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August 2017, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

The next solar eclipse on August 21st is an event that has not occurred in the last 99 years (the last one was in 1918). It is very rare event, a total solar eclipse that will cross America from West to East. This eclipse will start in Oregon and will cross the entire U.S.A., all the way to South Carolina, on the path of totality, which is the path where the eclipse will be observable as total. This event will have various consequences on an energetic level.

So as to understand what impact this eclipse will have and what it will create, we must begin with explaining the mechanisms behind the creation of reality, the timelines, and so of potential futures.

We may already notice that our reality is ever changing, according to our choices: for each choice we make, for each sum of thoughts we have that goes into one direction or another - which will either have a positive or a negative polarity - will manifest a reality for us and therefore by extension for the rest of the world, for each individual reality contributes to co-create a collective reality.

At this stage, we should be able to notice the consequences of our thoughts and of our actions, for their  repercussions are much more immediate than they were before. This is because the energies on Earth have changed in comparison to those before 2012, and now everything gets manifested much faster, be it positive or negative. We are now able to see that at every moment, with each choice: a timeline, a potential future will manifest.

If we make that choice, a potential future will get manifested, and if we make that other choice, we will go towards another potential future; and like so we will navigate this infamous labyrinth that is life down here.

Except that the majority of humans, once again, are not at all aware of the mechanisms of creation of reality, of the impact their vibrations have upon the opening of these potential futures and upon the closing or the distortion of those same potential futures, nor are they aware of the importance of the alignment of our 3D choices with those of our soul.

As you know, on this planet, there is a great infiltration of extra-terrestrials of the negative polarity (that we call of "service to self"). Those negative ETs have a perfect understanding of the mechanisms of creation of reality, as well as exactly how to physically manifest these potential futures for themselves but also more globally for the future of the civilisation they are colonising, enslaving and which they use as sustenance - for they are parasite races who take over territories and enslave civilisations across the Universe so as to feed off of their resources, their planet or the civilisation itself, be it physically or energetically, creating all sorts of grid networks for harvesting and siphoning the energy, which is currently the case upon Earth.

These negative ET races are not able to manifest a future for humanity themselves, for this would really be a superposition of the will of another civilisation which is perfectly contrary to the cosmic laws - not that they actually mind infringing the law, they are some kind of experts in the area, but the karmic consequences would really be too great for them, plus they are in inferior numbers to the human civilisation. Therefore, they must have humanity itself manifest a potential future that would be in their favour rather than its own, and the best way for them to do so is to penetrate the human psyche so as to make human beings themselves manifest the reality they want to see happen for humanity (their slave species).

This is why we truly speak of a psychic war. It is a war in which our minds are entirely manipulated, from A to Z, as well as our emotions for every thought will manifest a corresponding emotion. And so, by manipulating the mind, they trigger emotions related to those thoughts, which in turn will manifest through frequency a reality, some potential timelines. Like so, through having sufficient numbers of humans that will collectively think the same thing, and collectively vibrate at the same frequency, they can manifest a collective potential future for the entire human civilisation. This is the technique they have been using mainly through programming via television, the medias and the box office movies. The goal is to influence the human population into thinking a certain way and resonating a certain frequency so as to manifest very specifc potential futures, all the while letting them believe they are simply being "entertained" and that this all is just "fiction". The human body does not make a difference between fiction and reality and it will experience the same emotions be it in front of a movie or a real event. Therefore, each human being creates their own reality as well as the collective reality every time they watch "fiction" and feel emotions, whether they want it or not, or whether they are aware of it or not.

What are those potential futures they would want to see being manifested for humanity?

The main goal has always been the disconnection of humans from their soul, that is to say remaining stuck in the inferior chakras - chakras 1, 2 and 3 - and never shifting onto the heart frequency - that is the 4th chakra -

so that they may never enter what we call the soul matrix, since it is through the heart that we are able to connect with our soul. When we reactivate the heart chakra is when the soul can connect with our physical body, like so, we may understand why there have been so many attacks against the hearts of humans, so they never become able to reconnect with their soul.

