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Collective Meditation for the timelines of the organic Ascension

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

In regards to what's been going lately, I will write a couple of blogposts linking to various information on the "alternative" side (ie not the "official" narrative) for there is, yet again, a tremendous amount of disinformation, deceit, manipulation and fear-mongering amongst the main stream (I am now careful of the words I choose to use on these platforms).

As I have spoken on my website Sovereign · Planet many times (and many others have long before me) , we are going through amazing times of transformation, of Ascension, and the collective Dark Night of the Soul - a series of difficult and transformational events that make a situation/journey appear to be getting worse before it can get better - is becoming more and more obvious in the physical realm.

The crises will get more and more intense, but so do our opportunities for Ascension, for collective Awakening.

In the meantime, this meditation I am sharing below is an opportunity to take full advantage of key astrological alignments on the 4th/5th of April 2020, in order to fully declare and affirm what we CONSCIOUSLY choose to align ourselves with. The Forces at play in this war against consciousness have used Human's apathy and ignorance to get away with all their crimes against humanity.

This portal, where the veils between the physical and the other realms become thinner, is our chance to make sure we are heard and understood in our NON-CONSENT over the enslavement of humanity. It is our chance to re-align with the Universal Laws of the Organic Creation and disengage from the distorted laws of the matrix.

We must place our full awareness, energy and consent on the timelines of the organic Ascension, on the Emancipation of Humanity from the economic, spiritual and energetic enslavement by a self proclaimed elite and false gods.

We are ONE in this together, and though we have ALWAYS been, it has become more apparent today than ever.

Please, do read the call for this collective mediation in full (Meditation on the 5th April 2020 at 3:45am London,UK time), and share and join us if you feel so guided. If you have any question, please reach out, also, have a browse through my website where I have already laid some of the foundations, and more to come (

These are the times we have all been waiting for,

This is the reason for our incarnation.

In Love and Unity,

Melissa 🐋

Edit: I would like to add that I do not fully resonate with the meditation video and techniques offered nor some of its sources. But I think this is still a great opportunity for us to gather our focus and energy on the organic timelines of the true Ascension (as opposed to the False Ascension) and of Liberation of Humanity. So my advice would be for everyone who wish to participate to claim their own Sovereignty before hand (see for instance the 12D Shield by Lisa Renee) and make sure they know what they choose to align with CONSCIOUSLY. It is time for us to use our discernment and trust our intuition.

MEDITATION: click this link or click the image below to be redirected.

Please note that because I share a piece or excerpt of someone's work does not mean I endorse their entire work, nor everything they may represent and/or believe in. I will ask that, as with everything, you use your own vibrational and intellectual discernment and evaluate for yourself whether this resonates with your inner truth and higher knowing or if you choose to discard it, thank you.


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