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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - September 2016

More and more humans are currently experiencing their spiritual awakening (Read here the 21 symptoms of the spiritual awakening), where each day, layers of their temporal terrestrial identity are peeling off so as to give way to their true soul identity.

This process, already mentioned in previous articles, is called the Dark Night of the Soul, and the Ascension process the planet is currently going through is a collective Dark Night of the Soul where humans who will be ready to take on this work of dismantling of their beliefs systems, will be able to reach planes of existence of superior frequencies (not only in this life but also when they will leave their physical body, as their souls will be freed from the forced recycling matrix). The identity crisis experienced during a spiritual awakening and especially during a true integration of higher frequencies and of true negative ego dismantling work - is intense and oftentimes painful, and this is the reason why many are those who, as soon as these symptoms begin, seek some kind of "relief" and thus easily throw themselves into other forms of illusions or beliefs systems. The different New Age beliefs and different forms of New Age desensitising / illusions are on top of the list, catching like so all those seeking this form of relief when faced with the difficulty of the integration of everything they have just discovered or realised.

The realisation of the reality hidden behind the visible side of our World (global manipulations, Extra-terrestrial presence) often comes as a "shock", and denial or flight are often the first response of the ego and its mental structures so as to maintain control over the soul and the individual through ignorance.

Like so, many humans after going through their initial "awakening" phase, then remain horizontally stuck in the different layers of New Age teachings and their distortions, and are no longer evolving vertically (to verify this, observe the teachings of a spiritual teacher and evaluate their evolution or not, across the years - a being who does not evolve in his teachings is horizontally stuck, often in the astral plane). Their consciousness is stuck in a form of astral "bliss", where we discover the concepts of "unconditional love" , or of "Unity", and where we no longer want to talk about anything "negative", so as to avoid any form of conflict.

If this phase can indeed be a brief step on the path to spiritual Ascension, it is however advised not to stay there and to carry on our spiritual work in depth, as well as carrying on learning the various E.T. agendas taking place upon Earth, in order to truly perform our Ascension process, and not a false Ascension that will only look like one, with no true liberation at a soul level. It is the false Ascension that is mainly promoted in the New Age and that the negative E.T.s use as a means to catch as many awakening souls as possible or to paralyse them into nets for their Consciousness (preventing them from evolving).

The true path towards Ascension requires constant work, in depth, and not only on the superficial layers of our being (our "spiritual appearance" or the words we use). An individual on the true path of Ascension modifies each day his/her physical and etheric structure, depending on his/her work of dismantling of the negative ego and of integration of the soul. And it simply is impossible to heal and truly evolve spiritually when we refuse to face what we deem "negative" and when we refuse to open our eyes on the reality of what is going on on the planet, rather choosing to hold on to more reassuring beliefs (even though they are deceitful or illusory).

Many New Age teachings promote this state of "astral bliss", of denial or avoidance of the "negative", with ways of feeing reality in particular the physical reality with a rejection of the material reality. This form of escape of reality is at the opposite of what we call Spiritual Maturity, which is the opposite of the childish state of carefreeness, ignorance, not taking our responsibilities and flight that the New Age promotes.

We can, and we even should, be light in our vibrations as much as we can, but lightness of vibration should never mean lightness in our responsibility. And how could we become responsible, if we refuse to see what is really going on upon our planet or in our mind? How could we become spiritually mature beings if we are deprived of vibrational discernment and we do not know nor acknowledge the very existence of the different energies inhabiting our Universe that are also present on the Earth? It is impossible to identify something we do not know of, reason why a true spiritual education is required today, so as to move away from the New Age desensitising and its manipulative and deceptive techniques, in order to move towards true liberation. Once again, ignoring darkness will in no way encourage its disappearance, on the contrary it will allow it to persist. Everything is always a matter of balance.

Here are some examples of the symptoms of individuals trapped into the Astral bliss (New Age Illusion) :

Feelings of euphoria (linked to naivety, denial, ignorance and spiritual immaturity).

Lack of vibrational discernment.

Inability to discern what is morally acceptable or not ("there is no good and evil").

