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Luciferian vs. Satanic Agendas.

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Intro: This topic is of course much deeper and complex and would require much longer explanation than this article, but this is meant as an overview of what I have learnt so far. It is by no mean intended for fear-mongering, on the very opposite, I wish it to serve as a tool for empowerment - for Knowledge is Freedom. One can only protect and/or disengage themselves from that which they are aware of. Ignorance on the other hand can be dangerous and the starting point for manipulations of all sort.

. . . . .

In this end cycle of Ascension, it is crucial for us to start learning about the infiltration of Humanity's reality, be it in this dimension or in others. We call this process "disclosure" - it is about learning - or re-learning more so - what was hidden from us for centuries and centuries, since the dawn of our civilisation.

As many of you may already know, Humanity was colonised and enslaved eons ago by other, more technologically (but not spiritually) advanced civilisations, that enforced upon humans their own values systems. These values systems happen to be at very the opposite of the True Human Values - Love, Kindness, Compassion, Beauty, Harmony and so forth. They are referred to as anti-life based values, while the True Human Blueprint Loves, Protects and Nurtures Life.

These anti-life values have been manifested upon planet Earth throughout the centuries into energetic networks, grids and/or currents, which are orchestrated by what we call Luciferian and/or Satanic forces. These two currents, while overall similar and serving common agendas, hold differences. I thought it would be interesting to learn to differentiate these two currents so that we become more aware of whether we or others may be running any of these programs, and thus be more able to disengage ourselves from them and/or from the people who do. Once again, it is all about empowerment through Knowledge and not discrimination nor instilling fear.

When we hear or read about Lucifer and Satan - in religious writings mainly - we may think of these as specific, unique entities or beings, but in fact they are more like entire civilisations of beings and thus aggregate into collective consciousnesses. It is important to approach them as such, for it helps us understand how one can easily fall into these energetic currents of thoughts and begin to embody their values, often unknowingly.

As I briefly mentioned in my previous blogpost (link), collective consciousnesses are the aggregation of individual consciousnesses of a group. They create a formation, an energetic current of thoughts that resides in different dimensions and may influence individuals in several other dimensions - for all the dimensions of our Universe work and communicate together in intricate ways.

When individuals are not aware of these mechanisms, they may plug themselves onto said energetic currents, thus feeding them and helping them to grow stronger. This goes whether these currents stand on the positive or the negative polarity. We then may realise the importance of being mindful as to which energy current we might be running - or plugged onto - and therefore feeding.

The Luciferian and Satanic forces are thus to be seen as energetic currents of inverted values and anti-life principles and behaviours, that, unfortunately are rampant upon the Earth since its ancient infiltration and enslavement. Being anti-life and thus anti-Creation - Creation as in Divine - these forces are fully disconnected from the Divine Source of Energy and run of what we call False Light, which is either artificial or stolen. They operate from parasitic behaviours and this is where Humans come into play, they feed off of the natural divine connection of the True Human Blueprint. This is their only way for survival on Earth, which allows to better understand their dedication in enslaving and corrupting Humanity, as well as dragging it into their reversal strategies.

Both Luciferian and Satanic forces operate mainly from the lower Astral plane, but they also manifest in the physical plane (the one we currently reside in) as well as in higher planes. As mentioned above their main operation mode is the reversal of Divine Values, they both use lies, manipulations and deception in order to serve selfish and personal interests, hence are said to be of Service to Self (STS) - as opposed to the Natural Laws of Creation requiring to be of Service to Others (STO).

The Luciferian forces (also Luciferianism).

- Luciferian forces tend to be more subtle and thus harder to detect than the Satanic ones. In deed, they often possess and use to their advantage high esoteric knowledge, which they reserve to themselves so as to maintain superiority - we may witness this in the guru/disciple archetypes, prominent in the New Age movement for instance, in which "gurus" (in negative light of the word) will exert power and manipulate their disciples by only revealing parts of their knowledge. These forces may thus also have elitist mentality and consider themselves superior, since more knowledgeable.

- They are masters of deception and manipulations through Divide and Conquer tactics, for they despise being questioned and challenged, and will thus have their targets (Humans in this case) focus on other, orchestrated "problems", diverting attention.

- They are behind the "saviour complex" heavily pushed upon by religions amongst other things. It is this idea that Humanity needs to be saved, and so to give up its power to an external "saviour", be it a distorted version of Jesus or any other messenger, or a supposedly benevolent alien race coming to the "rescue". This highly disconnects Humans from their true inner power and own ability to "save themselves", or more so to better and expand their individual consciousnesses by reconnecting to the Divine Knowledge within them.