This is why they aimed at maintaining the human civilisation into its lower chakras, and now, it is obvious that thanks to the intervention of the many advanced cosmic races - of which the indigos and starseeds, amongst others, come from - and thanks to the humans of the Earth (Earthseeds) who have reached a sufficient levels of consciousness to be able to be of Service as well, and who have allied and will ally more and more with the Indigos and Starseeds agendas along with their understanding of what is going on; we are currently manifesting another reality. Through reaching this critical mass of people who will resonate on another frequency in sufficient amounts, we are collectively co-creating another reality, we are going to manifest another timeline, that is to say another potential future for humanity collectively, or at the very least for a part of the civilisation who will choose to align to that frequency, for everybody possesses their own free will. This is what we call the Ascension, that many of us came to help achieve down here upon Earth.

What we are currently experiencing upon Earth is a bifurcation of the timelines, of the realities/dimensions, this is to say a separation is happening between the inorganic reality (i.e. synthetic, virtual, the falsification of the true Creation, in other words the "matrix") that the negative / of service to self forces have created with Artificial Intelligence and the mind control programmings implanted into the human psyche from generations upon generations; and the organic timelines, that is the real reality, that of our soul and multidimensional being, and that of the organic Ascension planned for humanity, which is its reconnection to its true spiritual nature and its emancipation via understanding what is really happening on its planet, its true History, and the

extra-terrestrial presence and their involvement with those governing us. (See here: Cosmic Disclosure).

Artificial intelligence did not begin with the release of the "web" (internet network that was initially created by these negative forces in order to gradually control the entire human civilisation through full control over their every psychological behaviours - but that the positive forces have managed to used to their advantage so as to get the information out), nor that of the smartphones, another tool for control and gradual individual assimilation to artificial intelligence. These races are extremely advanced technologically and possess technologies currently yet inconceivable for the majority of human beings, and the technologies they have released on Earth are really "primitive" in comparison to those they actually possess. Besides, these races have been using artificial intelligence for thousands / millions of years and have already decimated numerous civilisations with it. They are currently perpetuating the same scenarios with this very human civilisation, and through mind control, the influence of Hollywood celebrities and any marketing technique of psychological influence, they promote the exact manifestation of these potential futures where human beings have been turned into cyborgs. This Transhumanist agenda is currently being broadcasted by any means possible and unimaginable, and the youngest ones are the most targeted for they are those who will make up the humanity of tomorrow. They are the main targets but no human being is spared in this race towards the "augmented reality", the virtual and synthetic reality that is taking over more and more of the "living".

Once again, what is important to understand and integrate, is that the 2 main forces existing in the Universe, can be comprised into 2 large categories: the forces striving for Life and those who are of service to the Anti-Life, that is the synthetic duplicating / distortion of Creation and the destruction of the living.

Many galactic wars have occurred in the past, many planets and civilisations have been infiltrated and destroyed  and this battle has been going on for millions of years. The Indigos / Starseeds have these memories engraved in them and even if all they have not fully emerged yet (we have gone through the same process of amnesia upon incarnation as human beings have), our respective missions are written in our DNA and at certain key times, we reactivate and are called upon to take our position. From that moment, nothing is ever the same and no 3D illusion can take over our will to accomplish what we came here to accomplish. The Indigos / Starseeds can simply no longer live a 3D life and if they do not fulfil their soul's mission, they may suffer greatly, fall ill or even in some cases be repatriated (physical death), as they simply have no interest in a 3D life in the matrix, which would be at the complete opposite of Who They Are and of their mission. (Hence the visceral sensation we have been feeling since childhood that we must absolutely fulfil our mission, as if it was a matter of life or death).

Today, what is expected from us is to understand our past and understand what is currently happening upon Earth, from a cosmic viewpoint, letting go of any form of naivety. True wisdom can not include naivety, and it is actually through naivety - in which unfortunately most humans remain, even regarding their own abusers - that the human civilisation keeps on being fooled despite its true power and its numbers. The absence of naivety does not mean to get into a confronting frequency either, but simply to actually be able to identify the various agendas so as to no longer feed them energetically, all the while embodying the highest moral values ourselves and thus remaining in high frequencies.