Rejection of the Negative and avoidance of any form of conflict (even when it is about taking sides for the Truth and Justice).

Ignoring negative Extra-terrestrial presence and ignorance of the forms of control and implantation.

Not anchored in their physical body (rejection of the reality of matter and idolising of the "invisible" world without even knowing it, generally solely based upon beliefs instilled by others, including spiritual gurus).

Passivity, inability to settle.

Lack of discipline and of responsibility (it is difficult to rely on these people as they are very changing and fragile).

• Repeating sentences such as "We are all one" without understanding their true meaning and as a way of not being spiritually responsible or mature, as would be the case if learning to discern the different forces and to no longer consent to what destroys Life and humans (ignoring the different agendas and the different forces present).

• False feeling of unconditional Love - Mistaken for true Divine Love who loves but knows to be firm and definite when Creation is being damaged. Confusion between Unconditional Love and inability to make decisions, to discern and to be spiritually mature.

Remaining an everlasting "child" who does not grow up (who never becomes an "adult" in the sense of "responsible"). Even though we must feed our inner child and so at any age, if we remain an immature child even as an adult, it is no longer something "normal" nor even healthy but it is the symptom that the soul is no longer evolving.

Inability to set boundaries : "open to everything" in "non-judgement", mistaking open-mindedness and non-judgement with not taking one's responsibilities, and immaturity - as well as with carelessness, easiness and avoidance. It is indeed easier to claim to be "open to everything" or in "non-judgement" to avoid settling or taking decisions, learning to discern or being responsible. Those individuals are therefore easily manipulated in the physical world but also in the Astral world where they are generally puppets of various entities. They can also consent to abductions and to different E.T.s agendas through their ignorance and denial.

Great emotional instability : they can one day be your "friend" and the next suddenly turn against you, or change their speech, because of their emotional instability and lack of maturity, as well as a lack of personal responsibility (with a tendency to blame others for their own behaviours).

Confusion about sexual emancipation and misunderstanding of the working techniques of entities in the astral and of the siphoning off of sexual energy by certain forces.

Mistaking this "ecstatic" state with the true state of full Awareness and of divine connection of a spiritually mature being.

Beware though, this is not about judging ourselves nor judging others, but more about recognising the different types of behaviours that can point out where we stand in our spiritual development. Discernment is yet again the key to correctly navigate in this phase of Ascension which is filled with different paths so as to have as many individuals as possible get lost, the different forces have set this control matrix through different religions and beliefs systems (New Age included) as they do not wish to lose their control over Humanity.

An individual who has freed himself from all forms of enslavement, becomes again a sovereign being and in his recovered sovereignty, can no longer allow any parasite to feed off of his vital force nor to manipulate his consciousness, as he now knows to discern the various energies that run through or surround him.

For the Astral Forces and extra-terrestrial and interdimensional parasite entities of low frequencies feeding off of humans and manipulating their mind, it is best to rather hold on to these "fish tanks" of humans stuck in the New Age astral bliss and unwilling to open their eyes upon the existence of those forces neither to understand how to master their energies and become responsible for what they send toward others and in the Universe. It is important for these forces to keep on sustaining the naivety of awakening beings, so that they remain more vulnerable targets. An individual who is no longer naïve is more difficult to manipulate.

Unfortunately, many Indigos / Starseeds who came with a mission of enlightening humans upon the existence of these realities, also get lost once incarnated in this reality, in those distortions, and their empathy and innocence are often used so as to have them remain harmless and stay in the lines of the "spiritually correct" of New Age teachings, established, for the most part, by factions who wish precisely to prevent the true liberation through Consciousness that was planned for this cycle of Planetary Ascension (setting up all these traps long in advance).

We must learn to discern between False Light (dead light, stolen light and promoted by negative ETs and entities of the astral), and Organic Light. This process is a personal work of developing one's spiritual maturity yet again, through accepting what is and refusing any form of denial.

