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We are the change.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Edit on June,30 of 2021: since I posted this blogpost a lot of the videos have been supressed/banned/censored from YouTube. You may find the same videos on platforms such as Bitchute, Odyssee or other alternatives. This goes to show we have made progress in the disclosure process and the controllers are doing all they can to suppress the information. We will not be stopped.

Morning pep talk my friends. 🙌🏾

It is important, for those who wish to emancipate from the slavery (this is indeed what it is) of the establishment, to understand that WE have let it happen, that WE sustain it and that WE have a choice to consciously decide to cease to comply with it. WE must come to understand and integrate the fact that if we want the World to change for the better, then WE have to change OURSELVES for the better. "If you want the war to cease, then you have to stop being war and sustaining conflict [around you and with your relatives]" - David Icke.

"Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to REMAKE OURSELVES" - Mahatma Gandhi.

These transformative times are no easy tasks, and facing ourselves and our worst sides is not either, but it is where reside our GLOBAL happiness and well being, it is where reside Peace and Harmony. It is crucial to remain focused on that end goal of Harmonious times for the entire Planet and to seek support and inspiration around us, because we are not alone in this rise of Awareness and Expansion of Consciousness, and we are growing in numbers by the day. 🌍

May you all find the inner peace and strength to keep on progressing on your path towards Emancipation.

You are Free. 💫

With all my love and support,

Melissa 🐋

Please do yourself and the world a favour watch this video until the end (it's only 20 min).

(Also see my youtube channel here with a few playlists for more eye-opening videos on the reality of our World).

Source: and his youtube channel ici.

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