Through our progress, we the light-workers - so as to include everyone regardless of their cosmic origins, all those striving for the advent of consciousness upon the Earth - are gaining ground. Their only way fight us back is to bombard us with technology, to increase mind control, to overwhelm us with chemicals, pollution and toxicity. This is the way of suppressing human beings who are actually growing back their wings as well as understanding what is truly going on. On one hand, we are gaining ground in terms of consciousness, as more and more indigos are reactivating, more and more starseeds are remembering who they are, and more and more humans in general are understanding that something is off, something is not "right", even without being aware of the extra-terrestrial agendas; on the other hand, so as to counteract the mass awakenings currently happening, there is a bombarding of artificial intelligence. And they are also able to manipulate the timelines since they are able to time travel. To do so, they have several techniques. Part of these time travelling agendas include the recruitment of super-soldiers and the creation of cyborgs, because in order to travel into certain dimensions, one must have a certain type of consciousness. Hence they often take / abduct certain beings and potentially - in their ideal scenarios - some starseeds, for they hold specific psychic abilities that will enable them to access those dimensions and alter the timelines. This may really sound worthy of a sci-fi movie, but it is reality. They spend their time going to the future, to the past, modifying things, or sending other people there to modify things for them, and this is the reason why the starseeds are particularly targeted (again, having these specific abilities through their different DNA).

Many of us Starseeds have been attacked since birth. As even if we were not aware ourselves then of what we were going to accomplish later (our mission), they knew it. Because at the starseed's birth, they go into the future and see his or her mission, like so, they may do everything in their power so as to divert the starseed from their mission through all sorts of means, and through all sorts of people and traps strategically placed on their path. Today we are able to assess everything that was made in order to divert us from our path and see how oftentimes, thanks to our willpower and internal guidance we have avoided situations that could have been heavy in consequences. We can actually thank within our heart our higher self and our guides on other planes that were here to guide us at all times, and helped us avoid the worst. We may also congratulate ourselves for making it all the way here today, as this was no easy task.

So what is currently happening - which is positive and unique in our entire History - is that the races of negative polarity no longer have total control over the timelines as they did so far. Up until 2012, they did have total control over the timelines. The negative extra-terrestrials, the negative interdimensional, extra- dimensional forces, the demonic forces, the Archons, this entire group of entities with negative agendas, had the upper hand in terms of control over humanity up until 2012. Besides, they had a very dark agenda that truly was the annihilation of humanity by 2012.

This is why so many prophecies were previously made by great spiritual masters. It was indeed true at the time, it was indeed their initial agenda. These great masters had correctly seen these agendas, except that we managed to thwart them, thanks to the incarnation of many souls that have changed the course of History and thanks to the work of many positive entities from other planes and civilisations who restlessly worked (and still work) to dismantle this artificial matrix and these dark anti-Life (anti-Christ) agendas perpetuated upon Earth for millenniums. This is the purpose of the intervention forces that we are. We belong to galactic Councils, the indigos and starseeds, and have been sent as intervention forces during critical times, upon various planets in need of reinforcement. This situation upon Earth, a prison planet, is very sensitive and many volunteered precisely to manifest another future for the human race that was otherwise running towards its own annihilation.

We came to the ground to accomplish the emancipation of the planet, the eviction of these forces, and the return of Harmony and Justice, in other words to the respect of the highest moral values and of the Universal Laws.

This August, 21st eclipse will then mark the very beginning of this bifurcation between these artificial intelligence timelines they had been creating up until now, and our return to the organic timelines (the Ascension).

This is the reason why this year 2017 is very important and has previously been announced as such by many people. It is at this very moment that we will disengage from the creation of artificial timelines (=manipulated, falsified) these forces had been setting up, up until now. There is a bifurcation, we will unplug from the inorganic timelines, the mind control and the artificial intelligence so as to get back on the path of ascension, on the path of the organic spiritual development of the original human. And this is something absolutely extraordinary that we may celebrate internally because we have succeeded, we have achieved something very big, thanks to our work and to the work of all our families from all planes. Let's not forget that on top of working in the 3D and multidimensionally during the day, we also work at night during sleep time in other dimensions and our teams constantly work from many planes so as to enable this liberation.

