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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Edit on June,30 of 2021: since I posted this blogpost a lot of the videos have been supressed/banned/censored from YouTube. You may find the same videos on platforms such as Bitchute, Odyssee or other alternatives. This goes to show we have made progress in the disclosure process and the controllers are doing all they can to suppress the information. We will not be stopped.


A man tells his experience on Halloween night as a former child member of a Satanist cult.

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I have myself "celebrated" Halloween quite a few times in the past, for me at the time it was "just" another excuse for a party and dressing up as a pirate, "just for fun". Today, I try to question and see beyond everything I do, think or say, and consider what it may cause to what surrounds me (be it people, animals, plants, things etc.) and to myself as well for that matter.

I have learnt that everything is a matter of frequency and vibration, and that everything does have an impact upon everything, and in that sense I understand there is more to it that than "just" wearing a pirate costume and "celebrating" monsters, demons, murderers and other dark entities.

Beyond the vibrational impact of such behaviours, it is also important to understand where said "celebrations" take root and what we are actually supporting and endorsing by taking part in them.

This is not about making anyone feel guilty about what they do or what they did, it is about moving out of ignorance and taking our responsibilities both in our behaviours and on an energetic level too. It is about understanding how we might have been fooled, and accepting to have been wrong, all the while emancipating ourselves from the incoherence we were pushed into: I do not support murder, bloodshed nor violence, then why would I "fake-celebrate" it?

It is time to face ourselves and our dissonances and move towards more harmony and unity between what we deeply value (what is dear to us - Life) and what we manifest outwardly through our behaviours and lifestyle.

It is never too late to change and question ourselves, so let us be the change, so as to inspire others to do so.

✧ Further Readings:

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So as to understand more what coherence and cognitive dissonance are, read here Lisa Renee's article on the matter.

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