studying the relationships between our human civilisations (terrestrial) and other alleged intelligent civilisations of the Universe (extra-terrestrial).

While politics on the other hand, cover everything that has to do with the government of a community, a State or of many States internationally, gathering all different "parties" sharing the same "agendas"; the necessity to move to exopolitics, in other words to stretch politics beyond planet Earth and to take into account other civilisations inhabiting our universe, whom also have political agendas, is the "logical" next step for a civilisation opening itself up to its cosmic dimension and to the existence of other civilisations, be it on other planets or on exoplanets, that is to say outside of our solar system.

Today, humanity must cease to consider itself as the only intelligent species that is able to travel to space and open itself up to the fact that Earth has been visited for millions of years by different extra-terrestrial races, some benevolent, and some with agendas of colonisation.

Just like political parties with similar agendas for humanity gather together on Earth, we can also talk about interplanetary parties and gatherings sharing, or not, the same agendas for humanity, or for any other civilisation or community.

While humanity is currently on the verge of discovering the existence of other races and civilisations having set foot upon the Earth and inhabiting our Universe, new structures and ways of approaching our political reality must be taken into account and understood by the human population if we truly want to move from terrestrial citizens to cosmic citizens, and understand our reality beyond planet Earth and beyond even this solar system.

This understanding process of our true cosmic nature is a gradual process humanity will be lead to experience on a global scale. Since 2012, this process has accelerated and there are more and more of us who remember their true identity, their true reason for coming upon Earth and their true origins, which are pretty far from the versions of our History that have been given to humanity for thousands of years.

Indeed, humanity was visited by numerous extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional races that have already conducted several infiltrations and colonisations of the preceeding civilisations that have existed on Earth. We are not the first civilisation to call Earth home, and many others have been entirely destroyed by interstellar conflicts still happening to this day, in the utmost ignorance of the majority of human beings.

For as long as an individual is kept in the ignorance of his true origins, his true identity and his true power, he remains docile and is kept under control. This is what happened on Earth within this humanity which, thousands of years ago, has seen its History being rewritten and distorted by other civilisations visiting the Earth with agendas of enslavement of the human race, as well as looting of the available resources of the planet.

Since, every attempt was made to stop humans in their spiritual evolution so that they never remember their True History and remain slaves of their own beliefs, religions, close-mindedness, as well as of their traumas which did not allow them to discern lies from truth and illusion from reality, to this day.

This gradual awakening process of humanity to what it was subjected to, is and is going to be a painful one in which each human being will have to go through a Dark Night of the Soul. They will thus need to break through the mental prison of the beliefs systems they had chosen to make theirs, which are in fact insidiously programmed into the human psyche through various mind control techniques.

There is indeed nothing more painful than a profound belief being dismantled, and in face of the pain and consequences triggered by the realisation of a mistake in our understanding of reality, the personality and ego will most likely try to justify themselves until the end, thus manifesting through denial and rejection of reality.

Indeed, accepting we have been mistaken, and we have been deceived, implies to significantly question ourselves and all the reality we had built ourselves upon these infamous beliefs, that today will be broken down more and more by the cosmic disclosure process many of us came to realise.

It would indeed be utopian to think those who have enslaved the human civilisation since its beginning, would then bring the truth to humanity on what it was subjected to. In other words, the full and true cosmic disclosure of the entirety of the crimes committed against humanity, as well as the true presence and involvement of the many extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional races with the terrestrial military industrial complex will not come from the governments but from the advanced benevolent cosmic races who are concerned with human beings' situation. They have sent or contacted many representatives on planet  Earth, of which many have accepted to incarnate amongst humans (those we call the starseeds) so as to be able to help and guide humanity in this extremely overwhelming phase it is about to go through.

Today, it is more than essential for each human being to work on dismantling their negative ego so as to no longer project their own beliefs systems, neither be obstructed by them, finally understanding that no belief has any impact upon Universal Truth; and most of all, so as to integrate the true nature of reality, in the most mature and responsible way possible.

Beyond our own egos that will be brutally challenged, it is the future of the entire humanity that will depend on the way each one of us takes their own responsibilities and evaluates the consequences of each one of our actions, which will contribute to either carry on feeding the inverted system upon which the human civilisation was built, or to create this more conscious New Earth and, most of all, a civilisation which will be re-aligned to the Universal Laws.

