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Activating Movies and their True Intentions

This videos may be watched in conjunction to the one I made this past June 2021 Predictive Programming and Manifesting Timelines.

Here, I go further and cover the potential activating codes present within some high ranking movies, such as the Matrix movies for instance.

It is important to understand those mechanisms of energy harvesting, or energy siphoning so that we may prepare and learn to avoid them (see my series Body, Mind Soul). Human beings have long been disconnected from their own energies and we are rarely taught how to protect and conserve them growing up.

This entire control matrix system is built to harvest, collect, siphon these energies so that it may sustain itself, we are thus constant preys of various mechanisms and systems that purposefully trigger strong emotions (negative as well as positive) so as to harvest them and sustain themselves with.

That being said, some high caliber movies (mostly sci-fi but not only) may have undeniably activating powers, especially but not exclusively to Starseeds and Indigos alike incarnated in this 3D Earthly realm. However, this does not mean that the directors/creators of these movies have pure intentions to begin with. This is a “side effect” of using advanced graphics technologies that are more and more realistic, as well as channeling (knowingly or unknowingly) higher realms and beings that do indeed exist in other frequency bands/dimensions and will connect to past lives memories being remembered/reactivated by the viewers triggering a strong sense of connection and belonging.

When we are fully aware of these mechanisms we may watch these movies so as to help us remember and trigger memory and dna activations, but we must remain grounded, and weary of the negative agendas and consciousness traps that are always hidden behind and within them. In my experience, there is no way a movie of such high caliber as these Hollywood blockbusters can be released without being involved to at least a certain degree in the agendas of the opposing dark forces.

I highly recommend using the 12D shielding technique before watching or engaging with such content. It is a powerful way to learn to connect, conserve and direct our own energies in a way that is most aligned to our highest expression.

Much Love,

Melissa 🐋

PS. The Luc Besson movie I am referring to in this video is "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”.

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