However, these times during and around the eclipse will still be greatly used by the negative forces so as to perpetrate all sorts of rituals of course, for they worship the Moon (which is an artificial satellite) as well as the black sun [when the sun is obstructed by the moon]. Everything that is positive is always countered by the negative, everything that is positive is always infiltrated and always used to, on the contrary, perform black masses and dark rituals.

These new energies that are sent to us can be very overwhelming, as they bring to the surface all our identity stations, which are all these identities that we have had in previous timelines. And I do not mean the previous lives only, I am also talking about all these different identities we have already had in this very incarnation. Indeed, if we look closely into our past, how many different person have we been leading to the person we are today? And this person also will continue to evolve, so as to become closer and closer to its true identity, or in other words that of its soul, of its cosmic and eternal being, the sum of all these temporary identities that have shaped its wisdom and its experience.

In this incarnation, this is the first time we will be able to be both a person that has been stuck into the 3D reality as well as a multidimensional consciousness - for those who are doing their ascension work. We are given an opportunity which has never happened before. Previously, several incarnations were needed to truly evolve spiritually. Today, within the same incarnation, with the same birth identity, we are able to experience several lives within one life and get the equivalent - in terms of spiritual evolution and quantum leaps - of several incarnations. This is the reason why many souls have decided to incarnate in this phase. At times, we may have our heads under water, be crushed under the heaviness of what is going on in the world, because we may be focusing on the horror that is perpetrated somewhere, the horror that is perpetrated upon animals, women, human beings, children; we may then want to give up, to back down because we have forgotten how many extremely and absolutely positive things are also happening. These horrors have always existed along with this civilisation, and were actually much worse before. So it is certainly not now that we should give up, or back down, lowering our tribe numbers by withdrawing from Life and acting like we do not belong here. It is actually now that we belong here the most, because it is now that we will truly be able to act as pillars leading the way, and go further than we have ever been before into the understanding of reality.

Advice in this phase.

Right now, it is recommended to take enough time for ourselves, to make sure not to consume too much of our vital force levels, which could put us in the "red zone" which may be a dangerous line to crossed as it puts us in states of great energetic vulnerability (possibility of possession and psychic attacks through fatigue, irritability, anger, frustration and more generally misalignment). No matter the external circumstances, we must learn to always create within us our own light and to maintain a high frequency. This is what makes the difference between christic beings, divine, original humans and synthetic entities deprived of emotion: we have the ability to create energy, to create Light, through our own centre regardless of the external circumstances. This is actually what drives these forces crazy, when they are not able to destroy the purity of an individual, nor to corrupt them, for this individual is filled with Faith (beyond any religion), with Honour, and with Dignity, and is driven by Love...

Most human beings are still not aware of these mechanisms and are still too reliant on external circumstances to resonate at a positive or negative frequency and do not know how to master their own frequency, nor how to modify it on request by using their own internal light. In order to do so one must have developed a certain degree of self-awareness and of neutral observation, so as to be able to identify their behaviours and thoughts and to discern when they stem from the negative ego (which will then most of the time end up in negative emotions and negative consequences), and those which stem from our higher consciousness (our soul) and which will have positive consequences upon our life path.

Also, it is advised not to rush into our missions, risking to make irreversible mistakes.

Indeed, once our reactivation occurred, we are taken over by an immense feeling of urgency (one that we could feel since our birth, but increased a tenfold from the start of our reconnection), and one of the traps set against the light-workers by the forces opposing our work, is to loose us into the rush felt at the beginning of our awakening. The naivety and boldness of the beginner can be very dangerous for us and we must learn to master this fire which can have serious consequences upon our mission, and so upon the global plan. Once again, let's not underestimate those who do not wish to see our work done and who know our identities and our respective missions (to some extent). Never giving in to paranoia nor fear, once again, we must learn Wisdom, Patience and Discerning in terms of times when we must act and times when we must preserve our vital force. As far as I am concerned, for the last few months, I have been greatly saving my vital life force and I feel it must remain this way for a few more months; in other words, I am focusing on my mission and on my own body/mind/soul balance, and I exclude anything that could potentially lower my levels of vital life force and thus put me in this dangerous threshold where I would become more vulnerable. It is crucial to remain in high frequencies, connected to the heart, to gratitude, to compassion and to kindness, so as to be aligned with our soul and therefore protected by this alignment and that with the Universal Laws.