So as to accomplish that, humanity will have to go through a significant development of its spiritual maturity, which could not be developed in an environment that was, on the contrary, aiming at suffocating any chance of a spiritual awakening via entertainment, virtual reality and survival concerns in which humanity was thrown.

The spiritual awakening and the quest for truth are processes that must be initiated by the individual themselves, and which can not be accomplished by any other external person. Like so, even if much help might be placed along our path, it is up to us to truly have the courage and the required discipline to step outside the illusion that was presented to us thus far.

Indeed, no advanced cosmic race will come to "save" humanity, since if humanity was to be saved without understanding how it participated to its own enslavement, then the same mistakes could be repeated. Today, humanity must move from the naive and gullible child stage to a grown up stage in its way to perceive reality and cease to think that only what he can conceive with his 3D mind can exist.

Truth is by far stranger than fiction, and even if our minds might have been prepared by fiction, today we must seek above all to know the truth and not subjective realities depending on everybody's point of view, but the objective truth of what is going on on the Earth and in the Universe, in a factual and neutral way.

Once again, neutrality will never imply inaction, but on the contrary the ability to perceive reality in a neutral and factual way without inserting our own flters. This is what we are asked today: to understand our true cosmic History, our true spiritual identity and the actual situation in terms of extra-terrestrial presence upon Earth and in the Cosmos, in a neutral and factual way, that is to say aside from belief, dogma and religion.


The cosmic disclosure represents the announcement to Earthlings of the extra- terrestrial presence and its contacts with the terrestrial government. A partial cosmic disclosure would then leave at that and therefore allow governments to keep hiding most of the actions perpetrated against humanity. Our current governments wish to start a partial cosmic disclosure so as to be able to carry on controlling public opinion and the human civilisation, or even to place itself, as it systematically does, as the "saviour" of humanity, against the "space invaders" whom, in reality, they were collaborating with for many years.

We are no longer wanting this type of partial and controlled disclosure. As opposed to it, what we call the full cosmic disclosure is the revelation to earthlings of everything that was done to humanity, from the teachings of its true galactic history, of its true extra-terrestrial origins and its true multidimensional nature, but also of the truth on the different extra-terrestrial races (negative and positive) and their agendas, on the various secret space programs, human and animal trafficking, mind control, the forced reincarnation of humans and their erased memory, the transhumanism agenda, the hybridisation and genetic manipulations on the planet and beyond the planet, the trafficking of the Earth's resources in intergalactic trades, as well as those negative races having exerted power and domination upon humanity through various secret and occult societies, for thousands of years. These crimes against humanity will need to be revealed and it is solely through truly understanding what humanity was subjected to that humans will be able to emancipate, and not in a partial and so distorted manner again, but a total a factual one. Those responsible for these acts must be exposed today, so that humanity is able to choose in all good conscience, through its true free will, if it wishes to carry on being a victim of this enslavement or not.

Some will argue that this process must be gradual as humanity is not yet ready to hear all of that, but the advanced cosmic races agree to say that we no longer have time to arrange everybody's own beliefs systems and continue to sustain humans' fear of finally becoming mature. This would only be moving a step back so as to better leap forwards since everybody will have to go through this dark night of the soul anyways and sooner or later lift the veil, whichever it may be. The sooner we do so, the more time we will have to prepare for the following and the faster we will reclaim our sovereignty and our power. Willingness to remain ignorant and naive stems from a fear of becoming responsible, when this society has forever encouraged unconsciousness and immaturity through distraction and the ridiculing of everything spiritual or that has to do with higher moral values.

Everything that spiritually destroys human beings is glorified and glamourised, and for too long humanity has mistaken high moral values with religious dogmas instilled to control the docile people. High moral values do not come from religions, but from the immutable Universal Laws governing the Universe, which all advanced and spiritually developed races wish to abide by.

Full cosmic disclosure.

