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We do not just believe.

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

We don't just believe.

In the 20 min. videocast below, David Icke goes over the many reasons why it is no longer a matter of "believing" in extra-terrestrial life, but more so of being informed and seeking information from varied sources and with an open mind, willing to let go of denial, let go of expectations, let go of previous beliefs and/or programmings, and let go of certain form of comfort.

I will get back on the matter of extra-terrestrial life, consciousness, civilisations and/or races in future articles and blogs, but for now I would just like to say it is high time for Humanity to move out of the ignorance of this so-called Dark Age and awaken to its Cosmic dimension.

As the Ascension cycle takes on the next phase, it is important we learn to let go of what we think we know and of what we were collectively taught and/or coerced into believing, in all honesty towards ourselves, letting the Heart and Soul lead us to the appropriate information, developing our vibrational discerning - as opposed to "rational" thinking of the Mind alone.

The information, the testimonies, the witnesses, the whistle-blowers, the datas, the artefacts and such are plentiful, it is a matter of moving out of the "mainstream" of information and of ways of thinking. True Information and Knowledge will be the key in our civilisation's emancipation.

Let us be Free and Sovereign, Informed and Empowered.

Melissa 🐋



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