On the opposite, true divine connection never makes us immature, irresponsible, and careless. This is not representative of an advanced civilisation. There would not be much difference otherwise with an unconscious individual or one disconnected from his/her soul. It is crucial to leave behind this first layer of the awakening promoted by the New Age, to carry on in the Ascension and the development of our maturity through true knowledge and real work. True divine connection brings about a form of bliss (of ecstasy) but not an illusory one.

Here is a description of what we could experience during a true divine connection and not one of astral false white light :

Feeling of completion (feeling complete when we have reconnected with our Higher Self / Soul) - Deep happiness - True feelings of fusion with our soul and of being its extension within the physical world - true bliss and not illusory.

Immense feelings of Love within our heart and all of our cells, with the impression our physical body is too restrictive to be holding all this Love and it is "overflowing". These phases of Love come as waves and are not permanent, and they do not prevent us from facing difficulties, and the various subtle attacks we might encounter, nor from being firm and knowing to discern what serves us and what is a disservice to us.

Feeling connected to all the LIVING ("We are one") - Feeling it DEEPLY within all of our cells - Vibrating it. (Note: the forces which have invaded the planet for the most part no longer belong to what we call the "Living" - as they are made of dead light and manage to sustain themselves towards immortality by stealing the energy of organic light + they operate with artificial intelligence which is not considered "living" either).

Feeling responsible for the Living (and subsequently, as "guardians" of this living, not tolerating any form of its destruction or enslavement). Despite New Age speeches encouraging us to accept everything and be inactive.

Feeling extremely responsible for ourselves and for all that we convey upon this planet, for everything we consent to, for everything we say (or do not say), do (or do not do) and manifest down here as well as on other planes.

Feeling an immense gratitude for LIFE and a desire to HONOUR it by not considering anything for GRANTED.

Feeling an immense admiration for the DIVINE's Perfection and the synchronicities.

Wishing deeply to respect the immutable Universal Laws (Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Consent, etc.).

Wishing deeply to be a vehicle for Kindness, for Harmony, for Justice, for the Truth and for Authenticity.

Being in the heart vibration, filled with compassion and empathy all the while knowing to remain just and firm, and knowing to set boundaries to what leeches off, what is harmful and what destroys.

You will notice these symptoms are very different from the astral bliss described further above.

It is important that each one of us learns to differentiate them. Ignoring these forces and ignoring the "negative's" presence allows for our body to become a portal used by these forces. This phenomenon is amplified with the growing population on the planet; reason why it is crucial that everyone learns to identify the forces running through them and to direct their energy consciously as a positive force (striving for Harmony and Life) or a negative force (striving for destruction and Anti-Life). (As depicted in the Star Wars movies with the "dark side of the force" versus the bright side of the Force). We must constantly deliberately choose through our intention, what we wish to strive for.


Manipulation of the DNA.

Implanted beliefs into humans through the mind / ego (artificial intelligence) (religions, New Age, scientific beliefs limiting the true discovery of the multidimensional reality).

Mind control, etheric implants and holographic inserts (manipulation of the individual's mind by inserting inorganic / artificial thoughts that do not come from him/her).

Egregores (read the article "Matrix Deprograming" on the topic).

Promoting of the false light (astral bliss).

Spiritual possession (the individual is not alone in his/her body).

Removing all sense of responsibility in the individuals (distraction, promoting immaturity via series and movies or via religions and New Age by taking the power away from the individual).

Promoting of an external God or saviour (Guru, God, Extra-terrestrial coming to save us all) so as to make us entrust our power into the hands of somebody else.

Division tactics (wars, conflicts, attacks, libel, lies, gossips).

Manipulation of medias, education, and agri-food and pharmaceutical systems.

Generating traumas (erasing of memory, past lives traumas, fears, etc.).


The true Ascension work, is a long and progressive work of every instant, that will not be achieved in a month nor even a year.

We are the last generation of humans born in times of "occupation" and enslavement of Consciousness. We will experience, in this one and only life, a before and after the Liberation which is a first in the entire Human History.

Which is the reason why many souls have come during this phase of Ascension, as before, several incarnations were necessary for such a level of spiritual advancement. Today, we can accomplish the equivalent of several lives, in just a single incarnation and this is the one.