Here are the different agendas the advanced cosmic races ask to be exposed to human beings:

1) True Galactic History

Earthlings will have to break their belief that their come from a natural evolution of the chimp, or on the contrary, that they were created by a "God" such as the one sold in the various religions created on Earth.
Every form of sensible life on Earth and in the universe comes from the Source, the life force feeding every being who remains connected to it. Millions of years ago, certain life forms chose to turn their back to Creation, to the living Light and decided to defy creation by creating their own systems, in which they would not have to abide by the Universal Laws. A system based upon the Laws of survival of the fittest, where everything is allowed, even the most immoral and cruel acts. These technologically advanced races who are mentally developed but not spiritually, have then opened the doors to artificial intelligence and synthetic life within their civilisations, and went on to colonise other places in the cosmos, infiltrating them with their absence of moral values, their arrogance and their anti-life agendas. These are no other than what we commonly call luciferian and satanist agendas. Like so, some races in the Universe are what we call "christic", in other words of service to the Universal Laws and the creation, whereas others are Anti- christic, that is to say luciferian and satanic. This battle has existed within the Universe for millions of years and many cosmic wars have taken place on Earth and in the cosmos because of these races seeking to pervert and invade many of their colonies.

Humanity is the result of many extra-terrestrial genetic experimentations, of benevolent races but also of malevolent ones, having manipulated the human DNA along its development.

2) Secret Space Programs (SSP)

Many secret space programs involved with the matters of the Earth have existed for eons. There are many councils, confederations and conglomerates in the Universe, orchestrating the various agendas and treaties between races. Some secret space programs are at the hands of the terrestrial government an military industrial complex, and run operations of human's and animal's abductions, aiming at exchanges with other extra-terrestrial races, genetic experimentations, or hybridisation. The government, in exchange for these abductions, acquires advanced technologies, mainly military, so that it can keep on exerting its power and control over humanity.
These military abductions are called MILAB (MILitary ABduction) and more and more whistleblowers who once participated in these secret space programs today testify, which contributes to engage the full cosmic disclosure process more and more rapidly.
Many humans are enrolled since their youngest age to be involved in these programs in diferent bases on Earth, outside of the Earth and within the diferent colonies on Mars and elsewhere. Some are also hired to become what we call "super soldiers", and are assimilated to artifcial intelligence so as to be transformed into Cyborgs.
Today, the military industrial complex is in regular contact with over 900 extra- terrestrial races.

3) Human and animal trafficking

On top of the abductions operated by the military industrial complex, other abductions are conducted by diferent ET races on humans and on animals, so as to later market these individuals or animals, or parts of their bodies for various genetic experimentations.
Sex trafcking, present in mass upon Earth, also spreads beyond the Earth and comes from these races, who also use sex slaves. Several millions of humans are kidnapped every year so as to serve these enslaving anti-human agendas and are taken outside of the Earth for interplanetary trades. Oftentimes it is homeless people, children, and war refugees that are targetted. Some will remain on Earth in order to serve the numerous paedophile and satanist networks of the elites, who perpetrate humans and animals rituals and sacrifces so as to gain more power.
Those crimes against humanity must be exposed and it is our responsibility and duty to no longer participate in these sexual misery programs instilled upon this planet by satanist races and elites, be it through pornography, promiscuous relationships not based upon the highest forms of mutual respect and reverence, or idolising of celebrities under mind control advocating satanist agendas and perverting the human youth towards its own self-destruction.
The animal genocide must also cease and humans must understand what they are contributing to when they encourage the inhumane breeding and chain slaughters of sensitive and conscious beings. These practices are unworthy of an evolved population and must be exposed and stopped by the development of Consciousness and learning again the universal laws of respect of all forms of life.

4) Transhumanism agenda

The races having infiltrated humanity with their anti-life values in order to oppress and abuse it spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, are all extremely advanced technologically. Their technologies are based upon artifcial intelligence disconnected from universal intelligence, and this technology has been the cause of many civilisations' and entire planets' destruction, civilisations that were yet far more advanced and developed than our current civilisation. These races are planning to replicate the same things on Earth within this humanity by abusing of humans naivety, and by gradually making them addicted to technology, making them consent to various transhumanist agendas they instil within the human population through diferent leaders and scientists

infuencing the public opinion.
The Pleiades notably, have been entirely destroyed in the future and this is the reason why today, several positive civilisations are present upon Earth so as to modify this catastrophic future for humanity, whose infection has spread onto neighbouring constellations. The indigos and starseeds, representing these advanced positive cosmic races, came from the future so as to attempt on modifying this timeline where humanity is destroyed.

