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Sexual Scandals and Hidden Agendas.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

In the past few days there has been a lot going on around mainstream and alternative medias confounded regarding the topics of sexual harassment, sexual scandals and scams, but also regarding men's responsibility in this entire culture of demeaning women and their own basic rights of existing without being a sole source for sexual arousing.

The various campaigns that have followed the so-called "Hollywood Scandal" (more on that later) have since become viral and gave rise to a few different problematics. While these issues surely need to be addressed, when they become so spread out in the "news" we ought to remain critical as to: why such an event suddenly surfaces? in which conditions is it disclosed? who does it serve? is there any hidden agenda behind it? is it a distraction? is it an attempt at instilling yet more fear and/or division? etc.

Sexual harassment or sexual aggression related scandals within the entertainment and political spheres seem to become more and more frequent, and will likely be appearing even more often in the "news" in the coming years as it becomes an increasing part of the disclosure agendas as well as the processes of veil-lifting of the Ascension phase Humanity and the Earth are currently going through. Indeed, sexual scams, sexual harassment and sexual abuses are rampant within our societies (modern and not so modern) and have been so for centuries.

The Divine Feminine - the other half of a whole that is polarised, with the Divine Masculine on the other end - has been heavily suppressed and repressed within most societies up until our current globalised one. This suppression and oppression of the Divine Feminine is part of a much wider agenda of War Against Consciousness and it is about suppressing one polarity in order to create disharmony and imbalance amongst Humanity, as both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are values inherent to our specie and our Universe, crucial in the expansion of Harmony, Balance and Justice. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are not opposite but complementary, like so it is easy to understand how crucial it is to harmonise them both within our society so as to find and maintain Centre, Maturity and Intelligence on a global scale. This oppression of the Divine Feminine also heavily participated in the Divide and Conquer (Divide and Rule) tactics operated upon the Earth for eons, aiming at maintaining us divided instead of united.

With the current "scandals" being disclosed and exposed it is crucial to understand and acknowledge this oppression of the Divine Feminine and the agendas of division of the masses were not only enforced through curtailing women's rights and statuses within society, but also through constant and increasing harassment, programming and triggering of men. Pushing men to believe more and more it is only part of who they are to become such predators of women, when the Divine Masculine's role upon the planet is on the contrary the protection of the Divine Feminine.

In our current society this has become more and more obvious over the past few decades through the mass programming occurring via television, the medias and/or the advertising, movies and music industries. Indeed, men and especially young men (who will make up for the society of tomorrow) are constantly targetted and harassed with enticing female body parts and/or enticing female characters' behaviours, be it in commercials, in magazines, in music videos, in the large majority of movies, in video games (and all collateral businesses), not to mention the increasingly widespread and easily accessed pornography. (Ironically we'll notice how the "top-notch" of most of these industries also roots in Hollywood).

How many movies can you think of which will at some point depict a scene where the main male character (often considered a hero too) attempts to kiss the female main character, and as she refuses he will violently grab her, force himself upon her, and then she will suddenly surrender and "fall in love" with him? What kind of message does this type of scene convey to the young men (and women for that matter) watching the scene? "If she says "no" the first time, force yourself upon her, and eventually she will surrender and succumb". Now this might seem like a heavily exaggerated and caricatured scene, but I suggest you give a look at this article here with a few concrete examples of famous movie scenes to realise just how common it is, and not only in the movie industry but in many others too. The same applies for music videos, a quick glimpse at the latest most "popular" videos will give us a clear outlook on the heavily sexualised type of female characters that are depicted, and the heavily predatory male characters.

How can we pretend to aspire to stop sexual harassment against women when we refuse to address the main (but not the only) source of the problem, which is the mainstream programming of men and young men into thinking women are but objects and cause for sexual desires and impulses? Sexual instinct sure is part of humankind, but we are also gifted with the ability to develop strong moral values and consciousness if we choose to. For this we would need to withdraw ourselves from the constant exacerbating and triggering generated by our "modern" society's tools of programmings (tv, medias, movies, etc.), understanding what they do and how they do it, as well as embarking upon in-depth unprogramming work, so as to no longer let these irrelevant programs have an impact upon us and dictate our re/actions and basic everyday behaviours.