We will have lived, during this incarnation, the end of humanity's enslavement, made possible thanks to the work of all these souls having strived for it, throughout the ages.

This is the "final battle", reason why the 2 "sides" will respectively expand more and more, even if we now know that since 2012, the positive ET races have reclaimed the "stewardship" of the Earth, and have become its hosts again, in place of the negative ET races (reptilians, Dracos, Annunakis and luciferian and satanic factions) that were present thus far and were manipulating the Living all the way to the Consciousness and different bodies of the Earth, invading it with dead light and artificial intelligence.

Many of us who resonate with this information were already incarnated in Lemuria or Atlantis during the previous invasion on Earth and are coming back today to complete this work and prevent the same tragedy as the Lemurian and Atlantean holocaust (which was the goal of those forces - as they know they are about to loose the control over humanity and the Earth, they would rather destroy everything, as they have already done with many planets in the Cosmos, and we can see the remains of many of these cosmic wars on certain planets).

Humans who have decided to embark on the Ascension path are progressively mutating genetically, physically and spiritually. We are gradually going from a Carbon form ("INCARNATED" identity, existing in dimensions 1 to 3) to a silicate-carbon (Identity of the SOUL, dimensions 4-5-6) by gradually reactivating our DNA strands as we expand our Consciousness. And for the most advanced in their reactivation or in their development, into a silicate body (dimensions 7-8-9) ("OVER-SOUL" consciousness). The dimensions 10-11-12 being the AVATAR consciousness dimensions (difficult to incarnate on Earth).

The Indigos / Starseeds are meant to reactivate faster than the rest of humans, considering their guiding, teaching, healing roles, and their different genetics (they have more active DNA strands, but every human has this dormant potential within them that they can uncover with personal work). The Indigos / Starseeds have simply come to show the way to humans, show them how to reclaim their own power, how to free themselves from their enslavement and teach them, as I do along my own reactivation, the different universal laws and the true path towards liberation.


Hang on, we have overcome the hardest part.

We have held on while unaware of who we were, for all these years, in utmost isolation and suffering from the non-recognition of our souls, and from being thrown into the insanity of this prison planet stuck in 3D, where everything was made to disconnect humans from their soul. We have endured childhood, being ridiculed, mocked, or even bullied, misunderstood, most likely hoping it would get better in adulthood, to no avail.

We sometimes got lost, into the many egregores and traps spread along our path. We lied to ourselves. We lied to others, hiding our true being. For in our cells, run all these memories of when we have died for this same cause.

When we have died for having said the truth.

When we have died for trying to awaken a people unaware.

When we have been battered by those very people we came to help.

Where we have fought these forces under different shapes.

Where we have been betrayed, cheated, manipulated, fooled.

Today, these memories are awakening.

But these traumas of the soul are still there and this is what stops us today from being our full potential. A deep fear of being persecuted again if we become who we truly are and if we say the Truth.

I have chosen to let go of the fear of being who I am and of saying what I Know.

I have chosen to let go of the fear of exposing Darkness by fear of being judged "negative" by those who remain ignorant of what is going on.

I have chosen to listen to my soul rather than my ego wishing to be validated. But to be validated by beings disconnected from their soul or unaware of the reality, is like consenting to our own insanity and loss.

I have chosen to express my full divine potential, here and now.

Lightworkers, we are finally here.

In this phase, we will honour our ancestors, our preceding incarnations, our preceding fights, and the entire Cosmos. We will finally set an end to this prison in which those forces have thrown Humanity for 26 000 years.

Together, United, each accepting to do our own personal work so as to no longer allow these forces to take possession of our vehicle aiming to hurt others or harm the Living and prevent Harmony, which is what the Divine always tends to, and so naturally.

We will intend on becoming mature and responsible beings today, aware of what is currently at stake in the Cosmos, and wishing to become examples, in humility and wisdom, of what the Humanity of tomorrow will be.

Laura Marie - September 2016 Newsletter - Spiritual Liberation - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa from Sovereign · Planet.  

Original article in French by Laura Marie from the Harmonic Universe Academy:

- Libération Spirituelle:

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