Read the article and watch the podcast on Transhumanism here. (add link)

5) Mind control

Humanity will have to awaken to the diferent technologies and various mind control programs used upon Earth by the diferent ET and military factions. The most known mind control program being the MK Ultra (add link), which linked to satanist rituals and abuses, causes the target's soul to fragment in order to then create several sub-personalities, also called "alters", who will then accomplish various pre-programmed agendas.
Most of Hollywood's celebrities, leaders, (and many secret space programs recruits), are mentally programmed to infuence the human population to endorse certain behaviours that will satisfy the anti-life agendas of the malevolent races wishing to maintain humanity like cattle, docile and a victim of its own ignorance.
transhumanist agendas contribute more and more to have access to humans' bioenergetic felds so as to later, through various nanotechnological means, modify their consciousness and their DNA.

6) Hidden advanced technologies

The terrestrial government holds several technologies that could solve most of the problems across the World. Be it free energy, or healing technologies that could prevent ageing or illness, there is a will not to give humans access to these technologies, in order to maintain fnancial empires of the oil, energy and Health industries. Humans are wilfully kept ignorant of the importance of food, of the frequencies they are exposed to and of their own vibrational rate within their mental, emotional, spiritual and therefore physical health. Humans on the one side keep on paying for incredible fees for energy, or, on the other side, are entirely deprived of it, in inhumane precarious conditions, while free energy is possible and available. Billions of humans sufer from illnesses that could be avoided and cured if the Health industry had a real desire to heal humans and not to exploit their sufering.

7) Sciences of Ascension


Humanity will have to awaken to the science behind the Ascension (add link) mechanism, that are no other than quantum physics. Every form of life existing in the Universe, exists within several dimensions simultaneously and humanity will have to gradually understand spiritual sciences, far from any religion. The New Age (add link) belonging to luciferian religions instilled upon Earth so as to distort the truth and loose as many humans as possible in their spiritual awakening, humanity will also have to grow away from the denial the New Age (add link) has contributed to cause within its followers, thus fooled upon the true extra-terrestrial presence upon Earth and in the Universe.
The New Age (add link) has contributed to infltrate and divert several of the greatest universal teachings on Earth (add link), such as unconditional Love, the Law of Attraction, forgiveness, reincarnation, karma and non-judgement, in order to numb the population in a form of astral bliss, also under the control of these same forces and entities, and aiming at placing as many humans as possible in consent with denial, fight, immaturity and irresponsibility.
maturity (add link) and spiritual mastery reside in the courage to face the truth and accept to be disillusioned, so as to really progress in a phase of true spiritual development; as only truth will set us free and allow us to access higher levels of consciousness previously out of reach. Illusion and trickery only allow for stagnation of the individual, or even involution.

Humanity will have to also cease to discern truth or lie solely based on the way an information is going to be felt. In other words, thinking that if an information makes us feel uncomfortable then it is because it is wrong - and that if it is enticing and gives us enjoyable feelings, then it is true. Indeed, truth is often hard to accept, and is often very uncomfortable. The realities previously stated that make up the full cosmic disclosure, are far from being easy to digest.

It is indeed a gigantic cosmic pill that we will have to collectively swallow.

But it is thanks to the complete and total understanding of the terrestrial and cosmic situation, that humanity will be able to, individually and collectively, heal and give way to its rebuilding, upon new healthy bases

aligned with Universal Laws (add link), slowly establishing this New Earth (add link) with a civilisation aware of its true nature. The defenders of the status quo, believe that disclosing these informations to humanity contributes to instilling fear. Only ignorance can. The advanced cosmic races think on the contrary that it is truly Knowledge, together with personal work, that precisely always lead to mastery and therefore to true emancipation.

Do we really wish to free ourselves? The answer lies within each one of us, and will remain our own responsibility.

There are indeed only 2 ways of being fooled, the frst one being to believe what is not true, and the 2nd, to not believe what is true.

Information today is available, it is up to us to determine what we will do with it, for ourselves as well as for the entire humanity.

Laura Marie, May 2017 Newsletter -

Translated from French by Melissa Deer of Sovereign · Planet.


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