Many get involved with disclosure related missions without doing in-depth spiritual work and with no awareness of the spiritual protection techniques nor even of the Universal Laws, thus exposing themselves to great risks. I would advise all those intending to take upon disclosing missions to properly prepare for it and to make sure to be spiritually strong enough so as not to, once again, get overwhelmed with the beginner's passion who might get fooled by his or her impulsiveness and lack of spiritual maturity. This is not a game, and the consequences are very serious. We absolutely can not be arrogant in face of those who wish to prevent us from doing our work, as we might risk seeing our reality collapse before our eyes.


The only way to efficiently fulfil our mission, is to be aware of the negative entities' infiltration techniques, aware of our weaknesses (remaining 3D programmings, wounds, negative ego), aware of the enticing techniques of the false light, to let go of the naivety and arrogance of the beginner, and to develop our own spiritual maturity and wisdom through experience, now observed mindfully, which is to say observed from our multidimensional consciousness and not our 3D identity, so as to develop our discerning and truly expand our Consciousness and our understanding of reality.

Once again, the "impulse" to want to act and fulfil our mission, for those who are about to be reactivated or who have been reactivated, is constantly used to draw us onto traps, and I have experienced it all myself in 2014 at the time of my own reactivation. I was harassed by different forces jumping on me so as to take their own slice of cake and use me for their own agendas, and was later bombarded with many public false allegations attempting to tarnish my intentions or my image from the very beginning, a technique systematically used for ALL those with missions of advanced disclosure, in particular if we disclose on negative ETs, and more recently now, on the Secret Space Programs, the most targeted topic at the moment. (The first mental programming inseminated into people's minds being that "we do it for the money or for fame" - this programming works instantly upon most humans who have no vibrational discerning and can later be used as vehicles for attacks, evil-speaking, disinformation, false allegations, etc., by their lack of maturity and of moral values).

Indeed, if we do not cover negative ETs topics we become much less interfered with or even not at all, for we may then be used to gather and attract souls towards the false white light and towards the inorganic New Age structures. Therefore, we become potential pawns for deceiving as many souls as possible in those artificial structures where they become trapped into dogmas and into entirely fabricated religions, and can not truly ascend and free themselves. We may then think like we are "above any attacks" and that we are doing something "good" (like we have a vibration "suffciently high not to be attacked"), when most of the time it is simply because we serve to sustain certain structures that serve these forces, and therefore, they have no interest in interfering with us.

Besides, for all those with a mission implying an exposure and a "public" presence, as soon as we began taking our position most of us were offered - and we will also regularly be offered again - "deals" (be it physically or in the etheric) where if we do not speak of these topics, we would no longer be subjected to attacks and we would be propelled in terms of popularity (and therefore financially). This is what happened to me from 2014 and in 2015 when I was clearly asked through various vehicles and means, to stop talking about anything related to the negative ETs, or otherwise I would see my entire life and my work being destroyed. And if on the contrary, I would talk only of body/mind/soul well being, "basic" spirituality and do like other New Age teachers, I would be propelled to the "spiritual celebrity" rank. As I already explained, following this, one the biggest French tv channels offered me a contract where I would supposedly be seen by 5 millions viewers and which told me I would be in every magazines and followed by paparazzi (per their saying), that I would be able to get my message across massively (manipulation through seducing the starseed into massively helping), which I obviously refused. Those traps also serve as "tests" for our teams above, who constantly check on our inner stability and our intentions before giving us the next instructions for our mission, especially if it involves great responsibilities. And I have had many other similar offers that I have also declined. And still to this day, they regularly attempt to talk me out of doing what I do by promising me a much easier life, much greater income and popularity, on the condition I would stop speaking about these topics.

Thankfully, there are more and more of us publicly exposing what happens "behind the scenes", and the more we are to do so, the less it will be possible for it to happen, as it is in silence and isolation that the most horrific abuses can be perpetrated. It is when we have the courage to say out loud what is really happening, that things can truly change.

