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Controlled Opposition and Division Tactics

Here is a short video commentary on the now buzzing tweets by the matrix entertainment singer Nicki Minaj regarding vaccines and their potential side effects. It is important to note she has a history of hanging out and collaborating with sex offenders and paedophiles (see this quick instagram post by @amylightmovement for just a few headlines and highlights).

When facing such distorted and compliant personnas we must remain very weary and suspicious. The beings that reach such high ranking levels of fame and opulence have likely sold every bit of their self to the matrix and its governing entities. They are slaves to a profoundly sick industry that promotes the inversion of all of our core natural values. Their work supports and promotes heavily satanic values of promiscuity, immorality, cheating, lying, violence, sacrifice, bloodshed and even paedophila and child trafficking.

It is therefore advised to take what they say and proclaim (especially out loud) with a grain of salt and look for the hidden messages and true intentions behind the façade.

As with every controlled opposition act, there will always be some people who awaken to some aspect of the Matrix their were previsouly oblivious to. But that is not Full Disclosure, this is partial disclosure. It is a way for the self proclaimed elite to feed us crumbs of truth so as to ease our stomachs starving for the full Truth.

You may read my blogpost about Full vs. Partial Disclosure. I stand and strive 100% for full disclosure. I will never say it enough, be weary of those who believe the general population should not know everything. This is NOT Sovereignty. This is NOT aligned to Free Will.

We strive for Full Disclosure for the Emancipation of Humanity, planet Earth and all its living beings, in Divine Right Order and Harmony.

Thank you for watching,

GSF Blessings to all,

Melissa 🐋

My videos are also published on Odysee should they disappear from YouTube:

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