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House of horror / La maison des horreurs.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Edit on June,30 of 2021: since I posted this blogpost a lot of the videos have been supressed/banned/censored from YouTube (as well as some articles and other media). You may find the same videos on platforms such as Bitchute, Odyssee or other alternatives. This goes to show we have made progress in the disclosure process and the controllers are doing all they can to suppress the information. We will not be stopped!

Here are two other articles on the same topic:

"You are dealing with what is effectively state-sponsored pedophilia. [...] we were having tremendous difficulties: black propaganda against us and that sort of things" - Graham Power, Jersey police chief 2000-2008 and original head of the Haut de la Garenne investigation.


Yet another mass child abuse case where the psychopaths were left un-bothered and where the children's (now adults) voices are left unheard, un-believed for the most part. I do not have much respect for the papers of the two articles I am sharing here below (the Sun and the Mirror), but I am trying to adjust to what is read and believed by the people these days, if you do not wish to believe Icke himself, the stories related are the unfortunate and sad truth. I have read/watched about many similar cases, in France too (with cases like Outreau or Amidlisa) of mass paedophilia hubs being protected and defended by the very organisations meant to protect our children from them. So much it has many wonder, are they all involved? are they all aware? who are they defending? who has so much more power than the Law and Justice systems that it can threaten them into silencing such horrors?

These are not singled out events, these are not lunatics' made up stories, these are part of our very real reality upon Earth, and they are global (from Morocco to Thailand where there are many known paedophile rings and hubs of service to the "elites" with few cases having emerged in the news here and then, only to suddenly disappear as if they never existed).

When will we take our responsibility as Humans, and face these atrocious crimes being perpetrated upon our children all over the globe? When will we collectively move out of denial and understand that looking away does not, and never has made things disappear, nor solved any problem?

Educating ourselves, learning about the reality and the extent of these child abusing networks, as well as sharing them, sharing their existence, shedding a light upon them, making them as visible as possible, is for now our main course of action. The more of us realise what is happening the less difficult it gets for the victims to speak and be heard, thus encouraging other victims to do so, and so forth, until so much of it is out that the powers in place can not hide and/or protect and/or defend these psychopaths any longer, nor pretend they did not know.

We are infinite consciousness, we are infinite power, we are sovereign and we are free. If we awaken to the global conspiracy and oppression being operated against Humanity, then we can overthrow it in no time, we have numbers, we have power, we only need to understand and awaken to it.

Let us wake up, for the sake of these children across the globe undergoing the indescribable day after day.

Here is an article from the Sun summarizing the case.

Another article on Haut de la Garenne from the Mirror with the testimonies of some of the victims.

In this short video (10 min) a woman tells her abusive childhood and teenagehood story (unrelated to Haut de la Garenne).


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