Recently Corey Goode and David Wilcock have publicly shared about the attacks they were going through and it is a good thing, as few imagine the everyday life of those of us who have missions of cosmic disclosure - (I will clarify that citing people or encouraging others to watch what they share does not mean in any way that I agree or support everything these people say, do or will do in the future, since at this level, chances of infiltrations and of deception are gigantic and more and more subtle, and I send all my sympathy to Corey and David for the difficulty of their missions and wish them to successfully navigate through it in the best way possible, as their level of public exposure and disclosing is huge and therefore the interferences are subsequent). Often, we may not get into the details so as not to waste our vital life force and so we may focus on our missions and on our responsibilities regarding the work, but sometimes we must stop in order to tell what goes on behind the scenes. When we are comfortably sitting behind a computer, reading this or that article, it is hard to imagine what those who have for a job the disclosure of the highest forms of violence and of manipulation may endure. Our Faith and our will to accomplish our missions are sometimes so strong that we go beyond the judgements and projections of human beings who have yet to do a sufficient personal work to be able to understand what is going on and the energetic consequences of their words and actions. But on the other hand, the support of our other human brothers and sisters can also be a starting block in fulfilling our duty, for we have actually left this phase of isolation in which we previously were; and it is now time to ally for our common objective, beyond our 3D personalities but for the Common Good of humanity as a civilisation.

In fact, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who are of Service in a way or another, as there is no difference of value between beings, but simply different missions, different tasks to fulfil. And it is when we will be able to see the souls we encounter beyond terrestrial appearances, as well as their service for humanity and for the Universe, that we will also truly be able honour all those who dedicate their lives to causes that go beyond their own existence (humans, animals and all realms), and show them our Reverence.

Humanity is only at the beginnings of its awakening and its understanding of the true nature of reality, and our missions include having the courage to pave the way and do things that have oftentimes yet to be done. The lightworkers' path is often a lonely road for we carry the responsibilities of our respective missions alone, and few are those who can understand them. But I trust that we are increasingly be able to see what unites us rather than what divides us - which is the heart and its ability to be able to feel empathy for others and for the living.

Let us never forget that we will never be able to accomplish anything divine by force. The divine does not use strength (in the sense of "constraint" and of violence) to impose his Will.

The divine leads by example, so as to inspire those willing to do so, to represent Harmony and Wisdom made manifest.

Let us make sure that this is what our message embodies.

Humanity will not awaken by constraint, it will awaken through example.

Peace and Harmony in the Universe,

Laura Marie.

Note: Regularly, collective meditations are offered in order to assist certain events taking place on/around Earth. I would just like to remind us that we must be very careful, especially in these times, of which force we ally ourselves with, and to be absolutely certain that we are able to discern vibrational signatures behind all projects we energetically take part in so as not to give our consent to various agendas that could be perpetuated upon us, or even collectively upon humanity.


Like so, I call upon our vigilance in these times of confusion through overwhelm of information and disinformation readily available, and upon our will, once again, not to be enticed through our innocence / naivety and our will to help. The many factions currently fighting to accomplish their respective agendas are very resourceful - be it with grotesquely or subtly - to obtain the consent of as many souls as possible, and it truly is a war that is currently taking place in order to collect as many souls as possible in this bifurcation phase. Our goal being our Soul and Self Sovereignty, let's be careful not to naively give in on this sovereignty by once again giving our consent to certain forces through certain actions that would not resonate a pure organic light frequency.

We can meditate whenever we wish to, let's simply be careful as to what we associate ourselves with when we do so. I would advise to preserve our sovereignty during meditations, which means we can send all thoughts of kindness and emancipation for the human civilisation we wish to send, as well as the desire to manifest the best potential future for humanity, but it is strongly recommended to be careful whom we wish to energetically connect ourselves with by joining in meditation groups and following protocols, whichever they may be.

Thank you for you attention, and once again, only take what resonates within you so as to serve your highest expression.

Laura Marie.

Laura Marie – Newsletter Août 2018 – Creation Mechanims of Potential Futures - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

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