Ancient Aliens Minister Claims.

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Many have spoken on the matter, and it does take quite some motivation and/or guts to publicly speak about anything extra-terrestrial, when we see how strongly ridiculed is the very idea of life beyond earth.

It sounds odder to me to know that we live in an ever-expanding, most likely not uni-, but multi-verse and "believe" (yes "believe", because it is also a matter of solely "believing" - nothing was ever concretely proved either in terms of their non-existence) that we are so unique and special - even though we all are unique and special in a way of course ☺️💕

Now would probably be a good time to start with just considering what we were told so far might just not be the complete story of our humanity's History, and get going with some 'off track' research 💫

Other link:

Here former Canadian Minister of National Defence Paul Hellyer has accused world leaders of concealing the presence of aliens:

(9 minute video)

Or you can watch the full version: (25 min).

#extraterrestriallife #cosmicdisclosure #lifebeyondearth #truehistory

Source: The Express - full article here.

And: video 1:

video 2:

#extraterrestriallife #et #cosmicdisclosure #lifebeyondearth #truehistory

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