- In the same way they are so heavily infiltrated in the New Age movement by revealing only selected parts of their esoteric knowledge, they use strong disinformation campaigns in which truths are heavily mixed in with lies, confusing Humans as to what is right and what is not. These techniques are found in a wide range of societal movements such as political, gender orientated, races, sexual preferences, religious or even falsely "spiritual", mainstream science and much more.

All of these tactics make Luciferian agendas a lot more difficult to perceive in general, for Truth is always heavily presented on the surface, and thus people engaging in such currents are mostly not even aware of their detrimental aspects, more often than not having their hearts in the right place.

The Luciferian forces believe that if a civilisation is naive enough to fall for such fallacies then they deserve to be colonised and/or taken advantage of.

The Satanic forces (Satanism).

- Satanic forces are far more bloodshed and violence orientated, they thoroughly despise humans, even being repelled by them. They are utterly anti-life and have no respect for Creation nor any esoteric knowledge, yet may still use them to serve their personal interests. They are also strongly of Service to Self.

- They are behind the heavy militarisation of our nations in most recent history, as a mean for justifying their thirst for blood and violence. Although they have been perpetually maintaining climates of war and terror upon the planet since the beginnings of our civilisation. Nowadays, they use strong manipulation tactics, such as false flag events to legitimise more war - false flag events are orchestrated national or international catastrophes events that will enable the true orchestrator to attack a false perpetrator.

- Another way in which they justified blood sacrifices for eons was through violent religions asking their followers to commit said sacrifices in the name of false gods. This not only enables these forces to again quench their thirst for blood, but to also avoid most karmic consequences as they are not committing the crimes directly themselves.

- They commonly practice possession of other bodies (Humans), in particular by provoking what we call dissociation, or Soul-disconnection through intense trauma, both on individual and collective levels. On a collective level this is done through perpetual climates of war and terror mentioned above and fear-mongering sustaining said traumas. On an individual level though, this may be done through physical and sexual abuse, which are Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) practices, and are unfortunately rampant upon planet Earth.

- Another prominent way for Soul-disconnection is the distortion and diversion of the Sexual Energy, encouraging lustful and meaningless sexual intercourse, as well as the heavy promotion in the mainstream entertainment/media sphere of promiscuity and more recently even of paedophilia. These are parts of the Sexual Misery agendas (you can read my article Collective Ascension and Global Manipulation for more details on all these various agendas).

The Satanic Forces are blood thirsty barbarian with no respect for any form of life. They promote Soul-disconnection in order to create armies of soulless - heartless - psychopaths and sociopaths ready to follow their orders and commit to the worst of crimes. Possession is something very common upon our planet and we may cover this in future blogpost and/or articles, for it is their main process of operation for individual and collective Mind Control, making Humans easily manipulated pawns; and is also the root cause for a wide range of modern illnesses and diseases such as depression, addiction, anxiety and much more.

. . . . .

Both Luciferian and Satanic Forces have strongly distorted the Divine Masculine into a violent oppressive misogynist patriarchy where the Divine Feminine was mostly suppressed (you can read my blogpost Sexual Scandals and Hidden Agendas in which I cover some examples of these distortions).

They both serve common agendas and their infiltrations overlap within our Society's Matrix, and are very present throughout the world.

It is crucial to understand these forces as energy currents which we may feed or disengage from with our every thought, word and action. When we engage even in the smallest amount of violence, we automatically plug ourselves to such currents, the same goes when we lie, when we deceive, when we cheat, when we harm... Of course, there are degrees to such behaviours, but seeing how rampant these horrific practices and values are upon our beloved planet, it is very important that we begin to pay more and more attention as to whether or not we may be participating, even in the smallest ways.

For instance, do we watch movies or do we partake in mass celebrations (such as Halloween or even christmas) with more or less hidden meanings, and who may promote bloodshed and violence? And the same goes for music and music videos, books even, and most entertainment/media outlets- as I have written or shared in a few other blogposts on this website. But also do we engage in fighting and being violent and/or abusive - be it physically or verbally - with others?

This is not about judging nor shaming ourselves or others, but more so about gradually implementing changes in our everyday lives which enable us to consciously place our attention, our focus, our minds, our consciousness and our entire being on Heart based values and energy currents, which cherish, nurture and support Life. These values may be Love, Kindness, Benevolence, Compassion, Beauty, Harmony, and more - which as you may have noticed have been severely ridiculed and made "uncool" by the current popular culture.

An while it may not be easy to do so and question ourselves to such extent, nor even admit we may have been blindly partaking in such currents, admitting we may have been fooled, it is up to us to change ourselves and choose which energy current we wish to feed with our own personal energy, and so which world we wish to strive for.

I wish you to find that power which was within you all along.

To Sovereignty and Freedom,

Melissa 🐋


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