The exacerbating of men's sexual arousal was not only used to divide men and women against each other, but it also became a useful tool for blackmailing and bringing about various chosen agendas as we saw in the few political sexual scams that were made public over the last few decades. Are we willing to be naive enough to believe these were singled out events that some people managed to expose, or is there a will to reveal such information at a specific and strategic time in order to discredit the persons involved and their eventual political campaign and/or various agendas, thus giving way to another participant or agenda? It is important to always consider there might be more than one reason for disclosing such type of scandals regardless of their veracity. (And I do not by any mean intend to say these scandals are not true nor they are unjustified, I am solely saying they might serve more than one purpose/group and it is important to be aware of it).

This particular Hollywood scandal is tinted with hypocrisy on many levels. Most people within the industry (or not), are now acting as surprised, as if this was so uncommon and exceptional when clearly we all know this is just the tip of the iceberg, and for instance many other producers have been accused before on several occasions and not just in Hollywood but across the world and in various other industries (mostly political and/or entertainment orientated but not only). Besides, sexual abuse and harassment within this particular sphere of Hollywood is not only rampant against women, but also against men, and even more so sadly, against children - paedophilia is the true plague of Hollywood and many actors have come forth in the last few years, including Corey Feldman who has been talking about this horrific aspect of the industry for many years. We must wonder: could this latest scandal be a cover up for much darker and much more horrific abuses taking place? While it does not take credit away from the gravity of these accusations, it is important to remain aware they could very well be disguising a much darker reality than "just" some sexually obsessed producers taking advantage of ambitious actresses (which, once again, is also a serious enough issue that needs to be addressed).

The underlying issue of Hollywood as well as the political sphere goes even further than the sexual scandals internally and/or externally disclosed here and there in the mainstream medias. These abuses are but part of much darker realities of prevalent Satanic Ritual Abuses (SRA). SRA are a reality and are widespread amongst the entertainment, political and other "elite" spheres of our societies and the sexual abuse, prostitution and paedophilia rings that are gradually being uncovered are just one part of the issue.

War against Consciousness and Enslavement of Humanity - by Karen_Nadine

War against Consciousness and Enslavement of Humanity.

The real source of this rampant sexual harassment events throughout society takes root much deeper than what most humans currently believe or are willing to see. While the disclosing of any of these scams and/or abuses is very important and to be encouraged, we must understand the true agendas that might be hiding behind them. To do so, we must seek alternative information, from several different sources, we must investigate all these poles of our society and understand they all serve a common agenda of true war against Consciousness and enslavement of Humanity.

When a scandal like the latest Hollywood sexual abuses one is being exposed, we must remain grounded within our true identity, our true centre and analyse all the information presented to us from a neutral observation point, leaving our own projections (as abused women for instance, or triggered men) and personal wounds aside, developing our own mechanisms of discerning, both intellectually and vibrationally, all the while remaining mature and responsible for our actions, words, thoughts and behaviours. Remaining extremely cautious of Divide and Rule tactics that are most prominent within our society, as well as not to embark too quickly upon certain egregores and/or hashtags that could be creating even more division; as in these difficult times of disclosing dark realities and agendas, the most important part for Humanity to play is to remain United.

We do not fight fire with fire. We do not fight violence with more violence, be it physical or verbal (or even mental as thoughts also have an impact upon the person/object they are directed towards).

More of these disclosures will happen and will keep on happening in the near future, we must become prepared through educating ourselves and those around us on the real hidden agendas behind anything presented to us in the mainstream and/or alternative medias, connecting the dots between all these seemingly unrelated events overflowing the news.

The true Liberation of Humanity will come through Education and the Knowledge of what it was subjected to for eons. Whenever we are presented with dark or unconventional information, or with intense events of war and terror, we must remain grounded in our Divine Spiritual Connection, and show for Maturity, Responsibility and Consciousness as to how we consciously choose to approach and respond to these topics and/or events, leading other humans by example.

Remaining in our Heart path at all time and keeping in mind the End Goal of a Sovereign and Free Planet will help us keep on moving forward always,

In deep Love and Respect I thank you for being a Truth seeker,

Melissa 🐋

Edit on 27th October: To go further into understanding the various agendas hidden behind the micro-managing of our every behaviours through overtly categorizing what is politically correct and what is not and how does that tie in to the sudden mainstream interest in sexual harassment, hear the first 30min of Richie Allen's radiocast on youtube here (

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