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Letter For Future Generations

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

So as to end 2017 on a positive note I wanted to share some quick words I spontaneously wrote a few weeks ago, as a way for us all to remember why we do what we do - the in-depth Inner Work and commitment to always strive to Expand our Consciousness a little further every day - and to remain focused on the End Goal of this sometimes difficult process that is the end of the Ascension cycle. (I will dive in further into the Ascension cycle in my upcoming article of January).

* * *

"If someone from the future were to read this, I would like them to know how incredible these days of our present are!

While they certainly are difficult, extremely difficult at times even, and atrocious even for many on this planet suffering the insanity of a few; they are at the same time fascinating and exciting times.

The Liberation of the entire Planet and of Humanity is just around the corner and are now palpable, and those on a path of Self Awareness and Inner Work can more and more easily tune into this organic (natural, as opposed to artificial) timeline of Ascension of the Earth.

All these years, thousands of years, are "just about" to be over. Never before have we been so close, and after seeing and/or enduring all the manipulations, the enslavement, the torture and constant bloodshed centuries after centuries, wars after wars, catastrophes after catastrophes, this feeling of the first rays of brighter days - for the entire collective and not just a given few - is just priceless.

Yes, Humanity was manipulated into committing crimes against its own people and against all of its brothers and sisters - animals, plants and minerals; but it is now on the verge of being collectively awakened and of reclaiming its long lost Sovereignty, becoming able to make choices in an truly informed and conscious manner.

Soon - relatively speaking when considering the length of this Dark Age about to be over, which lasted thousands of years - and for the first time for this civilisation, Humanity will awaken to its True Nature, to its Cosmic Existence, to all the manipulations it was subjected to, to its True Origins and True History, to Ancient Knowledge and Ancient Civilisations that have roamed the Earth before her, and much more...

It will learn to live in Harmony and Respect with its Environment and its other inhabitants, its brother and sisters.

It will learn to live in Peace and in Resonance and Alignment with the Universal Laws and all organic (natural) universal mechanisms.

It will learn to exist as an active member of a Greater Cosmic Whole with many other civilisations.

Humanity is now in the process of becoming again the Divine species, both Sovereign and Free, it was aways meant to be.

And this, no matter how difficult the transition might be at times, is the most Beautiful and Fulfilling feeling for us all who came to assist Humanity and support through our very physical bodies this transition, this transformative phase of Global Awakening: the end of the Ascension cycle and the shift onto a new one.

So if you read this from the future, I would like you to know that most of us have wilfully chosen to experience this very lifetime in this particular timeframe, for which I am extremely Grateful, and I would personally not change my mind if I could.

I choose to strive to be of Service to Others, of Service to the Community, and of Service to the organic (natural) Ascension of Humanity and of the Earth a little more everyday through my thoughts, my words and my actions.

We might not all see the actual result of our work in this lifetime, or maybe we will, in any case, knowing WHY we are doing so and perceiving and/or visualising just a small hint of this Peaceful Life on this wonderful planet Earth is enough to sustain our Drive, our Will, our Strength and our Inspiration.

It is in deep Love and Gratitude that I thank all the Lightworkers, the Starseeds/Indigos, the Whistle-blowers, and all other awakened and/or awakening Souls, Defenders of Justice and Liberation from across all the galaxies, the Multiverse and beyond for all their hard work and passion. Thank you."

* * *

May Peace finally be upon the Earth and Humanity,

May we awaken to our True Power and Reclaim our Planet and our Sovereignty.

I wish you all a wonderful transition onto 2018.

2017 brought a lot of change and transmuting of energies, and 2018 appears to be even more so exciting and action driven I believe.

With Love,

Melissa 🐋

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